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  1. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Peterman I feel is the more likely guy if any that we might get something out of and even that's a long shot. Carr isn't elite, he's not going to put the team on his back but he is the best realistic option I feel right now and IMHO he is good enough to lead an overall good team deep into the playoffs. We need to continue to build the roster, add some genuine talent at WR and then maybe Carr will thrive - I dont think he's been bad this year apart from one or two games like most QBs. If he doesn't then we've created a great situation to insert a young QB similar to what the Chiefs did. Win/Win.
  2. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I know its en vogue to bash Carr right now, but surely no one thinks this us a 6-6 team (or better as he uses his legs) with Kizer at the helm, this must be sarcasm right? Kizer has some latent potential but sometimes this forum just baffles me. ๐Ÿ˜
  3. FA 2020

    He had a couple of great years in 16 & 17, but was derailed by injuries the last two seasons. He is on IR for a torn pectoral since early this year, but I believe he is under contract until 2021 as well. OK thanks for that, he was pretty good a couple years back and wondered if he might be a cap casualty this offseason.......
  4. FA 2020

    Schobert would be a perfect fit for us IMO, though I just dont think we invest highly in LB. What's the situation with the other Browns LB Kirksey?
  5. Raiders Defense

    Cant agree with this, they aren't anywhere near last years vintage mainly through injury and improvements in the other teams in the division but they just beat Dallas comfortably without Hicks, DRC, Roquan Smith and Danny Trevethan. They are also missing Long and Burton long term. They have a weak OL and Trubusky is below average at best but that D is still good and Robinson is a genuine stud. We played very well to beat them and we shouldn't downplay that or take away from our boys. That said, of course I'd want their pick as high as possible!
  6. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Funny, I was thinking to myself yestrday the Pats might try and prise him out of retirement to take over from Brady......... That would be horrific of course!!!
  7. Player Appreciation Thread

    He's a great player no doubt but im sure I saw him give a sack up against the Jets or maybe the week before? Maybe I'm mistaken........ He definitely is an elite player at his position though no debate there. Should have been a Pro Bowler each of his seasons here.
  8. Raiders Defense

    Oh, I agree totally on Peters if heโ€™s able to be had for a reasonable value. Been lucky enough to watch the Saints play 3 or 4 times this season and Apple is a PI call waiting to happen, either that or he gets burned. Thatโ€™s with a very good corner opposite him, a great pass rush and two very good safeties to help him. Leads the league in PI calls I believe and he would be an absolute liability for us IMHO.
  9. Raiders Defense

    Apple got absolutely roasted against the Falcons last week, even with a great pass rush he just doesn't seem to have improved at all. Peters may be playing himself into a very large contract too......
  10. Player Appreciation Thread

    I KNOW thats what bums me out most. Can you imagine adding him to our WRs this year? Then we could go Simmons/Brown in the first this year and *chef kiss* F AB times infinity I recall a few guys pushing McLaurin in the draft thread and quite a few liked him, was very impressed after watching him at the Senior Bowl. I was really disappointed we didn't add a WR in what I thought was a strong class at that position, though this next one looks just as good if not better!
  11. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Respectfully disagree, Maye and Adams are both excellent safeties and they can easily break 10 yards to the ball in the time it takes to get there, he's being baited to throw it there IMO. Now, with that said Carr does leave plays out on the field more than the top QBs, don't disagree there.
  12. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Looks like the safety is trying to bait Carr into throwing it there to me, he's just waiting for the ball to head that way. No doubt Carr misses a few open throws here and there, Dak and Brady looked awful in their game too though and the superb Russell Wilson missed a wide open TE in the endzone that I could honestly have hit so it's not exclusive to us or Carr! If you want to you can make gifs like this of any QB pretty much mist games.
  13. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Its better than the Eagles current guys with Renfrow and Williams, but I've not seen any other WR core as bad this year. With Renfrow out and Williams seeming to get more erratic by the week its a huge worry for sure. Doss and Ateman should be given a chance to see what we've got in them but Id like to see at least 3 guys brought in through the draft (high picks) and FA (role player).
  14. Raiders Defense

    TBH I didnt like the presser Guenther did early on in his tenure where he talked about the LB situation and 'coaching guys up' seemed to imply just like the previous regime that they don't value the position and overestimate their ability to turn UDFAs and low round picks into starters. Sometimes coaches think they can work miracles with anyone and that type of ego can signal their downfall, hope that's not what we've got here!
  15. The too ugly to start a thread.

    Its abundantly clear that we are a team that has a few glaring weaknesses, decent teams can and do take advantage of those. Ive never been impressed with Williams at WR but he can be a serviceable albeit inconsistent #2, reminds me a lot of Andre Holmes we desperately need a #1. Zay is anonymous and another terrible trade, the LBs have to be upgraded and Whitehead is all talk and no trousers, Morrow has let me down since I complimented him ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Overall, we are a decent team but still a year away as most of us thought. We have the draft and FA ammunition to add a couple recievers, some DL penetration, LBs of starting quality and depth at CB, I'm still quietly optimistic!