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  1. NFL Can't Find Liability Insurance For Head Trauma

    Yes but now they are suing the NFL and winning. The NFL will fix it's problem by making it so the players can't sue.
  2. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    God I hope not because that would be the worst trade of all time.
  3. NFL Can't Find Liability Insurance For Head Trauma

    Of course they can't. Insurance companies make their money off of charging customers enough so that they make more in revenue than they pay out in coverage based off of the odds of any insured accident occurring. Customers get value out of buying insurance because it is so much cheaper than paying out of pocket on the accident if it does happen. Head trauma in the NFL is looking to be a nearly 100% occurrence for players, the insurance companies can't profit by covering the NFL unless they charge the NFL more than it would cost to pay for it out of pocket. The answer is going to end up coming in the form of lawyers and agents convincing players to sign their rights to health away for paychecks, and players are going to do it.
  4. Future NFL Expansion?

    I feel like this is the biggest problem. Correct me if I'm wrong but after a quick googling, NBA teams carry 15 people max, NHL teams 23, and MLB teams 25 (not counting the extra 15 players in lower leagues). NFL teams have 53 players and 5 practice squad guys and all of them are playing only for the NFL while under contract, there is no "minor league". Most teams already carry a few guys every year who aren't really NFL quality players but are needed for depth, this is especially evident in positions like QB and kicker. For every added team we get, that is 53 more players needed plus you have to account for all the players IR'd by each team each year. Conceivably if we add more teams, we will add more total games. This means that that average skill level of an NFL player, especially by playoffs, is considerably lower. Normally this sort of problem would be solved by the sport becoming more popular and by more kids playing it, but the problem the NFL has in that regard is twofold. Firstly, the level of play achieved by top NFL athletes is so high that it requires a combination of genetic excellence and intense training by a young age that isn't easily aquired, so the sport being popular like baseball just isn't enough to keep the teams full of talent. Secondly, with all of the CTE and similar news coming out lately it is likely (I am assuming, I've seen no data) that the number of kids choosing to play football at a young age will decrease. I would guess these impacts will largely be felt in about 10 to 15 years and only get worse from there. Obviously one way to combat this is by expanding outside of the US where the game is less popular in order to increase the pool of young kids playing the game on a much broader scale, but that has its own problems. Another option is for the NFL to invest more heavily in things like farm leagues and the NCAA and such to try and increase the quality of fringe level players. If none of those work, the NFL is stuck in a position where they will need to get the viewers to accept lower quality play in order for them to expand, and at that rate it becomes a matter of whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze for the current owners.
  5. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    Where did you hear this? Ben is quickly going downhill. At this rate he won't be backup quality in 3 years.
  6. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    That's not how this works, despite sports commentator talking points acting like it.
  7. Colts raise 1-0 Flag outside stadium

    Context or not, this was a bad mantra, this was an embarassing banner, and this will make for a great meme to trash on the colts going forward.
  8. My top 15 QB's Currently in the NFL. Rated 1-100.

    Pretty sure I would be a better QB than Smith right now. I've never played football, but I do have two legs.
  9. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Had pokemon ever been difficult though? It's always just been about grinding it out. Whenever I played I would just take my starter as pretty much my main/only pokemon and 1shot nearly everything.
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I would guess that the number 1 defense in terms of ypg/ppg is usually also the #1 in DVOA or at least very close. The Fact that Chicago has such a lead combined with the fact that they are ~ top 20 all time in DVOA for a defense means that even though they may not be leading in ypg/ppg, they are still by far and away the top defense this year and most people seem to agree with that.
  11. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm sure a bunch of teams have won 8 and gone on to not win the SB without the chance to play a 9th away game.
  12. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The NFL should sell Superbowl champion gear early to both teams starting the day after the championship games. Think of all the revenue they could gain by selling shirts and hats to people who want to act like it's a guaranteed win.
  13. What would have happened had Tomlin not benched AB? Is benching him worth the chance of having such a good player possibly be the difference between winning and going to the playoffs (and possibly winning a SB given how the team had played against the chargers, saints, patriots, and chiefs) and losing and missing the playoffs in one of the last years of your window to win a SB while you still have a good QB?
  14. If it was such an important game, is it really the time to bench a player who is otherwise ready to play (and will probably be the best football player in the game that day) just to send a message? Did Tomlin have to bench him? If you can't say that the answer to both of those questions is unequivocally "yes", then you can't say that it's truly AB's fault for missing the game. Yes he put himself in the position to possibly be benched, but he didn't put himself in the position to be unable to have a positive impact on game day. He wasn't in jail or drunk or otherwise PUP, and he hadn't committed such an egregious act that the team was forced to bench/cut him for PR reasons. Mike Tomlin took AB out for the game because he thought it was either the best way to help AB be a better player for the team going forward, or because he wanted to send a message to help fix the culture of the team, or both. And it was probably best for him to do so, but don't act like AB forced anybodies hand here. We've seen other players do more and not be benched before because the coach decided that their impact on that game had more value than sending a message.
  15. Correct me if i'm wrong here, but Didn't AB show up prepared to play and was benched by Tomlin?