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  1. You guys see the packers get crushed? 9ers are looking good tonight.
  2. On second thought I might skip the Rams vs 9ers game, I forgot the new Supermarket Sweep is on at 7pm. I use to watch that show a lot back in the day.
  3. I was gonna make this Thursday but with the rescheduling that happened, the game was canceled. This week's other games thread will start off with the Sunday games. Sunday Early:Browns vs Steelers, Ravens vs Eagles, Texans vs Titans, Chicago vs Carolina, Washington vs Giants, Bengals vs Colts, Falcons vs Vikings, Lions vs Jaguars Sunday Late: Jets vs Dolphins, Packers vs Bucs Sunday Night: Rams vs 9ers Monday Night:Chiefs vs Bill, Cardinals vs Cowboys Any match ups look exciting to you guys? I probably gonna watch Packers vs Bucs, Rams vs 9ers, and the double header on monday, besides our game. I might check out the jets vs dolphins game.
  4. Remember when Ryan Tannehill was the problem with the dolphins? I heard several dolphin fans claiming they'd be good with a new qb. I knew he wasn't their problem.
  5. Oh my god. Poor dak. That looked painful.
  6. The Bucs are so undisciplined. Its kinda hard to watch.
  7. Well, its 13 to 14 at half. Come on tommy
  8. It's Thursday Night Football! You guys ready to watch Tommy vs Foles in a superbowl rematch on different teams? Bucs(3-1) vs Bears(3-1). Sunday Early:Raiders vs Chiefs, Bengals vs Ravens, Jaguars vs Texans, Bills vs Titans, Eagles vs Steelers, Rams vs Washington, Panthers vs Falcons, Cardinals vs Jets Sunday Late:Giants vs Cowboys, Colts vs Browns, Dolphins vs 9ers Sunday Night:Vikings vs Seahawks Monday Night:Chargers vs Saints Any match ups look like must watch games to you? Or do you feel the Pats game is enough football for you this week? I think I'll watch Tommy's game, Raiders game, Vikings game, and maybe the chargers.
  9. Right? I'm like, he's probably one of those many undrafted rookies we pick up, nope. He's been in the league since 2015.
  10. Am I the only one who thought we'd be losing by more at half time? Also what the crap hoyer!? Bench him.
  11. Who would have guessed the double pick 6 prediction would be right but it would be the bronoco's QB Rypien.
  12. Sunday Early:Charger vs Bucs, Colts vs Bears, Ravens vs Washington, Jaguars vs Bengals, Browns vs Cowboys, Vikings vs Texans, Saints vs Lions, Seahawks vs Dolphins, Cardinals vs Panthers Sunday Late: Giants vs Rams, Bills vs Raiders Sunday Night Football:Eagles vs 9ers Monday Night Football:Falcons vs Packers Any games you guys plan on watching?
  13. It's Thursday my friends and that means its football night. Looks like we got us a real barn burner of a game with the Broncos vs the Jets. The Battle of the 0-3's. Driskel vs Darnold. Does darnold have what it takes to throw 2 pick 6's this week like last week? I'm joking of course. Who will come out the victor? Or will this be the second tie of the season?
  14. The bills 3-0 who would have guessed. Remember guys, the patriots are in the weakest division as other fans always say.
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