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  1. Sorry fellas. Wasn’t around today. Went to a game down south. What a blast. I will say one thing. Kirk looks like a NFL QB. Sam looks like a damn good high school QB. Probably the first game I went to where I didn’t spend $300 at the stadium for beer. Kirk looked great out there. One thing I couldn’t tell the difference in was cook and mattison.
  2. We scored 1 touchdown today. There’s a good chance he turns more out of those opportunities than even what Mattison did.
  3. I mean, we are without our best offensive players, and one of our best defensive players. Against a team that has played close with everyone. Should have beat the ravens
  4. Fire Mason Crosby! Maybe the Packers getting the Wide Left curse
  5. Imagine if we tried for points at half, imagine if we didn’t miss a field goal, imagine if we didn’t fumble…. This has been the same exact story all year.
  6. Huh? He hit Adam in between the numbers and nailed KJ in the head with the ball.
  7. Yeah the way Jefferson has been going today …. I wouldn’t call it cowardly, but why not take a shot even for a LONG FG.
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