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  1. I'm actually wondering if I'm the only person here who doesn't really know much about any of these guys!!! They're just names to me really and how much or little they've contributed to their current teams' rosters is a mystery to me if I'm honest 😁 I'd be lying if I said I know what qualities each individual has or what they bring to the table. I'm fascinated in the process though..... Can anyone break the candidates down in terms of Pros and Cons?
  2. Well, the 49ers just beat Rodgers and Adams in Green Bay with a very average QB to put it mildly, so if we can build a D similar to San Francisco add a weapon or two we already have a much better QB so no worries there. We'd beat them with Vaccine boy or not. The Chiefs are an issue though, they're flaming good. Have to just build a better team to beat them overall by hitting on draft picks. Mahomes is overrated but Hill, Kelce and Reid are superb.
  3. Yeh, I understand that 😁 I was responding to a hypothetical question asking about thoughts if we did bring SP in
  4. Yeh, good post, looks an be deceptive. I think he conciously tries to portray himself as a little greener and naΓ―ve than he a really is. I think he's done a decent job, got the franchise out of the dark ages with overhead projectors and the like and into the modern era. McKenzie cleaned a lot of things up and though we didn't kick on, now it's time to take step 2. That stadium deal was spectacular for the franchise if you look at the details, anyone doubting his business acumen should take a moment to consider that as I've been saying in other topics. I think Mark is a little more savvy
  5. I'm happier giving Jim Harbaugh 100 mil rather than Jon Gruden 😁 Saying that, it's not my money so my only concern is success really. If he can bring a Superbowl or make us a yearly contender he'll be worth every penny in Jersey sales, sponsorship, establishing the Las Vegas base, fan attendance etc.
  6. I think others have said it but it does look sensible and methodical. If Bowles is on your radar, bring in Spytek and pick his brains on the guy. If you're interested in McDaniels and Mayo then see what Ziegler says about them......
  7. I would absolutely be delighted if we could bring in Sean Payton. Top, top coach and what he's done the last few years with a Brees well past his sell by date and Winston and Hill is very impressive. Obviously he says he's finishing but that would be a great hire IMHO, I think he could really do well with Carr.
  8. Thank you for posting those, it's interesting but I'll trust my eyes and what I saw. Feel free to disagree though πŸ˜€
  9. Well, what I saw was improved discipline, better leverage and terrific effort but he's still only an average to decent run defender from what I saw. He certainly isn't in the same league as a guy like Mack or Jordan or Bosa who are technically superb. Maxx is still a little wild and gets washed out at times from what I saw. I'm not sure what grades you're referring to but I thought he did improve for sure but us a level below the very best and I thought that was the argument, that he was among the very best.
  10. Well, that's part of it isn't it. A pass rusher needs sacks. It's not the whole of the equation certainly, but he's not a dominant run defender like Jordan or Bosa so if he's decent at run defence rather than great then he needs to be great at pass rushing to compensate and he's very good but not great IMO. Its the difference for me between Pro Bowl and All Pro. Mack for example is as good a pass rusher but a better run defender. If his calling card is pass rush he needs to turn more pressures into sacks to become a great one for me personally. Pressures are great, but the QB can still c
  11. As I've said, I really like Crosby but I don't think he's the pass rusher Hunter and Young are and Jordan is a complete DE. I believe Crosby is in that next tier of players with guys like Burns, Ngakoue, Landry, Quinn, Hendrickson and these guys. Very good players and Pro Bowl type players IMHO. πŸ˜€
  12. That's why I said IMHO. He's a great team player, love his attitude and the way he's handled his issues but he's simply not an All Pro talent yet. He puts together another season like this one with a dozen sacks next year then he'll be in the conversation for sure. Would you choose him and over Watt, Garrett, Bosa, Bosa, Chase Young, Hunter or Jordan on a purely playing perspective?
  13. Nothing at all, no way I want him anywhere near this franchise. He's very talented but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed IMO with regard criminals and he's pretty obviously guilty reading into it. We can compete with a very good draft class and some astute FA signings this year together with a good coaching setup IMO.
  14. True, but it won't be because of his business success or lack their of (though from a business side of things the move to Vegas with the stadium deal aswell was huge) it'll be dependant on who he listens to and who he plumps for as HC and GM. I think we'll strike gold this time ..........ever the optimist πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  15. He hasn't been the owner the last twenty years, only since 2011 I think. Now, obviously we've been far from a roaring success but he has made the playoffs twice and did inherit a complete mess. He did something Al couldn't do and landed a great stadium deal that cost him a fraction of what it should have. I'm not saying he's awesome but we could do a lot worse IMHO.
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