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  1. you're right i guess the long campaign to get him in when i was growing up stuck with me, my mistake. It took who most considered the best punter ever 23 years to get in, hard for gunners or long snappers to have a shot.
  2. He wont, AP was the best shot but he had the injuries and the lost year because of offfield issues, even a uber athlete like AP has injuries so the longevity part of it is insane.
  3. Theres currently no punters or returners in the HOF, the only modern kicker is Andersen, so before even considering a gunner theres a logjam there. Vinatieri lock, Tucker lock if he keeps going strong, Hester? veterans comittee maybe. I dont think any other recent ST player has a good shot.
  4. I liked the 4th and 14 call while the announcers were going on about punting and holding them, I was just shaking my head
  5. its not the raiders, its gruden, and everyone that is on that washington investigation.
  6. No way i let bakh go, the line has underperformed without him. Jenkins isnt playing himself into LT money, RT money im fine with that, cant be rebuilding the line every year, especially with a new QB if thats what it comes to.
  7. Dj Moore is currently pricing himself out, hes having a breakout season, I took out some players i dont think are number one receivers in this offense, or theyre in the same age bracket as Davante. The options i left i feel are doable and theyve shown they can be a number one receiver in the right situation. They are young enough to take a shorter contract with good money searching for a bigger extension, and theyve been hit by injuries or recent lack of production/ bad situation so it will drive their price down some. of course id like Adams back but this is a scenario i could go with.
  8. the bruce allen 30 for 30 is going to be amazing when it comes out.
  9. he'll be the first of many if that investigation is done well. Im mostly waiting for the full scope of the steroid/drug/player safety things to come out so the general public can realize how scummy the league/organizations are.
  10. both sides were probably fed up, wanted his contract tryout somewhere else.
  11. not like i like the seahawks but thats a season killer for them. The probable battle for HFA gets interesting, he can be back with a rams game pending with that timetable, means he misses the game against us and the cardinals.
  12. We're trying to get better, let's get whatever he has left and he gets a shot to earn another decent contract in the league. Let's go for a dlineman before the trade deadline next
  13. Only saw rookie season highlights, after watching a few complete games this year he reminds me of Favre in the best way. he'll be up there in the conversation as soon as the chargers get to a championship game. Consensus top 5 all of his career when Brady and Rodgers retire, with an MVP and other similar level seasons.
  14. Make up, Age, Plastic surgery only Cobbs good looks are appreciated around here apparently.
  15. lolwut shes a dime anywhere, in any era
  16. yeah but pretty much every succesful person on earth has that happen for them, not just in football, you can discredit anyone that way things are never independent of their environment. Bellichick is the best i agree, but i think most HOF QBs wouldnt have achieved what he has in his situation, maybe only the top 5. all conjecture anyways.
  17. mixon is their key to have a shot, if the injury is mild i think they will med him up and play through it. If he cant go i like our chances even better.
  18. theyre confirmed out? dont really keep up with the injury report until the last day because of the smoke and mirrors aspect
  19. i see a close game early on with the bengals gashing us with mixon, 3 point lead for GB, then after a quick packer score to start the 2nd half, an INT by the bengals. I want to see Jaire vs Chase, i think jaire locks him down mostly.
  20. even if he is the luckiest, he has taken advantage of every opportunity and beaten most teams he has to beat, cant fault him for what he cant control. Luck plays a significant factor, but im sure there's times where he got unlucky we cant remember because he won anyway.
  21. GM- Ron Wolf: He came in and turned GB around, he got Favre, White and Holmgren, his "tree" of executives have kept the packers a winner and have been succesful in other franchises. HC- Bill Belichick: Up there as one of the best coaches in all of sports, the best non player in the history of the NFL. OC- Bill Walsh: as big a legacy as anyone DC- Bill Belichick QB - Tom Brady RB - Adrian Peterson FB - Jim Brown WR - Jerry Rice, the best ever in any po
  22. I think they're both worth their money, even the great ones can't run for 150 at 5yards a clip every game, that wasn't even remotely my point, you see a strawman I see trying to twist stats to prove an initial assumption. Jones was producing consistently at +5ypc as soon as he stepped in to the league, low and large sample size his production has stayed almost the same he isn't a product of MLF.
  23. I'm not confusing anything, what you're presenting is not an argument, you're passing it off as a fact. An argument can be wrong, you made your mind up and no amount of factual evidence will change it, can't even admit Jones had a good game. I have a feeling even if Jones has 2 straight +1000 yard seasons at a +5 ypc clip and produces in the playoffs you'll still keep going on about it.
  24. just man up and admit you messed up and got caught, this pr speech everytime someone gets caught is nauseating. its football, lots of players take stuff, just accept it and move on.
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