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  1. Agreed. I just think the reasons why are important for things of this nature.
  2. Javonte is absolutely a stud and shows that Paton definitely knows how to evaluate RBs. Gordon is straight trash other than blocking. For being a player who is supposed to be finesse, he sure finesses his way into 2 yards or 0 for the past few years. The only reason his stats even look decent is due to breakout runs he gets in garbage time. Meanwhile Williams is consistently running with 5 guys hanging off him and might be one of our best receivers right now too O_O As for the things you guys are are saying about Teddy, I disagree with most of it. Do I think he's a qb who could be
  3. Someone wanna tell shurmer you can still run if you're within 10 yards? Edit: imagine that
  4. This Denver defense just made a Raiders team that had their coach fired earlier in the week look like a playoff team. You might be surprised how well your bench will play
  5. He's also being coached by belichick. I don't think we would have the same success
  6. Except Suttons' vagina is an insult to the word. Sutton can't take a beating and does not make me feel better after watching it
  7. Lol did u guys see Sutton during the interception? He just looked at it and gave up on the sideline. Pathetic
  8. Ftfy. Our defense was easily the most overrated in the NFL. Experts were pretty consistent with us being top5. We are maybe top20
  9. Again to my point though, I'd rather trade the pick in that scenario unless there's a generational defensive player (I don't think there is). I don't want any of the "top" QBs this year
  10. It's funny cause now the mantra that you've been harping on about "playing meaningful football in November" would now be the worst thing possible for this team. The sad part is, we still could be. Our schedule is still one of the easiest in the NFL despite this upcoming stretch. Also we are kinda damned if we do damned if we don't cause this year's QBs look awful. I actually think Patton still did the best thing though after watching the Packers game. Fields looks like Lock that can actually run which is still bad. We are just in a tough spot. Maybe we go ahead and trade Sutton and Fant
  11. Man that was right in Suttons chest. What's going on with him? He used to be automatic even with Locks awful throws
  12. Today I learned you get at least 3 TDs if you fire your coach and run with a skeleton crew. Anyone here wanna try? 😂
  13. Wtf how does our team get injured so much? Also isn't this fants last year or 2nd to last on his contract?! Bye I remember really wanting Hockinson that year and the lions screwed us over. They clearly got the better player
  14. That's really it for me. I'm so curious to see what someone not named shurmur would do with this
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