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  1. Ironically I would grade their draft worse if they had just taken Smith. That Bears pick is going to be in the teens IMO and given what happened with the Eagles, they would have had to trade up to get Smith. I'm never going to be behind trading up to get a WR in the first round and think the deal they got to move back was an absolute steal, especially cause they still got a good WR. Also based on how Goldfish is doing his ratings, Giants were perfect in terms of drafting at need but also high quality players for the round they were taken in
  2. Ew. You know those conversations in this thread about 2nd tier prospects...this is exactly that. Hurts hasn't shown anything yet to make me believe he's the answer to a franchise. Watson though, that could be very interesting right now with the Rodgers stuff going on with us. Idk though...part of me just feels Watson is going to be trouble no matter where he goes now. These allegations indicate a habit and habits don't change easily. Certainly doesn't fit with what the Broncos have been building with "high character" guys
  3. I mean that's the thing right? Even if we had to give up some sort of ridiculous haul like a bunch of 1st + 2 good young players and Drew or Teddy (4-6 first rounder equivalents), we likely still come out well on that deal. Again, I'm not necessarily saying we should take something like that, but damn...Rodgers simply is a game changer. I know some are down on him for not having even more superbowl wins in the league, but he's been to so many NFC championship games, that's got to count for something. I'd kill to have that for us right now
  4. Yup totally agree which is why ownership is so important to me. If we do the same old thing we have been doing and getting these 2nd tier prospects to "peak" interest in fans, it's going to just piss me off. However, if we go for an Elon Musk type rocket into space and end up in a spectacular fireball...I'm ok with that. At least we tried to get the franchise back to a place where we are respected/feared.
  5. It would be exciting and disappointing at the same time for me. At this point, how many times have we seen the Broncos try different directions? It's frustrating to just see that start all over again. The intriguing bit for me will be the ownership situation and what that looks like. If we get an enthusiastic guy or girl who is devoted to a particular vision, I can easily get excited for that. If it's someone like the ownership of the Rockies, no thanks. I think Paton has done a masterful job at making himself look like a great piece to do whatever the new owner has in mind.
  6. I'm curious your perspective on the prospect Belichick made this Mac selection in part because of his familiarity with a not-super-athletic QB who has shown great ability for accuracy and brainpower. I mean in a lot of ways, I see much more similarities between Mac and Brady than Fields and Brady (DEFINITELY NOT saying Mac will be even a quarter of the player brady is). It really only came to mind when you talked about familiarity for Beli
  7. Let's all be honest here...if the LIONS cut you, it's not a good sign. I will say I'm hoping this works out well for the Eagles cause I miss em competing in the playoffs (and having random major injuries occur due to the curse).
  8. Omg wtf was Tebow doing? He's JACKED...wasn't he training for baseball? How did this happen? I'd be lying if I didn't want a little Tebowmania to happen again. I wouldn't be surprised if this time it was in the form of a buttfumble though!
  9. LOL wtf. Ya no way Rodgers would fetch all that
  10. Literally what I said... Not sure where you're coming from on this
  11. How exactly could you consider Gretzky the GOAT of all sports? He was basically the Wilt Chamberlain of the NHL. If we are talking about the greatest winner in all of major sports (not Olympics), that's Bill Russell. 11/13 championship seasons (1 being player/coach btw). No one even comes close to that. Once you start including other factors, eh ok. It's not like I'm gonna argue someone if they have Jordan or Brady #1...there's an argument to be had for them. I'm just saying it's not clear cut and depends on criteria. I personally would put Brady ahead of Jordan and Russell above both of them,
  12. I'm just so happy to be done with the James situation. I know everyone always, me included, gave Bolles a hard time for his repeated mistakes, but at least he was on the field. I won't pretend to know James' intentions with sitting out for various reasons, but I know it would have been rough on the locker room to come back this season. I don't think it's a coincidence a bunch of the Denver reporters have all said the offensive line would need some winning over by him...and rightfully so. By all reports, he has not been a good teammate.
  13. Well why not pick him up then? Clearly if he did the same thing for only one season, he would be worth more than 17 million to the Broncos 😄
  14. Imo, yes you would be crazy to think that. Unless Herbert is really messed up coming back from that injury, the Chargers had a great draft with a bunch of protection for him. Also, we have still been unable to beat the chiefs in YEARS and they got mahomes some good pieces this off-season too. Even if Drew makes the jump to Carr levels, I don't think we can win the division if we're not even clearly second best
  15. Also worth noting this does seem like a very Fangio move in that it gives Vic the best chance to show what he can do with a defense (assuming we also pick up a LB and maybe a RB). I don't think Vic was very keen on a rookie QB coming in and most likely failing in Shurmer's schemes again. It also falls in line with Elway's former mentality of drafting high character guys who have a history of leading. Again, I do think that's a great thing...it just leads to you being on a hamster wheel of talent until you get a QB
  16. Still can't wrap my head around the surtain pick... Lets just say he and all the other picks we've made in the past 3 years grade out to an A... Like literally hit on all of em. We still can't choose to keep em all cause of cap issues so we end up starting the same process again. I just don't understand if you KNOW you have a qb room that can't maximize talent you're just setting the clock later. I see best case scenario this year being that Bears team from a couple years back that had an amazing defense and finished with a great record but was out in the first round and stuck in mediocri
  17. This does also make me wonder... Are fields' seizures worse than reported? I don't get how he's dropping this far
  18. I mean actually how do you not pick a qb here? Defense literally won't do anything because they will be on the field the whole game
  19. Wow.... Shoot me now... Might be switching to the dolphins... Screw this
  20. Also guarantee we on the phone w green bay right now since fields dropped.... We have a sweet pot
  21. WTF horn?! Hahahahahahababababababav omg don't screw us patton
  22. Especially because realistically, what position does this team exactly need a massive upgrade on this year? I get if the Broncos want to amass talent for the future, at a Tackle for instance because James never plays or at S or CB after these 1 year deals are done, but as you're saying, how does getting another dude in those slots translate to 4 or 5 more wins we need to make the playoffs? I just don't see it unless the QB situation is resolved.
  23. Welp...everything has completely changed now. Trade back Paton!
  24. I wouldn't. All it takes is a potential bust or injury for those late first rounders turn into top10 picks
  25. Wow wtf...#12, 2 future 1st rounders and a 3rd. That's insane for a completely unproven talent. People were talking about that as the base rate for Watson pre-scandal. Wtf 49ers
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