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  1. As most guys have said I don't really see a downside to this signing, Irving was for a couple years a really impactful player on the Dallas DL. Seems like he is very grateful to the Raiders for taking a chance on him and hopefully that results in a motivated and enthusiastic player. We haven't over committed and protected ourselves with the incentive laden deal and can try and resign him if he shows anything. Irving doesn't prevent us from acquiring other options if they are viable in FA and the draft but he does offer a potentially high reward as a disruptive and rotational player. I don
  2. This garbage is absolutely incorrect. The final 6 games we scored 148 points. We scored 6, 25, 27, 27, 31 and 32 points. Carr was crappy against Atlanta true, but outside that game he was the least of our issues and to try and portray Carr as the problem by using incorrect stats ruins your credibility IMO.
  3. Why don't you start your own blog and have guest FF writers if you can't produce on a daily basis, as you say the articles I read on the above sites aren't very insightful and can't take long to compile. There's much more insight here in fact........ 😀
  4. I'm in agreement here. If (and it's a big IF) we can upgrade FS then I think we are ok at corner. Mullen looks good to me, albeit with a bad game or two which soured some people. Arnette has cover skills but needs coaching and situational awareness as does Johnson and Lawson to me is criminally underrated around here, I think he's a really solid NCB. Amik and Nixon are work in progress. Maybe we can bring in a vet backup but Arnette and Johnson need to play to improve I feel. Put a Harrison Smith back there and that'll be the glue that binds all those guys IMO. My focus would be at l
  5. For all his faults, One thing I think Gruden would be good at is using his charisma and 'selling' his vision and the team to potential FAs. He seems to be well liked by players and they seem to buy in to the enthusiasm at least initially....... I'd love to be in a meeting with Gruden and Mark Davis, I have a feeling it would be like no meeting I've ever been part of 😁😁
  6. A couple incentives I see, he would be the face of the franchise here in a brand new NFL city which may be a big selling point, money & taxes are always incentives and its just such an Al Davis type signing that I think Mark and Gruden could sell him on the leadership, main man of the D role. Of course that doesn't mean he's likely to sign or even if we're in the running but I bet there are one or two teams he considers for whatever reasons that are not being mooted.
  7. Yeh, I think you're right, particularly regarding the 3T which is why I'd advocate for drafting a guy like Nixon (or whoever) with high upside and bringing in a guy like Geno Atkins or JJ Watt to take away the need for the rookie to start immediately and be so crucial a piece. We can ease them in and let them learn and absorb off a great player over maybe 2 seasons. At least that is the theory 😁
  8. Just thinking about this defence and it seems to me we have a roster full of rotation or solid type players without the impact or keystone player to set them off. For example, the Rams have Donald and we signed Littleton who was feeding off him. The Buccs have Suh, Vea, Barrett and JPP and we signed Nassib who was feeding off them. The Cowboys had Lawrence and Quinn and we signed Collins who was feeding off them, The Bears have Mack and Akiem Hicks and we signed Kwit who was benefitting off them and and on and on. Now, some of those guys are decent players but I feel we need to sign the c
  9. I'm probably in a very small minority but from what I've seen Ferrell looks to me a pretty good DE. He just doesn't have the electric burst or much of a speed rush you expect of a top pick but he's strong, plays with good leverage and is smart. Crosby is the better out and out pass rusher, though he's not a speed rusher either really but I'm not sure he's the better overall player all things considered. A very good DT I'm convinced would make both Ferrell and Crosby so much more effective as neither really have the speed to bend the edge and get to the QB by blowing past the OT so they need th
  10. Ah, yep......Good spot! He could be perfect for a couple years and while a lot of corners are projected by posters to safety later in their careers he could be one that's a realistic option there too as he has the IQ, ball skills and wherewithal.
  11. Ok, so I've been thinking about some realistic but still eye opening moves we could make that I think could benefit the team: JJ Watt, Texans DE/DT. Probably played his last down in Houston and would be the leader our D needs. Can maybe prise him away for a 3rd or 4th round pick maybe even a 5th like Calais Campbell. Contract can be extended or reworked to be more amenable. Harrison Smith, Vikings SS/FS. Versatile leader and high IQ player who could be a glue player on the back end. Still playing at a very high level and wonder if a 5th rounder would do it? Jonathan Allen, Washi
  12. Russell Wilson is my favourite QB in the NFL and I think he's overall the best so I would absolutely love to see him in Silver and Black but as much as I'd love that, I just don't see it. I don't see why on earth Seattle would trade him 🤔
  13. Lavonte David was superb I thought, really really underrated player. JPP is still a very good player too. Great all round defence.
  14. This is absolute nonsense. I think you'll find that Watson probably thinks (like most successful pro athletes) he's the best QB in the league. He probably thinks he can beat anyone, anytime, anywhere. Mahomes is very, very good but the constant over estimating of his effect and abilities (not just by yourself, mainly by the media) is very irritating. We smashed Kansas in their own back yard this very year with a bottom 3 defence and a Beta male QB for heck's sake 🙄 On a positive, I do like Washington and they would be a great fit 😀
  15. I have to be honest and say I would have taken Sweat and Ferrell over him but yeh 😁😁 that's looking like a big mistake now........ We could have had White and Sweat 😭
  16. Well, we did kind of stifle them in the first game especially when Mahomes looked very ordinary and most of the 2nd when our D actually played like a semi competent unit in fairness to our coaches, those were two games we actually coached very well. It just goes to show that a good D is a must in today's NFL. Our O is good enough with a few tweaks but our D isn't holding anyone to 9 let alone teams like Kansas, Green Bay, Tampa or Los Angeles.
  17. Its funny how perspectives and opinions change over time...... I remember being very pro Musgrave when we hired him and during his tenure and being in a distinctly small minority. Carr was legitimately an MVP candidate that year and Musgrave did play a part for sure but we certainly weren't lucky and it certainly wasn't all Musgrave and schedule 🙄 Carr and Mack made big plays at big points in the big games. I'm so annoyed he got injured as we had so much momentum, we genuinely could have gotten to the AFC Championship game IMHO.
  18. I think the bottom line us you're both right, its not mutually exclusive. In the above example it's obviously Rodgers, but of course it would be. Now, if the choice was say, Matt Ryan over Mack, Jacobs and Miller that may be much, much closer. Obviously Watson is very talented and could be an Elite QB for years but Rodgers is HoF QB no doubt. The thing is Watson would probably be worth more than our next 3 1st round picks from a production persoective over their (potential) Raider careers but that still doesn't mean we should overpay as @jimkelly02 says. We can with some skill potent
  19. Can't we trade Gruden for Watson?? Al got a kings ransom for him last time and he is our best pass rusher too! 😀😀
  20. Good post. Whilst I'm in the camp that thinks Derek Carr is a QB that absolutely we can succeed with, Watson is an elite player who is still very young. Swapping Watson for Carr with no other changes this year possibly gets us 1, maybe 2 more wins so its not the final move that we can sit back and rest on our laurels with. As much as I like Carr, Watson is a clear upgrade but we'd still have a crappy defence so it should be seen as the first chip to fall and we'd still need to rebuild the defence to be a real threat. Personally, I can't see this happening but if it did I'd be for it but i
  21. Probably overall Marcus Allen 😉
  22. Interesting, I'm not sure the greatest all round player wasn't Marcus Allen. Great RB obviously but then played some fullback too when Bo was in, his blocking was really good, could have played receiver, threw the ball really well (probably more accurate than Schroeder) and probably would have made a good fist of DB too. Can't think of any players who've been more complete as a player, maybe Deion Sanders but of course he was allergic to tackling 😁
  23. I would truck DC in Oklahoma drill. That goes without saying, I imagine most of us could without breaking sweat even. The calibre of athlete at their keyboards on this forum is really quite something 😁😁😁
  24. Nobody is anointing Carr though and Goff is clearly holding the Rams back. Our D is the factor clearly holding us back so it's a totally different situation? Heck, the one game they played ok we beat the Chiefs 😀
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