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  1. Couldn't another team simply sign him off of our practice squad to their roster though? Have we got exclusive rights to him or anything in this Covid situation?
  2. He's certainly talented and looks like a good bet for the team. With Waller in house and setting a great example maybe we think the locker room can support him and get the best out of him. I really like this signing, lots of upside and exactly what we need rushing from inside, better version of Dion Jordan.
  3. That's very debatable. A professional interviewer can discern an awful lot in 15 minutes. Anyway, I would hope we've been scouting these guys for 2 or 3 years though rather than just after the season on youtube highlights. And going in depth into their back stories before we give them life changing amounts of money. We should have reports going back years and all potential red flags noted. Every now and then someone will slip through the cracks but in this day and age where there's so much publicity and scrutiny you cant act like that's the only chance we got to assess him. Those of us here who were paying attention knew there were red flags, most chose to ignore them and look at the positives, seems like Gruden and Mayock did too.
  4. Good points you raise but a professional interviewer would probably be able to discern serious character concerns very quickly, they can be quite evident if the right questions are asked. There will always be guys who are seduced by the money and fame and certain character traits will come out later and it's not always easy to discern who they will be. When we're investing so much in a young man we really should do better than we dud in Bowden's case. He must have been awful character wise to be traded so quickly, you'd think if it was minor he'd have had the benefit of the doubt. But, in answer to your question regarding Hernandez, yes, they should have been able to spot that potential problem. They probably knew there were issues but thought (incorrectly) they could manage it or help him overcome them and didnt think it would be so bad. The issue I have is it's a failure either way, if the guy isn't as talented or ready as you'd believed and scouted or he has work ethic/character issues they're both detrimental to his potential success so you cant give a pass because a young man isn't mature enough but call it a bad pick if he's not talented enough/not ready for a roster spot. Maybe you weren't giving MM a pass but that's what it read like!
  5. I personally think Mayock has done quite well, few big hits but a few big misses. I know you're trying to defend Mayock's record but the above is not a defence, it is an even bigger knock on Mayock. Drafting guys with some known red flags then saying it wasn't a playing issue it was a fit issue is totally on the GM rather than the coaches. I mean, if he struggled to adapt like Muse that could be blamed on the Covid affected TC, changing roles and so on. But if the kid's a bad influence, lazy or doesn't know the playbook etc. That's on the background research, interviews and falls squarely on Mayock does it not?
  6. I think this is pretty close to the truth. The media just ranks guys without prejudice to what type of coverage schemes they've played in college and what they may be suited to. It stands to reason that a team like the Raiders would covet guys who have experience playing man coverage and are a certain profile whereas PFF and others don't really take that into account so much.
  7. I stand corrected then! Myself and a few select others thought it was a bad pick 😁😁 maybe I remember the draft grades thread where this wasn't a well received pick!
  8. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/10/15/chris-smith-year-of-loss-and-strength Never knew this about Chris Smith, it's a real interesting read.........
  9. The worrying thing though is that practically everyone here thought this or something similar and there was a lot of doubt about his being able to be a full time RB yet our FO burned a valuable 3rd round pick on a project that they wanted to shoehorn into a role and clearly didnt have the requisite experience, skill set or locker room fit. It's worrying that a lot of us amateurs picked that up straight away aswell as the Muse 'reach' yet our FO was oblivious apparently 😁😁 just hope its not a frequent thing.
  10. Yep, they would no doubt want a 1st but he's 2 years into his rookie contract so you have to factor that in and hasn't really broken out yet so I'd be a little reticent to give a straight first. We just drafted a guy in the 3rd and traded him 'as new' for a 4th so maybe his value isn't quite where it was in draft day. I would like to persue him though, we'd have to compare the impact he would have with who we could likely pick in the (hopefully) late 1st next year.....
  11. He'd seem to be a perfect fit in our system and scheme. Liked him a lot in the draft though a 1st round pick might be a little rich as he hasn't really shone in the Jets team for one reason or another, I'd definitely be looking to offer a 2nd for his potential and haggle from there. What to Jets fans think Marcus Maye is worth??
  12. Not sure Arnette is a player with a 'low ceiling' really. He should be a solid CB#2 type, but I could potentially see him as a Nevin Lawson with hands which to me would be a pretty good player. I guess you mean he'll never be a superstar and that is probably true but at 19 I think that's ok if he's a 7 or 8 year starter at CB2 for us.
  13. Good observation, I was thinking this too, like we're setting it up and Carr will break off a 30 yard run sometime on a crucial 3rd down maybe. I also noticed we were running Ruggs across the formation against the Cheifs a lot as if we were going to use him on a sweep but he never got the ball so expect that for a 75 yard TD run in the next couple games 😀 I like the way we're setting this up for the future but keeping our powder dry. Then we can spring them at a crucial juncture in a game for maximum effect. Good coaching.
  14. I really liked Jaylon Johnson at CB too and said at the time we should have traded down, gotten Johnson later and picked up a 3rd but we've got Arnette now who looks very promising and has played well generally too behind a much worse DL than Johnson has. As Elsa in Frozen says, its time to 'let it go' 😀 With regards Shenault, he's shown flashes but I think Edwards may be the better long term receiver so I'd rather have him and Ruggs. I did covet Lamb in the draft but I totally see why they went Ruggs now and it seems to be paying dividends. Good call from Mayock there.
  15. Not so sure, Agholor appears to be a great and very cheap addition, Nevin Lawson has been excellent and cheap, Richie Incognito has been superb and as you say, Kwiatkoski looks from limited playing time to be a great addition. Booker has done reasonably well too. Littleton and Collins have some time and could still improve though they have been the biggest let downs. Brown hopefully stays healthy. Mayock hasn't been a big hit in FA but he hasn't been that terrible.
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