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  1. Fortnite

    Yeah the lag this past week has made that really tough though.
  2. Fortnite

    Did he die to the storm?
  3. Fortnite

    Thanks, that was a pretty good video, only thing he really didn't explain was how to split stairs in two rather than just one. The pyramid trick is pretty good though, I didn't know you can use them to destroy traps either, but I did see someone use it on me while downed once so I couldn't see anything to help my teammates out with info. Not much faster than just killing someone but sometimes It takes like 3 shotgun shots from 5 feet away to kill downed people.
  4. Fortnite

    The new SMG is far worse than the tac up close imo. It feels like it runs out of ammo way too quickly, and doesn't seem to laser people as well. Might be a matter of using a grey one so much compared to it being pretty easy to find blue tacs but idk. Last week I was liking a tacsmg/tacshotty/AR combo but this week it feels much weaker with the new smg.
  5. Fortnite

    Do you take grey tacs over blue pumps early? I do, but i'm not sure if I should.
  6. Fortnite

    Yeah, now that i've played this game enough, the only difference between someone playing with a paddled controller and a M&K is the Mouse speed/fine movement. Regular controllers still suck a bit because you have to pick up your aiming thumb to jump, pick something up, or switch to pickaxe, and switching trap types/materials, checking your inventory, and emoting requires you to take your thumb off the movement button. I play without paddles, and those are small problem's though tbh, it's not like playing starcraft 64. The biggest problem for me is editing anything other than a door in a wall, mainly because I don't know what edits do what, but also because doing so quickly requires the finest aim controls in the game next to shooting quickly moving/jumping targets, which is a different thing altogether though. That and dropping/splitting mats quickly and properly, but both this and editing are largely a matter of muscle memory that I haven't built up at all yet. Speaking of building muscle memory in a game where you don't normally get good opportunities to practice, the playerbase would be well served with a tutorial mode that teachers players all the basics they don't know and also offers challenges like building/editing specific things properly. I won a solo this morning that was so embarrassingly sloppy I wouldn't even show it to anyone to show off. I got stuck in the bottom of my own 2x2 and couldn't get back up it for a whole minute trying to edit the ramps properly.
  7. Fortnite

    I didn't even know this tournament was happening but it looks like it's been a complete joke. Game breaking lag, bad casters, no spectator mode, and apparently one of the guys who won has been accused of some terrible stuff and is a known cheater from Counter strike. Company like Epic made over $300 million dollars in May and can't even manage a little tournament?
  8. Fortnite

    Yeah I suck at sniping as well so I don't bother with them for the most part. I typically run some sort of SMG, some sort of shotgun, an AR/drumgun, then two healing items, but if I don't have those I will consider a silenced pistol in place of the smg, double pistols/deagle in place of a shotgun, an LMG or double pistols in place of an AR/drumgun, and a scoped AR/sniper, C4/grenades/stickies, or rockets/grenades to fill in one of my two healing slots if I don't have anything great.
  9. Fortnite

    Also I like how the Scar and the famas are higher levels of the AR/Burst but look differently, and how the hunting rifles/bolts, tac/heavy shotguns, and pistols/silenced pistols also work the same way. It would be nice if every weapon category had a different look for every rarity, like AR's could be grey AK-47, green M16, blue G36, purple M8, and golden Scar. The burst could have a bullpup style and go grey QBZ-95, green AUG, blue IWI Tavor, purple SAR 21, golden Famas. For silenced SMG they could do grey walther mp, green mp5, blue UMP. Tac SMG could be green uzi, blue mp7, purple P90. They could do the same sort of thing for hunting rifles/bolt rifles, the pistols/silenced, and the tac/heavy shotguns. Most every other type of gun only comes in 2 or 3 rarities still so they don't really need to differentiate, although they could.
  10. Fortnite

    A lot of people probably define something as a skill if it requires a significant amount of time to develop and can be done in a large degrees of competency . For example think of a sport, most people could learn to shoot a free throw or throw a spiral or what have you, but most people can not consistently hit 3's while being defended or throw 60 yard passes to a moving target the size of the football while running away from pass rushers. Double pumping does (did) not require a significant amount of time to develop, nor can (could) it be done in any more than four levels of "skill", not at all, barely at all, with misclick mistakes, slowly, and properly. Building in Fortnite is a good example of something that takes many, many hours of practice, requires more than just muscle memory, and can be done at many different levels with no true perfect level. Also the drumgun is definitely strong. I take a green one over blue M16's now along with a shotty and tac SMG. In fact very few guns/items in this game are at a very reasonable level of usefulness imo, most of them are either useless or OP. Pretty much all scoped rifles, all semi auto snipers, all pistols except Deagles, double, and silenced, all burst rifles except famas, all heavy machine guns except golden minigun, stink bombs, boogie bombs, impulse grenades, port-a-forts, and bushes Aren't worth carrying around much past early game unless you get unlucky with other loot, and even the minigun, grenades/C4/stickies, deagles, silenced pistols, are niche/temporarily used. And even out of the weapon types left a lot of them are pretty clearly superior or inferior, like the Famas/Scar being the best mid range guns in the game, the silenced pistols and deagles being outshined by SMGs and snipers/shotguns respectively, and rockets outshining grenade launcher. Obviously some of that is due to available rarities like in the case of the AR's, but not all of them. A lot of people would take a green hunting rifle over an epic deagle, or even a green tacSMG over a golden silenced pistol. If they did a poll of top 5 items you would like to have, it would be a bunch of votes for gold Famas, Scar, Rockets, Bolt Sniper, double pistols, Heavy Shotgun and maybe grenade launcher. The Purple TacSMG, Blue drumgun, pump, silenced SMG, and maybe the tac shotty. Shield potions, minis, med kits, and chug jugs. That's no throwables and about only half the weapon types in the game, and that's if you consider things like the AR's/bursts to include the scars and famas, and the revolers/pistols to include the deagles/silenced pistol. I don't know if that's really a bad thing or not but playing the game in 50vs50 when your team is rolling through the other team and you see literally hundreds of dropped items of the ground you realize just how many of them are extremely easy to pass up on.
  11. Fortnite

    It takes practice, but it's something anybody could nail down in a couple hours, less skill than something like out building someone effectively or just aiming very well in general. I suspect the real reason they nerfed it is because of how inconsistent shotgun damage is, and how frustrating and random that makes the game, and doing so will draw most people away from using shotguns outside of one or two shots before using an smg or rifle to try and finish people off.
  12. Fortnite

    Yeah but the new timer can not be overcome with skill, You can use multiple pumps to avoid reloading after 5 shots but you can not shoot faster with 2 then you can with 1 until that point. Also, pro level play is so much higher than normal people's that their meta won't necessarily work for most people in most games on console anyways, and I suspect the skill gap is still very large on computer. I've gotten to the final 5 like 6 or 6 times and won 3 times in the past day and every time at the end it's just a couple people building big towers. Only one time did I see anybody trying to build battle at the very end and I just dropped down and shot the two connecting pieces he had and killed him that way.
  13. Fortnite

    The only difference between shotgun/SMG and double pump is that when people like Dae use double pump it 100% looks like cheating to anybody who doesn't know how double pump works. Anybody can shot off a shotgun blast and switch to an SMG and spray, double pumping consistently requires developing an entirely new and unique muscle memory rotation.
  14. Fortnite

    Had you just not played it yourself by yet? It's very noticeably impossible now.
  15. Fortnite

    I don't know what happened but I bought the battle pass and have been playing much better today, it's like having a skin somehow actually gives me an advantage. I went from averaging about a kill per game and being lucky to get 3 to averaging 2 or 3 a game and I won a solo with 9 kills this morning.