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  1. hate the way he plays. yes he laid a good hit on CMC who was basically standing still in the backfield at the time of impact. but he's a very poor tackler. the play at 6:28 is what he seems to do all the time. he gets really small and launches like a missile, instead of getting wide and making form tackles there's a time and place for attempted tackles like that, like when coming down the alley and trying to avoid blocks. that led to the good hits against buffalo and cleveland (hunt)... but he seems to do that all the time even when its not called for. and then there's his complete lack o
  2. one is a good faith flier. the other is a publicity stunt. people are going to laugh at circus moves. apparently some people are going to defend them.
  3. i'd random pluck a random undrafted TE as a flier than sign a QB thats been retired for a decade
  4. Burton exclusively played move TE in Chicago when Dion Sims (and for some time, Adam Shaheen) was the in-line TE
  5. except there are reasons to sign Trey Burton other than the fact that he played at Florida for Urban Meyer. thats why in one of my previous comments i specifically said that the Tebow signing isnt stupid on the grounds that it was a nepotism signing, but because he's never played the position, has been out of the game for about a decade, and its transparently a stunt at best. i dont know what your fascination is with this concept of Tebow being a better candidate for "move TE" considering Burton HAS absolutely played that position.
  6. no doubt there's a degree of troll bait in some of these posts (mostly out of entertainment after pwny started responding to comments about jersey sales lol). but the sentiment about the signing being nothing more than a circus PR stunt is 100% genuine
  7. cant wait for him to make the roster, and see all the "haters were wrong" comments after he catches a 2 yard out
  8. you actually want to take a flier on a FA tight end who might be able to catch a pass here and there? Trey Burton is probably the easiest example of a guy who is still available and has at least shown he can do that job decently well. heck Richard Rodgers or Jesse James would be preferable to a guy like Tebow. its just a circus acquisition
  9. the tebow signing does deserve to be ridiculed. but not because his name is big while he only was signed due to his name (and ties to Meyer), that's not inherently why the move is bad. its because he's a 30+ guy who has never played TE. are they going to gimmick it up and try him out as punt protector too? its just a stupid move. its ok. im a raider fan, we've been there done that.
  10. i would probably bet my money on people who haven't been out of the sport for a decade and aren't moving to a position they've never played before but i get it, the jags did it so it deserves to be defended by fans
  11. whats the reason to believe Tebow can even be a good receiving TE? this is a stupid stunt fueled in large part by nepotism
  12. for better or worse, vic's the best we got as far as being plugged in
  13. not sure about top 5, but the Giants should get some love
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