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  1. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    That would be absolutely great if he had that kind of impact, Coleman was a very good player for us but seems to get lost in the mix of time perhaps. I like our chances of at least one of Hurst and Hall being very impactful, double dipping in this case was extremely prudent I feel.
  2. Thanks Rolni! With regard the Chargers, I feel like the moves to bolster their OL are a little like our moves with CB the last few years - they could be good but it's a risk with injuries and inconsistency. Rivers is still a great player and a danger, Allen and Henry are very good receivers but I just always fancy our chances against the Chargers, we always seem to be able to turn the away game into a neutral territory. I'm more concerned with their D if I'm honest and the trifecta of Bosa, Ingram and Luiget looks very strong. Derwin James I really loved as a prospect and with guys like Verrett and Hayward there they have big potential in the secondary and I like Gus Bradley as a DC. They will be tough and as you say, great on paper but perhaps it's just the optimist in me, I just feel like they'll find a way to underachieve again. KC I have a grudging respect for - great coach and plenty of speed and big play potential though I'm not sold on Mahomes and I think pretty much everyone underrated Alex Smith and how much stability he brought to KC, was particularly effective against us! They have some talent on D but they don't fill me with dread like a few years ago when Hali and Houston were running amok. Bailey and Jones I like along the DL but they might be fading a little as a defensive powerhouse, they've outcoached us recently but I think we could be about to change that. Denver I see as an average side but no more, Keenum won't play as well as he did last season IMO and I see him as no more than an average starter who was put in a great situation last year and exceeded expectations. They have some very nice talent again on D but their QB and OL don't inspire me. Emmanuel Sanders is a class act at WR and Demaryius Thomas of course shouldn't be written off after a down year. Their DL was quite porous last year and I don't see much improvement there and no real big moves, Peko is a year older and Shelby Harris and Wolfe are solid rather than scary. Now, I don't expect us to dominate the division this year but I don't see any sides we can't beat and I'd think we'd at least split the games and may sneak a double against Denver which will put us right in the hunt. It's really interesting this year as all 4 teams have a few very strong areas and some particular lean parts of the team.
  3. I've been pretty clear I think this team is closer to the 2016 vintage than the 2017 in terms of real talent level and that the difference was coaching, scheming and perhaps a little good fortune. I don't think we're as good as the 2016 team perhaps suggested but with all the investment being made if we didn't get to 10-6 and get at least a playoff berth via wildcard I'd think it was under performance. With that said, what I'd like to see would be: i) Carr looking more composed and less jittery, playing within the system and not trying to over play and take panic shots - this for me, is the most important thing ii) At least a moderate defence, a step up in coaching I think can make the difference here, especially in coverages and accentuating players' skill sets iii) Improved pass rush, I'm optimistic we can achieve this with well schemed blitzes and a little interior penetration and support for Mack (I don't expect us to be top 5 in sacks though nor should we need it to be effective) iv) Balance on offence with a varied passing game to suit the down and distance (which we were awful at last year) and a robust running game with Lynch leading the charge (I think he'll have a good year) v) I don't think there's an outstanding team in the AFC West and all teams have serious flaws so there's no reason in my book why we shouldn't be challenging for the title
  4. Raiders Defense

    I saw him as a safety with range and instincts in college too so I would hope that with better coaching and scheming he may well play at a higher level, though I don't think he's been bad, Kelce and Gates and the like generally have their way with most defenders and if a DC sticks a 5'10 safety with limited reach on a 6'5 TE then you're asking for trouble. I'm very interested to see how we play the two safeties as Obi has the size of a SS but plays more like a FS with his range and speed.
  5. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Touché S&B88 Though it did just remind me how terrible the new Star Wars films are
  6. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Actually that was Hue Jackson. You're right!
  7. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Just wondering the reasons behind the Tom Cable comments? I thought he was developing Fant decently enough but lacked talent on the OL overall in Seattle (I may be wrong there though as I only have limited knowledge of the Seahawks) he certainly had a really good run game and decent pass blocking last time he was here and was the only guy really to use the OL and play to McFadden's strengths in his time here.
  8. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    Surprised no-one has mentioned scheme and how that would baffle the college team, every NFL team plays some very complicated schemes and playbooks compared to college football and it's one of the main reasons rookies struggle initially. The Alabama offence will simply have never seen a defensive scheme so confusing, with multiple blitzers, varying coverages etc. they would just be overrun. Whilst some college teams have genuine talent, how many times do we hear that a rookie will get bigger, faster, stronger or have to put on 15 lbs in an NFL S&C programme, even very talented rookie players improve dramatically from their last year at college to their first year in the NFL. I'd be very surprised if they could keep the score below 70 against most NFL teams and a few would easily eclipse 100 points (if they didn't rest or sub players in). I'd also bet the CFL teams would win rather comfortably aswell even though pure talent wise they might be closer.
  9. 2018 Raiders - Reasons to be Optimistic

    I can get on board with points 1 to 3 but can't really agree with #4 here; We replaced Aldon with Arden Key, Crabtree with Martavis Bryant and King with a couple of character question marks such as Armonty Bryant, Azeem Victor and Doug Martin so that's a wash for me.
  10. Rnd3 pick 1- OT Brandon Parker

    Thanks for posting that Reddevil, was good to see particularly the breakdown on Parker. It will be interesting to see who pans out where at OT. We've got plenty of bodies there and apparently some decent potential.
  11. 2018 Raiders - Reasons to be Optimistic

    This is a very good point, and one I've noted with many franchises when players don't reach expectations. It's amazing how often it happens with the turnover of coaching teams.
  12. Rnd3 pick 1- OT Brandon Parker

    Some really good points there Holyghost and as I say, the lack of preparation and commitment from Brown is a red flag indeed, but also lets not act like trimming a few tenths off a 40 and adding a few more reps on the bench isn't very doable and even with poor combine numbers it's quite debatable if many of the exercises are even particularly relevant to OL play. I think we may be at crossed wires a little as I like Miller as a prospect and wasn't advocating for Brown over Miller, rather that in the third round I'd take the chance on the guy who's produced and has tape but flunked the combine (Brown) over a guy with suspect tape and better numbers in shorts (Parker). Miller I would say is the superior pick to Brown of course but i'd go with Brown over Parker if I had to gamble on either. The projection is a very important part of course and you are right there - but you have to have a datum or baseline from which to project, if you will, and the datum or baseline is much higher for Brown IMHO than Parker based on what they have actually produced and put down on film thus far. Of course, with the scheme we may be running they may have very well needed an OT with athleticism to play outside zone runs or lots of pulling etc. and his athleticism might have been desired more than actual blocking skills which would be another consideration but we just don't know as yet.
  13. Raiders Defense

    Good post again Rolni! My couple of observations would be; Whitehead looks to be a SLB but from most accounts his weak point is coverage, I can see us using Morrow who I thought was good in coverage last year, particularly on TEs and I can see us using Obi in a hybrid type role also as you suggest. I think Carradine/Edwards would be our base DE with Irvin coming in on Nickel and pass rush downs. I’ just can’t see Irvin being a full time DE like Mack. I’d like to see a ‘Nascar’ type package of Irvin - Mack - Hurst - Key too. I think we’ll see a lot of 3 safety sets with Joseph as the FS, Gilchrist playing near the line or slot and Obi tasked with matching up against TE or RB I hope that Vanderdoes injury isn’t too bad as I feel he could put it together this year. We’ve added what appear to be one gap pentrators and doubled up so I think we may have finally found a solution to our pass rush issues.
  14. 2018 Raiders - Reasons to be Optimistic

    I’m not sold on the Gruden as GM slant, with every year and each different coach Reggie McKenzie has shown flexibility and has catered for their whims. Often drafting and signing players who are at opposite ends of the scheme spectrum (such as Sean Smith and DJ Hayden). With Dennis Allen he drafted ZBS linemen, a zone style CB and added free agents to suit the rebuild. With Del Rio we had a larger pair of DTs in Williams and Ellis which Jack had always had in his teams and in particular for Norton he added Seattle style players in Irvin, Smith, Obi as a Chancellor type player and larger CBs like Smith. I think it shows that Reggie works alongside the Head Coach and Co-ordinations and adjusts his draft board and FA menu to suit what his coaches are asking for. Gruden obviously has more input and leverage than the other coaches but it looks to me like a meeting of minds.
  15. Rnd3 pick 1- OT Brandon Parker

    Oh, I totally understand the lack of athleticism shown in the combine, what I am saying is that Brown looked way out of condition (even for a large Lineman) so he could relatively easily IMO improve all those numbers to at least respectable level. His tape is actually pretty good and he’s shown he can play at a high level on the playing field and be effective, also his much vaunted father was not a combine warrior by any means and played against some pretty athletic guys effectively with, ive read, similar combine numbers. What actually is a bigger red flag for me was the lack of prep he’d clearly done. If I was a S&C coach for the Raiders i’d Be pretty confident I could whip him into shape in 3 months IF he was willing. I’d have taken a chance on the guy that has produced and put on tape good performances against good colllege competition but had a bad combine over the guy with numbers who looked poor on the field.