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  1. Geez, neither team wanted to win that game.
  2. This week we find ourselves in Washington as they take on the New York Giants. I see a bunch of people picking the Washington team for pick em, which is vexing to me. Do they think the back up QB for the Washington will be able to handle the giants D? Thursday: Washington vs Giants Sunday Early: Raiders vs Steelers, Patriots vs Jets, Texans vs Browns, Broncos vs Jaguars, 9ers vs Eagles, Rams vs Colts, Bengals vs Bears, Saints vs Panthers, Bills vs Dolphins Sunday Late: Cowboys vs Rams, Titans vs Seahawks, Falcons vs Buccaneers, Vikings vs Cardinals Sunday Night: Chiefs vs
  3. The ravens brought the house and paid for it. What an ending. We've had some good games this week.
  4. I called it in my pick em league that the Texans would beat the Jags. 3 INT's for the first overall pick, ouch. I saw A. A. Ron get benched too. He done messed up.
  5. Dak looked pretty good considering what he was coming back from injury wise. I picked the Bucs to win in my pick em league but I kinda wanted them to drop this first game like they did last season. Plus my brother would have been happy to beat the Bucs. He's a cowboys fan so I feel for him.
  6. For the start of the season we got the Superbowl champion Buccaneers taking on the Dallas cowboys. Has Jerry built up the team enough this off season? We'll see. As always I'll ask, are there any games you are gonna personally watch?
  7. Great defensive stop there. Wise and Bentley on the combined sack of Daniels.
  8. All interesting questions Deadpulse. I feel like cam is gonna be starting. I haven't seen much of wade and he didn't really stand out in the highlight videos of the raven's 2 preseason games I watched. I'd say Harris and Taylor will be routing mostly situational. If they are hot one week BB stays with them as main back next week kind of thing. Chase did look really good against the eagles. We'll see more of him I'm sure. Agholor hasn't impressed me much. I got to say I'm not a fan of him but I'm open to him impressing me. I don't think Quin makes the cut. Nice sack to start the defense of
  9. The way Sony was breaking tackles in that last preseason game was awesome. I think both parties got some good value out of this trade.
  10. That was a pretty good first half. New kicker missed an extra point, and field goal but I like what I'm seeing out of the offense and defense.
  11. We open the pre season in Canton Ohio with Dallas vs Pittsburgh. Who ya got? Are you watching the game? I am because my brother is a cowboys fan.
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