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  1. Tony Brown CB

    Brown would be a nice signing but he struggles playing the ball in coverage. He’s blazing fast but has issues locating the ball ala many Alabama CBs. His bravado is more than his game as he is a trash talker and has a huge persona ala Deion Sanders which is a turn off.
  2. kurgan 2020 mock offseason v.1

    I’d be sorely disappointed in this draft. Kmet has superstar potential but the rest of those guys suck.
  3. Mariota

    He’s be a nice Charlie Batch type signing. He would have better weapons than TN has. I would like this signing. I’d also draft a QB as I feel Big Ben is done.
  4. No. He is NOT the best CB prospect but is a good one.
  5. Howdy Week 14 Mock Draft

    Agreed. Winfield and Trey are legitimate first round prospects. Shane could go on day 2. This was from a draft simulation.
  6. Butler

    Teryl Austin has been huge in my opinion. Add in Coach Tomlin and Coach Butler and the Steelers look prepared. However the greatest impact has been Minkah Fitzpatrick. You don’t believe me then watch this:
  7. Howdy Week 14 Mock Draft

    Lewis will probably be gone in the 1st or 2nd. He has some special tools.
  8. Got a good feeling about Cain...

    Many don’t like Fitchner? I think he kept the training wheels on too long but I like his play calling. He’s been aggressive in situational plays and goes for the jugular rather than playing it safe.
  9. Got a good feeling about Cain...

    Cain has the ability to be a mismatch weapon with the Steelers team. He is a faster James Washington and is competitive also. With Washington and Cain on the field at the same time, it stresses most teams. This offense, if Duck keeps progressing, could be deadly going into the playoffs.
  10. Howdy Week 14 Mock Draft

    He’s a better QB than Dobbs and Josh Allen were. Switch to WR would be interesting because of his athleticism but TE seems weird.
  11. Howdy Week 14 Mock Draft

    What’s good? Glad y’all keeping this forum alive. Hopefully everyone has been alright. Down to business time. I like this team. There were glimpses with Rudolph (inconsistency) but I think Duck can take this offense to another level once the coaches take off the training wheels. There are few weaknesses in this roster. The WRs get separation but also have the ability to go over the defender to make contested catches. I like the different skill sets of the RBs and Whyte reminds me of Willie Parker. Tight End or Guard could be the weakest position group on the team but I like Feiler as a starter at Tackle or Guard. Love Banner and the most he brings. Disappointed in the OT we drafted who can’t even get a helmet but that’s another story. Here is how I feel we can make the team better with this mock. As always feel free to comment. Oh yeah, I’m no Capologist but somehow we’re keeping Dupree and Hargrave. Sean Davis would be a great fit as Dime LB but too costly plus he wants to start. Rd2. Missouri TE Albert Okwuegbunam 6’5 260 McDonald has health issues (concussions) and struggles getting open. Vannett is still a mystery. We drafted the kid from Michigan but he can’t get a helmet. Albert Ok is a good route runner and has excellent body control. Huge catch radius and has the speed to run away from defenders. Not a devastating blocker but he gets it done. Rd3. Alabama LB Afernee Jennings 6’3 263 Stud against the run and has the ability to develop into a good pass rusher. Solid rotation player who can provide an impact on defense and special teams. Rd4. Minnesota S Antoine Winfield Jr 5’10 210 Honestly, I’d have no issues drafting Winfield in the 2nd round. Dude is a cerebral hard hitting tackler who has ball hawk ability. He is fast and aggressive. He is Minkah Fitzpatrick 2.0 Rd4. Tennessee G Trey Smith 6’6 330 First round talent but medical will be huge. Capable of playing Tackle and Guard at a high level. Excellent run blocker who punishes defenders. Ramon Foster is about done. Foster has great leadership but he’s a liability on the field. Rd6. Virginia QB Bryce Perkins 6’3 215 Rhythmic passer who is a good scrambler. Has tremendous long speed. Strong arm. Mobile. Reminds me of Robert Griffith III. Seems stiff and medical at combine will be very important as he broke his neck years ago. Landry Jones 1.0 has to go as the Steelers traded the wrong QB. Rd7. Oregon G Shane Lemieux 6’4 316 Lemieux is insurance in case Smith has more medical issues. Shane is good in the run and pass game and is mobile for a G.
  12. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Coach Tomlin is playing him at FS which is an upgrade over everyone back there. Minus CB, Minkah is an upgrade. The only thing missing from this defense now is running the right scheme. They have the players minus Dupree.
  13. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I see Keith Butler being fired if the defense continues to struggle. He has waaaay too much talent (minus Dupree) and the results don't show. Fitzpatrick playing Slot is a huge upgrade over Hilton.
  14. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Watching Chaisson is like watching a poor man's Bud Dupree. He isn't a pass rusher. Terrell's Lewis is a monster but I'm scared of his health and injury history.
  15. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    The Steelers are simply doing something that they did when Ben was a rookie which is getting a good defense.