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  1. Ranking the Top 20 Raider teams of all time

    Yep, I'm just looking through the roster for that '83 team and there's some pretty legendary players on there, great balance to that team with a truly dominant DL, great OL, underrated secondary and back in the day when there were generally only two wideouts we had lots of receiving options. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/rai/1983_roster.htm What is also apparent is the number of really, really good players who have kind of been forgotten, guys like Christensen one of the new generation TEs way before his time and Vann McElroy who barely gets noticed but was the glue in the back and second team All Pro numerous times.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Totally agree with this. Of those only Mahones, Watson and Wentz really led their teams to the playoffs and even then the Eagles were able to win through with Foles. This highlights the need for a good team effort and also highlights just how few really elite QBs there are that are drafter every few years. Lots and lots more busts and non descript game managers than there ever are stars.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I can see what you’re thinking here but I think rather than try to go toe to toe with the Chiefs, I’d rather us get back to running the ball using our best unit interior OL and drag the Chiefs into a scrap they don’t want to be in. I don’t think we should be aiming to take them on in a shoot out, the Pats were very clever in the way they played and beat them, high percentage plays, lots of running and pressure on D. You don’t try to out punch a puncher. Carr can easily beat the Chiefs with the right supporting cast, starting on D.
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I wasn’t sure, just sounded a lot to me 😃 Marcus Golden is an interesting one, had a couple good seasons as a 3-4 edge rusher and caught my eye with Arizona, do you see him as a traditional DE or a OLB in our system or similar to Bitty’s idea for Barr playing LB then rushing the passer in our Nickel set?
  5. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    I feel that Jayson Ferguson is purely a 4-3 hand in the dirt end so in that situation I don’t think he’s a fit if you’re going to be playing 3-4 next year so I’d go with Omenihu in that scenario.............although I feel like Chase Winovich is almost destined to be a Steeler or Packer and would be a great player for you guys
  6. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Maybe I’m just unaware but 12 mil for an off the ball LB seems like an awful lot of money to me?
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Cutting out the emotion and dealing in purely facts, Carr’s “great talent” around him was Latavius Murray at RB, Olawale at FB, TE by committee consisting of Mychal Rivera, Clive Walford and Lee Smith, hardly guys who strike fear into any Defence. The WR core was Crabtree, Cooper, Roberts and Holmes. I don’t see a single pro bowl calibre player there albeit Murray, Crabtree and Cooper were decent to good, in fact I was pretty much the only guy here who defended Murray against the majority who thought he was trash. The OL was indeed elite that year although an argument was made that they looked better in pass protection due to Carr’s quick release and decision making, especially Penn and Watson/Howard. The highlighted quote clearly is revisionist history, Carr did raise the game of the skill position players around him and arguably raised the game of the pass protectors too with his style of play and the great coaching of Bill Musgrave. I’m not going to argue that Carr doesn’t have issues under pressure when the pocket collapses but only a very small handful of guys can deal with that. Carr does make poor decisions at times and he is very highly paid so we should expect good to great play that has not happened over the last 2 years. You blame Carr directly and we think it is a number of reasons which culminated in overall under achievement. I refute the argument that Carr needs elite talent to succeed or that he doesn’t raise the play of those around him. We all witnessed exactly that in 2016. He has been mediocre since but there are obvious reasons as to why rather than the tired old cliche of ‘regression’. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in my arguments and am certainly not using excuses or deflecting blame, these are all valid and factual reasons.
  8. Ranking the Top 20 Raider teams of all time

    Nice post BayRaider, while I can’t really speak of the 60s and 70s teams too much as I never saw them play ‘live’ but the ‘83 team I feel never gets the NFL wide recognition it deserves. As you said, they went up against a Redskins team that was sweeping all before them with such a high powered offense and annihilated them, had a great mix of offense and defense and a great and very underrated coach. It also makes me wonder how good the 2002 team could have been if they hadn’t run into the one team that knew exactly what they were running. If they’d met anyone else in that Super Bowl..............
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I think we’re all getting too caught up in extremes with regard to Derek Carr. I’m a Carr supporter and as far as I’m aware there is no one here who thinks he is beyond reproach or that he didn’t play poorly in early 2018 and played average at best in 2017. Where the great miscommunication I think is happening is as to the reasons behind such play. Carr isn’t at this moment in time an elite QB but neither is he the trash that some like to portray. Does he earn a lot of money? Yes, certainly. Should his play be better for the expense? Yes. But this is the crux for me - what contributing factors are at play here and can his problems be reasonably accounted for? Carr did struggle early this season, but to be fair he was playing in a new system which is notoriously complicated with another new OC, a new HC, some terrible OL protection and some pretty average receivers, possibly the worst WR core in the league for the 2nd half of the season. Now I’m not excusing everything as he did look lacking in confidence and looked paranoid in the pocket in particular and some decisions he made were very poor. 2017 again, he played decently I thought and that was with a lingering back injury, a new and out of his depth OC who I don’t think anyone will defend, poor running game and among the worst drop percentage in the league, so again there are mitigating factors. The thing is, we can easily see why he has a low yards per attempt - pressure and getting the ball out quickly, we know that the receivers were poor and lacked separation and that we had no real game breakers to do a Tyree Hill and turn a dump off into an 80 yard TD. Would I like to see Carr test the defense deep? Sure, but again if you’re throwing deep to Nelson, Ateman or Roberts what really are your chances of success? Is it prudent to do that regularly and is Gruden game plan accommodating to that, all these things have to be taken into account to make a fair judgement. Please let us put Derek Carr into a decent to good situation to succeed (as we did in 2016) and then we can make a definitive judgement, until we give him some tools to work with and a system he can work well in its all hypothetical. We need to add at least a couple playmakers in the draft on offense and provide at least a decent level of protection, then if Carr still underperforms I will admit I was wrong and we need to change, we must give the guy a chance though. It’s so very easy to just claim we can draft a QB and start over but a cursory glance over our QB history should make us very wary of getting rid of any starting calibre QB, it shouldn’t be so easy to forget the likes of Schroeder, Walter, Brooks, Tuisosopo, Wilson, Pryor, Gradkowski, Fry and so on.........
  10. Jared Cook?

    Agreed, although I will say that I think if the team is strong even average QB play and specifically not turning the ball over and converting 3rd downs can win a whole lot of games. The list of QBs that have won the big one in the recent past is not that stellar and include the likes of Flacco, a clearly second hand Brady, the corpse of Payton Manning, Nick Foles, Eli Manning, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson in the last two decades. The list of losing QBs has some really mediocre contenders. While it clearly would be a massive help to have a prime Brady or Rodgers I firmly believe that a Derek Carr level QB (I’m thinking of his average level of play over 2015 to 2018) can easily be good enough. If he plays like 2016 which would be above the mean then he could easily lead us to the promised land. We have to IMO build a solid team and support Carr and we’ll be challenging year after year, the one year he had continuity in receivers, a stable environment with a OC to build a rapport and good protection he was near MVP level, the plan has to be to see if he can replicate that first before tearing it all down.
  11. Jared Cook?

    Ever the optimist I would suggest that a years growth for the rookies, some of which looked pretty promising like Hurst and Hall, a couple of impact free agents and a large number of high round rookies could turn around a roster pretty quickly. Imagine for a moment if we got a realistic FA haul like Ansah at DE, Earl Thomas at FS, a decent RT like Nseke and a Guy like Avery Williamson in the middle of the LB core and added a few draft picks like Clelin Ferrell, Nasir Adderley and a couple receivers like N’Keal Harry or Debo Samuel which we realistically could do. Carr has a second season in the same system with some of the same receivers and Gruden actually remembers he’s a pretty adept offensive coach, there really is no reason why we shouldn’t be competing at the very least. If we think Gruden and Mayock are competent then we should be competing very quickly.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I assume you're referring to Montez Sweat with this comment..........what makes you say this? He seems like a prototypical Paul Guenther type DE to me with great length, plays with good technique with pass rush moves and counter moves and though he's a little under weight right now he sets the edge fine and plays with pretty good technique and leverage for his height. I would say he's probably more suited to playing 4-3 DE with his hand in the dirt as opposed to 3-4 OLB where he'll have to turn and cover at times and play in space.
  13. Jared Cook?

    I understand the rebuild sentiment but I have a couple issues with it in this case: 1. We have the most important part IMO, the QB already in place so we are not in need of a full tear down and a competent coaching staff should be able to contend for the playoffs this year I believe - contend being the operative word. 2. If we are rebuilding we don’t automatically have to jettison our best players or expensive players regardless, especially if they have positive effects on the other cogs in the machine as Cook definitely has with the QB. 3. If we are getting younger and bringing in a draft pick for example then I think the best way to bring them along would be as a TE2 alongside Cook rather than putting all our eggs in the rookies basket as the receiving TE. 4. TE is generally a position with a little longer shelf life than say a WR or RB and Cook doesn't have that much wear and tear over his career having only recently ascended to undisputed starter and looked very explosive and fast last season, no reason to think he’ll falloff a cliff over the next couple seasons. I’d definitely bring Cook back and look to sign him to a fair deal for 3 years with the 3rd year non guaranteed. I’d also look to draft a well rounded TE to take over in a couple seasons and give the rookie time to improve.
  14. Grading Gruden - Year One

    Disagree in part, agree in part! In my eyes, we at long last appeared to be getting functional and accruing some success. You see one playoff appearance in 6 I see the first playoff appearance since 2002 after a complete and utter teardown with the chance at multiple playoff births as we had our foundation on both sides. I agree we traded Mack for 24m and the picks but since the bulk of that 24m will most probably be spent on a replacement pass rusher, possibly up to around 18m then we effectively downgraded the DE spot, got rid of our defensive leader for 6m and a couple rookies who may or may not pan out. I agree that we are team building now but if it was me would have tried to build the team with 2 keystone pieces in place, even though I appreciate it is more difficult with significantly more money tied up in the cap for Mack. I think it's much harder to find a star than a few decent role players so when you find a start you keep him and try and compliment them in the draft and FA rather than the other way round. Listen, if Mack was the only bad move we've made then fair enough, I'd give Gruden a lot of leeway and slack and be prepared to believe that he wasn't totally responsible for the scenario arising in the first place. But, he's compounded that with terrible trades (McCarron and Bryant), underwhelming FA signings, perplexing player roles and a multitude of what can best be described as 'bending the truth' to both fans and players. Reggie could have drafted much better it's true and of course we do have some promising rookies now, the acid test will be in the following 2 drafts I feel and Gruden really should care what the fan base thinks as they have the power to force a change. We really need to start turning this around right now. If he's the coach that's worth 100m the he simply has to perform. He has to win big and win quick or he will be a failure.
  15. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    He seems the obvious comparison for Kyler Murray and that made me think of him, would probably have gotten some more chances in the current format and at the very least would have been given a Taysom Hill like role in some teams scheme