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  1. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    @Steeler Hitman great points. While we disagree about some picks, others we had a similar thought process.
  2. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Buggs at DE he lacks the quickness to consistently get pressure. Buggs at DT is where he can get after QBs. Tuitt doesn't impress me. Hargrave thrived rushing in that subpackage DT position.
  3. Barron vs Williams vs Bush will be a nice battle. Someone mentioned all 3 could be on the field at the same time and that sounds good. I'd rotate them until the hot hand shows itself and go with the better two who I think will be Barron and Bush. Gilbert III vs Matakevich vs Spillane vs Scales will be interesting to watch. Gilbert is a fast LB who thrives in space and is more Weakside LB than Mike. Matakevich always looked underwhelmed and outmatched during his limited playing time. Spillane and Scales are more similar to Vince Williams. If Matakevich loses the 4th Mike LB spot, does he stay due to ST or will he be supplanted by the younger talent? I see Dirty Red not making the 53 man roster for the Steelers. I also think Spillane and Scales go to PS. Kelly vs Layne vs Burns vs Sutton vs Hilton vs Brian Allen will be a fun experience. Kelly is my dark horse for the Steelers. I think he has starter potential which could shift Nelson into the Slot CB. Layne has to grow on me as he lacks fluidity to cover any inside breaking route ala Sensabaugh. Sutton has been a disappointment so far and I'm not expecting much from him. Hilton is great near the LOS but gets worse as he covers downfield. Allen has shown nothing so I'm not expecting anything. PJ Locke will make the 53 man roster. I love his skill set and compare him to Ryan Clark. He can play CB, Slot, FS, and SS and does it at a high level. Locke is also a big hitter and solid Blitzer. STs will be huge for him.
  4. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    Thanks @Chieferific I miss the insightful views and good football banter from this site. Regarding Johnson, its more about consistency. When you watch his cutups, on some plays he'll drop easy passes that him in his hands. If he has to extend his arms overhead, he struggles catching at times. Some plays he runs a route (shorter routes) and seems to quit on the play. It is about being the same player every route that he needs to work on. That being said, he is a baller and will have the chance to produce from day 1.
  5. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    JMU CB Rashad Robinson is one of my favorite CB in this class. How good is he? Think Tre'Davious White.
  6. Official 2020 Non-Rush LB Thread

    This is one of my favorite LBs in the 2020 class. He does it all at a high level. De'Jon Harris
  7. Its been awhile. Hopefully y'all been ok. How did the draft leave you feeling? Devin Bush wasn't my first selection for ILB but I''ll take him. He's not as powerful as Devin White but is a better blitzer. Barring injury, he's a Rookie of the Year candidate. Diontae Johnson is someone I didn't think would be taken in so early. Excellent route runner but has lazy routes, bad concentration drops, but he competes hard. I can see him being WR3 all season long. Justin Layne was a horrible pick for me. He has length and speed but change of direction is horrible to me. ANY inside breaking route leaves him trailing by a step or two. Defends outside releasing vertical routes well. Willing tackler. Lack of turnovers was another turnoff for me. Benny Snell lacks long speed but has everything else you want in a RB. Some were saying 1st round for the Steelers and I didn't like it. I like him right where he was drafted. I see him taking the job from Conner next year. Zach Gentry is a pick that I like more than everyone else. Yeah he needs work in run blocking but the effort is there. He is great at finding soft spots and gets separation even though he ran a slow 40 time (4.9) but improved it to a 4.6 at his pro day. I see him scoring at least 6 touchdowns as a rookie if becomes TE2. Loved the Sutton Smith selection. Y'all know I was a huge can for a couple years. He is great at rushing the passer but is invisible against the run. As a run defender he sucks, badly. He needs to work on strength and getting off blocks. I can see him getting situational blitzes/rushes from day one. Love the Isiaah Buggs selection. I was pimping him hard last year. I think he has the ability to take Tuitt's job next year. Strength, tenacity, technique, and attitude will help strengthen that defensive line. I can see him rotating in from day one. Gilbert is someone I didn't know much of. I love his speed and he's a solid tackler. Reminds me of Telvin Smith from the Jaguars. Plays the Slot position and runs with receivers well. Needs to get off blocks better but solid player. I like Derwin Gray and feel he has a chance to play inside as a Guard. Very powerful guy who moves defenders well. Stout and has solid lower body movement. Reminds me of Ramon Foster from his early years. Not all guys I would have picked but what do y'all think?
  8. 5UP 5DOWN week 4

    @wwhickok Tomlin threw the flag because the Sideline Referee said there were 12 guys on the field. Coach T did it so there could be a discussion, which was accidentally broadcast through the Head Ref's microphone, who basically bullied the younger Ref, who admitted there were 12 defenders, yet he was forced to change his verdict. Pathetic by the Refs.
  9. Defensive Personnel via Colbert

    Steelers are still drafting Cowher type players in a league that has evolved. Hell our guys can't even stop the run nor blitz nor cover. Those intermediate crossing routes and deep posts have been killing us for years. We lack a true FS and we lack any resemblance of a pass rush without blitzing. It will take some great scheming for us to make the playoffs QBs: A RBs: C FB: C WR: A+ TE: A OL: B+ DL: B LB: D CB: F S: F K: C P: D Offensive play call: C Defensive play call: D- Head Coach: C *I'm looking at last year, including playoffs, off season, and the start to this season.*
  10. 5UP 5DOWN week 4

    Up: WRs & TEs OL Boswell Down: Ben Conner Tuitt Watt, Dupree, Bostic, Williams DBs Offensive scheme Defensive scheme What is our identity on Offense? What is our defensive identity? What defensive player is a playmaker? Why is Ben so off target and displaying such horrible body language?
  11. WEEK 4 GDT - Steelers vs. Ravens SNF

    Useless stats like these are deceiving. Brown helps make these guys jobs easier.
  12. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    Zone blitz is where we have been successful with our pass rush. Honestly I think our MLBs are better pass rushers than our OLBs. Bostic is a monster in the middle but is a 2 down player and so is Williams. I hate that we're not using Thomas to cover these TEs or to play the cover LB.
  13. salvation for 2018

    Sutton isn't good, period. I've seen enough of him to feel he isn't TOUGH enough right now. When he gets playing time, he lacks a sense of urgency and doesn't play hard. It was on display on a jam that he didn't do on a Cover 2 concept. He gave a free release, the ball was immediately thrown to Watkins, yet Sutton lazily JOGS after the receiver hoping Davis would make the tackle. He was sent on a blitz or two yet he pulls up and gets in the way of the other defenders. Not good in my book.
  14. 5up 5down wk3 Bucs

    Penalties are NOT absign of an undisciplined team but they are signs of a team that lacks talent. Media makes fans want to blame coaches but it's not their fault at times. When OL are beaten, they tend to grab. Yes we get mad but he's protecting his teammate. CB gets a PI call due to him getting beat by not using the proper technique or because he simply isn't as good as the guy he's covering. Presnap penalties are ones I associate with discipline. Just my thoughts on this whole lack of discipline crap.
  15. WEEK 3 GDT - Steelers @ Bucs MNF

    Lack of communication is a scapegoat for lack of talent. We have no passrush from the OLBs unless they're schemed to get free. Watt is physically weak and doesn't have the ability to beat the OTs and gets sealed by TEs which frees up pulling OL to get free releases to the 2nd level. Dupree is useless. No other way to put it. Bostic and Williams are battling hard in the middle of our defense. Who is our FS? Sean Davis who has almost always played around the LOS. He has no awareness/smarts to play deep. Our coaches are dumb when it comes to DBs. We haven't developed 1 DB since Tomlin has been head coach. That's quite pathetic! I don't know if they have scouts for positions or if they just scout regions but change needs to happen. Safeties are not hard to evaluate. I think it's time to see what Marcus Allen can do as Sean Davis gives me no confidence when it comes to coverage.