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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    I also think, given the upcoming free agency of a few of them, this makes it more likely that they keep 10 and probably two more on the practice squad.
  2. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    On paper, Taylor is intriguing for a practice squad holdover. Good size, pretty good athletic numbers, got a year to adjust to the level of competition. Shepherd was better last year, but I think I might give Taylor a better shot at making the team this year.
  3. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    And success fairly closely followed draft position. There is a chance only one of the 12 receivers picked in the first two rounds doesn't end up topping all of them picked on Day 3. Not to venture too far off topic, but if you want the exact opposite, look at 2006, where draft position was completely irrelevant at receiver. Two of the second rounders failed to combine for 600 yards. Three of the third rounders failed to hit 100 yards combined. All five third rounders combined for roughly 1/4 of the career yardage of seventh rounder Marques Colston. Cory Rodgers was an early fourth-rounder who didn't play a game in the NFL and was still probably only the fifth or sixth worst value pick at the position. Devin Hester was the draft's sixth best receiver.
  4. Packers 2020 WR Corps

  5. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Yep, most drafts only 3-4 Day 3 wide receivers end up reaching 1,000 yards for their careers, let alone in the first two years. There is probably about a 90% chance he ends up being one of the top four Day 3 receivers from that draft, and that might be selling the odds short.
  6. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Good guess on Jags, but think much more obscure (while both topped 1,000 career yards, neither reached 2,000).
  7. Packers 2020 WR Corps

    Random factoid: If St. Brown breaks out the way some on here think he will, it would allow the Packers to become, thus far, the only team in the 2010s to draft two wide receivers who totaled more than 1,000 yards for their careers on day 3 of the same draft. It doesn't happen often (I believe the last time was 2009, and if you say you can name the receivers involved without looking it up, you either have a photographic memory or are lying) and most of the other times this century have been during the rare years that produce a good number of useful Day 3 receivers. That does not appear to have been the case with the 2018 draft. Valdez-Scantling has a lead of more than 300 yards on the field and a lead of more than 400 yards on all of them who seem likely to actually play this season.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    It is crazy that Latimer was the only complete bust among receivers from the first two rounds that year. Every other one had at least one 700-yard season. Even Ryan Grant, who went later in that draft, has had a more productive career.
  9. Here's mine QB (2+1): Rodgers, Love PS: Morton If they keep three, I think it is probably Boyle. I don't know if there will be enough of an offseason for Boyle to force his way onto the roster. RB (4+2): Jones, Dillon, J. Williams, Ervin PS: D. Williams, Taylor With the free agency situation and the focus on the running game, keeping two on the practice squad seems like a decent possibility. WR (6+1): Adams, Funchess, Lazard, Valdez-Scantling, St. Brown, Taylor PS: Stewart There's always a roster surprise or two and Taylor was one of mine, beating out Kumerow and Begelton for sixth on the receiver depth chart and then Summers for the final roster spot. TE (4): Sternberger, Deguara, Lewis, Tonyan Jones and Looney are practice squad possibilities. T (4+1): Bakhtiari, Wagner, Light, Nijman PS: Bruffy Hopefully Nijman makes progress. Bruffy getting the second most guaranteed of any Packer UDFA makes me think he's got a good shot to at least make the practice squad. IOL (6+1): Jenkins, Linsley, Turner, Taylor, Patrick, Runyan PS: Hanson PUP: Stepaniak Real chance one of the vet backups, Taylor or Patrick, gets cut for Hanson, Stepaniak if healthy or Madison. DL (5+1): Clark, Lowry, Lancaster, Keke, Hester PS: Willis Not the strongest group. OLB (5+1): Z. Smith, P. Smith, Gary, Garvin, Roberts PS: Scott Garvin will make it if he shows anything in the preseason just because of his upside. That leaves the 2019 UDFA with the biggest guarantee vs. the 2020 UDFA with the biggest guarantee for the fifth spot. I'll go with Roberts with Scott on the practice squad. Galeai is also a practice squad possibility. ILB (4+1): Kirksey, Bolton, Burks, Martin PS: Summers I know that this has been a popular place to slot an UDFA, but if these five are healthy, I have my doubts Barnes or Griffin (or Galeai if they slot him here) leap two of these guys. CB (6+2): Alexander, King, Sullivan, Jackson, Hollman, Sunderland PS: Ento, Dequoy After the first three, little would surprise me. Sunderland edges Samuels for the sixth spot and the Packers keep the two higher upside guys on the practice squad. S (4+1): Savage, Amos, Greene, Scott PS: Black At least one of Greene or Redmond will almost assuredly make it. Other than that, there is no combination for the No. 3 and 4 spots that would surprise me. ST (3): Crosby, Scott Bradley
  10. Rodgers was one of those picks that I still don't really understand (big wide receiver who couldn't run or jump as well as most tight ends anyway once he bulked up) but still feel bizarrely compelled to defend. If you redraft that year he probably goes closer to where the Packers picked him than where he was projected and has somehow ended up being the second best tight end picked that year behind Ebron. As far as the seventh-round grade, as other posters and I have noted before, guys with the H-back label got drafted higher than projected this year. It wasn't just Deguara. Could be that skillset was simply misvalued this year in relation to how NFL teams saw it. I can understand opportunity cost arguments involving positions not picked, but the draft projections for tight ends after Kmet were pretty far off this year and would have been moreso if their contacts didn't apparently tip them off to the fact that most had Asiasi way too low.
  11. I wasn’t arguing that any of those guys should be considered above ESB. I said as much. But I have a high standard for the word lock. Outside of projected starters I have four locks (first three picks and Gary) and two near locks (Lazard and Sullivan). ESB doesn’t belong in that category. Like I said I think he will make the roster, but that isn’t the same thing. He had all of the athletic traits when he slipped to the sixth round and when he lost early playing time to a guy considered rawer coming into the draft. If they keep six, Taylor intrigues me. Small school guy with solid measurables who they thought enough of to keep around all year. He could get cut before camp or he could make the team.
  12. He's also a former sixth-round pick who has 21 NFL receptions. Given that he spent last year on IR, Darius Shepherd and Malik Taylor might be looked at as having more experience in the Packers offense than he does. I agree that he will likely make the roster (I'd put it 70/30), but I also think there is a 50/50 chance that the Packers only keep five receivers on the active roster. And I don't think "the field" has a 0% chance should that be the case.
  13. I’d agree that those are probably the top five, but I doubt there is that big of a gap based on how last season played out. With the possibility that they keep only five, I don’t think you can really label ESB or MVS as locks. Of the other guys, only Begleton and Stewart don’t have a year in the offense. Stewart seems destined for the practice squad but I don’t know that you can completely dismiss the others.
  14. I started looking at doing this tonight and a few initial thoughts: 1. One thing that is both a strength and a weakness is there seem to be far fewer players than normal who I would be shocked if they made the final roster, both because the last guy projected in is a bit worse than normal but there are more who could breakthrough that I would project to be on the outside looking in. 2. The Packers really need a few of last year's mid-to-late-round picks and UDFAs to take a second year leap. If a couple of the Nijman, Keke, Bolton, Summers, Hollman group turn into legitimate options it would help solidify those positions. 3. I think Samuels either makes the roster or is left off the practice squad. He sounds like the most polished of those vying for the sixth corner spot so if he can't win it, especially if the combine speed looks legit, the other options might have more upside. 4. Long shots who will make it: With the likely shorter offseason, I'll go with a couple of guys who have been with the team for a season, Malik Taylor and Greg Roberts.
  15. UDFA showcase showdown 2020 (MNF)

    Promising statistic, bizarre that they couldn't find a more recent photo.