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  1. They raise some good points and all have some merit and I totally agree when they say that the Raiders have not drafted well given the resources, that the Raiders have a poor roster behind the Chiefs and Chargers and haven't built the team that they should have given the massive opportunity with all the 1st rounders when compared to the likes of the Browns and the resources they had. I agree too that Carr has had a lot of patience given to him and hasn't gotten us to the playoffs more than once and results wise it hasn't been what we'd hoped. But to place the blame on Carr as they did and
  2. Yeh, hope that isn't the intention at least. In my mind the 1st and 2nd round should really be competing to start from the get go, or be very high ceiling players that may need a year. The 3rd and 4th round I feel should be guys that can contribute rookie year but may take a year or two to acclimate but should still be aiming at a starting spot or be role players that play big roles like rotation pass rushers or run stopping DTs. Only in the 5th round on are you really looking for depth, ST players and guys that fill specific niches like 3rd down backs or kick returners or pu
  3. You raise some really good points here. I too have always been reluctant to get on board or pessimistic when we draft these type of players who don't seem to fit into a conventional position. I think I'm probably like you just wary of trusting any of our coaches and specifically the defensive coaches as we've just been burned too many times. We've heard the narrative about being 'multiple' and adaptable and so on and yet nothing seems to change. We've probably had or drafted some really high potential players that have been squandered over the last twenty years by a total lack of long term coa
  4. Chancellor is the obvious comparison but he had great instincts, was actually a pretty good cover guy and was an intelligent football player. That's a lot to live up to and we simply don't know if he'll be Chancellor Lite or Obi Melifonwu just yet....... can't wait to see these guys in pads in Gus Bradley's scheme and see what we've actually gotten........ We haven't really had much joy with these type of guys that are safety/linebackers thinking back to Melifonwu, Darnell Bing and a few others I forget their names. Maybe that was our poor coaching in the past so there is room for some op
  5. Yeh, my favourite non Raider John Randle is another prime example. I think you can use these tools as guides but at the end of the day a great player on the field should still get drafted on his play, we may be lucky with Stills that he didn't get drafted.........
  6. This is really useful tool, thanks Rolni πŸ‘πŸ˜€ I knew he was 'small' but I suppose if teams are using analysis like this to help them grade then that makes sense as every team passed on him so there must be some common criteria.
  7. Ah, I was wondering why he would be an UDFA, a few guys here really liked him and I thought he'd be a round 5 to 7 pick as a guy who had good tape and production but limited size, maybe there is some kind of 'limit' whereby guys are overlooked. Any ideas why Nixon might have dropped so far? Good tape, good production and Awards etc. I would have loved to pick him up in the draft.
  8. Happy Al Davis' Birthday guys πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸΊ
  9. Just wondering how many Pro Bowl players we've actually drafted ourselves in the last 10 years .......... I can think of Mack, Carr, Cooper, Jacobs and Murray maybe? Was Gabe Jackson ever a Pro Bowler? That's dreadful if it's only those guys and three of those we traded away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Haha, the LB actually hesitated when he saw Riddick skip out of the way, I guess he couldn't believe the guy just sh!t out, Riddick owes Mariota a beer or two I reckon 🍺
  11. Yes he has if you stop looking at the stats and watch the film. Great use of hands, technique, strong motor, good leverage and he should have better pass rushers working alongside him too if Crosby is healthy and Ngakoue lives up to potential. He needs to develop counter moves and better pass rush plans to trick opponents. I think he deserves to start as he's not shown his potential consistently but he is best suited for the big DE role that Ngakoue, Crosby and Koonce aren't, he's the best fit there. He absolutely dominated the very highly rated Becton in one of those starts you're so keen to
  12. I disagree with this. I like Ferrell and think he is a very good run stopper who plays technically very sound and is very disciplined in his assignments. Now, that's not to say he was a good pick at 4 and he'll never be an elite pass rusher. I do however, expect him to be a decent pass rusher and to collect around 6 sacks per season. I don't think he's a terrible pass rusher, just limited in speed and bend and explosion. I don't think he was value at 4 and he is a question mark to even get a second contract unless he has a good year, I'm not arguing that he wasn't overdrafted but I do thi
  13. I think that's a tad too optimistic. Obviously he still has time to grow and mature but seeing his skills in contact, lack of physicality and apparent aversion to taking hits I could see career trajectory similar to our own John 'Smoke' Brown. A couple statistically good years, a few years with injury issues and never really though of as a legit WR1. That doesn't mean he couldn't be a very important part of the offence but IMO he and Hill are nowhere near alike style wise and I don't think he'll be as good all round or as productive (targets, catches) as Hill because of that.
  14. Loved Nixon, he seems to be a real technician and a guy I can see vastly outperforming his draft stock. I thought he'd be gone in the 2nd round so was gutted we didn't take him round 3 or 4. We just didn't seem to be tempted at DT at all......
  15. Abram and Arnette right up there as well. Looking at how Bradley uses his CBs and what kind of schemes he has played in the past and how that fits with Arnette, who's selling point is man coverage and press man and who is not very lengthy, is poor in zone, struggles playing off the receiver, struggles reading the QB and was over drafted even for the past scheme, unfortunately this could very easily be the worst pick of the Mayock tenure and a total bust. I could see us trading him before the season if he struggles with the new scheme in camp. I don't enjoy thinking that at all......
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