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  1. If Tomlin were traded to Skins

    I want the entire franchise under Rooney fired after this year, so trading Tomlin for picks would be dope.
  2. They have done things the entire time that went against what he wanted to do, especially with the QB situation. The only reason he got so long was because the whole Kirk situation was planned out so poorly by them to begin with and it basically have him a free reset on the normal 2-3 years a head coach gets to show something. I mean honestly I would never accept a head coach position for either team if I was a coordinator that had any actual chance of being good at it. The only people that should go to either team are people that would otherwise never get the chance, and they should only do it for the paycheck.
  3. That's because they keep hiring coaches that are clearly terrible, there can't be pressure if you're just happy to be getting a paycheck.
  4. Washington is by far the worst. Every other terrible team in the league will just let you come in and give you 2-3 years minimum with like 2 wins per season which is basically free, and you genuinely have a chance at success on any of them. The only other team right now with ownership that is anywhere near as bad as Washington when it comes to butting into the head coaches Job is Dallas and at least Jerry's son seems to be good at doing it and controlling his dad.
  5. Quite contrary, it aged perfectly, like some good old smelly cheese.
  6. NBA News & Notes

    What's worse is the owners all already have effectively infinite money. The list of things they can't actually already afford is basically just two things, their own kingdom of people and their own army. They aren't just cowards but evil cowards.
  7. NBA News & Notes

    https://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/debtip/morey_1_i_did_not_intend_my_tweet_to_cause_any/ He said his tweet was his own perspective on a "complicated event" and that he has now had an opportunity to hear and consider "other perspectives". It isn't complicated and there aren't other perspectives. He knows this but he was either completely ignorant of how facist and quick to censor China is and is now trying to save his job, or he is being forced to do damage control by higher ups. If this is the same qoute I've seen, it's the NBA itself that isn't going to punish him, not his boss. They are just lying about it and will force him to resign. The only way he doesn't get removed is if the backlash in America becomes too big.
  8. NBA News & Notes

    Apparently the Rockets are now essentially censored by the state in China, he will absolutely end up being forced to resign for this.
  9. NBA News & Notes

    He did issue an apology, also the NBA's statement in Mandarin said they were "deeply disappointed" in him, much different than the one they presented to Americans.
  10. Jay Gruden fired; Bill Calahan to be named interim HC

    I mean, the dude is only rich cause he had a rich family to support him, of course he thinks he earned his money by being a genius. Once people like that get their first taste of success, they will never ever be introspective again. Every single year the Redskins are the biggest joke in the league and yet I guarantee you her blames it on someone else every time.
  11. Week 5 GDT

    He knew there was wind on that end, he just kicked into it to go to overtime. He is also the greatest kicker of all time. He could have kicked it in on first down at 52 yards or whatever tbh.
  12. Week 5 GDT

    No, he could walk so he did.
  13. Week 5 GDT

    The Steelers are gonna take 2 minutes to let the Ravens score a TD and have like 15 seconds to score themselves and lose
  14. Week 5 GDT

    Either that or just carried the stretcher like normal EMTs do. I don't think they made the decision to make a guy walk just because the cart was broke if he really should have been taken out on a stretcher or cart for safety.
  15. Week 5 GDT

    They could have put him on it and pushed it anyways if they needed to.