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  1. Raiders sign DE Benson Mayowa (1 year, $3M)

    Decent signing, I liked Mayowa when he was here previously as a rotational player. He's probably instantly our best DE on the roster which is still a little bit scary!
  2. 2019 NFL Draft V4

    Only QB I would look at in this draft is Ryan Finley as a back up with the potential to grow in the mid to late rounds, I like Murray though not totally sold on him but I want to give Carr a chance and the other options at QB really don't excite. I think Haskins and Lock look like a bust waiting to happen.
  3. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    That's a fair point, I wouldn't be upset if all the first 4 picks were defence, so long as we didn't reach just because of a need. I guess it depends on what happens at 4 and 24 but I'd rather go with best player at 27 or 35 even if that is a WR or TE unless we simply don't address DL at 4.
  4. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Excellent post. Am I the only one here who is still a little concerned with the offense and thinking if this is in fact a make or break season for Carr then we should be helping him more? Question marks still remaining for me at RB, with depth at WR and we have a black hole at TE. We also have downgraded our OG position. Now, to be fair, we have landed an elite WR and hopefully upgraded our OT spots. I'm just a little nervous relying on rookies to come in and make a huge impact if we are basically giving Derek Carr an ultimatum of this year or bust - to be clear I'm not in that camp unless we add significantly more. In all likelihood we'll expend most of our draft capital on defence but I would like to see another WR added in the late first or early second to compete for a #2 or #3 slot like Samuel or McLaurin, TE is traditionally a difficult transition into the NFL especially if that player is a 3 down player and I don't see a 3 down starter on the roster. RB looks like by committee so I'll hope for a late round gem here.
  5. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    This is just not true. To a man, everyone I've seen 'defending' Carr has acknowledged he has flaws, has made mistakes and needs to improve to earn his massive contract. I think everyone agrees that a $25m per season QB needs to play at a top 10 level and that Carr hasn't done that recently. Myself and more than a few others think he played really well in 2016 and 2015 and that 2017 was an off year and 2018 was a complete shambles that no-one could have succeeded in. Where I think the disconnect is, is that you're on one side of the fence saying that Carr simply isn't that good and can't be that good and quite a few guys like myself are on the other side of the fence saying they think he can be that good and has been in the past but that we do need to help him out to achieve what we think he can. Neither of us right now knows who will be ultimately proven correct, I happen to believe the evidence is on our side but of course you can present evidence to the contrary too. I just hope Carr is given a chance to prove that he can be that guy, moving on with a rookie would be an incredibly risky move for a virgin GM.
  6. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I probably shouldn't reply judging by your recent posts and lack of objectivity but here goes: 1 - I look for reasons for under-performance of the O as a whole rather than excuses for any one individual. 2 - You do remember Carr fractured a bone in his back 2017 and clearly was not 100% fit but played through it for a number of weeks? He was clearly playing at less than full efficiency for 3 to 4 weeks at least whilst he was injured or recovering. 3 - Carr himself under performed no doubt, looked like he was wary especially after the back injury which he probably was and thus getting the ball out quick as can be. I believe his confidence had taken a couple blows after the injuries and then not playing at quite the same level as 2016 reinforced this. 4 - OC Todd Downing was a huge setback, really some head scratching play calls and probably game plans and there's no coincidence he was fired immediately after the season and won't sniff an OC job in the near future. 5 - The OL although still very good in pass protection mixed in a lot more ZBS to play to Lynch's strengths at RB and it wasn't an easy transition, they definitely were less effective in 2017 than 2016 and the running game was much less effective too albeit Lynch's ability to break tackles and YAC covered some of that. I believe he was hit at or behind the line a very high number of times comparatively. 6 - Simply very badly timed drops and lots of them. I'm not sure of the stats but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Cooper, Crabtree, Roberts in particular dropped more passes than any other WR core and especially crucial passes like 3rd down. 7 - Our turnover differential was high in 2016 and probably kept us in games where we shouldn't have had a right to win, I don't think Carr had the same chances as in 2016 to 'win the game' and once you've won a few close calls the confidence rises, this didn't happen in 2017. I think we have to look at all the elements if we really want to know why we couldn't replicate the 2016 season and why Carr was less effective - which I think no-one is denying. It was definitely partly Carr, he simply didn't play as well as 2016 and his decision making was negatively affected but there are obvious pointers as to the root cause of those troubles which I feel should be appreciated.
  7. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Wow, you've been on quite a ride and great that you've come through the cancer battle and hope you stay clear. Must have been eye opening there, did you ever have any interactions with Al himself? What was the differences between the Al franchise and Reggies version?
  8. Raiders release WR Seth Roberts (Woooooooo)

    Agree with this. He wasn't great but guy had guts, played through a sports hernia and always gave his all. He is what he is though and was always and will always be inconsistent, just earning too much for what he produces, though I'd consider bringing him back to compete at a much lower salary.
  9. Jets reveal new uniforms

    I seem to be in the minority but I really like these, well the green and the white ones anyway not the black. Kind of reminds me of the 80s Jets uniforms but with a bit more modern twist.
  10. I'm pretty surprised by how many WRs we have actually signed, especially as this particular draft looks very deep with WR talent and some very good players could fall to the mid rounds. Just hope we don't ignore a talent because we signed a guy like JJ nelson or Grant.
  11. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Very valid point! So many guys get obsessed with bend and speed around the edge, sure you'd like to have it if possible but I would think the most important thing for an NFL DC is knowing he can put a guy out there that won't be a liability and will set the edge, play disciplined and do the basics. Ferrell and Zach Allen wouldn't be a bad haul at all IMO and allow us to get a couple of other starters too at maybe TE, LB and WR.
  12. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I'd also add Allen Bailey to this list (though he's played primarily 3-4 DE for the Chiefs), had 6 sacks last year and 3 FF and has always been a versatile and very strong player. I'd imagine he could do a job as our strong side DE and could be had for around $5m I would think. Benson Mayowa and Pernell McPhee I'd also look at to bring in on the cheap and see if they stick. Didn't Adrian Clayborn have 5 sacks against our very own Chaz Green in 2017 which made his numbers look much better than they really should have been?
  13. 2019 Free Agency V2

    don't got Time clown But yet you've got time to post 20 times in the last 24 hours? Why the animosity, we're all friends here
  14. 2019 NFL Draft V4

    Exactly what I was thinking.... Imagine draft Josh Allen and Brians... Two electric guys on the edges, coming from both sides causing Havoc... then we still have potential interior rushers in Hurst/Hall.... The only thing I can imagine in this scenario is having teams run all over us! Both could potentially be great pass rushers in future with work, but at DE in our system specifically I can't see either being starter calibre as a rookie. Bosa, Sweat, Ferrell maybe Gary are I think the realistic rookies you could have starting due to their ability against the run and ability to hold the PoA and set the edge. I'd definitely be looking for a guy to start and play all 3 downs if we drafted him high first round (as you'd have to with these two), though I wouldn't count out a rotational edge rusher at the end of the first or into the second round. I guess Allen could play SLB and then move to rusher in the Nickel but that would be rich for me to invest a very high pick in. Zach Allen isn't getting much attention I don't feel but he seems more akin to the type of end we might pick later alongside an edge guy in the first. If Bosa is there then Bosa and Z Allen I feel would be an ideal combo or If we could trade down a little Sweat and Ferrell would be terrific too but both are pretty unlikely. More likely to be something like Gary and Winovich.
  15. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I think we've been pretty coy with the contracts this year apart from Brown, Williams and Joyner so they would be the three biggest risks OT Trent brown I think will be decent to good but maybe not worth quite the money he got overall. S Joyner I like as a player but again, he may not be quite worth the money we gave him though I don't think he'll be bad by any means. WR Williams I'm probably most down on, I just don't see a guy there worth what we're paying him and I'd say biggest chance to bust. WR JJ Nelson we've mitigated risk by not giving him a huge deal, could be a decent role player. RB Crowell we've limited our risk again by signing him cheap so as long as he gets in the rotation he'll be as expected, decent signing. LB Burfict is kind of boom or bust, but again I like the fact we haven't overpayed so even if he flames out it's not a burden. LB Marshall I expect to be pretty decent, he's the type of coverage LB we need so I expect him to be great value. CB Lawson I don't expect a lot from, he's a decent cover guy but a PI waiting to happen and could be very frustrating to watch. Backup QBs are just signing a bunch of guys and hoping one sticks I think, again little risk here. Other low risk signings like Wilson, Green, Riley, Glennon and so on are pretty nondescript but I do like Good who I think is a sneaky good signing considering the favourable contract.