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  1. Wentz! Such a streaky dude but wow when he flashes, he does some special things
  2. 4 interceptions lol... How? Crazy this game is as close as it was
  3. The spiral was beautiful... He hit the front row of the crowd though. That ball saw the green for about half a second 😂😂
  4. It was literally right to the bangle. He was probably surprised it was such a perfect pass
  5. It's like we were talking about on the first page right? Burrow just has the smarts of a wily vet. Also like we said Mixon very underrated. I'm surprised we haven't seen much of Chase. I'd be curious to see the coaches film to see if it's a Surtain thing or a scheme thing
  6. Lock reminds me he always created funny scenarios. Whether it was the ref who got trampled or flea flicker in the snow, we usually lost but it was entertaining in random ways
  7. That's good info. Never really had it explained like that. Was watching the Parham one and it freaked my out with the arm twitching. I'm glad I didn't have to see Teddy like that. Pretty gross seeing professional athletes completely powerless
  8. Man the scary part is always when it looks like nothing much happened on the play. Bridgewater is such a great guy and despite his faults, has had an impressive comeback after his early major injury. Praying for the man
  9. I can't really argue much what anyone is saying here. I think we are all just frustrated that it seems we got Mr Hyde this game for our team. Even with the runs, why is Gordon getting the lions share of em? Bridge is certainly disappointing and needs to make better reads instead of just the first one (still more than Lock can say). I'm just ready for a real coaching staff and QB
  10. Not true at all. Vic is incapable of calling timeouts at good times so of course we do quick plays down the field. Shurmer obviously to blame too. What do you expect teddy to do? He has at least one player completely unchecked every play who's headhunting for him and has no plan from his coaches. Even a lot of his misses today were literally through our WRs hands
  11. Absolutely. This is why I'm harping on Burrow's intelligence and ability to read defenses quickly, which is highly impressive for such a young player. I truly think he can carve us up if we make a lot of the same mistakes we have been. Certainly looking forward for Cinci, if they can shore up that OL play and continue to improve their defense, I honestly think they will be a perennial Superbowl contender or at least conference championship threat. They are really that close.
  12. I've actually followed the Bangles pretty close this year. I've been quite surprised with their O-Line. I'm not saying it's great but it's good enough for a smart QB like Burrow to let him get his reads. It's also been absolutely INSANE seeing his long ball connections with Chase and at times Higgins, something that we are actually pretty poor at defending. Chase specifically is an issue with his ability to break tackles (another thing we have struggled with) and overall special talents of getting free. I could easily see Burrow throwing over the top of us and forcing some pass interferences o
  13. I absolutely believe it. Reading between the lines throughout the year, it sounds like Stink talked directly to Rogers himself or at least his agent when he broke the news. For all we know they could still have a verbal agreement to move forward
  14. Paton is a man of the tape with his immense background in scouting. For that reason, I am almost 100% certain he would not be going after Jones if he was available. Now that's not to say he wouldn't throw a flier on him like he did with Teddy if all other deals fall through AND Teddy leaves..but that's the only situation I find remotely possible. I also think if Paton feels this roster is good enough that he can fill some defensive spots in the draft and trade other capital for an elite QB, why wouldn't he? He likes his darts which means he feels he can find steals NOT in the first round, whic
  15. Definitely this for our team. We've seen how absolutely abysmal it makes us to have these "bridge" QBs that don't affect our cap much. A bunch of teams have QBs that are cap friendly and look at where they are as well. It should also be mentioned in terms of data, there just isn't much for the situation being discussed here. Very few times in history has it even been possible to "buy" a top5/10 QB and the times it's happened recently, both teams that did it "bought" a ring. I guess you could go back to Montana going to the Chiefs which still got them to the title game before him retiring
  16. I guess we'll see if the Pat's win this year then cause I'm not sure any other team fits the bill. It's also just a fundamental difference in team building philosophy than building from QB and surrounding him with good fits (Bangles seem to be trying this or Cardinals). With the former, basically build a defense with an O that's not good enough to win a lot of games (sound familiar?) and then draft your QBOTF and prosper. I think we are also a prime example about how this can go wrong over and over if you choose the wrong QB. Alternatively I don't see why you can't reverse the formula an
  17. Bridgewater... Wtf man... Wtf. Of course they aren't called for taunting tho... Just sayin
  18. There's no possession from Spencer there tho right? Welp it's over. What a trash game. I'm pissed
  19. Their cheap shots are pissing me off though. At least the refs are catching some of them
  20. Feels like Chiefs should be up by 14 at least. They have had loads of easy drops. We are lucky to be this close
  21. This pretty much epitomizes the game for me. It's been ALL Williams so far. Where's Sutton, Fant, Jeudy, Patrick, Albert O, etc? Why can't Shurmur create at least ONE play for them? Can't help but shake my head
  22. I've noticed this too. Not necessarily a knock to him since there are still many many CBs in the league that drop them, but it's not the same as dudes going and making a play
  23. Strange isn't it how lock was absolutely in tune with Sutton and Fant but Teddy is all Williams and Jeudy. Maybe it speaks to the type of QBs they are? In any case I'm ready for a qb who can figure out the puzzle with whatever personnel we have
  24. Same as always for us. Poor run defense Glad we are actually using a smart challenge for once... That's 6 yall
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