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  1. Rafa feasts on these tall dudes that serve heat and can't keep a rally going for that long, berretini's backhand was no match, just broke it down like it was nothing.
  2. i saw that match up live once and it was pretty lopsided, Barty has so much variety to her game and keys just bashed herself to defeat. shame about iga losing, i wanted to see that final. i see Barty winning in straights too. Nadal v Med final, anyone see it otherwise?
  3. Is a team full of yes men enough to lure AR to Denver?
  4. felix is like a whip, such clean and fluid striking, that serve is heavy and the sound it makes with the roof closed is awesome. Meds getting amped up and gutting out that 4th set jeez. What a match by both.
  5. Iga guts it out hehe, felix 2 sets up didnt see that one coming.
  6. I'm hoping for a Barty-Iga match in the final, my two favorites on the WTA, but kanepi is about to take the first set.
  7. lets throw the big bucks we were unwilling to before to fix this debacle. Id assume he would ask for even more money now, maybe throw in a new title like he had in MIA.
  8. id go with a New england or Baltimore guy, two organizations that put a lot of effort and research into STs.
  9. Before it was give Aaron a defense like the patriots give Brady, we got 30 scored on, they were all true, but we got 2 field goals out of the defense, one because of awful special teams. just needed 7 after the first drive. 9 possesions 3 points, with 3 straight three and outs. last year was the same to end the game. ran out of excuses now conjuring up from thin air.
  10. Enjoyed FAA vs Cilic, thought Cilic had it in him, Sinner playing well too. Djoko being out has the brightside it will be a lot of juicy material for the new netflix series. Lets hope they show enough. Nadal-Medvedev Final? Ive enjoyed watching rafa but Daniil looks the favorite so far.
  11. its all an appeal to tradition, maybe it would be better a different way. im not a bills fan and dont think its an injustice, but its illogical.
  12. For a game that does everything to ensure fair competition, from the draft, to the cap, to the schedule, the overtime rules are nonsensical. They go to such lengths to ensure parity and they leave the most important moments up to a coinflip.
  13. Bunch of excuses right there and most definitely not looking forward. I'd keep Amos out of some of the moves discussed here. Trade Rodgers, try to trade Adams, Extend jaire, cut one of z and Preston, cut turner, Cobb, Crosby, restructure bak and Kenny if possible, if not I'd keep them. Maybe look for a mobile qb in the Lamar Jackson mold for the cold weather in a couple years.
  14. That 2014 game can't be topped and theres no way I'll rewatch the highlights let alone the full game. I didn't even want to watch the superbowl because I was in a different time zone at three am, at 5 am im thinking why I even bothered but then laughed so heartily when Seattle got picked at the 1. I released all those negative feelings bubbling up. Karma for such a wack NFC championship
  15. If they know he's no good they'll have to swing a huge draft day trade because we're at the bottom of the first, I don't think Its worth it but it depends on their prospect evaluations
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