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  1. holy daaaaaangit the cardinals survive and so do i! im going to continue my strategy on betting against nfc north rivals.
  2. yeah sure im captain obvious, but banking on gary being a force is naive and i read that all summer through the forum, he is a young player with potential and a limited sample size. Our pass rush looks weaker by the week.
  3. Great player hope he comes back strong, without all the injuries he wouldve been the best RT of this generation.
  4. i might make the trip to bercy this november, ill let you guys know if it happens, the prices are reasonable for the final and the semis. for me the GOAT debate is already done with, but federer is a Jordan like figure in tennis, people will never let go. Its an eye test thing, supreme style and spectacle. Federer plays like how most of us rec players would love to play, the movement, the backhand. I hope i can see him play live at least once in a real tournament before he retires.
  5. all these hopes and projections put on Gary but Z has been the critical piece in our pass rush, he was sorely missed on week 1 and he will be until he comes back.
  6. Offense - QB Patrick Mahomes - KC HB Aaron Jones - GB FB/H-Back Kyle Juszczyk - SF LT David Bakhtiari - GB LG Elton Jenkins - GB C Corey Linsley - LAC RG Zack Martin - DAL RT Ryan Ramczyk - NO TE Darren Waller - Raiders WR1 Davante Adams - GB WR2 Stefon Diggs - BUF Defense - DE Danielle Hunter - MIN NT Aaron Donald - LAR DE Kenny Clark - GB OLB1 Khalil Mack - CHI OLB2 Za'Darius Smith - GB
  7. I like Dillon but I don't feel it's the same situation as Jones, He has skills but he doesn't have that extra burst like Henry or the wiggle Chubb has, Jones has the vision and homerun potential. He's a good piece to use in certain matchups like New england used to do.
  8. just once id like to see a historically dominant defense in green bay, i honestly couldnt give a hoot about offense anymore, ive seen enough offense i want a defense to be feared.
  9. this was a beating on the level of the week 6 against tampa last year, im glad it happened this early so i dont get all my hopes up later in the season. the season is long and much can change, but i was too optimistic, now ill enjoy the good that comes with tempered expectations.
  10. no third down conversions, impossible to win like that
  11. if the score was 38-21, it wouldve been about our putrid defence, it was 38-3 it was a team effort both sides as guilty as the other.
  12. how the draw played out had a big part in this result, it does most of the time, going through berretini and zverev took its toll
  13. yeah terrible miss on a double break, hes done, well played medevev, good bet.
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