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  1. Haven't been following, how has Dillion looked
  2. I just don't see Jones coming back because the Packers will have some important guys with upcoming contracts that will need to be resigned. I like the idea of having 2 "power backs" who can catch out of the back field with WRs who you can attack the defence with the deep ball. Therefore, I like the chances of Williams coming back instead of Jones.
  3. What's this talk about Edwards not being able to shoot...his problem is he shoots everything.
  4. I get Oregon Ducks vibes from these things. I like them. My only issue is the white and yellow numbers. However it's not too big of a deal
  5. Who is the better QB: Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford?
  6. Nike makes a simple uniform and people are still not happy. I like them.
  7. I just don't see how incompetent BC would be to not use Dillion out of the backfield as a receiver. You get your best guys the ball at all times. We will see how well he is at catching it
  8. The Jags jersey was pretty popular and I still like it over the majority of these jerseys.
  9. What exactly would make it a great stadium? Are you telling me other than having a great view, beer, food and some form of entertainment that you would like to experience something more? I'm sure the prices for all those things are sure worth it.
  10. They have also had a few turnovers with assistant coaching during his time. I credit those guys moreso than John. When the talent wasn't completely there, he's been average. His only superbowl came in a shootout
  11. How long before someone mentions John Harbaugh?
  12. Falcons losing in the SB to the Pats.
  13. Is anyone else really concerned about our schedule as much as I am? Good thing we play the Bears and Lions twice a year
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