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  1. 2019 Practice News & Notes

    So am I correct in that Brown actually had a full practice with the team with a helmet on? Needs to make up for lost time and probably earn some respect and trust back from his teammates..........I don't think a player of his calibre will be disadvantaged too much from missing a number of sessions but our team as a whole is better with him practising alongside the receiving core and against the defensive backs.
  2. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Nobody's mentioned it but heard very little about Mauro and he missed some important game time (for players trying to make the team) so IMO he's no lock to make the roster, especially with Westbrook being able to be versatile and the DTs we have. I could easily see one of Key, Westbrooks or Mayowa beating him out to start and of course he's no use as a pass rush specialist or rotation player so he could be a cut especially if Key really shows out well against the run in the next two games. I've been impressed with key thus far, even though it's still pre-season, seems to have upped his all round game.
  3. Surprise Cuts

    Yeh, at the start of camp they would have been big surprises to be cut but with Hankins having a new lease of life, the emergence of Rush and with Washington looking useful they are definitely not safe. It's a risk IMO cutting a guy like Ellis who we know is very solid for an UDFA rookie in Rush but it could certainly happen
  4. Surprise Cuts

    For once the Raiders do look like we have genuine competition for places, as a result we do have a number of players who could be considered 'surprise' cuts. A few of these guys could no doubt start for some teams and do a decent job: DT - at present we have Hurst, Hankins and Hall probably locked in which means that Justin Ellis, Ethan Westbrooks, Eddie Vanderdoes, Gabe Wright and Anthony Rush are all competing for one maybe two spots. Rush seems to have come from nowhere and is being talked up a lot. Ellis would be a surprise cut and could be a very decent starter. WR - depending upon AB we have Tyrell Williams, JJ Nelson, Hunter Renfrow who appeared to be locks at the start of camp but young guys Keelan Doss and Marcell Ateman making grabs and Gafford showing some zip, Ryan Grant could be the odd man out or even JJ Nelson. Dwayne Harris is the ST ace but even he could be on the bubble and a surprise cut. OT - last years 3rd round pick Brandon Parker has not covered himself in glory thus far and though he would have been considered to have some potential prior to camp he simply hasn't progressed enough to be safe just yet. CB - depth has been pleasing here but last years 4th round pick Nick Nelson has gotten routinely toasted so could definitely be on the hot seat and a potential surprise cut. Nevin Lawson hasn't really helped himself and he could be on that bubble too especially with Joyner playing a lot of slot CB. RB - Jacobs, Richard are pretty much set and that could mean a straight fight between Washington and Doug Martin, Washington has looked pretty good so far so Martin would be somewhat of a surprise cut
  5. Around The League V.2

    I also wanted Winovick but I see pass rushing as an art either you have it or you don’t. Not really sure about that, maybe I'm misunderstanding but things like hand fighting, leverage, using one move to set up another etc. can all be trained and worked on and of course knowing not only how to use them but when to use them is something that comes with experience and coaching. Gary has potential for sure, any guy that big and that athletic has potential, it's how hard he works and how intelligently he trains is what is important now - aswell as how he fits with the scheme and what he's asked to do. I feel like guys like Winovich will always be at least decent players as he has the desire, aggressiveness and will to be effective - if that's what you mean then I'd agree - some players will just succeed as they are driven to almost regardless of the situation.
  6. You would think that is what a sane, reasonably professional person would do. What is most frustrating to me is all the talk about being a professional, work ethic and so on means diddly squat if you're not actually available to practice and especially so if the reason is self imposed. All the social media tweets of working out and catching passes at night etc. don't show a damn thing if you're not on the practice field with your team and helping the younger players improve. Anyone can catch a few balls at midnight and film it for a minute to make themselves look like they're working all hours - how does the player work on the practice field and when it's unpleasant and when he's tired and when it helps others more than himself - that is what makes a guy a true professional. Not positing the odd workout or a jolly to Paris on social media. I'm rapidly tiring of this clown already and considering what us Raiders fans have been through for the last 15 odd years that takes a lot
  7. Around The League V.2

    Loved Winovich too but thought he'd be limited to a 3-4 system or better excel in a 3-4 system, seems to be doing very well in a 4-3 which I think the Pats now run. He's probably a more polished slightly stronger version of Crosby. Gary of course is all potential so I'm not surprised that he's maybe had a slow start and it'll all come down to if he has the desire to work at his craft and improve his technique.
  8. Raiders Defense

    I can also see Key leading us in sacks this year, I don't think I can see quite the production you see but I wouldn't be surprised if he leads the team with around 7 and with Hurst, Ferrell, maybe Mayowa getting 4 or 5 sacks each and a couple thrown in from the likes of Hankins, Hall, Crosby and the safeties. I think he'll be more than a pure 3rd down pass rush specialist this year as he looks to have improved his all round game and gotten stronger with better leverage. To be fair I don't think he was terrible against the run last year, just usual rookie mistakes being out of place, biting on fakes and a few things so I can see him playing a pretty high number of snaps. I can't really see us rising to middle of the pack stats wise but I think we'll get a decent number of pressures which may be almost as important. Hopefully we'll be able to scheme the safeties in particular and the LBs free to generate some pressure as we have some great blitzers back there with Joyner, Joseph and Abram.
  9. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    I know it's pre-season and all and optimism is high, but there are a few positions above that are very questionable. Murray was a Pro Bowl RB in 2015 and rushed for 12 TDs in 2016 so to automatically say Jacobs is an improvement without taking a single regular season snap is a stretch as of now. He may well be better in time. Ingold is not better at this moment in time than Olawale was in 2016, he was very effective and versatile. I think they're also undervaluing the defensive interior of Williams and Ellis who played well in 2016, again, we may be slightly better but it's not a certainty. OL and pass rush are noticeably much weaker until proven otherwise. Overall I'd say the 2016 vintage was slightly better by way of having an elite OL and Mack and Irvin but of course this new 2019 vintage can grow.
  10. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    Enjoyed the last episode, Gruden is coming across really well and first impressions are that he has the team buying in. I'd like to see more about guys like Burfict and what his impact on the D is and Karl Joseph I'd like to see more of too. Richie Incognito is very articulate and not at all how I thought he'd present. Going to be interesting to see the bubble players when it comes near to cut time, we have some pretty tough decisions to make and that could make for great viewing this series.
  11. Training Camp 2019

    Really happy to be proven wrong so far (though there is still a way to go) and that Williams and Nelson look like upgrades and will make the WR unit versatile and strong. It's a good sign that Ateman, Doss, Grant, Harris are all competing for what appear to be the last 2 spots. It could come down to who makes a few plays in the last pre-season game, something to be interested over.
  12. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    Yeh, that was a little like watching The Office or something, Carr came across really well too I thought but Abram made it very awkward for him in that scene. I can't say I've ever heard anyone ever pronounce salmon any differently than what it is Hopefully they shine the spotlight on someone else a little more next episode.
  13. Raiders Defense

    A little early for that IMO, Burns would get pass rushing snaps only in our system as he wouldn't hold up in our front. Gary is still a huge question mark. Ferrell was the best complete DE after Bosa in the draft (probably) so we have to give him time.
  14. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    Just watched the first episode and I found it very entertaining. Abrams is clearly trying hard to be the star of the show, maybe a little too hard. I found his interaction with Gruden a little cringy, maybe he should just ease back a little until he's proved something on the field in real games. Pity we couldn't see a little more of the DL and how they're coming along, particularly guys like Key, Hurst and Hall. Gruden came over very well I thought after fearing the worst
  15. Training Camp 2019

    I don't expect us to be great on D this year but a little patience and we may be around average to just below average. To be fair the Rams have a great O with most starters returning whilst we have a lot of moving parts right now. So long as we see improvement though the pre season and the regular season I'm not too worries just yet.................