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  1. You're doing it wrong. Need more booze and IHOP
  2. Talking about "filling out his frame," didn't he already do that? I deem him Big Mac!
  3. Worst Case: Lock leads Broncos to a 9-8 record due to weakness of schedule but he still sucks and we get another middle of the road draft pick and probably lose Miller, Chubb, and more in the offseason. Best Case: We trade for Rodgers and he takes us to the Championship game or Superbowl and we get a bunch of amazing vets wanting to play here to plug up our holes while we develop the young players.
  4. Watching that video, don't you guys just feel this staff is more professional than many of those years with Elway? I mean Elway never really changed his staff despite performance (I appreciate seeing Elway taking a backseat to Paton too in his limited time in the video). I can't help but feel encouraged by seeing how Paton carries himself and interacts with others. He's got this draw to him of professionalism and a clear vision of how he's trying to do things, which I respect. Obviously we'll see how it turns out but I can't really blame the guy for doing his thing, something many GMs never re
  5. Broncos please get on this! The depth at RT they need after James went down
  6. Most of us are livid in the Denver board. The only hope that's keeping us afloat is that Fields was passed because there is a *wink wink* deal in place for Rogers that Paton confirmed on draft day. Bad part about the purgatory too is it probably won't happen this season since the Broncos have one of the easiest schedules out of anybody. Literally 6-8 games are a joke so it will end up looking like the Broncos might be "turning a corner" but in fact still suck
  7. This is where not taking Fields is such a blow to me (and I love Surtain). Granted, I do think it says something that multiple organizations who could have used him passed on him. Still...he clearly has potential and going by ClockWorkOrange's method, this could have been an immensely powerful dart that brings more competition to the QB room for relatively low capital investment in the grand scheme. However, to BroncoFan's and several other of us' point, this creates a perfect opportunity to bring in someone like Rodgers where we don't really need anymore Booms from the first round (excep
  8. Honestly...yes. Our offense was abysmal last year. The consistency with our OC was really only a big deal if we are dealing with the Lock scenario, and if don't trade for A-Rod, I definitely would love to continue to attempt to build on what we were trying to do previously. I personally am just not convinced that the system we were using before is even good enough to succeed in the NFL (see: our offense, Jets offense for multiple years). His amazing season with the Eagles had more to do with Chip than him IMO.
  9. Luckily Rodgers is one of the few in the league who has his own scheme. It isn't GBs or Shurmers, it's Rodgers. My wife is a huge GB fan so I saw almost every game of theirs the past few years and Rodgers audibles for different plays and completely runs the offense himself once they actually get onto the field (I'm sure the playbook was ultimately made by McCarthy or Lafleur though). Point being, I don't think that would become much of an issue for us unless we had some pretty poor receivers. Luckily we have one that made a probowl, one who could run any route coming out of college, another ve
  10. Now that the schedule for the year is out, I was looking to see a range of what our team could win this year. I know Stink on the radio was talking about the Broncos winning around 6 games again this year "because we are bottomfeeders now," but I'm a bit more optimistic than that. I'll go ahead and bold my choices for games that seem winnable and I'm glad our schedule is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than last year. Week 1: Broncos at New York Giants (Sunday, Sept. 12, 2:25 p.m. MT, FOX) Week 2: Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday, Sept. 19, 11 a.m. MT, CBS)
  11. Ironically I would grade their draft worse if they had just taken Smith. That Bears pick is going to be in the teens IMO and given what happened with the Eagles, they would have had to trade up to get Smith. I'm never going to be behind trading up to get a WR in the first round and think the deal they got to move back was an absolute steal, especially cause they still got a good WR. Also based on how Goldfish is doing his ratings, Giants were perfect in terms of drafting at need but also high quality players for the round they were taken in
  12. Ew. You know those conversations in this thread about 2nd tier prospects...this is exactly that. Hurts hasn't shown anything yet to make me believe he's the answer to a franchise. Watson though, that could be very interesting right now with the Rodgers stuff going on with us. Idk though...part of me just feels Watson is going to be trouble no matter where he goes now. These allegations indicate a habit and habits don't change easily. Certainly doesn't fit with what the Broncos have been building with "high character" guys
  13. I mean that's the thing right? Even if we had to give up some sort of ridiculous haul like a bunch of 1st + 2 good young players and Drew or Teddy (4-6 first rounder equivalents), we likely still come out well on that deal. Again, I'm not necessarily saying we should take something like that, but damn...Rodgers simply is a game changer. I know some are down on him for not having even more superbowl wins in the league, but he's been to so many NFC championship games, that's got to count for something. I'd kill to have that for us right now
  14. Yup totally agree which is why ownership is so important to me. If we do the same old thing we have been doing and getting these 2nd tier prospects to "peak" interest in fans, it's going to just piss me off. However, if we go for an Elon Musk type rocket into space and end up in a spectacular fireball...I'm ok with that. At least we tried to get the franchise back to a place where we are respected/feared.
  15. It would be exciting and disappointing at the same time for me. At this point, how many times have we seen the Broncos try different directions? It's frustrating to just see that start all over again. The intriguing bit for me will be the ownership situation and what that looks like. If we get an enthusiastic guy or girl who is devoted to a particular vision, I can easily get excited for that. If it's someone like the ownership of the Rockies, no thanks. I think Paton has done a masterful job at making himself look like a great piece to do whatever the new owner has in mind.
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