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  1. The Other Games Thread Week #11

    I saw this and had to share lol https://twitter.com/TheOnion/status/1196128393118523393?s=20 https://twitter.com/TheOnion/status/1196128393118523393?s=20
  2. The Other Games Thread Week #11

    Some teams need to like redo their coaching points. I always see the return guy on other teams start running diagonally and then got caught immediately. Its like catch the ball and run forward. I see it with dallas a lot.
  3. The Other Games Thread Week #11

    That would be helpful if the Texans pull it off. What about the hard to watch bowl? The 2-7 jets vs the 1-8 Redskins.
  4. The Other Games Thread Week #11

    This week on sunday we have Texans at Ravens, Broncos at Vikings, Bills at Dolphins, Jaguars at Colts, Bengals at Raiders, Cowboys at Lions, Falcons at Panthers, Jets at Redskins, Saints at Bucs, and Cardinals at 49ers. Sunday Night football: Bears at Rams. Monday night football: Chiefs at Chargers in Mexico city. As always, what games are you guys looking forward to watching?
  5. The Other Games Thread Week #11

    The browns won.
  6. Steelers vs Browns. I understand why we haven't made a thread for the games yet. I'll write up more after the game.
  7. We're on to the bye...

    Its good to see Hollister uninjured and doing well on another team. There were some good nail biter games this week.
  8. We're on to the bye...

    After watching the vikings vs cowboys game, the one take away I have is they both got some bad coaches. Cowboys should have won that. Zeke's runs were getting blown up all night long so what do they do near the redzone in the 4th quarter, run on first, run on second, throw a pass to Zeke, who isn't the best pass catching running back. I feel like the cowboys would have our record if they had our coaches.
  9. We're on to the bye...

    Today we got chiefs at titans, Lions at Bears, Ravens at Bengals, Bills at Browns, Dolphins at Colts. Falcons at Saints, Giants at Jets, Cardinals at Bucs, Panthers at Packers, Rams at Steelers. Sunday night football Vikings at Cowboys. Monday night Seahawks at 49ers. What games you guys gonna watch? Who is your upset pick? For me: Lions at Bears looks interesting, Giants at Jets feels like the giants should win it easily. For the upset pick I feel the bills are gonna drop the ball against the browns.
  10. We're on to the bye...

    Well guess it doesn't matter when you're facing Rivers. What was that, his 3rd int of the game?
  11. We're on to the bye...

    Oh my lord, he missed the extra point. Now the chargers just need a field goal to win. That's the importance of a good Kicker.
  12. We're on to the bye...

    Yeah I feel like the Browns are gonna beat Buffalo as well. There is a lot of games I feel could go either way this week. Like tonight's game. Both Chargers and Raiders put up high scores last week but the chargers defense I think has the edge. Seahawks vs 49ers game should be good. Rams should win but I feel like they are gonna lose to the Steelers.
  13. We're on to the bye...

    So is this gonna be our other games thread for the week? Since we don't have a game this week. Any games you guys looking forward to watching?
  14. The Other Games Thread Week #9

    Well lots of upsets this week. Glad I didn't wager money on any of these games. Good call @ChazStandard
  15. Edit: "Thursday Night Football: 49ers at Cardinals" Knew I forgot something. This week we start in London with Houston vs Jacksonville on Fox/NFLN. CBS Early games: Colts vs Steelers, Titans vs Panthers, Jets vs Dolphins Fox Single games: Bears vs Eagles, Vikings vs Chiefs, Redskins vs Bills CBS Late games: Packers vs Chargers, Browns vs Broncos Fox Late start games: Lions vs Raiders, Bucs vs Seahawks Sunday Night Game: Patriots vs Ravens. Monday Night Game: Cowboys vs Giants Vikings at the Chiefs should still be a good game even without Patrick Mahomes being there. Depends on which Kirk cousins shows up. As Always, what games will you be interested in watching? For me Vikings vs Chiefs, Bears vs Eagles, Jets vs Dolphins. Can the dolphins get that elusive first win against a struggling Jets? All these question and more will be answered.