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  1. So use Max in coverage? There has to be a better way
  2. I’m not opposed to it but If that’s the route we go then I’d want to make wholesale changes this off-season, evaluate the QB class of 2023, and trade Carr to secure the assets to get our guy. I think we can get at least a 1st and a 2nd for Carr (top 10ish QB) and possibly 2 1sts from teams like New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Washington (he’ll maybe even Denver). No more half-*** rebuilds. Either we finish strong and make the playoffs and go with continuity or completely blow it up and start from near scratch (keep Moehrig, Renfrow, Crosby, Miller, Edwards, Mullen, Cole, Walle
  3. We just flat out don’t match up well with KC. Long rangy corners that run 4.5-4.6 40’s are not going to do well against shifty, speed demon receivers that are getting free releases. If you have an equalizer that can nullify Kelce you can at least compete. We don’t have that
  4. I agree with the Olsen part. I would like to see Carr in more of a Peyton Manning role where he is an on field O.C. that is dictating the game at the line of scrimmage. We seem to have the most success when we speed up the tempo and force the D onto their heels. The continuous 1st and 10 power run plays completely kills that IMO
  5. I’m just as frustrated as everybody else but I think the fire everybody because we completely suck narrative is going a bit far. The reality is that we were very competitive for the first 40 minutes of the game. Cleveland got blown out by the Patriots yesterday but they are still a good team. The D-Jax fumble was the straw that broke the Camel’s back and the beginning of the Snowball effect. I’m not ready to give up on this team quite yet. The Chiefs were overdue for a wake up game and this was it. This team is very resilient and I think we bounce back next week and beat the Bengals.
  6. I think we should give him another shot at RT. He has the athleticism for it and by all accounts he is a hard worker. Would be a mistake to give up on him as a Tackle prospect after 6 games.
  7. DJ Chark is the low risk high reward deep threat I want in FA.
  8. You make some good points but those are all intangibles that he could have brought as an Assistant OL coach. Definitely a better use of a roster spot than Arnette but not Ferrell.
  9. I highly doubt Richie plays a down for us this year. What a waste of resources, time, and a roster spot.
  10. Unless we have a monumental late season collapse (which is a real possibility), I don’t think we’ll be in a position to get him. He’s on par as a prospect with Vita Vea, Dexter Lawrence, Christian Wilkins, and Jeffrey Simmons who were all taken between 10-20 in deeper drafts in 18 and 19. The lack of high end QB’s will push him up. I predict he’ll be taken in the Top 10 and could get Top 5 consideration.
  11. Not a bad idea to draft a WR in rounds 2-3 every 3rd year. It’s one of the most profitable positions to target in that range and you put yourself in a position to have a new #2-3 WR ready to go when the previous one gets overpaid in FA (assuming you made good picks of course).
  12. Not when the coach has transformed a perennially atrocious defense into a borderline top-10 unit. Gus gets the benefit of the doubt from me on his evaluation of his defensive players. Guenther…..not so much
  13. I think I’ll take Gus Bradley’s opinion on his play over a random poster with a PFF subscription.
  14. What games have you been watching? Littleton is damn near elite in coverage.
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