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  1. probably wouldn’t hurt ya, heard it helps with aging!
  2. If it’s receivers gave him a shot it would help give me more faith.
  3. Oh absolutely. Probably the only fantasy football podcast I call entertainment.
  4. I spend 50% of my life in cattle and hog barns and drink Busch light out of choice.... honestly what’s the difference
  5. Also makes me wish I did a fantasy podcast and had no idea......but still entertaining
  6. Si. My job consist of being in something with a radio all day..... don’t miss much
  7. SKOL Colts! How ‘bout them Colts! At least the Packers Lost!
  8. Colts still got that South Dakota kid to kick it? The one that played for the patriots that time and won games?
  9. Team is 10-0 if we could score more points than the other team
  10. Notice Dallas was in 4 min offense. That allows a team to use running plays to keep defenses honest. short passing allows gap yards to open up. A catch by Jefferson is a 1st down. And plenty of time to start opening that up. we don’t have Rodgers who has enough magic to just bomb it down field and hope a receiver catches it in triple coverage. Dalton had at least the opportunity that his running game started working at it kept the defense honest. When that happens anything 10+ yards has a chance.
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