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  1. Just some reflections on the game. I think it's a bittersweet win as most are saying. Always feels good to win especially when it means snapping a nice win streak on another team. Make no mistake, there were some great takeaways to be happy about especially on defense (though the Fins O hasn't really found a rhythm with Tua...most of their other wins had 1 or 2 defensive TDs or timely interceptions). However, I love some of Shurmers schemes he showed especially the one that French mentioned about Bolles and Risner coming across to the other side to offset out crappy other lineman. Even with Lock it felt bittersweet to me. Obviously not the start of the game but I did see him looking around for at least a 2nd read on various plays instead of only his first. The worrisome part is he looks completely compartmentalized or maybe anxious as seen on that play with, I think, Attaochu who was wide open. He actually read like 3 or 4 different coverages and looked at him wide open before looking away and coming back...then throwing well over his head despite it being an easy throw. Again, it's like Drew's thought process is "focus on looking for more plays, focus, focus, focus, OK I THINK THERES ONE!" and then he gets excited and overthrows or freezes and gets hit. I suppose kinda like in basketball when you get caught between a shot and a pass and you end up traveling. Again back to the game though, I do think this is another "win" where yes, we played pretty decent, but the other team just gave it away. I was reading in the Fins forum how they acknowledged they played abysmally but still took solace that it was a 1 score game. I think that's pretty true. If the Broncos played just like that, with a solid scheme, against more highly powered offenses, they would lose the game.
  2. I've had Miami as my secondary team this year and they are indeed pretty complete. They need a few more options on offense but what's really impressed me is their defense. They are masters of taking advantage of mistakes as seen by their defense getting touchdowns the last 2 or 3 weeks. We are in for a blowout this week in Dove Valley. The Dolphins were the perfect spot for Tua to come into his own and learn. As to what they did differently, they pretty much stayed with bad QBs and traded away assets for picks until they saw a QB class they liked and could easily make a top5 pick. Instead for us, Elway makes trades for middling QBs that will be "projects" such as Lynch or Lock. Basically a fundamentally different philosophy (see 2018 draft when Josh Allen was the next QB off the board...wish we had him instead of Chubb...Fins would've if they chose where we did that year).
  3. I hate that this does sound like something the management would do. Not only would this take away a key pick for filling a hole, it's literally the same mistake with going from Keenum to Flacco to signing a day 2 QB. 2022 can't come soon enough
  4. Problem is, I don't think there's any way Elway is able to trade for Rodgers. The move that brought real success wasn't just some vet, it was one of the GOATS. I'd love a move for Darnold though as Broncofan brought up. That's breaking my brain to think he's younger than Burrow
  5. I do miss Janovich...hurts to see him rotting away in Cleveland. I also agree Sutton was a huge blow especially cause he was the 1 guy that Lock really had an eye for and can help a lot with inaccurate throws and one read plays because of his size and skill. I do feel that's a case of covering up Lock's flaws more than it speaks to the offensive talent out there this year. I certainly think it makes an offense more dynamic if you have 3+ pretty legit targets to throw at rather than 1 great one...but again that's only true if a QB can make plays to multiple people. There was actually a clip of Tua I think two games back where you see him visibly look at three different players before doing anything while his O-Line was collapsing and deliver a perfect throw. Granted, I don't think it's fair to Lock to compare him to a top5 pick, but it serves the point about offense.
  6. Maybe we aren't watching the same game? I'm seeing Fant still get open despite being on one leg. Jeudy has honestly looked like a #1 WR in the making with how often he gets open and has already figured out how to hold onto the ball better. Meanwhile, Hamler has been pretty great at getting open and Patrick and Hamilton of all people have improved as well. The only really bad spot is the running game which certainly you can blame of coaching and level of play. I'm not too sure why when it's going this bad, we don't just go back to Freeman and Lindsay combo...it's proven and it works. Gordon has lost 2 games basically by himself. I do feel bamboozled though...thinking it's in different ways than you though. What are you seeing from the players (legit curious)?
  7. Point was that everyone here is giving Rypian crap about being Siemian when in fact there are way more similarities between Siemian and Lock and tbh it looks a little Homer-ey and hypocritical. Once again I reiterate, I'm in no way saying Rypian is the answer. I'm saying that there has been quite a bit of data now dating back to last year showing that Lock isn't the answer. I was actually someone high on picking him especially in the 2nd round and was pleased with last year having the understanding that he would progress. This excitement was furthered after our offensive minded draft, as were many of the professional analysts. Unfortunately, Lock, despite having loads more help, has been more than a dud as seen by almost all of his stats and eye test. That isn't on coaching (they have their own problems though).
  8. I mean he has now 2 games this season in the 30s for QB rating and 1 in the 40s. I'm not saying that's an end-all-be-all stat, but my god that's low
  9. He really wasn't good though besides Houston. These were their first 5 games and keep in mind the Houston game skewed his stats heavily Siemian: 4-1 record, 7 TDs, 3 INT, 1,054 yards passing, 64.9% completion, and a 92.4 quarterback rating Lock: 4-1 record, 7 TDs, 3 INT, 1,020 yards passing, 64.1% completion, and a 89.7 quarterback rating
  10. I remember at the end of last year seeing an article that warned Broncos not to get too excited over Drew because his stats were almost identical to Siemien's (something GermX has eluded to with really Locks only good game being against Houston). Ironically, he appears to be worse than the person everyone says Rypien is. Last week I was pretty adamant about Rypien getting reps even though I knew he wasn't the answer. Basically I wanted us to start training our backup because Lock won't even be that in this league. However, now I'm all aboard the Lock train. Let's get a bad record so we can draft his replacement and who really cares about a backup because things will be bad if he's in the game anyway. This team is so sad to watch especially because the weapons are so strong as lomax has shown in his studies. Yes, there are major issues with Cush and at RT. Really though, this offense should be ready to go with rookies improving next year. Broncos definitely need to spend on defense in the draft as another person said here since they've been losing talent consistently over the years. Also, funny at the poster saying Lock would be good with a great o-line, but lomax already spoke to that so I'll let sleeping dogs lay.
  11. Omg lomax, that Risner and Cush clip you showed is just so pitiful to watch. Risner looks like a little kid getting dominated and Cush is that kid that somehow got on the basketball rec-team but keeps getting doubledribble calls because he doesn't know how to process more than one thing at a time 😄
  12. Damn didn't realize that. Probably won't help in the future that we have 3 other teams in our division that are either elite or becoming pretty great. Gonna be a tough decade right there
  13. You're not wrong. I was being generous in my estimation and had us winning 1 of the games against the Raiders, the remaining Chargers game, and either the Dolphins or the Panthers. I could also see a scenario where we literally lose out from here on and end 3-13. I don't actually think the schedule is that ridiculous considering 9 of our games should have been winable if we were decent. However, we are not decent, we have regressed despite adding more talent. Yes injuries play a part but even with those, we are more talented than many teams....our QB has truly sucked and coaching isn't great either Edit: With that 3-13 option, we would definitely need to be drafting a 1st round QB
  14. Also where do you guys think we would be drafting if we won only 3 more games this season (I think this is a real possibility)?
  15. With how the coaching has done with the defense, I wouldn't mind finally finding an answer for RT (especially since Drew always scrambles right 😄) in the first round and then using basically all the other picks on defense. I imagine Vic would do great things with a 2nd or 3rd round defensive guy. They would probably have a lot more talent than our 2nd string guys now, even some of our 1st string. Any chance Mayfield would be available if we picked 12th or something?
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