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  1. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Good post. Carr has played game manager the last couple games - and I mean that in a complimentary way. Our receiving core against the Bears was possibly the worst talent wise I've ever seen us put out but they did their jobs in fairness to them, no terrible drops on 3rd down, tipped interceptions or receivers giving up on routes like we've had so often. Carr knows the limitations of the offense, has been able to rely on the running game and put us in position to win and thankfully the defence has stepped up a little and held up their end of the deal. What we've had the last couple weeks is both sides of the ball and STs contributing to a winning effort. We can still improve relatively easily on all 3 phases though.
  2. Player Appreciation Thread

    To be fair, I’ve been keen on Morrow for a while (from last season) as he was our best coverage linebacker then too. A few guys have been high on him and I think it’s due to him showing flashes and playing well when given the chance not any kind of bandwagon thing. Guy deserves his due, he’s a good player though he still has lots to improve on.
  3. Player Appreciation Thread

    I'd like to mention Nicholas Morrow, after Burfict went down Morrow stepped in full time and we haven't really missed a beat. Played really well against the Bears and is our best cover Lb by a country mile. Nice to see him get some recognition at last, he's going to be a very good player.
  4. Yep and the depressing thing is most of us could have predicted Brown would be trouble (albeit not quite to the extent he was) and that Grant and Nelson were marginal roster players at that. Not a good look at all for the FO, especially as they're now back to a couple guys they had cut.
  5. Wow, what a great game! The Good: Fighting through adversity when we could have folded and pulling out a great win Derek Carr - dragging the team by whatever means necessary on that last 93 yd drive, far from perfect tonight but was clutch yet again when needed Our OL manhandling the toughest D in football - credit to the much maligned Tom Cable too Playcalling, particularly the first half - we adapted and worked around what has to be the weakest WR core I've ever seen Paul Guenther scheming pass rush out of our D, some great stunts and blitzes, particularly the timing Really brave fake punt, gutsy call well executed We did a great job scheming against Mack, rolling carr away from him, using play action and so on, really good to see Josh Jacobs as other have said here looks like the real deal, great contact balance and vision and a tough runner to boot 1st half performance, keeping ahead of the chains whilst keeping the Bears behind them, beautiful to watch - like watching a game from 1987 The Bad: That 3rd quarter was just tough, some bad mistakes, some terrible calls, some bad luck Our coverage just not quite where it should be We don't have a legitimate pass rusher on the roster at all, thank goodness Guenther was able to scheme some pass rush Shooting ourselves in the foot - it's not just the penalties but the timing and the timing of dropped passes and fumbles and so on The Ugly: Miscommunication on the Jacobs/Carr toss, at such a crucial time too Horrible penalty call on the Worley Interception - this roughing the passer rule and implementation must be looked at before it makes the NFL a laughing stock
  6. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    Agree with this, however, after watching the Viking - Bears game that defense is going to be very, very tough to play against - made Cook very ineffective but our OL should be better than the Vikings. Offensively, Daniel is probably just about as proficient as Trubisky so they won't lose a lot there but i can see Robinson and mismatches with Cohen being a problem. Burton is a pretty handy TE too. It's impossible not to mention Mack but we simply have to limit the damage with him as he makes their whole D tick. We absolutely can't leave him 1 v 1 but I can see Trent Brown being asked a lot to take him on and running right at him to try and tire him out. Their D has been giving away a few penalties of late and they certainly are not frightening on O but I just think their D will be a step too far, especially if we go away from the run too quickly as is customary.
  7. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    Unfortunately, because they were both top 5 picks and due to the trade they are both going to be compared for their careers and whilst it's true Mack didn't 'dominate' in his rookie year, particularly on the stats sheet it was pretty evident he was a force of nature, very good against the run, and whilst he didn't get home more than 4 times he had tons of pressures and hits. I like Ferrell as a player and with patience he'll be a good DE but anyone who wants him to be Khalil Mack will be disappointed I'm afraid.
  8. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    Gruden has said since that Plan A was to have Williams as the #1 WR, that's what they were originally signing him as. This suggests we weren't looking to use one of our top picks on a potential #1 WR as you don't normally go after a #2 or slot WR that high. The point in my mind is that the plan wasn't great and didn't have much contingency, they thought they lucked into Brown but that turned out how it turned out.
  9. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    Not all that hard really considering Brown was known as a malcontent for a while and we should have learned from being burned the season before too. It wasn't hindsight when a small number of us thought we should take a receiver early in the draft anyway and said as much as the talent was there and Brown was a well known loose cannon, also I wasn't convinced Williams would be as good as he has been but most were unimpressed with Nelson and Grant.
  10. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    You are correct, but in that case we'd still have Williams and a 3rd round rookie expected to make up the slack..............not exactly a guarantee of success. Brown was known, very well known in fact as a malcontent so my point is that there didn't seem to be much of a backup plan. I noted that I was one of the few who advocated for taking a WR high in the draft as I felt the talent was there. The guys I considered were Metcalf and AJ Brown (in the late first, early second).
  11. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    A couple things really stick in my mind about Gruden and Mayock at the moment; Before we cut Antonio Brown Jon Gruden actually came out and said that the plan was to acquire in FA Williams as the #1 WR. An opportunity came up to trade for Brown but that was never the initial plan apparently so after he gets cut we're still basically on Plan A. It's pretty clear that Williams is a decent WR but not a #1 WR in the mould of a game changer, it's also pretty clear that our other options at this stage aren't up to the task of being #2 and yet this was plan A all along??? Luckily Waller is proving to be a very good option but that was never a certainty of course. If we didn't have him I dread to think what we'd be like. I was vocal about drafting a WR early even with Brown and Williams supposedly on board and though it seemed like we were set with Brown and Williams it all seems very short sighted and not particularly well thought out. With regard the linebacker core, every single person here who anticipated or predicted the final roster 53 had more than 4 LBs on the team, and with good reason - they play a lot of STs and LB is a position which does tend to get knocked around. How in the world did we think it was a good idea to have so limited resources there (admittedly we actually added one after cuts). Now we are at the very predictable point where we have a few injuries (the history with Burfict should have made them aware that this was at least a possibility) and we're signing practice squad guys to probably start or play significant time. Pretty much everyone here knew we were ignoring the LB core so how did these guys not? Of course, we can't fill all the holes in one off season but when we've actually gone about creating some of those holes to begin with, the excuses don't quite cut it.
  12. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Gruden 4-2 vs Reid That's an interesting stat. This is a big test for our coaches, the Chiefs have one of the most talented teams so here is where good coaching against a very experienced and excellent coach in Reid would be vital. We'll see what Gruden, Olsen and Guenther can muster up, I'd be very impressed if we are able to keep their offence off the field for large chunks and it's going to be hugely interesting how we play D against their high powered offence. I hope we go on the attack rather than sit back and do a damage limitation kind of scheme.
  13. Jonathan Abrams out for the year?

    Lots of name players out there but not sure any of them have much left in the tank, Mike Mitchell, TJ McDonald, Iloka and Berry of course have all been very good players. We do have Harris who is a big safety and capable at least. It's a shame Abram is going to miss a lot of time, he looks like he has the energy and desire but needs some tempering and the experience. This year would have been a great learning year for him especially with Joseph and Joyner beside him.
  14. Expectations for this season?

    I guess it's time to review the expectations a little given the tumultuous couple weeks we've had. As a team I think we may have pulled together a bit given the release of a certain receiver and it certainly looked like a tight, well knit unit on Monday on both sides of the ball. That said, the Broncos were poor - I'm not as critical of Flacco as most as I think he's still an average starter but they just got dominated in the trenches which I didn't expect and their much vaunted pass rush was silent - doesn't bode well for them this year. So, if the OL plays somewhere near the level we saw on Monday we should be in most games. Our DL and young defensive players should gradually improve as the rookies get used to the speed of the game and our 2nd year guys gel in the system but they looked pretty decent first outing. I do have a concern that we could be really thin at WR if we have an injury or two and that is likely in a long season, Williams looks pretty indispensable now so he would be the concern. As far as record goes I don't think we'll be far off 50% if we can keep up the level of play we showed Monday, I don't think we'll have the dynamic threat to break down the very best teams so we're realistically still on the very edge of playoff contention and probably playing spoiler. I can see us sweeping the Broncos and splitting with the Chargers but the Chiefs to me look the class of the division and I see us playing them close but losing at home, we never seem to play well at Arrowhead and I don't see that trend changing much unfortunately.
  15. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    That is a good point, just surprised he's allowed to wear it given the nature of the sport.