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  1. Dline Highlights Part 1

    Well, he's got a big reputation and we're all expecting an improvement across the D line so the proof will be in the pudding I guess. Id still look at a guy like Kinlaw in the draft or a good FA for him to work with.
  2. FA 2020

    I've always been a fan of Joseph since watching him pre draft, if it was a choice between the two I'd take Joseph but as RaidersAreOne says, it doesn't really make sense to cut Joyner and I can see us using all 3 safeties with Abram. Both have issues covering TEs but Joseph us our best tackler and really played well when we used him to his strengths.
  3. I pull the trigger. Yep, me too
  4. Id do that for a 3rd, ive been a fan of Kirksey for a while and Id take a chance on him being able to regain his form after injury for a couple years, Good was actually good when he played and OG isn't that hard to fill out. Devey was solid too for us in limited action. Sign Schoebert in FA and LB is ok for a few years and we can use draft picks elsewhere 😀
  5. Raiders extend CB Nevin Lawson (One year, $3.29 M)

    I like this move, vet CB though not a ball hawk or likely to create turnovers played ok in limited action. Seems like a decent tackler too. He should be able to compete for CB #2 or #3.
  6. New Derek Carr thread

    Because the Chiefs are a much better all round team as evidenced by their progress to the Superbowl. TBH you are becoming quite unbearable in this forum, we get it, you dislike Carr. You want to move on, it's your prerogative but its getting really repetitive and I dont think im the only one who's fed up reading the same things over and over.
  7. I personally wouldn't unless you really love a prospect that shouldn't make it to 12. One if the top WR prospects could be there or a guy like Kinlaw. With those 2 picks we could really help ourselves and still have the 3rds for LB/CB or another WR if a great player falls. Pittman Jr is looking pretty handy and has the obvious link!
  8. I wouldn't do it, Kirksey was a very good player but he's coming off a second big injury and his cap hit is large. Gabe is coming off a big injury too so i can see where they're coming from. I think Kirksey will be cut for cap reasons so id take the chance on that, unless they want to throw in a decent pick! 😀
  9. Player Appreciation Thread

    Great signing, dirt cheap and just put his head down and worked hard. A nice surprise for me that he was such an upgrade. The acid test now will be can he have a low profile off season with no crazyness now he's got paid.
  10. Id look at bringing in an experienced LB like Schoebert, Klein or Lee if we dont bring back Burfict. Think Littleton will be too expensive so I'd look for better value. We need some more penetration on the DL so maybe Collins or Armstead though he may be priced out. Vet CB to compete too. And ST players, lots of them 😀
  11. That is probably the biggest concern for me that an innocent party gets hurt or another young lady gets assaulted. I dont care for him personally at all but he needs to be saved from himself fir the sake of other people. Sad demise.
  12. New Derek Carr thread

    It's difficult as a coach especially when you're not blessed with great numbers or the pick of the crop and can't afford to lose many players. Looks like you have a bit of a dilemma!
  13. New Derek Carr thread

    Great point, those few plays were perplexing for all of us and rightfully criticised.
  14. Kirksey and Allen depending on price. Agree with these two guys, Kirksey has had a couple long term injuries so I wouldn't trade more than a late round or future late round as the Browns will probably cut him. He may have a big contract too. Allen would be a great WR for Carr.
  15. New Derek Carr thread

    But he created the score when it counted, when the chips were down and we needed to march the length of the field we did, as a team. I thought as a coach you might appreciate that, obviously not 😁