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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Clowney will probably stay in Houston as you say, but they are already paying Watt of course and Clowney will want a sizeable contract so they'll have to sort out Demaryius Thomas contact and a few players who's contracts will leap like McKinney so maybe with one eye on the future contract of Watson he could get squeezed out...........wishful thinking maybe?
  2. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Yep, good post Rolni. far more in depth than I'm going to go Obviously at this stage we're not sure what if any, Grudens plans are so these are some players I'd look at to bring some impact next year: Offense RB Marshawn Lynch - if he is willing, still makes yards after contact and can still be a force with limited carries TE Jared Cook - simply our best receiver at this point and looks to have another couple years left in him WR Quincy Enunwa, Jordan Matthews - really liked Enunwa over in NY before injury and Matthews I think needs a bigger role and if we draft a speedster and keep Nelson and/or Bryant either could be a good compliment without being too expensive OL No Idea! - but we need a swing tackle assuming Penn retires and the youngsters are still starting Defence DE Jadaveon Clowney - He certainly won't be cheap but if we can lock him up for around 15 to 17m a season over 4 or 5 years he can provide the kind of impact that would benefit all our D and Hurst, Hall and Key in particular DT Jonathan Hankins - I'd bring him back to provide competition with Ellis and potentially roll with 5 next year with Hurst, Hall and Vanderdoes who should all improve aswell being a nice rotation LB Lots of bodies - I'd bring in a plethora of different options and kick the tyres, draft a couple in the mid to high rounds and see what sticks S Earl Thomas - the general of our defensive backs, can make all the other components better
  3. Bruce Irvin cut

    Fair enough..................I guess you can keep him then How is Trubisky looking this year?
  4. Bruce Irvin cut

    Haven't seen an awful lot of the Bears recently to be honest but he looked to me like he's still got potential and probably needs a running partner to help him along, maybe Mack will allow him to fulfil some of that potential............... or as S&B88 said, maybe he needs a change of scenery and some fresh impetus!
  5. Bruce Irvin cut

    That would be a nice pickup, then you can cut Leonard Floyd and we can sign him
  6. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Heck, I thought we were doing it this year with the draft picks along the DL and the CBs we picked up until things went belly up. I think we'll for sure draft an edge rusher high and hope he's the #1 guy and maybe sign a vet to be a complimentary rusher (like a poor man's Mack & Irvin ) From what Gruden has been doing thus far, we'll probably have a boat load of vets at every level of the D but I can see him going O a lot in the draft with WR, TE and RB priorities for him and OL still in flux. I hope we keep our interior OL intact but I fear that is the next to get blown up.
  7. Starters you want back in 2019

    I really have no idea about who will actually be brought back, no-one appears to be safe from the guillotine but these are the guys I'd like to see us now build around or use as depth: QB: Carr - this year has been bad but he's the best QB we've had in a while so worth persevering with RB: Lynch, Richard - Lynch still looks like he has some gas left in the tank, Richard as CoP back WR: Nelson - professional vet to help any drafted receivers TE: Cook, Smith - receiver and blocker OL: Miller, KO, Hudson, Gabe, Parker - to be supplemented with a vet OT and maybe a draft pick DL: Key, Hurst, Ellis, Hall - need desperately to get another pass rusher by draft or FA, hope they keep Brown and Vanderdoes around and see if they have anything to offer as rotation LB: Lee, Morrow - more for depth and as they're cheap, we can draft/sign LBs to challenge for the start CB: Melvin, Worley, Conley - all 3 look decent to me even with no pass rush but Melvin seems almost certainly on his way out, Nelson should be kept around too S: Harris, Joseph - we still don't really know what we have with either Kickers: none - we should just pick up a couple FA vets
  8. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    There have been so many ins and outs, benchings, trades and cuts does Jon Gruden even know the depth chart at this point?!?!?
  9. State of our team

    Hi Rolni, Yes, it's frustrating as we saw glimpses with the much maligned Bill Musgrave of what this offense could be. Couple that with the instant improvement John Pagano made on D when he came in and I really thought with good coordinators on both sides we could have troubled the big boys of the league. It still saddens me to think JDR let Musgrave go and kept Ken Norton..........oh how things could have been different! Still, we all live in hope that this ship is steered away from the looming rocks and that Gruden actually has a plan
  10. Bruce Irvin cut

    I thought Irvin was a good player for us (up until this season at least), set the edge pretty well, created a few turnovers and was a decent complimentary pass rusher. Making him our only pass rusher was always asking for trouble and as you say, looked a shell of his former self so probably right to let him go. I always thought he'd work best as a 3-4 pass rushing LB.
  11. State of our team

    Not that I mean to interrupt the back and forth but I disagree with the notion that prior to this season the roster is trash. Prior to the regular season I and many others thought: Carr - franchise QB though not elite, in a complimentary system most thought he would be very good Lynch, Richard - still a very decent RB who's hard to bring down and complimentary change of pace back Cooper, Nelson, Bryant - talented receiving core, Cooper needs to be consistent and cut his concentration drops but Bryant will open the field up for us and Nelson is Mr reliable Cook, Smith - very talented receiving TE and hard nosed blocking TE Interior OL - top 3 in the league and if Penn had returned back at LT top 5 OL Mack, Irvin - All pro pass rusher and his above average sidekick with Arden Key looking promising as a rotational rusher Ellis, Hurst, Hall - solid if unspectacular run stuffer plus the first time in ages we may have interior penetration Conley, Melvin - starting CB duo with plenty of potential Joseph - shown glimpses but mismatched against large receiving TEs King - volatile but very talented punter The roster we had was good enough to at least challenge for the playoffs, it would have needed adding to and moulding but that after all is the job of the HC and GM. To say the roster was trash is just incorrect and revisionist aimed at making excuses for Gruden's terrible show IMHO.
  12. State of our team

    Very interesting post and a number of thoughtful points. However, I and a number of fans here seriously doubt the ability of Gruden to effectively use the draft capital and cap space in Free Agency to effect such a drastic turnaround. Even the most optimistic of raider fans shouldn't believe all the picks will hit and most probably the majority will miss just like with all teams. I also believe that the team wasn't so deprived of talent before JG arrived.................we'd recently had a very successful season and bar a broken leg to Carr may have gone deep into the playoffs. Now, you might say that we were lucky or had an unsustainable turnover differential etc. but the fact was that we were a very good team that year and we had something to build on, we had a keystone on each side of the ball and supplemental players to them. Either we had some very decent talent or JDR was a genius coach who doubled our win totals and I don't think many people think the latter (though i did like JDR and prefer him to JG). In little over 18 months we appear to me to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater and are quite literally the worst team in the NFL. I don't think it had to be this way, I genuinely believe we needed to reload and retool a few positions and make incremental steps. It seems like we absolutely need to hit on a high number of draft picks to even be relevant again and we all should know how volatile draft picks can be even in the hands of 'regular' head coaches.
  13. The Ugly, The Ugly & The Ugly Vs SF

    I really don't know of any other way to describe this game other than embarrassing. Just shameful.
  14. State of our team

    Couple pieces away? I thought we had the worst roster minus only the Colts going into the season. This was a very talent depleted team. Who’s talented on defense outside of the rookies and Conley? Who’s talented on offense besides our interior line? Cooper and Carr are wildly inconsistent. Carr had a great line in 15 and 16, and has always been a QB since college that struggles without an absolute elite OL. I didn’t want Gruden, and think he’s a bad GM (although excellent coach with a great staff) however a full rebuild was necessary regardless of coach. A coach who didn’t think we needed a rebuild would of put us back further IMO. I absolutely like Grudens aggressiveness. Just not sure he’s the right guy to build a roster. We’ll see. I’ll give him a few years. Edited 10 minutes ago by BayRaider I've said all along I think the 12-4 Raiders slightly overachieved, however I thought we were closer to those than the 2017 vintage, a fringe playoff team who were a couple pieces away: On Offense Carr IMHO could with good coaching (as demonstrated by Bill Musgrave) be a franchise QB and borderline Pro Bowl player Lynch is still a powerhouse RB, Richard is a good change of pace back Cook is a borderline Pro Bowl receiving TE Cooper is a talented enigma who needs good coaching to flourish KO, Hudson and Gabe are as talented as they come in a PBS inside Penn was a franchise LT though it's obviosuly questionable with his injuries of late On Defence Mack was defensive MVP Ellis a solid run stopper and Irvin and Autry decent complimentary pass rushers - one of the pieces we were missing was a genuine 3T (Hurst?) Bowman was solid at MLB and Conley looked very talented to me in the small sample. I also liked Joseph but in a FS role. I still think the problem with our secondary was coaching rather than talent as demonstrated by the immediate improvement when KNJ left. Admittedly, the defence needed a few pieces as mentioned above: a genuine 3T to push the pocket, another pass rusher and a CB to pair with Conley. This could easily have been achieved in the draft and FA without breaking the bank. Hurst/Hall, Key, Melvin, we could even have gone for a sideline to sideline LB and still had the OTs or a safety like Derwin James. I genuinely would like to know what you think the vision is and how we are going to achieve it, especially as you've asked that we believe in it.
  15. State of our team

    I think we all hope for the best and I'm sure we all want the Raiders to be as successful as possible, but we shouldn't just blindly follow and support every move. This is a forum for discussion with some very knowledgeable and insightful posters, we're just airing our views which with all due respect shouldn't necessarily agree with management and the FO. What do you think Gruden's vision is as it doesn't seem cohesive? How is he going about accomplishing it, how will he build his vision? We seemed to me a couple pieces away from a legitimate contender - why did we even need a rebuild?