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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    No way we should even contemplate looking at McClain, he's a dull, slow ILB exactly like we don't need. Only really suits as a 2 down player in a 3-4 IMHO and that's without the obvious stupidity and potential for trouble.
  2. Team Needs

    #1 DE - Pass rusher must be top of the list until proven otherwise, all we have are journeymen and a couple of unproven rookies. #2 TE - We have a bunch of hopefuls and a few journeymen, none of whom inspire much confidence. #3 P - Punter shouldn't be on the list for any team but I know a bunch of amateur soccer players who could kick better than Townsend, just terrible. #4 LB - Again is filled with young guys who may or may not pan out and vets on their last contracts possibly so lots variable there and no bona fide lock. These are the obvious ones but others to note are that we have a 35 year old pencilled in to start at LG after a 2 game suspension, a LT who had a torrid rookie year and we still don't know if he'll progress and our backfield is heavily reliant on a rookie producing more in the NFL than he ever did in college. I'd say the secondary actually looks strong with lots of options and when Nevin Lawson and Trayvon Mullen are battling for the #4 CB spot it's a great sign. We have a great mix of players at safety IMHO. WR could be great, and Antonio Brown I'm confident will be a great player for us with his professionalism and work ethic but Williams will have to perform and Renfrow, Grant or Nelson will have to step up so there could be a drop off behind Brown. Dt has some decent vets in Ellis and Hankins and some decent potential in Hall and Hurst.
  3. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    Yeh.....................I don't think that's going to happen It's a shame really as Marshawn did still look pretty good in 2017 and still had some juice left last year, maybe not for the long runs but he was definitely breaking tackles. I'm disappointed we couldn't get a really, really good Beastmode in a version of our offence close to that 2016 one, that would have been great to see in 2017 and last year.
  4. Rookie Predictions

    I don't this these are unreasonable, I'm not going to predict actual stats but; Ferrel - Day 1 starter and solid if unspectacular, Mack only had 4 sacks and I struggle to see him get many more than 5 or 6 his rookie year especially as we only have potnetial at the other spots but I think he'll be a solid all round player Jacobs - Flashes of talent and I think Gruden uses him a decent amount, I worry he may breakdown with small niggling injuries towards the end of the year from the increased workload he's never had before Abram - Similar type of player to Joseph and I think he'll struggle a bit in coverage as most rookie safeties do, he'll make a few highlight hits though and him and Joseph work well together with Joyner Mullen - #4 CB to start season and gradually increases reps, I can see him being a very good Cb in a couple years and #2 CB next year Crosby - Situational pass rusher who flashes and probably has as many sacks as Ferrel, though I can't see him being a full time DE for a couple seasons Renfrow - Consistent player in our WR core, not flashy but just the type of guy we've been missing to move the chains........... we'll all love this kid Bell - Practice squad or cut just too raw and not sure he'll ever make an impact Johnson - fringe roster spot and ST only guy his first year, I'm skeptical he'll work out and not a fan of the pick
  5. Around The League V.2

    Nothing we can do about that now. It's a make or break year for him here. Why does it have to be so black and white? Make or break? I think if we're sensible and realistic (and hopefully our FO is) we'll have a better year but we're still only really an average team so I'd expect some steady to good play from Carr while improving cohesion with and all new receiving core. Maybe in playoff or wildcard contention until late in the season. Add some more high draft picks next draft and good FA and then we really do have to make a push with Vegas being highly publicised and the story of redemption to write. For me, the coaching team is far more on the hot seat than Carr this year, we desperately need improvements in pass rush, overall defensive play and of course the OL play simply must improve. Cable usually seems to have a decent rushing attack and terrible pass blocking, kind of opposite the way the NFL has been moving for the last 20+ years
  6. I think we're one of those teams where if everything clicks and we stay injury free we could surprise an awful lot of people, the OL should be a lot better if we're fit at least (sans Cable) and we have some viable receivers and AB looking motivated. The trouble I see is we need a lot of things to go right, a few players to step up and if only a few go wrong we could be in trouble. Great thread though goldfishwars and really interesting to read through!
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    It was a veiled reference to Mack.............Not wanting to pony up for an elite defensive talent I agree that the top defensive talent this year would have been overpriced and would have been a PR disaster after we traded Mack
  8. Random Raider Stuff

    Interesting......... I don't think we're far away from where each position would rank skills wise there either. The outlier might be CB where I think we should be pretty strong with Conley, Worley and Mullen. That looks a strong, decently deep group to me even though Joyner is not included money wise but will be playing a lot of slot. QB - Decent to good value (though I suspect a lot won't agree) RB - To be seen but seems about right given our depth and good spread of skills WR - A little high maybe as AB is the only top guy TE - About right for the bodies we have, hopefully one will step up an make this good value OL - Must perform better than last year but on paper looks about right maybe a little high DL - You get what you pay for LB - We just don't seem to value these and I can understand it somewhat, really like Morrow this year to make a leap S - Good deep group and we should see good play from these guys this year (assume Joyner is included here) CB - Great value for Conley, Worley and Mullen - I think Conley is a star K/P - Overpaid no matter what they earn considering Townsend
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    I don't know if there is a link or something missing on my screen but this quite clearly isn't true or is a huge U turn after the incident. It also raises the question whether we'll retain top level talent after their rookie contract ends, seems a risky way to do business relying on finding a stud every 4 years to replace the guy you won't pay for and hoping he develops in 2, even then you're only getting maybe 2 to 3 years of high level production. I can understand we don't want to have huge money tied up at too many positions but you're also severely handicapping yourself if you're only looking for inexpensive guys.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    I like a lot of what you post drfrey but this just seems like digging for a reason to put the drops on Carr. Just watching the plays it's clear our receivers did drop a lot of catchable balls, and particularly badly timed ones like on 3rd down, maybe Cooper is just happier in Dallas and as a consequence plays slightly better with more concentration - a more rational explanation to me than Carr throws difficult to catch balls IMHO. If I didn't know better this sounds like making excuses for the receivers in order to apportion blame to Carr..........
  11. Pick is in, #40 - CB Trayvon Mullen

    It is a legitimate concern, that front was very, very strong and could have masked a multitude of failings in the LBs and secondary. I wasn't that familiar with Mullen but having watched a decent amount since his coverage does seem to be good and he's got the physical tools no doubt. Very interesting prospect and we've got the nice situation that he doesn't HAVE to start immediately. I'm liking this pick more and more the better I get acquainted with his play
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    An ominous sign if you ask me.................... I think he's the fulcrum of our OL and should retire a Raider but I can see him being let walk when he wants #1 OC money. I'm probably in the minority but I am a part of the camp that feels we should build up the DL and spend money there and roll with the young guys at LB......albeit guys that can cover and have range. Depending upon how they look in camp and pre-season I'd be willing to give Cabinda and Morrow starter time with one of Marshall or Burfict as the green dot guy. Whitehead (IMO) wasn't terrible but wasn't worth his money and I don't see him improving markedly, and he's too expensive for a backup/ST guy. I really think Morrow can be a very good coverage LB and Lee is cheap depth. Coney I'm not buying the hype until we see it in game time, there's a reason he had a draft free fall.
  13. Probably Joey Bosa as the DL is still a very weak link and he's a complete player. From the other rivals: Chiefs - Travis Kelce as we have just bodies at TE Broncos - Chris Harris Jr (for 1 yr) or Bradley Chubb (if long term)
  14. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Good reply. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I rate QBs (or any players or boxers etc. etc.) I tend to put them in the context of their time frame and compared against their peers. Montana's numbers would look pedestrian to pretty good today but obviously at that time was elite - which you would only really know by watching the actual games. This is the only way I feel we can compare different generations.
  15. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I think the confusion here is how posters designate their catagories - is 'average' a comparison to the 2019 projected starters (in which case you'd be correct) or is it in terms of calibre of QB that the poster has seen over a period of time which may include historical QBs. For example, when I rate a QB I take into account the QBs we've had over the last 30 odd years and the great QBs I've seen such as Montana, Marino and Moon. For me, average would be a QB who is a starter but who is not going to carry the team but may have great games at times aswell as poor games and seasons, Dalton would be the epitome of average to me. It wouldn't be the mean skill of the current starting QBs as they could all be great or lots of them poor at any one time. The tiers currently for me would be; Elite QBs - Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Wilson Near Elite - Rivers, Luck, Mahomes, Roethlisberger Good Starter - Ryan, Mayfield, Wentz, Carr, Watson, Newton, Stafford, Goff, Garoppolo Average - Dalton, Cousins, Prescott, Smith, Foles, Mariota, Manning, Fitzpatrick, Bradford, Flacco, Winston, Below Average - Keenum, Trubisky, Tannehill, Jackson, Bortles, Gabbert, Need to see more - Garoppolo, Darnold, Allen, All Rookie QBs
  16. Random Raider Stuff

    It sounds promising, but we’ve had so many false dawns on players I’m still in wait and see mode until he proves something on the field. It does at least sound like a legitimate reason why they let Cook walk.
  17. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I agree with the last sentiment entirely! Only thing I'd say is that every Carr supporter here that I've seen contribute has readily admitted Carr has flaws and I've not seen anyone deny any obvious flaws in his game.
  18. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I think a guy like Allen Bailey could be worth bringing in as a big bodied run stopper at strong side DE with a little pass rush, always liked his play at the Chiefs and Ethan Westbrooks looked promising a few years back not sure what happened to him. Wilkerson looked done and checked out to me and I'm surprised we haven't brought Kony Ealy in if even for camp. I don't think many of these would actually make our team and I guess the coaches feel the same at this point.
  19. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I guess we can put that spin on it but compared to Lee Smith and Cook last year who were both very valuable role players this years TE roster looks scarily weak to me. Iron sharpens iron is the old saying but I can't honestly see a starting calibre TE on the roster at this point to 'sharpen' the other options against. Maybe I'm in the minority but I guess I'd rather have a proven commodity than just hopes and dreams on players who've never amounted to much.
  20. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    True, but it's a beautifully thrown ball and beating Lamarcus Joyner I think who's one of our best in coverage. I for one am excited to see how the Carr/Brown connection evolves and who they go up against in camp will be intriguing.........
  21. Random Raider Stuff

    No way Hudson wasn't near the very top performers at OC and Conley did very well too, this actually for me throws a lot of doubt about how these PFF guys come up with their ratings. Hudson was absolutely Pro Bowl worthy and in a better team probably in the All Pro discussion. I'm not entirely sure how high 80.0 is as a ranking in their system but I didn't see a better centre in 2018.
  22. Random Raider Stuff

    Something to do, play along if you wish... Most Overrated: None really, but I guess any of our TEs if we consider them starter calibreMost Underrated: Karl JosephBest Player: Rodney HudsonKey New Addition: Antonio BrownCould Surprise: Kolton MillerTakes a Leap: PJ Hall Prove it Year: Jon Gruden
  23. Raiders Offense Thread:

    It's obviously still very early and there can be further additions but at this moment in time there are still a few big question marks on offence if we're going to say this is a make or break year for Carr (not that everyone is saying that). TE is a huge ? and looks really, really weak to me Miller is still a huge doubt at potentially LT Good played well in relief last year but again he's not a sure thing at G for me I'm not totally convinced by Williams, Nelson or Grant at WR though AB is obviously a class player and I like Renfrow Rookie RB has potential and should produce pretty well but it's certainly not a given as he is a rookie I know some people will probably think I'm already making excuses for Carr but I think these are legitimate concerns for me if we're expecting a 2016 like season.
  24. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I agree with most of what you saw but what difference does it make who the outlet is? As long as it's there is what matters. If you are gonna say that this would limit ABs looks or something, I'm sure Gruden has made AB the hot route in 80% of his plays and has already said he putting in the route ABs like the most, (slants, curls, zone sit downs and double moves imo). I see what you're getting at and I don't think we're in disagreement, it's just an interesting point to me that we didn't scheme a few short, quick hit routes to try and ease the pressure and instead continued to send our receivers downfield and rely on a back flaring out or sitting down in front of the line of scrimmage, maybe we were hoping to create space for the dump off to the back by taking the DBs downfield, maybe we should have been scheming a WR open quickly. Just puzzled me why Carr had so limited options when the whole staff would have known what was inevitably coming at him.
  25. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Oh, I think we did have a quick outlet like a RB or maybe a TE but very few where we schemed a WR to get free early is what I was thinking. Only one short crossing route for nelson and he didn't look back at Carr until after he'd left the pocket in the opposite direction. I saw Roberts curl back once but was covered as he didn't sell anything other than what he was doing. I totally agree on the last sentence, if the QB has 2 seconds to throw he only has time to look one way basically, thought Carr actually made a few nice plays with his legs too.