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  1. Today makes me feel a little better about letting Davis go. We stopped utilizing Jonny after Lewan went out so it’s hard to say how impactful he can actually be.
  2. That game just felt off. Baltimore looked very beatable. DH missed a bunch of cut back holes and just ran uninspired. Who knows what happened with Corey Davis. That was probably his last game as a Titan. Vrabel playing scared and punting in an obvious 4 down situation. Everything felt wrong.
  3. Thanks. I’ve lurked here for a decade. Not sure why I never registered. Anyways I think that we match up against the rat birds better than most other teams would. The main area we’re deficient in is pass defense and rushing the passer. Rat birds are the worst ranked passing team in the NFL I believe. Lamar nullifies most great pass rushing teams with his scrambling ability so hopefully our incompetence in that area can be used to simply keep him in the pocket longer lol. Getting out to a fast start will be the top priority.
  4. He’s the one who’s handcuffing our D though
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