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  1. 2019 Cornerback Coffee Talk, no big whoop...

    So in reality, he’s just another chess piece still. LB, S, CB. BIG Nickle. exactly what I’ve wanted him to be in Zimmers system even pre draft a few years back.
  2. @Whicker sorry for the 2nd post but I was about to boop someone tonight
  3. Fun game @Whicker.. I wish we weren’t getting pounded again with rain. Beeen a terrible spring round the area. Have fun y’all!
  4. So all you want is less active lynches. Good strategy
  5. When did I say I didn’t have time? I said I’m not on during the day. I wasn’t able to read up a whole day from yesterday. From about noon on. But I actually am doing it now. I do have work. We are battling floods. Bridges are washing out. I have to be there while companies are trying to fix them or replace them. But now it started raining so I am reading up. i have noticed you’ve been here putting in no effort of scum hunting and just hoping on everything easy for you currently.
  6. For tomorrow whoever is pushing inactive is scum. Tbh I don’t have time to read all the way up, but it literally says in the first post only the person using the move has to be around and letting Whicker know.... I was around. If no move was made it would most likely be fin. Otherwise they just didn’t use it. personally from before I would go squire
  7. 4-6” which is more than enough.
  8. Busy as hell with the rain coming in SW MN
  9. Well I’m heading back to work so I’ll be on tonight after work
  10. Wasn’t it 7 est? Either way if it was 7 cst, like I said, I had no way to post or vote after night. I wasn’t going to vote until after the draft and all roles were out, and the real day of phase couldn’t of even started until I was working. wasnt expecting an early night
  11. Well scum have no reason to vote for conformed town, would make no sense knowing nobody would actually lynch confirmed town. Not saying he isn’t scum he could just be not read up, which I find unlikely with squire. Wouldnt be shocked if he put a vote on him for reaction post which is something I do quite often.
  12. I’m central, night was at 7 ET. Got home at 7 CST. Even if night was at 7 CST I would have never been able to vote or make a post.
  13. Because I got off work, if you were actually reading up, I typically only am on at 5 am-6:30 am..... at that time we were still drafting. Then typically I get home around 7 pm and am on till I go to bed. It rained so I have a little more time to be on this morning. night was called at 6 yesterday. By the time I could post I was off work and night wAs just about over. Usually I have time to catch up before night, which I will tonight.