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  1. does Watt tend to stay on one side or do they flip him around? obviously having him line up against the RT would be the way to go
  2. withholding judgment of hobbs until he gets tested. preseason was nice, but we know its a different animal. and baltimore doesnt challenge corners, particularly slot corners, like other teams will
  3. when asked if it meant drake would get an opportunity gruden said peyton barber would lol. i really dont like peyton barber. didnt think he was any good in tampa or washington
  4. the two wins were the recent shootout in 2015 when i think the backup QB came in and led the game winning drive for them, and the game where richard seymour punched him
  5. i know its not a great reason, but we always seem to play Pitt pretty well.
  6. could have just used Rico Gafford if we wanted a really fast guy to threaten deep and otherwise be a decoy. gruden loved old brown and rice. imagine lamb in that role
  7. Koonce wouldnt play in that scenario. nassib/ferrell would fill in . i dont think they view koonce as ready
  8. most fragile player in recent raider memory, which is saying something keep in mind, the titans benched him, he didnt leave with injury. then we signed him and he had random mystery surgeries and wasnt even active for a while. then he gets hurt in offseason despite zero preseason snaps. now gets hurt after 1 snap lol
  9. he was overdrafted by virtue of being a RB... but i think its way early to call him a bust since he's actually been a dynamic player when healthy. still 16 games to go
  10. Yannick practicing today is a great sign... but hope he's not rushing it. Aggravation would be awful. Richie still not practicing, bad sign. and eluemunor is being made available for interview today... Jacobs not practicing, but could be more maintenance on a short week. Not panicking on him until tomorrow. As long as he gets even a limited practice tomorrow, I'd be optimistic re: his chances of playing.
  11. yeah... the holding non-call on the lamar scramble TD was infuriating
  12. hopefully we can establish the run. last time we really controlled a game on the ground was around midseason last year. the first broncos game and the browns game come to mind steelers have led or been 2nd in the league in sacks for each of the last 4 seasons. if we try dropping back 50+ times like josh allen did last week, it will be ugly. i know Kolton is pretty solid, but TJ will probably get the best of him here and there too... let alone Leatherwood. and i dont trust our interior to hold up in pass pro all right now with Richie presumably out again.
  13. Simpson is a much better run blocker than pass protector, so this wouldnt be the worst idea. hopefully james can hold his end of the stick
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