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  1. Y’all acting like the chiefs won’t fall apart after a few years of picking outside the top 28 and having their star players demand star money.
  2. Lmao broken coverage and these clown announcers acting like this was some masterful route running.
  3. Especially with how biased the refs are against overturning their on the field calls.
  4. How the hell is that something that can be penalized in game? Fine the coach after the fact but wtf.
  5. What was the penalty even for, I was washing dishes and couldn’t hear what the ref said.
  6. Is he a good player? Saying “big play Willie gay” after turnovers was one of the most fun parts of being a Steelers fan during the past decade of them being inadequate.
  7. I didn’t know the Chiefs have their own Willie Gay.
  8. But Masked singer makes sense, you can recognize a voice. How the hell do you recognize somebodies dancing? There is no way this show doesn't fail.
  9. wtf is the premise of the masked dancer? I understand masked singer but wtf
  10. Bro why are you in here trying to jinx us so bad ffs
  11. The Browns could also go 11-5 beating the Jags, Giants, Jets, and Steelers (against backups). I know in that situation the Ravens have a tiebreaker H2H but that means the Ravens pretty much HAVE to win out if they lose.
  12. They can’t win the division if they lose, and the browns play the Jaguars so Baltimore could have a bad week and go down by 2 wins to the browns.
  13. If the Ravens lose this, the Steelers can lock them out of the Division with a win on Thanksgiving.
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