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  1. TOP 100 BIG BOARD

    Please remember that Josh Jones is 2 years older than the concensous top 4 OTs. That's significant enough in such a loaded class. Austin Jackson is among the youngest - if not the youngest - player in the whole draft and could be ranked ahead of Jones as well if you like him. I don't see much as much ceiling with Jones. And it's not that his floor is very high to start with - he needs some work as well.
  2. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    What's the buzz on Kenny Robinson? He was great at WVU, stood out in the XFL and is eligible for the draft. Imo he is a 2nd round prospect. If he had played another season at WVU and confirmed his first 2 seasons, imo he would've had a 1st round shot with good athletic testing at the Combine. For obvious reasons though Robinson is probably more likely to get the call on day 3 than on day 2. My comparison for him is Byard of the Titans. https://www.si.com/college/westvirginia/mountaineers-in-the-pros/kenny-robinson-projected-as-a-first-round-pick-by-pro-football-focus
  3. Who is the biggest surprise/reach in the 1st round?

    Pundits are overthinking Delpit. Prospects like CJ Henderson, Andrew Thomas and Delpit - all of them were regarded excellent prospects for years until some minor flaws were discovered after digging very deep into their tape. At some point in the next weeks said prospects will rise again because - at the end of the day - they are excellent players on the field. CJ Henderson actually got said pump in recent days, with Jeremiah touting him as a possible top 10 pick. When it's all said and done, Thomas and Henderson will go top 15 and make their teams very happy. Can't imagine Delpit falling out of round 1. If he falls though, he should be the 1st overall pick on day 2 without a doubt imo.
  4. Official 2020 QB Thread

    Said no one ever...
  5. Travis Frederick Retires

    The recovery with this illness goes very well and most people have no issues once they're over it. But most people aren't athletes playing at the highest competitive level of football. So there's that. Enjoy retirement!
  6. Panthers sign MVPJ Walker

    Those are the players I think will have a shot to crack a roster. Cam Phillips was an almost flawless, technically sound prospect and lock to be drafted until he ran a dreaded 4.8 forty. That said, he was working back from groin surgery and was clearly far from 100%. Ran in the 4.5s later but couldn't save his draft stock anymore. He reminds me of Tyler Johnson of this year's draft class. No reason he can't be a decent #4 WR or even #3 if he finds a good fit. Parham is really exciting, but those lengthy TE prospects that are basically oversized WRs rarely pan out. If he moves to WR, he is too slow in and out of his brakes. At TE he won't hold up physically. He absolutely dominated XFL opposition, although the horizontally spread Air Raid offense created very favorable matchups for him. His length is impressive though and best case he could earn a very RZ specific role like Fauria with the Lions. Fauria had 8 TDs on just 24 career receptions in basically one full season before a mystery incident all but ended his NFL career. I'm very high on Kenny Robinson. Seems that he gets totally overlooked in the draft process. Hence many draftniks don't even know about him. I had a 2nd round grade on him and his play in the XFL confirmed my grade. He is a playmaker with natural instincts and a true ballhawk. It will be great for the XFL to have a player drafted into the NFL. I wouldn't have been surprised at all if he got 1st round consideration had he been eligible for another season at WVU. As you said he will probably end up a day 3 pick, but what a steal for whichever team picks him! About PJ Walker. I don't know if he can translate his XFL success to the NFL. He flamed out quickly with the Colts. Maybe it has clicked and slowed down from him. Without the XFL he probably never gets another crack at making a NFL roster. Now he is imo the odds favorite to back up Teddy in Carolina. Incredible success story for the XFL!
  7. I think you are underestimating Simmons. He has to be in legit consideration for the Lions and Giants at 3 and 4. At 7 he would be an obvious pick for the Panthers who just lost a generational LB. The Cardinals at 8 are in dire need of a LB who can cover because they give up completions to RB and TE like it's for free. The Jaguars at 9 make lots of sense as well. I don't see Simmons falling to the Browns. It's much more likely he gets picked at 3 or 4 than falling to 10 imo.
  8. Patriots Sign Packers Legend Danny Vitale

    Man I just hope the Pats can develop his blocking. There is no doubt that what Vitale can do with the ball in his hands exceeds most FB/H-back type players. Let alone the type of unique athlete he is. He has the potential to become an iconic FB both with his personality and ability on the field. Any word on Develin yet? Still under contract, but the neck injury was potentially career ending I've been told.
  9. Patriots Sign Packers Legend Danny Vitale

    Oh those were the times...
  10. Patriots Sign Packers Legend Danny Vitale

    Yessir! A long time ago I was a sapless edge rusher, but then moved to FB to eat my opponents alive!
  11. Patriots Sign Packers Legend Danny Vitale

    I've followed Vitale's journey closely. His usage at Northwestern was really impressive. He was drafted by the Bucs, struggled over there as he was forced into a conventional lead blocking role and then played some games with the Browns. Finally found consistency with the Packers in a scheme that likes to use a FB. However, I've always had the feeling that he could do so much more and is certainly capable playing a Juszczyk type role if given the opportunity. I think the Pats could give him that opportunity. Without Brady and not many notable weapons, BB and his crew are forced to get even more creative and use Vitale as a valuable chess piece.
  12. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    Browns drafting a LT called Thomas? No chance. They aren't that smart.
  13. Cardinals sign LB De'Vondre Campbell (One year, up to $8.5 M)

    Cardinals will be in wildcard contention imo. They had some atrocious weak links on defense that got filled with solid players in free agency. Jordan Phillips, Kennard and Campbell are much better than what they fielded last year. Chandler Jones is a beast and Patrick Peterson looked like his old self after struggling upon his return from suspension. Budda Baker is a heat seeking missile. I think their defense could be above average. And if Kyler Murray can take the next step - which seems foregone conclusion but let's see first - their offense could be explosive. No championship contender yet, but I fully expect them to be in the wildcard race.
  14. Zierlein the master of interior OL scouting lol
  15. Consensus Mock Draft II - Post Combine - Pick 3 - Lions

    Quite surprising take. To me it seems Patricia's D is perfectly suited for hybrids like Simmons. There are at least 20 other teams who imo would have no clue how to deploy Simmons to the best of his ability. And don't get me wrong, Simmons will be a good player in any scheme. The question is will he turn into a good, great, or maybe generational player. This will largely depend on the coach and defensive scheme he ends up with. Obviously with Slay gone, Okudah seems like a no-brainer at #3. Don't forget about Trufant though. Amani Oruwariye has basically shown already in limited playing time he can handle CB2 duties. Simmons is my dark-horse #3 pick to the Lions!