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  1. Why in the world would we take the fair catch there? Our special teams is embarrasing
  2. Nah I've noticed that too. He hasn't had a single highlight to my memory. I will say he's been pretty safe as well though. I think he's only given up 1 TD this yr
  3. What I'd really like to see the second half is Kareem headhunting like he did at times last season. Yes, it sometimes leads to him knocking out our own player, but it also is a guaranteed fumble if he hits ball or at least puts fear in their offense
  4. Doesn't even make any sense... But leave it to Klis right? We should have 14 right now if albert o didn't completely choke. You could argue ravens shouldn't have 3 pts either cause... Well.... Rip spencer
  5. Dude our defense is full of holes. What the actual f was that? Absolutely no excuse having 2 corners down there and no one's even close to brown
  6. From these two games our run defense is suspect as well. I'm very curious to see our Ravens game
  7. Completely agreed. Not pretty but pretty much always on target which helps. Great throws to Hamler last week and already 2 or 3 in this game. Awesome to see Miller get in with a sac too in 2 straight games Was a pleasure watching Jewel going beastmode this game. Hope he's back soon
  8. I saw the same from our O-line. I saw at least one of them just not guard anyone on multiple plays which is worrisome. Then again, even with a defender making a b-line towards Teddy he found ways to create plays. I'm 100% sure Lock would've had at least 2 interceptions/fumbles against the Giants D and wouldn't have been surprised if we lost 17-14 if not worse. I think it says a lot that Lock basically had only 2 games as good as Bridgewaters in the past 2 years... Easy choice
  9. Omg Raiders actually somehow choking. We sure we aren't watching the chargers? 😂
  10. Wtf why is this dude from the 90s jazz in the NFL and in a pic with his daughter? 😂😂 Absolute gem of a game btw
  11. You mean when someone from our offensive line got absolutely scorched and provided no protection? Come on man... Your agenda is just silly looking for this game
  12. Was gonna comment on our defense not getting after it... And just like that AJ Johnson! Nice punch
  13. Exactly. Our drives are impressive. Can't remember the last time we have been able to play keepaway for so long
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