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  1. I've been very critical of Gruden over the last season or so but it's true, something feels like it's starting. The team is flying around on D, playing smart and not making the usual schoolboy errors. Guys like Abram are not playing like loose cannons, they seem to be all pulling together and they seem to be buying in to what the coaches are selling. Confidence and momentum are absolutely massive in sport and if we can just keep that building and get on a roll some of the younger players and players who've lost a lot over the years will start believing. Carr us a player who once confident
  2. Haha these things are so knee jerk! 2 weeks ago we were something like #27..........it's good to see getting some feel good and positive publicity but I think as long as we don't take our eye off the ball and just keep our heads down we should be in playoff contention when all said and done barring Carr going down or some calamitous injury list. Playoffs should be the aim this year and anything else is a bonus.
  3. Haha, you're not wrong. The frustrating but is it was quite predictable really. I'm a big fan of Richie Incognito but he's 38 or thereabouts so you simply need to assume he'll miss some games. I guess Good was the bad loss really as he was our insurance policy on numerous positions. We would have been fine losing the OC as we have good depth there but both guards and RT is tough, and of course Good could have covered a few positions. Let's just hope that Miller stays healthy. I think Carr can mitigate losing one tackle and the running game struggling to a degree but if we lose both tackles we
  4. Plus the Legion of Doom for the Seahawks, they drafted guys like Chancellor in the mid rounds and Sherman and Browner too so he obviously knows what he wants in that scheme and the skills and talents that will work. Interesting to note that the FS which is key was a high pick in Earl Thomas and we've used a high pick on Moehrig too as that seems to be a position he values highly. Every week I believe a little more in his abilities, he's doing a great job selling me on his potential as a top notch DC so far........... Miami we still need to produce though as we won't be facing an offence a
  5. Why can Littleton being get trucked by receivers Sorry, I'm not quite sure what you mean here?? 😀
  6. True, but the difference is also that on the Smith-Schuster TD run Kwiat would have made the tackle so he's better in coverage but weaker in run support and tackling to be fair.
  7. You may be right, he is overhyped of course (as all young signal callers tend to be these days) and to be honest, the Chargers had a borderline HoF QB for the last 15 years and we beat them often so I'm not concerned really. The Chargers are always beatable 😁
  8. Absolutely. Its almost like he had to take a step back and start from scratch. Certainly playing to his strengths helps as he's the type of player who has distinct strengths and weaknesses, as you say, you still want him to be a pain in the posterior for the opposition but you have to play with some level of control. Obviously the stiff arm he suffered wasn't great but his reaction was. No histrionics, no mouthing off, just got on with it and came up with a couple big plays layer. The Guenther version of Abram would have done something stupid then and compounded that. Kudos to him for tha
  9. Nice to see the same old Chargers fluff up what should have been a win. Herbert looked pretty poised though despite the two interceptions, kid is a good QB and he's going to be very good. Always looks like he has time and he'll be a pain for us for a few years. Chargers D didn't look great to be fair, it's basically Bosa and James. I think we can handle them if we play to our potential.
  10. Whilst I agree that Hobbs has done really well and we ideally want him to win the job (which he did) and keep it going forward, I think a guy like Lawson is definitely worth keeping round the team as insurance. He can play inside and out, tackles well and is a solid vet at this point. Hopefully he's not needed but we can definitely do worse as depth and injury insurance.
  11. True, he is a decent coverage guy in fairness I just find it frustrating the schoolboy errors he makes. Supposedly he was a more 'pro ready' prospect who'd played at a big time programme, was older and was talked about as being able to step in an play at a good level. It looks like the coverage skills (in man) are there, the athleticism is there but he's struggling with the focus and mental aspects. The thing is, he's not a very young player so he really needs to start 'getting it' this year.
  12. No need for me to do a write up as it's the same as this basically 😂 I will add that with regard coaching I think we had a really good game plan this week. We went to Waller again and again last week so when Pittsburgh saw that and tried to erase him we looked like we knew they would do it and had planned accordingly to use Renfrow, Drake and other options and Carr was really picking the D apart. Credit to the pass protection which was decent but Carr and Gruden take a bow, great game plan and excellent execution. Ruggs and Edwards did their part too. Totally agree on Arnette too. We
  13. I think you've hit the nail on the head there in that it's a sliding scale of cost versus production. If you're spending what we were spending on the OL then you simply have to have all the guys on the field consistently and have elite run and pass blocking. If you can get good (instead of elite) pass blocking and good run blocking but at significantly reduced cost, you simply do it as you rightly say as you can significantly improve other areas in theory. Jackson and Brown made total sense. Giving a guy known for a lazy work ethic and had missed time on the field the biggest contract for
  14. Really enjoyed the Washington v Giants game. Daniel Jones looks like he's come on a lot as a QB but damn, the Giants seemed like they didn't want to win, dropped a wide open TD with no-one within 10 yards, penalty on a missed FG by Washington to give them another try with 5 seconds left........ 😬
  15. He was in for one single play 😁 In fairness, he did have a 30 yard run but he was one and done......... Nobody on the Raiders forum was surprised..........
  16. And it was really pleasing that on third downs the defenders were pretty good in not giving up too much cushion, they seemed to know where the sticks were and kept the offence short a few times. Under Guenther in 3rd and 6 we always seemed to be giving them 7 yards cushion, we were always too soft fearing getting beat deep.
  17. Leavitt was a full participant so we're all right gents 😉👍
  18. I'm not so sure, for as long as I can remember we've always played Pittsburgh really well even when we had crappy teams and they've been very good........remember the Bruce Gadkowski game? Throwing floaters all over and getting away with them 😁. I think we play well and it'll be tight but I'm just not scared of their offence really. Big Ben is a shadow of the player he was and they do t have the game breakers they used to. They are still really well coached - Tomlin us so underrated - and their D can make huge plays and change the course of a game but I think it'll be a good game and we m
  19. I can't wait to see what these guys look like against Pittsburgh, was it just a one off? Is Gus Bradley the real deal? If we come out again and put together a fast, aggressive and disciplined performance on D again I think that goes a long way towards proving that Gus Bradley may be the biggest addition we've had for years.
  20. I did like the rotation on the DL against Baltimore, we saw plenty of snaps of Jefferson, Philon and Thomas and on the outside Nassib was used frequently. I think this is the way to go keeping guys fresh and so the OL can't key in on one guy. Philon has been something if a revelation and seems to be a great signing.
  21. Good job he only ran 31 yards if he went 50 one of his legs might have fallen off 😬
  22. To be fair, that is very harsh on James and Leatherwood. I'm not sure if the ratings are percentages or what they're out of, but no way Simpson was that much better than Leatherwood from what I saw. Leatherwood allowed that one bad sack and had a penalty which was very tough for him, possibly on Carr but he was decent I thought given he was rookie making his first start and was up against a couple of wily vets. James was average with a couple really big whiffs, I guess the bad snap and penalties counted again at him a lot. They weren't great but I struggle to believe they were the worst in the
  23. I see the great Todd Downing is endearing himself to Titans fans 😁
  24. Curse Paul Guenther and his influence with Gruden 😁😁
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