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  1. Especially because realistically, what position does this team exactly need a massive upgrade on this year? I get if the Broncos want to amass talent for the future, at a Tackle for instance because James never plays or at S or CB after these 1 year deals are done, but as you're saying, how does getting another dude in those slots translate to 4 or 5 more wins we need to make the playoffs? I just don't see it unless the QB situation is resolved.
  2. Welp...everything has completely changed now. Trade back Paton!
  3. I wouldn't. All it takes is a potential bust or injury for those late first rounders turn into top10 picks
  4. Wow wtf...#12, 2 future 1st rounders and a 3rd. That's insane for a completely unproven talent. People were talking about that as the base rate for Watson pre-scandal. Wtf 49ers
  5. Completely agree and to add to evidence that could suggest this plan, I don't think it's a coincidence he's doing 1 year deals with a lot of our pieces. It almost certainly points to the unknowns involved with new management. Paton is setting himself up to be able to provide whatever they urge him to do which I think is good for the Broncos, but maybe more importantly for him, his job security.
  6. Yessssss it's happening! Broncos finally got a great GM again. This team is starting to look like the "sleeping giant" he called it at the end of the season!
  7. Gave you a football cause you said you like the Cox 😄
  8. Let's keep stealing from Chicago 😂 Plus they will still probably have a good value pick next year unlike the Pat's will have
  9. Absolutely love this for the Broncos. Simmons was really the only player that created turnovers last year on a team that desperately needed someone to make plays. I know he's never gonna be a hard hitter like Jackson was, but his talent and finesse can't be denied. I 100% am feeling way better about Broncos moving forward and love the direction Paton is going rather than letting all our good young players walk...thanks Elway
  10. With the Darby signing, he definitely seems more like a #2 CB and maybe Callahan can be that #1, but I feel like this points to us getting one of those top CBs in this draft whether it be trading back or sticking where we are. I just don't see us trading up for a QB this year. To read the tealeaves with Broncos not willing to pay a vet QB to challenge Lock, I think we are just riding this out and probably finishing another mediocre year so that we can option A: Be the team that's willing to give up a season to stay in a good spot to get Watson or B: Sell the farm to move up in next year's draf
  11. Damn....RIP getting him on the Broncos. Good on the Cowboys though. This should have been done a long time ago
  12. Maybe we should sign Eli out of retirement? Surely two kryptonites would be better than one! 😄
  13. Bears finally get a QB who even has potential to be top10 in the league? My bears fan friends will be HYPED just for the prospect of this. Unfortunately, I think they will be changing their tune after seeing him next season...hope I'm wrong though
  14. Not sure if this has been said...though it probably has with 88 pages. Anyway, how is this not a great deal for both teams? No one will be talking about this even being slightly bad for the Rams if they get to the championship game or Superbowl. For the Lions, I also think this is definition what a new GM dreams of. Yes those draft picks will be closer to the 2nd round, but that's usually the territory you can pick up some great defensive pieces, WRs, and RBs. Two of those on top of whatever the Lions pick, is quite good IMO. In regards to the Goff situation, I see it as really no risk at all.
  15. Please no. My Broncos would be in purgatory for 15 years
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