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  1. He is a master game planner. The Patriots are well known for having completely different looks from game to game depending on weaknesses identified in their opponents. Some games Brady would throw for 5 TD’s and some games a 3rd string RB would run for 3 TD’s. They always seemed to adapt well to opponents weaknesses and I give that credit to McDaniels.
  2. Makes me a little sad. Gonna miss Richie B.
  3. Couldn’t help but notice Carr’s stat line on that clip….12-18 68 yards. He’s come a long way from the check down Charlie days.
  4. Agreed - He was already one of the HC GOATs but this year proved that he could find success with less than favorable conditions.
  5. Family was never mentioned in the conversation. You brought it in in order to move the goalposts to fit your narrative. No need to triple and quadruple down big fella.
  6. What an odd response. What exactly does Mike Shanahan’s track record with WR’s have to do with Kyle Shanahan?
  7. But wait…I thought having a speedy deep threat was the most important aspect of offensive value? You just argued that exact point. Make up your mind
  8. I’m never going to agree with this simply on the basis that a speedy sub 4.4 WR is easier to replace than an elite WR1.
  9. I love the arbitrary 1/100th of a second line between 4.33 and 4.34. Pure comedy
  10. So Will Fuller was more valuable to the Texans offense than Deandre Hopkins? Stop it
  11. I like the Ziegler/Kelly/McDaniels pairing. Ya’ll wanted a creative, offensive minded HC and this is it. I have a gut feeling McDaniels is going to fare much better the second time around as a HC. Time will tell but put me on the thumbs up side of the house.
  12. The Twitter quote is for Bill O’Brien to replace McDaniels as OC in New England.
  13. I agree that he was coming into his own but a 90+ catch #1 WR will always hold more value than a one-dimensional deep threat. Guess we will never know but very few draftniks had Ruggs as the higher rated prospect heading into the draft. One thing is for sure and that is that Ruggs is another in a long line of 1st round busts.
  14. That copycat BS is exactly why we took Ruggs over the better prospect (Lamb).
  15. The dominoes are going to start falling fast once we hire a GM. The head coach hire will follow shortly thereafter. Then we’ll see the Coordinator and position coach hires. Then, Carr’s future as a Raider. Then our FA strategy. Then our draft. Most of those items will all need to happen prior to FA in early March. Buckle up fellas. It’s gonna be a wild ride!
  16. Depends on if we are talking about go forward or just for the present. I meant go forward which essentially eliminates Rodgers and Brady and devalues Wilson to a lesser extent. No way I’m taking Lamar Jackson over Watson. Also, Herbert still hasn’t made the postseason with a talented roster. Here is my go forward list for reference: 1A. Mahomes 1B. Allen 3. Watson 4. Burrow 5. Herbert 6. Wilson 7. Murray 8. Jackson
  17. He is at worst a Top 6 QB in the NFL. He would be a massive upgrade over Carr.
  18. This is great news. Likely no suspension from the NFL now. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.
  19. Perhaps NYRaider is the real EA and Humble Beast has been falsely accused all along.
  20. The GM/HC decision will be made in unison meaning the HC decision will be heavily influenced by the GM hire. The draft is absolutely the best way to acquire talent but we have a ton of players scheduled to hit FA this year and we only have 7 draft picks. That means lots of holes will be filled in FA in the near term. Again, the draft is important but there are many other variables to consider when making a GM hire. Mayock is a prime example of that. He was brought in for his drafting chops (which he failed at) but he also failed miserably at salary cap management, contract manageme
  21. Mock draft number 73 in the books. Not hating but trying to understand why you share these several times a week? Especially prior to FA since positional needs for draft day aren’t yet known.
  22. Cap management, contract structure, Head Coach selection, and player acquisition are every bit as important (especially given the current state of the roster). Agreed that we’ve drafted horribly forever.
  23. 1. Harbaugh 2. Josh McDaniels 3. Todd Bowles (provided he is flanked by a good OC). 4. Demeco Ryans I’m assuming Rich isn’t even in consideration at this point.
  24. Ya’ll know that drafting is only one of many GM responsibilities right?
  25. Quoted for emphasis. It’s painful to get through those 3-4 paragraphs of unwarranted arrogance. Absolutely zero self awareness.
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