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  1. not sure this needed its own thread, but yeah this has been a theme. but there will always be the fanboys who defend every pick as they're made. "are you saying you know better than a GM" "how can you call him a reach, based on the MEDIA? LOL" like... the media used to always trash of al davis' teambuilding in the 2000s, and they were right then too. its true that some teams get more of a benefit of the doubt than others (everything the pats do was seen as genius), but those reputations are also earned
  2. ray rice would have been treated far more lightly if there was no video of his incident. the league protects the shield. people who think corporations are "woke" out of political ideology are missing the forest for the trees. they are concerned about optics/branding as it relates to their ability to sell a product and advertising space it is and always has been about marketability. remember during pride month all these corporations put rainbows on their twitter logos, but then their middle east regional counterparts didn't?
  3. finally updated http://isgrudengoneyet.com/
  4. you'll fit in well with the other fair weather fans there
  5. lucky. my first account got a permaban without warning for starting a meme thread during free agency a few years ago
  6. or BOB. we can continue our tradition of lighting draft picks on fire
  7. i dont know man, what can he do? "ill tell you what man... [insert racial slurs], man"
  8. He might be done with pro football but if he wants to stay in the public eye he can make the rounds on Tucker, hannity and be a regular contributor on cancel culture or whatnot
  9. Does he get credit for his role in building up those raiders that went to the Super Bowl?
  10. remember when the raiders made javon walker the highest paid WR in the nfl or something like that? do you think that made the raiders QBed by Jamarcus an attractive landing spot for other WRs? i think Davis needs to hire a president of football ops to be the guy making organizational decisions. davis hired gruden out of emotion. he basically said so himself. have a president of football ops, and have him decide whether he wants to keep mayock or not (hint, he shouldnt), and then have the new gm bring in a coach. this iteration of the raiders was running on fumes, and won 3 games with
  11. hoping for Joe Brady, bracing myself for Sark
  12. ravens will purposely settle for a FG here to make sure they get that rushing yard record
  13. putting aside the Vegas/new stadium appeal, Carr is probably the best selling point for a new coach. go after bieniemy or joe brady or somethin but knowing the raiders we'll end up with Sark
  14. not so fast. we have to vet you guys first. need to look back at the Ferrell/Jacobs/Abram/Arnette/Leatherwood/Muse/Bowden draft pick threads, or the Andre James/Kenyan Drake/etc FA signing threads and dq anybody who tried to spin those as good
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