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  1. I mean right now they would be playing the Packers. Wouldn't bet on it lol.
  2. So he doesn't think we can be run on, big ask to keep it up though.
  3. Lmao, I meant it sounded like he thought we would win the next 3 to start the year 8-0.
  4. Did Romo just pick the Steelers to go 8-0 through the next 3 games?
  5. I'm not saying anything about that, but the injury did cost him. He was betting on himself like Cousins did and it went bad.
  6. This injury cost him over $100,000,000.
  7. The only WR that's been the best in the league and not have character problems in the past like 20 or so years was calvin johnson.
  8. Lmao NFL really gonna switch from chiefs to Dallas rn.
  9. I would have bet a fat stack on the eagles converting 4th and 5 earlier man. What a hard throw.
  10. I for real didn't know he was on the Steelers lmao. Didn't pay attention to the NFL this off-season.
  11. Lmao ball bounces off the grass "Interception". These refs are clowns.
  12. That was week 1 last season so maybe it's been passed.
  13. The record in Pitt is apparently 55 yards. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/08/10/matt-gays-first-nfl-kick-sets-a-heinz-field-record/amp/
  14. When is the last time anyone attempted a kick that long in Pittsburgh?
  15. They can win with a FG and a stop now. If they miss the 2 points they can only tie with a FG.
  16. Downplaying to competition and failing in the secondary. Have you not watched the Steelers the last ~7 years?
  17. Lol where's the penalty for taunting? Or did they give that up?
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