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  1. extending him now makes sense, but i dont even know that we need to do so in a way that cuts his cap number for this year. moving off williams/joyner/mariota alone would already get us under the cap. if you cut his cap hit for this year, its just going to be at the expense of the future. i'd rather lock him up now for what his going rate would be, and by the time the new years kick in 2 years from now, with the cap moving back up, he'll yet again be at a bargain. i dont know that there are active extension talks (its been speculated in national media, but somewhat rebuffed by local b
  2. eh, if we get priced out of Agholor I'd rather just sign a cheaper short term replacement like DeSean Jackson and gauge Ruggs' development. we should probably also spend a day 3 pick on another X receiver candidate... as right now it's really just Edwards
  3. As much as I keep seeing Roussea/Payne getting mocked in the teens, I still think Ojulari is every bit as good as them, and I'd prefer him over either. Watching him reminds me somewhat of Khalil Mack, in that he has way more play strength than his size would indicate. He's not nearly as stout against the run as Mack was in college (very few are), but he's not a liability in the run game, really, while also being an explosive speed rusher. at this point (still a ways to go in the process), sign me up for Ojulari at 17, and then trade back into the back of the first to snag Moehrig He'
  4. McKenzie turned out to be an awful drafter (except when the clock was broken in 2014). Mayock so far hasn't proven to be any better, and he's been miles worse in FA. mckenzie never would have given a guy like carl nassib such a big guarantee
  5. i'm not ignoring anything. i havent even said waller is worth a first. all i said was: 1) your point that "he's only been good in 2 of his 5 years" was somewhat meaningless 2) his age is to an extent offset by the lack of mileage
  6. everybody is taking Vinny's article as the basis for everything, and nowhere does Vinny say that the Raiders are pursuing anything
  7. probably not the bears with that weather. wentz would work better there as a reclamation project. colts make a lot of sense panthers would work too but i'd imagine they'd rather just take a QB at 8
  8. the last 2 seasons were the 2 highest passer ratings of his career. id say 2017 and 2018 were legitimately bad years. 2019 was ok, 2020 was good. the trajectory is there.
  9. gronk and kelce are only 5 months apart. phsyical wear and mileage is a huge part of the equation.
  10. but we're not talking about "overall since carr has been drafting"... we're not talking about 2014/2015/2016 carr. we're looking at the player he is now. you aren't trading for his whole career going back to his rookie season, just what you can expect going forward. looking back 5-6 years ago doesnt make a lot of sense.
  11. doesnt that shelf life contemplate that he is being worn down? waller wasnt really getting banged up in his first 3 seasons. barely played. i also dont think the "he's only been good in 2 of his 5 years" claim is fair. it implies its almost a crapshoot if he's going to be good or bad in a given year, and clearly his career took off in recent seasons. Kelce has nearly triple the wear and tear when looking at numbers like targets, catches, etc. obviously he's a better player, but i think its a weird way to compare them
  12. - OL has not been as good as it was circa 2016. PFF had them as the #24 offensive line in the league this past season, for what that's worth to you (#15 in 2019, #28 in 2018) - the Raiders had the #14 run game in the NFL this year (#19 in ypc). On the other hand, they were the #9 passing team (Carr ranked #5 in ypa) you can keep repeating the "top 10 OL, top 10 run game" line over and over again, but its not borne out in reality
  13. Well yeah the Rams are a special case who apparently never want to have first round picks. But giving up a ton for a sure fire decade long franchise QB... that's different than a 32 year old Stafford (who isn't as good as Watson) or a corner.
  14. I think Stafford is in a tier above the Cousins/Carr/Goff types. I don't know if the gulf is multiple first rounders, but I think he's more talented than those guys, so yeah I'd have him in the top 10. Similar to Dak imo.
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