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  1. that makes sense. In my pm I was “sent a turkey dinner on my stoop” but someone smacked it out of my hands and said “you’ll thank me later”
  2. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Dome..... on **** list
  3. Someone sent me a turkey dinner..... and then someone swiped it out of my hand, and said “you’ll thank me later” whoever did that.... thank you
  4. Aren’t you just full of theories today
  5. Yeah I looked back after he tagged me and it was a lot of orca and md4l talk. And also the “notecard” you found, I guess I don’t recall you clarifying anything with that, seemed like it just blew over, did you find anything else?
  6. Survivor III: Winners Versus Losers

    Hi everyone, how’s it hangin
  7. 4 hour to night I moved it. That’s not exactly close. I actually voted for James basically following you, and the fact of him saying he wasn’t undercover so I was hoping more people were going to jump on that to pressure him more, but now if you go back look what conversations were used to start taking heat off James and moved the conversation somewhere else
  8. I’ll go with you pickle where you at
  9. So is the good rag mafia coming out this game?
  10. Why is it going to be wrong? Wrong for team scum?
  11. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    Wait.... poor route runner? You guys are getting a little unrealistic here. Guy was a great route runner. He literally ran the most beautiful slant route, and curls. it was more of a matter if he wanted to do it or not