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  1. Not really sure about that, the playcalling seemed much less predictable to me. Lovely screen and when we run I feel is just as important as how much we ran. Under Gruden it was so obvious the situations we were going to run, the defence can key on that and makes it much easier to defend. I really liked the RB screen which worked really well and I would like to see us do a designed QB run now and again, maybe roll Carr out and have him scramble for 5 or 6 just to keep the D honest. Some things still to work on but pleased with how we went in offence. Looked organised, efficient and well design
  2. Genuinely laughed out loud at this! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Exactly, by the way they played they switched the narrative from the disgraced coach back to the team moving forward. A flat performance and a loss would have just bogged everything down. Playing that way and getting a comprehensive win it's almost like the team purged itself of the negativity and is only looking forward now...........
  4. I was just about to say this! This was the big question mark for me this week, almost more so than the result just to see if the players responded, played hard and fast and they did that and more. Olsen did really well too with the extra attention and spotlight on him, I don't think we can underestimate the pressure he must have been under this week. I'm feeling optimistic.
  5. A litany of very forecastable errors sadly. I think the mistake Mark Davis made was bringing in Gruden without a voice of reason or a chain of command in place. If he'd hired a GM and then Gruden and Gruden would have had to report to the GM or was held accountable maybe it works better but it's something a lot of us worried about at the time. A few guys here had been clamouring for Gruden as coach for years but I think the majority had major reservations about him not due to his coaching but due to his personnel decisions and ability to build a roster and run a team. That he was giv
  6. Nice little article, though I do think SI saying our OL turnaround is coming along nicely is odd......... It kind of backs up what most of us thought when Gruden was originally hired. Good coach but don't let him have too much say on personnel. He can't build a team or roster. The chopping and changing, erratic picks and random trades etc. All had Gruden's blood splatter all over them.
  7. Yeh, I think the Me v Mayock thread is a great idea. Really enjoy reading back to those threads after a couple years to see how far out I was 😁. Whilst we can't really adjust for who we'd have picked previous years it does for sure show we have an eye for talent here. We'd certainly have a few more impact players on the roster for sure. Haha there are a few guys here who it'd be fun to see in the war room together, but that's all part of the interest and intrigue seeing differing opinions and especially seeing the rationale behind those opinions.
  8. Right, I've run the numbers guys 😁 From a brief skim over the Me v Mayock, Big Board and draft threads I think this is what the forum if we were voting or taking a consensus would have done with the picks in the first three rounds during Gruden's tenure: 2018 Derwin James SS, Isaiah Oliver CB, Lorenzo Carter DE, Orlando Brown OT and Arden Key DE (with no trade for Bryant) 2019 Devin White MLB, Montez Sweat DE, Greedy Williams CB, Dalton Risner OG or DK Metcalf WR 2020 Ceedee Lamb WR, Jaylon Johnson CB, Bryan Edwards WR, Zach Moss RB or Cameron Dantzler CB
  9. It would be pretty interesting to see what this forum would have done on consensus over the Gruden era with at least the top draft picks.........I guess we could find out from the Big Board or Me v Mayock threads, I'm sure we'd have a better record than Gruden.........
  10. It seems to me that we're stuck between a rock and hard place somewhat. We don't have a huge cache of draft picks and only really Carr I would think could fetch real capital, maybe Crosby or Ruggs. We have the semblance of a decent defence starting to take shape and the weapons on offence are looking decent. I voted No to the rebuild simply from the fact that I think we need supplementary players and a coach with a clear, defined vision rather than to tear it all down yet again. Carr in my opinion is good enough to go far providing he has a decent supporting cast. Russell Wilson is I thin
  11. Oh, OK I didn't know that. Is that an official statement?
  12. That does makes some sense and it was strange that a few FO staff left around the same time. What is extremely dubious and I don't believe for a second is that Jon Gruden is the only one that has done something wrong like this. There must be a whole culture or network of 'old boys' who are culpable in all this. As Derek Carr said in his presser, maybe they should go through all coaches and owners emails and finally weed out the bad apples for once and for all. Of course that may not be in the NFL's 'best interest' but it should be done. It would be in societies best interest to know who t
  13. Haha, I was thinking Andre 'the giant disappointment' James 😁 Agree with the other comments, we need to put the ball in the passing games' hands. Scheme for our poor pass protection unfortunately and use more playaction. Even if you're not a run first team playaction consistently works. I like the cut of Bisaccia's jib. From the little I've heard him he sounds like a guy who you'd like in the trenches with you. I'm not expecting massive changes immediately but I do want to see the team playing hard for him. Do the basics well and play hard is all I would ask.
  14. https://uk.yahoo.com/sports/news/mike-mayock-is-now-in-control-of-the-raiders-roster-but-for-how-long-204632972.html Couple interesting titbits in there...... A former Raiders employee explained it this way to us previously: β€œJon handle[d] free agency. Mike’s baby is the draft. But Jon also [could] do whatever he wants with that. He [had] final say.” I guess that's how we gave silly money to guys like Kenyan Drake and Trent Brown.....
  15. I think Mayock handled the press conference well. Sounded prepared, professional and thoughtful. I really want to hear off Rich Bissaccia now too.......
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