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  1. Me either, but medicals means he could be a pick for the guy who falls. Teams are much more risk adverse on medicals than fans are, that's for sure. We don't know how bad the medical evaluation might be. Has wrist surgery, two ankle surgeries, and three known concussions, I think is what I read. I don't really know how medical evaluations work with concussions, can they actually test and see if a player is more prone to concussions? I'd throw Terrace Marshall out there for a long shot top 10 pick.
  2. Hopefully the team thinks of him as a worst case scenario starter, and doesn't feel desperation to waste a top pick on a position that simply isn't impactful. Not unless the player is generational. And I haven't heard Reed or Thomas comparisons with anyone this year.
  3. 3 cone was bad, 7.82. Still and all, considering where he's going to go, has potential.
  4. This would be just lovely. Is Elijah Molden a legacy as well? Wasn't there a CB, Alex Molden? Saints maybe? EDIT: YEP
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31215567/coach-broadcaster-esports-icon-legacy-john-madden Best thing you'll read today.
  6. I hope it's Pitts. A small part of my reasoning is to watch the contract negotiations in a few years, when Pitts' agent makes the point that his client is in the slot and out wide 80% of the time, so he's a WR, and how well that goes over with the cheap Bengals ownership.
  7. This year especially, those OL in the 2nd and 3rd round look sooooo much better than any receiving options.
  8. Anyone else feel like this a very odd year for some of these rankings, based on measureables? It's crazy reading about these guys ranked after the 1st round of the draft, that hit all the athletic minimums needed to be a successful edge guy. Edge guys later in the draft, you can always find limitations. Feels like there are a bunch of special athletes that are gonna be Day 2 and Day 3 picks.
  9. Kinda hope we take Spencer Brown and Elerson Smith, because the "Northern Iowa is Jon Gruden's new Clemson" jokes just write themselves.
  10. If they are planning on taking an OT, then trade down. The return they get should be big enough (future 1st plus), and they can still take the OT later. They could turn that pick into 1st AND 2nd round offensive linemen. Otherwise, I think I would take Pitts. Has the ability to be a cheat code. It was funny watching Trask just throw it to him, even if he was covered. Call him a WR if you want to, it's not like he'll be expected to lead the charge on 1st and goal with some devastating block. I wonder if Pitts had been referred to as a WR throughout this process, we wouldn't need
  11. Wherever they wind up taking an OT, if he a two contract starter at RT, he is worth the pick. I think most Raider fans are fine with trading down, and taking at OT, but that will probably net a 3rd rounder. A late 3rd rounder. That's nice, but it doesn't move the needle too much. We all love the draft, we want more picks, but hitting on a pick is infinitely more valuable than getting 'value'. A right tackle to me is less valuable than a LT, but not much. There's guys to block on that side, and pass rushers on that side. If the Raiders have a tier, and the last guy in a tier i
  12. I think we maaaaybe should consider Surtain. Zierlein has him ranked in some lofty company.
  13. No way. You do it for shutdown corners, and crazy edge dudes. Pitts and CHase, I have no problem with it, but I can see the argument against it.
  14. Spencer Brown at 6'8" ran better 3 cone than most of the DL he gonna face in the NFL. 6.98
  15. It's really fun watching JOK play. But having real weight concerns and reading 'oh man, he's a defensive chess piece' on draft Twitter makes me want no part of him at #17. Those athletes without a true position, history is not kind.
  16. Got a little Dion Jordan movement there. Where's his testing numbers?
  17. Every Arnette target from 2019. Like to know which ones he's slow on.
  18. I was a big TJ fan, still am. I don't think he ever performed a full series of athletic testing. So any questions about athleticism weren't answered. And he had no freak physical trait to hang your hat on. Normal size, normal weight. Meantime, Chase Claypool was the 11th WR taken last year. Mims was 13th. Last year was cray cray, and we may find out the next couple years that we don't know how good it was. I was figuring 3rd round was his ceiling. The main reason he had the hardcore fans he had last year, me for sure, was even with the insane depth of class, all his on field
  19. I won't argue with that, but I think in THIS draft class, I don't think it's outrageous. Calvin Johnson is top 10 any year. In a year with not top 5 CB, DT, or LB, DE? Maybe Chase is. But Chase has no measurement/age/speed red flags. If someone tells me they think none of those other WRs should be 1st round picks, I wouldn't argue with it.
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