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  1. Anyone here use Fubotv? Why the hell is Fox playing a post game show instead of showing the Washington Game rn?
  2. Connor was NOT expecting to run so far lmao.
  3. Wow holy **** our defense is so clutch
  4. Steelers might have their best defense and special teams in the past 10ish years but they might also have their worst offense of the same time.
  5. I've never seen one do it as much as burrow, it's like they are covered in bbq sauce or something.
  6. What is wrong with Joe burrow's mouth? He is licking his fingers like once or twice every 2 seconds before plays. Kid is either super nervous or on something.
  7. It will undoubtedly devalue a playoff appearance. Tbh if you miss the playoffs now you are a bad team. New coaches can't come in and miss the playoffs 4+ years in a row and keep their jobs barring crazy bad luck with QB injuries. In the past a team could be the 8th or 9th seed and be one win from getting in and get away with it but now those teams will still miss the playoffs and look really bad for it. I would be interested in seeing which teams would have made 7th seed over the past decade. I have a suspicion that it wouldn't be a bunch of first time teams getting to the playoffs but rather more of the top teams who either had a bad year or a tough division getting in. This would also mean that the more meh-level coaches might not see much of an uptick in playoff appearances.
  8. What did he do? I turned it off as soon as they picked up the last first.
  9. Way to miss the game ending inside kick because you are too busy showing an ad for the next game coming on tonight.
  10. Yeah but how is a post game better than a game for ratings? Looking at a coverage map of CBS they are just not showing the late game for a decent chunk of the country at all and showing post game coverge instead, I don't believe i've every seen this done before. Edit: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-coverage-map-week-1-tv-schedule-cbs-fox/qppsz98y5fk91oev0rqkgglvs the vast majority of the country isn't getting 2 mid day games.
  11. Any clue why CBS isn't showing the Bengals Chargers game nationwide right now?
  12. Fair play, just made me laugh to read it that way.
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