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  1. Herbert the Howitzer! Jesus.... Dude's nuts
  2. Heard the draft after this has some great prospects though. Our timing is great right? 😂
  3. These third and superlong conversions are pissing me off. How can it continue to happen multiple times in the same game? Inexcusable. PATTY SURTAIN THO
  4. Yup he's definitely flashing hard. Meanwhile Fuller is being consistently targeted. You would think a guy as good as he was, he would start taking this personally
  5. Wife sees Weatherly goggles.... "I thought the new matrix wasn't coming out till Christmas" 😂
  6. Our defense doing em dirty and punishing. I love it. One of the more exciting broncos games this season tbh
  7. Feel bad for Anderson. He's stepped up big time this season. Separately not a surprise with that Lock fumble. Can remind some of his homer's that he's a waste of a roster spot
  8. Well folks, here we are again. Could this be the season of streaks for us? Certainly this game could keep ours going. I will say the Eagles usually keep games close so they aren't exactly a buy. They to have inconsistency issues though with the play of Hurts as well as well as their run game. Their defense has been generally good this season and it's worth noting some of their losses were to the best teams in the league. Then again, we just beat one of the best in the league so where does that leave us? Well I think it's been played to death but it doesn't make it any less true that we need to
  9. Just got done watching the game and wow! Echo everything people are saying here and I need to get a Williams jersey asap.. Dude's an absolute stud. I do think this game had a lot of oopsies by the cowboys so let's not get carried away (the blocked kick recovery, multiple multiple drops, bad penalties). We also had some horrible tackles where we just needed to hold onto the player and we probably could've shut them out. Not raining too much on this though. It's the most guts and energy I've seen from our team since probably the Giants game and it's incredibly encouraging that Shurmur fina
  10. I mean he can't even get on the field with the ghost of Fuller, always injured Callahan, mostly injured Darby, and a rookie, albeit a great one. Nor can he make his way into Broncos special teams which is abysmal outside of last game. Hopefully a change of scenery can help him out? Idk that's the best I got for you 😄
  11. I know many of us thought it was just mindgames coming out of the front office that we were all-in on Ruggs that draft but what if it wasn't? Pretty crazy to think about where we would be if the Raiders didn't reach for Ruggs. I know they are already talking about how far it sets them back
  12. Completely agree with this. I'm not too sure how Ruggs plays football after this both in terms of possible imprisonment or exempt list or mental health associated with taking someone else's life. He was turning into the real deal though
  13. Broncos Cowboys is an interesting matchup for me. It's time for a bit of a story... So I was born and raised in Texas; San Antonio specifically. I grew up watching all those Spurs championship teams and was mostly a basketball guy. I actually used to think Football was the most boring thing someone could possibly watch because of all the stoppage of play....that changed when I found alcohol 😄 and even moreso when my wife and I moved to Denver. My dad has always been more of a baseball guy who gunned for the Astros. He too had never really thought of a football team to call his own. My par
  14. Wowza! I actually prefer this spot though as it's like a snake draft in Madden or Fantasy and I'm the double pick spot. Makes my big board easier
  15. Eh don't be. I've seen 3 or 4 bears games this year and Fields right now is basically Bridgewater in terms of checkdowns but can actually run. Obviously he could grow and get better but that is ultimately just a chance. So far it seems Paton was correct about going with Surtain especially with all the disappointments in our secondary. As of right now we are going to have to draft another CB2 next year. These are just some of the reasons this Miller trade is great for us. We will be in desperate need for "darts"either in terms of next years draft or to put a package together for a real QB. Bitt
  16. Called it in OP, only needed 14 or 17 pts to win Edit: ummmmm what?! Edit 2: the prophecy stands
  17. I know Angry American is often down and to his own admission likes to go against the grain, but honestly there were many people in the media and even us on here seeing the lineup at the start of the season and saying we have potential to be top5 and a uniquely defensive mind as our coach
  18. You aren't wrong. I was one of the biggest Fant fans after that first season (though I wanted Hockenson more in that draft) but he's atrocious in the block game and crumbles like a shortbread cookie when someone touches him. Albert O and even Saubert sadly are alrdy showing much more upside Edit: it's pretty bad when Stink says you have empty stats
  19. So lucky alrdy. Easy interception drop by Washington. Then again we are backed up like... 30 yards from getting a 1st down 😂
  20. I think that's definitely worth noting and it actually determines a lot too. I mean if we are playing to the best of our ability and win this game and against other weak teams, we probably end up around 7-10 (WFT, Lions, Eagles, +1 division win). If we don't, our only other win this season might come against the Lions. 4-13 definitely would mean we have a top pick with a new owner coming in and likely new coaching staff. Things could look much different here in March
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