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  1. Everyone wants to take off my over the shoulder boulder holder on this island.... maybe it will come to good use in this game.
  2. @ET80 just get online already dancing queen
  3. @Tk3 just vote me in OT. You will get to play for a day. Me and ET will flip green. Most likely if you Switch to us it will put a lot of trust in you two for tomorrow.
  4. @squire12 if you truely are town just flip your vote to me and they will save you next round.
  5. @ET80 finally do something productive and vote yourself quick
  6. @theuntouchable you were just on, vote ET
  7. @Shady Slim I know you’re online, vote ET
  8. Who the hell is 3 squire? does this make me 4 gopher.
  9. You want to vote out civs.... the time was literally in the title