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  1. Not saying he wasn’t, but he only had like one to two good years left in him including 04.
  2. Yea that’s the same way I saw the question as well. We’ve seen Peyton with Edge and Brees with LDT but we’ve never really seen Brady with a in prime running back. Dillon was Brady’s best running back but he was already in the later part of his career.
  3. Listen I love me Torry Holt and definitely agree he is the most underrated of the four receivers in this topic. With that said I believe he is fourth of the four in ranking, just my opinion. The main reason I'm replying is because on how blatantly you underrated Marvin Harrison. Seems folks forget how dominant he was for a very long time. First Harrison was a 3x All Pro, where did you get the info that he never had one. Plus he was on the Super Bowl team the Colts won back in 06-07, he didn't retire until two years after. You can also say that Holt had pressure off him early on due to be on the other side of Isaac Bruce, hate using that argument but I'm sure he had less double coverage early on in his career compared to later on when he became the Rams #1. Harrison was always the Colts#1 for majority of his career and had already picked up 2x all pro before Reggie Wayne became a household name. I do agree though that Holt showed up a bit more in the playoffs despite playing less playoff games.
  4. He ain’t no “almost” Steve Smith either. There games are nothing alike. Unless you meant the other Steve Smith who had one great year with the Giants, that’s what first popped into my head when I opened this thread.
  5. The tackle for me. The game literally came down to that play, either OT or Rams win as they did. As others said the Harrison play, though great play, a whole half had yet to been played. As for the Butler pick, I blame that more on the Seahawks than anything. Great play by Malcolm Butler but had the Seahawks ran the ball, I’m sure they score.
  6. Not meaning to get off topic but found it funny that Dexter Reid has 2 Super Bowl rings while only playing 3 seasons in the NFL. Something to tell his kids that’s for sure.
  7. Give me Prime Marvin Harrison over Reggie Wayne anyday. No disrespect to Wayne but Marvin was on another level in my opinion. His precise route running, speed and hands were incredible.
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