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  1. Gronk announces retirement

    I'm gonna miss him but thanks for everything.
  2. Congrats guys! I love you guys! Tommy got his 6th. Our defense was almost lights out tonight. I'm just so excited right now!!
  3. Okay, so first half wasn't great but at least our defense showed up. No more throwing to Hogan for a second half adjustment. He's had 3 his way and not caught one. Also run the ball josh. LFG!
  4. I'm excited and I'm a slight bit nervous, but let's go!
  5. Ty Law going to the Hall Of Fame

    Well deserved indeed. Congrats.
  6. My anxiety is still WAY too high after that. Good game played by the Chiefs tonight.
  7. NICE! Rex, you are forgiven. WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!! LETS GET IT!
  8. Thank you! Go with Sony, not with Rex.
  9. Great first half of football. Though I think we should have run it on that 3rd and goal play but I am loving the game plan so far. Keep the pressure on em. SWEEP THE LEG!
  10. I am psyched for the game and can't wait to see how our defense handles their offense. Last time we meet was at our house and we won 40 to 43. I don't expect this game to be as high scoring considering its gonna be a cold one. Also remember, we were using Kenjon Barner as a running back last time. They also had Kareem Hunt last time. It'll be a different game for sure.
  11. GameDay Thread: Patriots vs. Chargers

    Nice pass block by Gilmore on the 2pt conversion.
  12. GameDay Thread: Patriots vs. Chargers

    Its been a good first half. Lets keep going, Go Pats.
  13. GameDay Thread: Patriots vs. Chargers

    I want Tom to spread the ball around to keep the chargers on their toes. Hopefully we can get Sony moving early. Also hopefully no injuries.
  14. Wild Card Weekend

    Chargers at Ravens and Eagles at Bears today. I'm thinking Chargers and Bears. We'll see though.
  15. Wild Card Weekend

    That Colts vs Texans game was bad. I saw the colts first three TD's. Its like what defense. The cowboys game has been a defensive struggle for the most part. Also how'd Janikowski hurt himself on the kick? Geez.