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  1. This is so true, idk why nobody ever brings it up. Every season you don’t win a championship is a failure.
  2. The first commercial they played here after they went back to local commercials was the Rodgers mahomes state farm commercial lol. Geico needs to pay TB whatever he wants to do a commercial for them.
  3. Mahomes just put out more effort than the other 10 players on his offense combined those 2 plays.
  4. And then they sucked after that.
  5. He’s clearly proven to be a bad coach who got lucky once.
  6. Hopefully firing fichtner means we cut Ben. Time to suck for 2 years and rebuild.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/Yk1N82p These are the drives of the third quarter. Cleveland punts after 7 plays in 3:53 Steelers Score a TD in 8 plays in 3:45 Cleveland Punts after 3 plays in 1:00 Steelers Score a TD after 12 plays in 3:25 Score is 35-23 Cleveland punts after 3 plays in 1:27. Then the Steelers go 9 yards in 3 plays at their own 37. They are down 12. The fourth quarter has just started. If they fail a 4th down, the Browns can go up 15 instantly. Their Defense has been stopping the browns easy in the second half. The defense that has been one of the bes
  8. We’ve been to 3 championship games since 2008. What other team besides the Patriots and the Packers have been to more?
  9. Congrats browns fans! I will be rooting for you guys the rest of the season. Y’all are primed to lead the AFC North for the 20s competing with the Ravens. I would definitely expect a couple serious shots at a SB after the Chiefs fall apart under mahomes contract. You guys definitely deserve this and I look forward to the pessimism dying off over the next decade as y’all come to expect these sorts of seasons.
  10. Who has gone to 3 Super Bowls since 2008 other than NE?
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