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  1. Other Games Thread week 7

    Well this bengals vs chiefs game is totally one sided. Maybe the Giants vs Atlanta will be a more competitive game. Two bottom of their division teams.
  2. I watched all of the game up to the Hightower blocked punt for a TD. I was like sweet, hopefully we can keep that 1 TD lead. I saw the ending of the game. Good job keeping them out of the endzone.
  3. Other Games Thread week 7

    Let's go bengals, lets go.
  4. Hopefully in this game we can limit the miscues on special teams, defensive and offense we ran into against the Chiefs. Also as BB pointed out in his breaking down the game video, the bears are a lot like the Chiefs.
  5. Other Games Thread week 7

    I joke, but yeah that was quite a few turn overs last night and he was under a lot of pressure.
  6. Other Games Thread week 7

    Oh geez. How many turnovers is that for Rosen now? 62? Can we start the "is Josh Rosen a bust" thread yet?
  7. Other Games Thread week 7

    This broncos game is a blowout. The eagles vs panthers game sounds like it will be good. Since the eagles play the early game the battle between the cowboys and redskins could be for the lead in the division.
  8. Its Thursday and tonight we got two struggling teams. The Denver Broncos vs the Arizona Cardinals. Cardinals have a home record of 0-3 and the Broncos have a road record of 0-2. Who will prevail? If you watch other games this week, which one(s) will you watch?
  9. That was a heart stopper of a game. Really gald we pulled that out. *wipes forehead sweat away*
  10. #GDT - #1 Jags Defense vs. #8 Cowboys Defense

    zeke! Nice. I was gonna say go for it.
  11. Other Games Thread week 6

    Jaguars just don't care to win this game I guess.
  12. #GDT - #1 Jags Defense vs. #8 Cowboys Defense

    Heath bar!!! Man the cowboys looking good today.