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  1. Yeh, we talk about trading down every year but it just makes so much sense this year to get an extra pick or two that could make a big difference. I'm pretty sure we'll stay where we are and take 'our guy' regardless though!
  2. In this circumstance Jaelen Phillips, clear BPA for me. I think he's going to be a great player and I would be hesitant to take a lesser player even if he fills the greater need. In a perfect world I'd like to trade down into the 20s and add an extra pick or two so we could walk away with some combination of FS Moehrig or Cisco, one of the top RTs maybe Jenkins or Eichenberg, DT Nixon and a SLB in the first few rounds.
  3. That's Intetesting, I wasn't aware you could do that on newer Madden. I haven't played in a while and I always kind of wanted there to be a 'simulation' mode like Franchise to be as real as possible. The last time I really put much time in Darnell Bing was a superstar safety for me 😁😁
  4. Yeh, it's a problem when you've got constant roster turnover and coaching changes every couple years, we perpetually seem to be waiting for everyone to gel and get comfortable in a new scheme only to blow it up after a few years and repeat the process. At least we have some success and continuity on the offense side of the ball.
  5. Didn't Zay Jones look pretty good last year in workouts posted with Derek Carr? Nothing really came of that so I'm not expecting much but hoping for something! He does look 'sudden' though and pretty sharp. Maybe it's just me but his feet look like a blur 😁
  6. I've just gone through Pro Football Reference looking through our defensive rosters of the last ten years (highly recommended for a reality check) and quite frankly it's been laughable with Mack as the only real standout with Seymour and Grandad Woodson pretty good in their twilight years. I couldn't even remember half the scrubs we fielded over the years 😁😔
  7. Yeh, and Autry as an UDFA was pretty decent too. Also Des Bryant. Really wanted to keep Bryant, Autry and Harris so to see them play well elsewhere is frustrating when we replace them with players who don't improve the situation.
  8. I guess it depends what you mean by hurt. We effectively used a 2nd a 3rd and 5th for very little production, plus we spent a couple years being below average in the middle with Ellis only being mediocre so it did kind of hurt us from a playing production and drat capital perspective. I really thought Hall would at least be decent and Vanderdoes I think was scuppered by injuries and maybe being a little lazy.
  9. It's a strange one to me as there are a number of guys I really like, such as Nixon, Barmore and Levi O relatively early and Togiai, Tufele and a few others a little later but I don't see any prospect I'd be comfortable taking at 17, maybe with a decent trade down into the high 20s but even then they don't scream out as a must have. Ultimately I think in 2 or 3 years there will be a few really good DTs come out of this class but draft value wise it's simply not there at the top of the class......very unusual.
  10. Really makes you think with Hurst's release of all the resources we've sunk into DT and none have even been regular starters (for us); Hurst, Hall, Vanderdoes, Edwards, Ward, Harris, McGee, Crawford, Houston probably a couple more too I forget..... You'd think just by random chance we'd have stumbled onto someone. I really liked some of those guys like Hall, Vanderdoes and Harris after we drafted them. Roderick Coleman in '99 was probably the last very good player we drafted at DT that played significantly for us.
  11. Nixon is going to be a real impact player in 18 months IMHO would love it if we got him in the second (after trading down in the 1st and filling FS and RT) 😁
  12. He simply hasn't had the opportunities for some reason. He wasn't some kind of pass rushing phenom but he was better than Collins every time he was in and seemed to get some push at least but just never seemed to get on the field enough and it looked like the coaches were putting anyone but him in. As a role player he can probably be decent, though I don't think he's stout enough against the run to be a full time DT. Kind of what you expect in the 5th round. I think everyone in the Raider forum wanted to see more of him........... Key was always that one player every team has that looks a
  13. Good post, plenty of food for thought. I don't necessarily buy into everything you posit and I think some things we did weren't pre planned so much but I think you may be onto something in that most of us are reasonably expecting a defence heavy draft and we may well be scratching our heads once again and trying to justify and rationalise our draft picks in a few weeks time 😁
  14. In no way, shape or form is Harris better than Joseph. You are going to laughable extremes to downplay Joseph now. No one claimed he'd be a Pro Bowler or an All Pro but no one in their right mind can think Harris is better surely?
  15. Oh, I definitely think it's possible that Littleton plays a lot better, I for one am a fan of Ferrell so I think he'll be good (though maybe not a great pass rusher), Crosby is pretty good already and there's is room and scope for Abram to knuckle down and be a good player as well as Arnette looking better with an off season and TC, as you know I also really like Joseph too. One of the DTs could also break out as we do have a few lotto tickets there. But, and this is the bit I have difficulty with, that scenario requires a lot of guys to get better, which they all could do individually an
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