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  1. I dont think its particularly the starters we're worried about, moreso a lack of depth at DE, DL and LB. Now, I really like Nassib and think he can have a big role but guys like Ross, Key, Wilbur haven't proven to be even average starters thus far and the likelihood is that at least one of our starters will go down with injury or illness for at least a few games. How do you fancy our chances if, say, Crosby and Kwiatkoski were to miss 10 games between them? I like the starting look but think we're 2 or 3 instances of misfortune away from being a patchwork quilt in D. 😬 I think that is the issue most have with the current roster makeup.
  2. I particularly like watching a good offense go up against a good defence and the ensuing chess match, the strike and counter or adjustments. I particularly enjoyed the Pats v Giants Superbowl for instance. Two great offenses with no defense is quite boring to me and much prefer a tense, close defensive battle. I think its partly because the defensive players don't tend to be such prima donnas as the offensive guys 😁😁
  3. It seems like most people in the know think the college season will go ahead with precautions but if it doesn't will there still be a full draft? Almost all kids will have incomplete resumes and there will be even more guess work than usual if it does go ahead full, could be a real lotto! I suppose Juniors could go back to college and boost their stock but Seniors surely couldn't play another year could they?
  4. Obviously hope he has a full recovery and that none of his family are affected but its not awful timing, at least he'll have chance to recover fully and hopefully still get back in camp. Its one of those things where if you're going to test positive, its best to test early. That's not to say it should be treated lightly if course.
  5. Some mediocre depth at least, good ST player and he could push to make the roster. He's probably on a par with Wilbur so not a guy you want starting a lot of snaps but can play in a pinch.
  6. Oh I agree with that, pocket awareness is almost an intrinsic skill and I would think can be improved but only to a limit. I was more thinking of the extending plays and how that could be worked on by evading defenders. I think we'd all like to see Carr scramble a little more, without risking too much of course!
  7. Yep, if we expect him to perform in '21 he may contribute much earlier and if he does then that is a bonus. I watched quite a bit of Edwards in the run up to the draft and really thought highly of him too, may be the best value receiver drafted. I think Allen Robinson was a guy he was compared to a lot and I can see why, honestly I see a little Jerry Porter but maybe a bit more smooth and less twitchy.
  8. Yep, it's disappointing not to see some of these guys in pre season and I really liked Edwards last year. I think this upcoming season may be a tad early for him to really show what he can do but if he can ease his way gradually into the rotation I think he can be a very good player in '21. Very excited about his prospects and in combination with Ruggs I think we can be optimistic. Thunder and Lightning 😀
  9. I dont know, having a couple 300 pounders bearing down on you trying to make a name for themselves would be quite live. Maybe put a friendly wager on between Carr and the linemen, if they catch him he takes all their families out for food, would be welcomed if they were practice squaders 😀
  10. Couldn't he simply take a snap and have a couple PS linemen try and two hand touch him while he evades and throws? Seems like a really simply drill to set up. Alternatively the Rocky chicken drill would be fun 😁😁
  11. So, if we should have a 10-6 record this year for example and make the playoffs would Carr then have 'it'? Did he have 'it' in 2016 and just lose it or misplace it? Or were the wins in 2016 up to the team and the losses in other years up to him? I don't see a consistent argument here, perhaps he is quite good but needs a good supporting team for success just like most QBs?
  12. Nobody thinks Marcell Ateman has a chance at that 5th / 6th spot??
  13. I'd like to be a fly on the wall and know the logic behind keeping so many interior OL and having such good strength in depth there but being so cavalier with the depth on the DL. I mean, OL do not sub in and out with frequency to keep everyone fresh like DL do so in theory a 4th DT could get significant game time whereas a 4th OG, injuries permitting would get very little game time........ I really dont understand the logic here unless they think interior OL are much more susceptible to Covid or something, then again you'd think DT being big guys would be equally susceptible?
  14. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/raiders-qb-derek-carr-im-222247808.html Interesting to hear he is working on his scrambling and extending plays, he has done so to great effect now and then but simply not often enough. We all know he is plenty athletic so it's a little mind set switch. But the big takeaway for me is that I also feel Carr is generally disrespected but if he wants to dispel those opinions there is only one place to do that and that is on the field. I believe he can and will do it now he has a deeper and more talented supporting cast but he simply has to get guys buying in and as a team we have to start producing, you can only have 'potential' for so long, sooner or later we have to produce results and this would be a great year to go and set some records straight in the new HQ. Go out and 'ground and pound' the very irritating KC Chiefs 😁😁
  15. I said the sad part is the being open about his sexuality, which it is. What he's done to himself by not putting the requisite effort in and being unfaithful is all on him and I was clear about that I thought! Maybe it was a contributing factor but you're absolutely right its his fault and he made the bad decisions that have led to him being traded. We gave him chances and he scorned those. There is no doubt in my mind a large number of gay players, just because they are not open about that - and that is their choice - just means we dont see it. Hopefully in future people can feel more comfortable to be more open, I hope that most of us dont even care or want to know peoples sexuality.
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