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  1. 24-Hour Warning until we will be locked in and sign-ups will be closed. Would really like to reach 20 players, 2 spots available. @SwAg @pwny @MD4L @PR @Tk3 @11sanchez11 @Tyty @James @AFlaccoSeagulls @PuntMyLumps @RuskieTitan @Woz @Naz @Mega Ron @MookieMonstah @amac @Hockey5djh @RandyMossIsBoss @kingseanjohn @MWil23
  2. Votes against - Voter Rag - Squire Malf - KOTN Counselor - Orca, Whicker, Dome, PR Kotn - counselor, Malf, Touch Whicker - TED, sXm
  3. N1 - 9:00 PM CST - Monday
  4. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    And then Gronk retires......
  5. Gronk Retires

    Greatest TE of all time retired today. 😢
  6. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    We are running at a great pace right now, but since we are Vikings & Redskins fans we will probably trip over our shoelaces and tear an ACL or something.
  7. Votes Against - Voter: Rag - Squire Bcb - PR Malf - KOTN TKN - Orca Ted - Dome Orca - Whick Kotn - councelor, Malf, Touch Whicker - TED
  8. Tommorrow, I’ll have it posted tonight in the header. It will be between 8-10 PM. I’m waiting on something first. By 8 PM tonight I’ll have it posted either way.
  9. @BringinDaPain had joined the game. 2 spots available.
  10. The Amazing Race Game Thread

    @SwAg@Nazgul come play my mafia game
  11. Votes Againsts - Voters Rag- Squire Dome- PR Malf -KOTN Touch - Orca Ted - Dome Orca - Whick Kotn - councilor Squire- TED
  12. Typically there is a couple game ban on someone that gets caught “cheating” of violating the rules and such. ill let you in if the majority wants you to play.
  13. Vote Count: Votes Against - Voter. Whicker - counselor Dome- PR Malf -KOTN Touch - Orca Ted - Dome Orca - Whicker
  14. Don't edit or delete posts. Insta-death and your team will suffer. <== Scratch that, You can edit or delete, but be forewarned that if it messes with the VC, I will likely punish people. Dont change your vote through an edit. Edits should only be used to fix misspellings and fix grammar. No exceptions, if edited to effect gameplay, a modkill will be enforced. Rule #4. If you continue, you will be modkilled. I just got done listing an example of the correct way to do it.