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  1. Well the week wasn't a total wash for me. I won in my pick 'em league! woo! https://imgur.com/bqkjoe5
  2. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    Well the vikings stink but then again the seahawk refs were there too. Really bad no calls and actual calls. If I'm a vikings fan I call for those ref's heads.
  3. Seem like we need a pep talk and I think my friend's words might help. Like my friend from Minnesota said "Who are these all pro super star players the patriots use that make the play when it needs to be made? A bunch of bums." "Malcom Bulter, a nobody DB who was undrafted intercepts it to win them a superbowl. Steerling Moore another nobody who knocked the ball out of Lee Evens hands to stop the Ravens from winning the AFC championship game. Troy Brown, who stripped a defender of the ball after it was intercepted by the chargers in a playoff game, to win. The patriots nobody's make the plays they're suppose to make. That's why they win." What my friend is saying, is that Bill makes nobody players play to their strengths and gets the best out of them.
  4. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    I knew the bears were gonna beat the rams. 4 INTs for Goff. Woof.
  5. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    Omg, what an ending to that cowboys game. Also, is it just me or does it feel good watching the eagles lose?
  6. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    I love how Joe Buck keeps dissing Dak. I mean he does deserve it lol
  7. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    LOL Batson walking back into the end zone for a safety. Silly rookie don't do that.
  8. TNF GDT Titans vs Jags

    What was that 17? Geez.
  9. The Other Games Thread - Week 14

    Awe dang, I'm too late to make the thread, oh well. I'm interested in TNF Jacksonville at Tennessee, because the jags could play spoiler on the titans playoff aspirations. For Sunday I am gonna watch our game but check in on BAL at KC. That could be a good one. ALT at GB, battle of the 4-8's. Well GB is 4-7-1 but close enough. For late Sunday game I'm watching PHI at DAL. Dallas has a game on them and beat them earlier this year in PHI. Then SNF promises to be a good one with the Rams at the Bears. Will Mitch be back? We will see. MNF should be good too. Vikings at Seahawks. Depending on how the bears do, the vikings might get a game closer to being the division leaders. While the hawks are playing for a wild card spot. Should be a good week of football.
  10. I watched the whole game and surprisingly for me my best friend, who is a vikings fan, was texting me the whole game. I'm not a trash talk fan and he knows that so we had a good conversation. My dad didn't pay attention to the game. Harmon, aka my guy, had a nice INT that took a lot of concentration and luck to complete. My best friend was glad the vikings kept it close for so long.
  11. Other Games Thread week 13

    Indeed. I think it will be an up hill battle for LAC.
  12. It will be interesting to see how much rust Rex will have. My dad is a vikings fan so I think I'm gonna enjoy the game with him. It will be fun to talk football with my old man.
  13. Other Games Thread week 13

    That was a good defensive fight there, but imagine if the Cowboys had a better QB. Heck I think Ty Rod would run that offense much better than Dak can.
  14. Other Games Thread week 13

    So who had the cowboys shutting out the saints for the whole first half? Nobody? Okay lol.
  15. Its week 13 of the NFL season. This week's TNF game has the saints going into Dallas. Dallas has a pretty good defense but will they be over run by the saints high powered offense? Probably. Who ya got and are their any other games you are gonna watch this sunday/monday? I think the saints take it. The chargers at the steelers looks to be an interesting game as well.