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  1. I would be absolutely shocked if he signed for that. He's been superb for the Rams for the last couple years, we'll see I guess but I'd think he'd be closer to wanting to be #1.
  2. Its strange, we seem to have a bunch of high effort guys who are pretty decent but are basically guys who get clean up and second effort sacks but they've been playing in a very vanilla, base 4 man rush with little blitzing or innovation and they really lack the prescence of a top pass rusher to provide them with opportunities if that makes sense. Ferrell I feel has improved and looks ok, good against the run and better as a rusher, Crosby is high energy and awkward but can get fooled easily, Key is a nearly guy that just cant get it together and Nassib I dont feel has been bad (though vastly
  3. Any suggestions for guys I should be watching as pass rush specialists, guys that can be had maybe 3rd round and later that dont have to be complete 4-3 type ends but can be used as speedy edge rushers?? Cheers 🍻
  4. I guess we're not going to agree on this then 😀 respect your opinion but I dont see a big improvement out there over Joyner at reasonable cost. Part of my plan was to draft a 2nd or 3rd round safety with traits but maybe raw to develop behind Joyner for a year or so as the long term solution.
  5. Well, he did play well when filling in at safety in my opinion this past season so there is that. Plus he played at a Pro Bowl level at safety for the Rams. Plenty of reports about him being a team first player and good influence for our young secondary guys so there is that too. I completely understand if others want to move on but I dont think any of the other options for what we'd have to pay are worth it, probably only Simmons but he won't be cheap and I think that money would be better spent on the DL.
  6. Sad that it really took the move to Green Bay to fully blossom to HoF status. Probably one if the most complete defensive players I have seen, it was a joy to watch him in his twighlight years with us just using instincts and IQ to make up for aging limbs 😀 you would think he'd be a great coach maybe?
  7. I can see the sense in that viewpoint but I think we may be able to restructure Joyner a little bit plus I think he's actually better than a guy like Maye. Maye's tackling is very iffy even though his coverage is pretty good. Simmons is the only sure fire upgrade (to me) and I think he'll cost 50% more so I'd rather try and work something out with Joyner who I think is a great locker room guy too and plays with the aggression I like.
  8. I still think we have our FS in house in the shape of Joyner. So, in my eyes we need a FA DE, DT, CB plus rookie FS, DE, DT...... I'm content with the secondary if we start Mullen, Arnette outside and Lawson inside (though I appreciate I like Lawson more than anyone here 😁) with Johnson, Robertson, Nixon plus a FA vet vying for playing time I think that is decent providing we get more pressure up front. I'd draft a rangy FS in the first 3 rounds and ease him in alongside Joyner and Abram with Heath in 3 safety sets and as depth. Guys like Leavitt should be STs in the depth chart. LBs
  9. But Joyner is or has been a really good safety, he played well there for a game or two this year. Heath is a below average safety so you might as well start the rookie in that case IMO. I'd still keep Heath around for safety #3 spot but Joyner would probably cost less than guys like Simmons and Williams and is probably better than Maye, Harris and Sherman. Hooker is the wild card because of injury and I would take a punt on him but he'd gave to be really cheap and we have to have an alternative in place anyway. Joyner with a possible restructure is the option I would favour with a talente
  10. My solution to the FS conundrum would be to draft a player with range and instincts (i think there are a few in the 2nd or 3rd rounds possibly though I haven't watched enough yet, maybe Cisco) and instead of overpaying in FA I'd move Joyner back there where he has played well before if the rookie needs time to settle in. I'd spend money on the DL rather than the secondary to help the whole D. This seems like the obvious, value solution to me then get the blue chip guy on the DL.
  11. I get the what you're saying and its probably the right stance with a little pessimism after all the false dawns but realistically there are only 3 ways we can improve: Drafting and/or signing better players. Hope the players we already have improve with coaching. Hope that a more sympathetic scheme can accentuate strengths and hide weaknesses better. I really see no other options realistically, of course the best thing would be if we could add 1 or 2 players with talent, our existing players improve and the scheme is better. If we can make 10% improvement in each then we s
  12. Maybe we could work Mariota into the deal to lower the pick and offset some of the salary. Bears are not really in the range for one of the top prospects and FA QBs aren't that inspiring outside Prescott and he's going to want a huge deal probably. Really unlikely though I guess..........
  13. Basically at present we have 12 million sunk into Agholor and Williams for 48 receptions and 900 yards plus 8 TDs. If Agholor could be signed for around 7 or 8M I'd probably do that unless for the 12M we could get a clear upgrade. Golloday or Robinson would likely cost 50% more so you have to weigh that up with what else you could spend the money on. Personally, I'd really like one of those two but feel the money would be better spent on Agholor plus Defence. Of course we do have the option to let Agholor walk and hope that Williams if fit can replace that production, maybe with a pay cut
  14. Really interesting read, thank you @oakdb36 👍
  15. I've seen this said a number of times about the complexity of Guenther's system and don't doubt that its true but I'm genuinely curious what about his D made it so complicated? I'm certainly no expert and very possibly missed a lot of nuances etc. But I didn't see any complex blitz concepts or coverages that fooled the opposition when watching us. I saw mostly a base 4 rush with the odd, predictable stunt and a few twists and mostly off man coverage with little press and a few zones and our patented 8 yards off coverage on 3rd and 5. Did we do stuff like zone one half and man the oth
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