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  1. The Other Games Thread Week #3

    Whoops, I mean its the 4th.
  2. This week we have the Titans at the Jaguars. Slow start from the titans and the Jaguars are already up 17 in the third. 0-17 so far. Are there any games besides the pats game, that you plan to watch? I kind of want see how well the Steelers will do without Ben.
  3. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    Who's ready for some Monday Night Football!?! I can see the excitement is palpable. I'll watch though. Browns vs Jets.
  4. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    Now I'm glad I watched the bears game. Wow, what an ending. I didn't think they got the time out there.
  5. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    I've got KC vs raiders or Bears vs Denver. Hmm, the bears game might be more competitive.
  6. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    Geez Diggs catches it but not before arm barring his man so its offensive pass interference. 4 targets, 0 catches.
  7. Guys, Ghost is statistically his worst, in Miami. I think Dan said he's 87% everywhere else, but in Miami he's 73%
  8. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    When did Stephon Diggs get butter hands? He had an easy drop for a first and now he had a knock up that got intercepted
  9. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    Wow. The vikings look like they're asleep out there. Packers are already up by 14.
  10. The Other Games Thread Week #2

    I agree. I think they should have used the QB sneak.
  11. This week for Thursday Night football its Tampa at Carolina. It's currently half time. 10 Bucs to the 9 Panthers. So far it looks like Jameis has bounced back from his terrible performance last week. What games are you guys gonna watch?
  12. The Other Games Thread Week #1

    Who would have thought the texans at the saints would be a great game. Lutz hit a beauty of a field goal to win it.
  13. The Other Games Thread Week #1

    Ha, the Lions vs cardinals game ended in a tie.
  14. The Other Games Thread Week #1

    When I looked at the Jets game they were winning 3-16 and now that I'm back home I see they lost 17-16. That had to hurt. Time to watch some giants at the cowboys.
  15. The Other Games Thread Week #1

    Idk if anyone saw this but it was posted in the run up to the game last night. Good stuff.