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  1. Absolutely fun, but we need that trade capital if we want a QB!
  2. Yes, and I hear you, but let’s leave this out please. Not the place to discuss this
  3. I don’t see him as soft, I just see him as not as physical as he probably should be. Where I am is he is a mismatch with his size vs interior lineman on 3rd down. He brings a sense of urgency to the offense. he probably shouldn’t be in coverage outside of the flat, but that’s a known thing, it’s usually a breakdown or a play lasting longer than it should when he has to do that. he’s big, fast, and understands the defense, but he’s not dominate, he is missed on the defense .......... but this team really misses Hunter, who should sit out the rest of the year.
  4. False, I personally think he’s been underrated lately by fans. He’s probably not worth what he is probably played, not what we truly expected him to be, but he strikes fear in offenses. He seems to just get in the way of everything on the other side of the offense.
  5. Hard to tell when we haven’t had a good one
  6. Ya know...... the Falcons do lose a lot at the end of games
  7. Nah give it until Monday morning so we can start the week off with some good news
  8. How good would Trever Lawrence look handing the ball off to Dalvin Cook and launching it up to Justin Jefferson?
  9. No but if we gotta pay him at least let him be happy and live a happy healthy rest of his life.
  10. Honestly i am fine starting Sean Mannion the rest of the year.... bench Kirk, keep him safe and healthy.
  11. Lol down 3 possessions with 10:00 and you punt? This might be the end of the Zimmer era gentleman.
  12. But very bad against deep passes when DJ Metcalf is in the game
  13. Gunna take that again too. No way the Jets and new coaching staff let’s Lawrence go unless Darnold comes back completely impressive
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