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  1. HORRIBLE CALL WTF. jeudy was clearly down already. The refs are rigging af. Hope jeudy didn't break his ankle tho
  2. Lmao what do u naysayers think about that amazing Bridgewater sequence?
  3. What checkdowns dude? Teddy threw a 25 yarder and a bunch of 10-15s on multiple drives. He looks great and we should have at least 3 more pts if it wasn't for the bizarre albert o play, which debatable went to them
  4. Man I know we are absolutely stacked at the position but he honestly played lights out in the preseason. I wonder what the draft picks involved are though? Either way good pickup by Detroit
  5. D-Mac? I'm just jokin around. However, we really don't know what happened behind the scenes. I know you mentioned character issues and the like being reasons not to take QBs that are there, but also physical can turn GMs off. I know it was found that Fields has epilepsy and even though he says it's never affected him, you never know if that was the reason Paton ended up not taking him and then didn't pick Mac because he evaluated him to have some fatal flaws/limitations (which a lot of people here from other teams were saying at the draft). Again, this is obviously best case scenario for
  6. Did you actually watch the games? A bunch of 3 and outs aka his signature move, stumbling over people's feet, throwing 5+ yards past his target, and a typical horrific fumble tonight. Lock is disgusting to watch man. He doesn't have potential, he kills your football team by doing all these things then throwing an amazing TD pass to keep you on the line and thinking he can "break out"
  7. Never underestimate fumbler Lock and a bad coaching staff
  8. Honestly, I'm just excited to see the Broncos have a season that is finally a winning one. Granted, this could have happened anyway since their schedule is probably the weakest in the NFL. I also find it odd people stating it's a bonehead decision to play Teddy because Drew has all this potential and a high ceiling. I mean, what exactly is that based on? Drew has literally had maybe 2 great games in his career (that Texans game his first year and the Chargers comeback last year) and has one of the worst accuracy ratings of any QB in terms of long throws...and yet he's a "gunslinger?" I persona
  9. I mean that's kind of the issue with all this isn't it? If we are going that far back, we should have just handed the keys to Shanahan like in San Fran but we didn't want to which is why he picked there. As you and others have spoken about here, after that point there was a cascade of decisions that have led us to a standard of mediocrity whether it be getting Keenum, or Shurmur, or drafting 2 WR in a class already stacked with em when we had other large needs on the team. But yeah for perspective, they gave good perspective (in regards to the standard of mediocrity) on the radio for once when
  10. I will say despite my general feeling of malaise around our offense (Shurmer and QB situation), I am excited about certain elements of our team for the first time in a long time. Definitely what @lomaxgrUK is showing from Williams as well as his general tenacity is exciting on that side of the ball...much moreso than Gordon's endless fumbles and stupid flea flickers. We also have absolute GAMERS on the defensive side. I'm imagining being an offense trying to keep an allegedly rehabbed Miller and a renewed Chubb off my QB while at the same time trying not to throw an interception against F
  11. This is absolutely what I think we should do. Like I said in the other thread, why would be continue to "see what we have" with Broncos Flacco aka Drew? He's still the same Drew that has always been there. When the pressure is on, he still doesn't go through reads and throws off his back foot. He's still got accuracy issues and though he can scramble at times, it rarely leads to anything good. That little dart he through after the scramble last game is exactly why he gets so many interceptions.. He's just lucky that one was against 2nd and 3rd string guys. Again, at least Teddy will
  12. Drew continues to look like Broncos Joe Flacco who can scramble a little. I know some of those plays last night were due to the O Line, but the majority of them were Lock getting shutdown by 2nd and 3rd stringers. Makes me want to puke Meanwhile at least Teddy continues to be steady and even if he does only focus on some of the short throws, imagine the season Fant and Albert O will have along with our run game. Teddy has shown he can make some pretty good mid/long range throws as well and ACTUALLY performs consistently against these other teams trash players. Ironic isn't it that a
  13. You're doing it wrong. Need more booze and IHOP
  14. Talking about "filling out his frame," didn't he already do that? I deem him Big Mac!
  15. Worst Case: Lock leads Broncos to a 9-8 record due to weakness of schedule but he still sucks and we get another middle of the road draft pick and probably lose Miller, Chubb, and more in the offseason. Best Case: We trade for Rodgers and he takes us to the Championship game or Superbowl and we get a bunch of amazing vets wanting to play here to plug up our holes while we develop the young players.
  16. Watching that video, don't you guys just feel this staff is more professional than many of those years with Elway? I mean Elway never really changed his staff despite performance (I appreciate seeing Elway taking a backseat to Paton too in his limited time in the video). I can't help but feel encouraged by seeing how Paton carries himself and interacts with others. He's got this draw to him of professionalism and a clear vision of how he's trying to do things, which I respect. Obviously we'll see how it turns out but I can't really blame the guy for doing his thing, something many GMs never re
  17. Broncos please get on this! The depth at RT they need after James went down
  18. Most of us are livid in the Denver board. The only hope that's keeping us afloat is that Fields was passed because there is a *wink wink* deal in place for Rogers that Paton confirmed on draft day. Bad part about the purgatory too is it probably won't happen this season since the Broncos have one of the easiest schedules out of anybody. Literally 6-8 games are a joke so it will end up looking like the Broncos might be "turning a corner" but in fact still suck
  19. This is where not taking Fields is such a blow to me (and I love Surtain). Granted, I do think it says something that multiple organizations who could have used him passed on him. Still...he clearly has potential and going by ClockWorkOrange's method, this could have been an immensely powerful dart that brings more competition to the QB room for relatively low capital investment in the grand scheme. However, to BroncoFan's and several other of us' point, this creates a perfect opportunity to bring in someone like Rodgers where we don't really need anymore Booms from the first round (excep
  20. Honestly...yes. Our offense was abysmal last year. The consistency with our OC was really only a big deal if we are dealing with the Lock scenario, and if don't trade for A-Rod, I definitely would love to continue to attempt to build on what we were trying to do previously. I personally am just not convinced that the system we were using before is even good enough to succeed in the NFL (see: our offense, Jets offense for multiple years). His amazing season with the Eagles had more to do with Chip than him IMO.
  21. Luckily Rodgers is one of the few in the league who has his own scheme. It isn't GBs or Shurmers, it's Rodgers. My wife is a huge GB fan so I saw almost every game of theirs the past few years and Rodgers audibles for different plays and completely runs the offense himself once they actually get onto the field (I'm sure the playbook was ultimately made by McCarthy or Lafleur though). Point being, I don't think that would become much of an issue for us unless we had some pretty poor receivers. Luckily we have one that made a probowl, one who could run any route coming out of college, another ve
  22. Now that the schedule for the year is out, I was looking to see a range of what our team could win this year. I know Stink on the radio was talking about the Broncos winning around 6 games again this year "because we are bottomfeeders now," but I'm a bit more optimistic than that. I'll go ahead and bold my choices for games that seem winnable and I'm glad our schedule is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than last year. Week 1: Broncos at New York Giants (Sunday, Sept. 12, 2:25 p.m. MT, FOX) Week 2: Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars (Sunday, Sept. 19, 11 a.m. MT, CBS)
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