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  1. You can't trade him this year. OTC. You can't trade him after March 20, 2021. 2022 salary becomes guaranteed. Must trade before March 20, 2021. Resulting in dead money of $41m.
  2. Having 8 years of Cook and Stafford is more important than Harrison Smith.
  3. I was typing. And it hit send. Kinda like this.
  4. This is pretty simple, really. You have welcomed yourself to the hole that is Kirk Cousins. You can't trade Cousins given the cap ramifications. But you can add Matthew Stafford if you also move Harrison Smith. The logic is simple. The Lions have no good players. A rebuild is a mere formality. If you put a good quarterback to man the ship. Then you are sailing on your way. What I see is Zach Ertz. Matthew Stafford. And Dalvin Cook. That works. Given Stafford's mobility. The need to respect the stretch run of Dalvin Cook. Zach Ertz is open every play. Add-in Thielen. And Mr. Jefferson. And the dome is screaming like a banshee. Harrison Smith to PIT for a 2nd Matthew Stafford for two 1st's. And up to. Two 1's. And two 3's. Note: Then maybe you can get a 3rd back for Kirk Cousins. To probably Detroit of all places. But you'd have to wait until after the season to make that happen.
  5. I love a good chime. Whimsical. Yet refreshing. My point on Robertson is when teams have a hierarchy of needs I just don't think they'd put him in their top 4. Slot CB is below RB. And RB is the lowest. Look. This is a great pick. A slot CB that generates pressure from the outside is a great asset to have. A classic tale of if he's 5'10". He goes first round. But that's what makes him who he is. Bryan Edwards. Worst QB play I've ever seen. Dying quails fluttering through the air. You'd be surprised he even reeled in a few balls. This guy throws like my fairy Godmother.
  6. 1.12 - Henry Ruggs Grade: A- With CeeDee on the board, that's the only knock. But once you change gears you get a smile real quick. They mentioned the ability to change the whole offense. And that's what he does. The 4.2 effect. You can get him the ball in what did he say "easy possessions" with jets and bubbles. But then he also stretches the field. He is a character guy and seems humble. They raved about his hands. Saban raved about the man. Explosive. Speed. Athlete. This is a playmaker. 1.19 - Damon Arnette Grade: B On a trade back. That would be preferred. The position is a need where that whole glut of CBs is gonna disappoint, except the one. Here's what I like about him. He was more productive than Okudah. He is a tough, nasty, feisty type DB. What's that? Oh, yeah. A Raider. He just seems like a vet DB in a rookie body. This pick grows on me by the day. 3.80 - Lynn Bowden Grade: B+ This is a special player. Versatile. Explosive. Dynamic. What I love about him is his ability to run with the ball in his hands and his natural movement skills. He's got swively hips and a good burst. I like him as this slasher playing out of the slot. Motion him in the backfield. He's a weapon. Is what he is. 3.81 - Bryan Edwards Grade: 94/100 Finally. A wide receiver. The first two guys are more weapons. Ruggs is your motion guy and Bowden is your RB/WR McCaffrey type guy. This guy is your big baller. Physical. Mean. Love the TO comp. He has the size and twitch. He's just not that fast. 3-100 - Tanner Muse Grade: B Give them a B for the trade back. Finally watched this guy. Mayock mentioned matchups on defense. Clemson had Simmons and this guy. So, that's what he is. He's a matchup nickel LB on the back or TE. And he'll play special teams. 4 - 109 - John Simpson Grade: B- I would've preferred Dotson. 1st team all-american. Not a fan of the trade up either. But he is 325 pounds and has 34" arms. A mauler of a prospect. 4-139 - Amik Robertson CB Grade: B+ This is one of my favorite picks. They can't all be good. Can they? Slot CB with some nasty in him. FINAL GRADE: B+ (87%)
  7. Coach Gruden said he loves Bryan Edwards. Reminds him of a TO type body. I can see it. He's chiseled and has some twitch. That's a value pick all day. Mayock said 2nd rd grade. This was my favorite pick until they all became my favorite picks. Muse is an interesting one. That became a value pick. After trading back off 91. Ok. Get an extra pick. Drop down 10-12 spots. You're still there. Ok. That's enough. I've never seen Muse tape. But if he's a 230 pound LB that runs a 4.39. I'm sure. He'll stick around. Simpson becomes a value pick. They traded up for him. That's enough. We'll take him now. Robertson Mayock said was trade out of 139 or Amik. This is how perfectly slotted that was. It was the first compensation pick of the 4th round. The importance is... I don't think he's good enough if I'm a playoff team or not to justify within my first four picks. And I think that's why he's there. He's too short. Yada. Yada. But comp 4th rd. Now, we're gambling.... Ruggs was the top target. For the Raiders. To make them the most complete team. BPA at position of need. The top spot. Arnette. They claim was 25-40 pick range. Could you fall back? Maybe. But maybe he's not there. Another BPA at a position of need. And then I think Bowden was the gimmicky, special team, gadgety type playmaker teams love in the 3rd round. This is a value pick, bc I think the kid can play. And help in a multitude of ways.
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