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  1. Anyone hoping for a pass rusher in the first few rounds is not looking at the big picture, IMO. We added 4 guys to the DL, including our biggest ticket item. If someone slides to a spot of obvious value, OK. But they are going to draft positions that they view as bigger needs.
  2. It's great watching all the info guys pump out that rumor, and most fans go....nah, I doubt that........and watching the info guys coming back with yeah, I'm getting some new info here.........🤣
  3. There it is. We need the 4.5 mill more than we needed them.
  4. It was his 3rd year, he had 0.5 sacks. His only job was to push the pocket. I thought Collins and he would be a decent inside duo on pass rush downs. They were a complete disaster. We have three new guys to do that job. Fine with me.
  5. He'd be not available for discussion before the 3rd round, in my war room. However, the value of the position would take precedent. If he's Danielle Hunter for 3 seasons, and then retires, it was more than worth it. You can't have your 1st round pick get knocked out for the year in the first game with a concussion, but every team wastes 3rd round picks. You can't take these risks all the time, but on a guy like this, swing for the fence maybe.
  6. Me either, but medicals means he could be a pick for the guy who falls. Teams are much more risk adverse on medicals than fans are, that's for sure. We don't know how bad the medical evaluation might be. Has wrist surgery, two ankle surgeries, and three known concussions, I think is what I read. I don't really know how medical evaluations work with concussions, can they actually test and see if a player is more prone to concussions? I'd throw Terrace Marshall out there for a long shot top 10 pick.
  7. Hopefully the team thinks of him as a worst case scenario starter, and doesn't feel desperation to waste a top pick on a position that simply isn't impactful. Not unless the player is generational. And I haven't heard Reed or Thomas comparisons with anyone this year.
  8. 3 cone was bad, 7.82. Still and all, considering where he's going to go, has potential.
  9. This would be just lovely. Is Elijah Molden a legacy as well? Wasn't there a CB, Alex Molden? Saints maybe? EDIT: YEP
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31215567/coach-broadcaster-esports-icon-legacy-john-madden Best thing you'll read today.
  11. I hope it's Pitts. A small part of my reasoning is to watch the contract negotiations in a few years, when Pitts' agent makes the point that his client is in the slot and out wide 80% of the time, so he's a WR, and how well that goes over with the cheap Bengals ownership.
  12. This year especially, those OL in the 2nd and 3rd round look sooooo much better than any receiving options.
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