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  1. Fields is the most accurate qb of the 3. I feel like Lawrence and Lance are going to play almost identical with Lance needing more time to develop
  2. Probably telling us people within the league bet on games
  3. There was no indication that he would have been that good. He was much better in SD
  4. We also probably had the best front office at that time too. You don't have that many winning GM's working together
  5. He's been around a lot of great line backers. Gives me Kevin Greene vibes. He's always been a positional coach
  6. It's going to be interesting to see where these guys get valued if the cap goes down.
  7. I still would have taken Shenault Jr
  8. Not a single name interests me unless Gus Bradley becomes available. I'd wonder if Zimmer or Patricia would coach here
  9. I'd be interested in hiring Matt Patricia if the Lions let him go.
  10. Bruce has always had success with a veteran quarterback running the offense. His personality seems like it would fit perfectly with Rodgers. Did the Packers make the mistake of going with Matt Lafleur?
  11. Haven't been following, how has Dillion looked
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