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  1. How Important is AB?

    I don't see why he would be. AB has had sideline ourbursts a few times but every one was in a loss, and he has had games where he has 3 catches and 35 yards and is celebrating with another guy after he scored a TD to go up 20+ points. AB hates losing, not "not padding stats". For all we know, he was arguing about the scheme or missed opportunities or something else, not nessecarily just being upset he didn't get 40 targets last week.
  2. How Important is AB?

    I mean yes, for the most part their chemistry is insane, but I wonder what brown looks like with Brees, Rodgers, or Brady.
  3. What's the point? Just let Ben retain the legacy of only playing for one team while he finishes his hall of fame career and notches some more top 10 all time stats in his belt.
  4. MNF: Steelers @ Buccaneers

    What kind of a stat is this lol.
  5. Week 2 Overreations

    Steelers are the worst 0-1-1 team in the league.
  6. trade Bell says nfl.com

    I doubt any team trades that much for him, and even if they were willing, they'd also have to be willing to sign bell to a deal he would accept.
  7. Destiny 2

    True enough, my only point is to not thank companies for doing things they should have done to begin with.
  8. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    I do, because seeing the ball change momentum like that proves it hit the player, it's as much proof as seeing it hit him directly in the face and knocking his helmet off.
  9. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    But you can see it dude.
  10. Destiny 2

    Should be free tbh, grinding out through to max level is dumb in this game and has no purpose unlike in real MMORPG's, as there are no choices to make or different things to do, and there is no learning curve for the other classes, it's just a grind for the sake of forcing people to play longer and possibly spend $30 to skip it.
  11. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    What force caused the balls momentum to change direction so drastically then?
  12. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    Ball hit the ground and bounced up at such a perfect angle that it barely hit a brown's player in the head, and the ball didn't start rotating differently, but the player did flinch very noticeably and the ball changed it's momentum pretty strongly from a leftward bounce to a rightward bounce, and Davis caught it. Refs didn't have a perfect angle on it but ignored the flinch and (most importantly) the momentum change and gave it back to the browns.
  13. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    It's a joke man chill, all true steeler fans know Ben's a drama king at heart, he is just trying to build a narrative by performing poorly so he can come back with a meteoric rise to win a SB and retire.
  14. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    They gave you guys a muffed punt back dude, how are browns fans complaining about refs after that?
  15. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    Mason Rudolph saga coming up quicker than expected after Ben jobs to the browns.