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  1. No. Well, top 5 you mean? It's a bad deal for the team. It's not a death blow, like giving a bad QB top 5 money, but it's a luxury. So you have to save elsewhere. If you have two OTs that are on rookie deals, then an expensive RB is OK. But there are so many examples of teams having a GREAT running game with less than special backs. Watch the Colts with Jonathan Taylor. When his contract is up in three years, the Colts have to franchise or extend. No 5th year option like Raiders have. And the Colts will have the highest paid OG in the league, and probably the highest paid LB.
  2. This seems to be wife-related, and now female-related trouble is probably more of a threat than drug trouble. If you make it to the league without any positive tests, everyone knows when they get tested. At that point, you have to be incredibly dumb or unlucky to get caught. Women-related trouble, that can pop up every single weekend. No shade to Sherman's wife, I have no idea where blame lies. This is more of a general observation about the biggest risks players have to their career. Players need to be worried about bad relationships as much as they do about injury. Brandon M
  3. I woulda taken Phillips. And risked it.
  4. I have questions. I don't have questions that we have a good OL coach, whereas you pin his entire career on the SEA years. I don't see us bridging this gap.
  5. I think Tony Pauline saw that video, and decided to grab some Twitter clout. Whose head would roll???? Did Tom Cable grab the phone while Gruden went out for coffee?
  6. Next time you make offensive line coffee, try the decaf. It's the least worrisome part of our team, brah.
  7. Tony Pauline is an insider who has never broken a story.
  8. Yeah, I forgot about Darius Philon, no need for Barrimore. 🤘
  9. How about Barrimore? Looks a lot better at 48 than 17 right?
  10. I would love JOK, but a 215 pound LB is simply not the kind of player Gruden and Mayock have shown any interest in. They have preached size since Day 1.
  11. He's coached lines that played well everywhere except for that Seattle line. His entire career is meaningless because of that one coaching stop? Maybe those players all just sucked.
  12. And Teven Jenkins. And JOK. And there were no trade downs th rest of the 1st round. Raiders may have just taken the best value for the team.
  13. Nothing wrong with the player. But when your team prefers a guy you know is lower than consensus, you gain more capital, and trade back. Ruggs, Arnette, Leatherwood, there were no trade downs available? I don't believe that. Trade down, get another 3rd and 4th, and take your guy. Mayock and Gruden have zero clue what other teams are thinking, they think everyone is out to get their guy, who no one ranks where thy take him.
  14. Phillips or Farley is a swing for the fences. A Teven Jenkins/Moerhig is more likely a double to left center. I'm probably satisfied with all four players. I just don't want a strikeout.
  15. I love Phillips, but one thing I've learned looking into his injury history is that there is no way to know what's going on under the skull. He might never get another concussion, but most agree/think that past concussions make a player prone to more. He also had wrist and ankle surgeries. Farley not playing, I get it, but if I was ranking them, I would say Phillips is more of a danger/unknown, in terms of injuries.
  16. https://sportsinfosolutionsblog.com/2021/03/15/the-not-so-curious-case-of-mac-jones/ Analytics guy with a good look at Mac Jones.
  17. Congratulations to those lucky 13 souls who get a free trip to.............Cleveland.
  18. Surtain Horn Farley Any of the three might very well be the best player available, and also play a premium position. If we know five QBs two or three WR, a TE, and some OT are going before us, it's easy to see one of the top CBs being there. Jaelen Phillips--he and Farley, obviously depending on medicals. But if the docs think he's fine, that's my #1 choice. Seems like a crazy risky choice, but I gotta mention him at least. After that, I don't really care if we take our OT, or our S there. Neither seems like a massive value. Just as long as they hit.
  19. Anyone hoping for a pass rusher in the first few rounds is not looking at the big picture, IMO. We added 4 guys to the DL, including our biggest ticket item. If someone slides to a spot of obvious value, OK. But they are going to draft positions that they view as bigger needs.
  20. It's great watching all the info guys pump out that rumor, and most fans go....nah, I doubt that........and watching the info guys coming back with yeah, I'm getting some new info here.........🤣
  21. There it is. We need the 4.5 mill more than we needed them.
  22. It was his 3rd year, he had 0.5 sacks. His only job was to push the pocket. I thought Collins and he would be a decent inside duo on pass rush downs. They were a complete disaster. We have three new guys to do that job. Fine with me.
  23. He'd be not available for discussion before the 3rd round, in my war room. However, the value of the position would take precedent. If he's Danielle Hunter for 3 seasons, and then retires, it was more than worth it. You can't have your 1st round pick get knocked out for the year in the first game with a concussion, but every team wastes 3rd round picks. You can't take these risks all the time, but on a guy like this, swing for the fence maybe.
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