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  1. Steelers were at Tulane's Pro Day...they have an excellent OLB to rotate with TJ & Alex. He's Patrick Johnson who is 6'6 240 and a bonafide playmaker. Here's his teams pro day. Cam Sample DE/OLB is another interesting prospect. They have some guys worth checking out....
  2. Bowling Green TE Quintin Morris says he's met with the Steelers. Twitter: various sources
  3. If he makes it to the 3rd then that's criminal.
  4. Bolton is Vince Williams but not as good a tackler with Vince's weakness in pass coverage. I hope he's not the pick.
  5. OLB/ILB Derrick Barnes has Steelers inside linebackers coach Jerry Olsavsky was in attendance to workout Barnes at his pro day. source: various sources on twitter
  6. I think Williams is closer to Rashard Mendenhall than Nick Chubb. Chubb is a power back whereas Williams is a slasher like Mendenhall who can use his power at times. Just my two cents lol
  7. Jones was a college T but he also played G similar to Trey Smith. I love Smith but felt Jones was the better T of the two. Are you familiar with Patrick Johnson? He's a stronger Alex Highsmith. He is a monster off the edge.
  8. Nick Bolton is Vince Williams 2.0 He has no range and is a C-C gap LB. He's way overhyped. Chris Rumph would be a stellar ILB for the Steelers. He also excels at rushing the passer. He's a stud.
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