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  1. I was hoping for a close one or better game too. I texted my buddy, he's excited for his Bucs. I was like "Tom and that defensive got you that ring, stand the **** up bucs fans!" I'm happy for him/tom and gronk.
  2. I'm not routing for or against Tom and Gronk, but I do still like them. As for KC, I wouldn't mind them getting their second in a row. Mahomes is a talented guy making those trick throws. My good buddy is a Bucs fan so maybe I route for Tom? Idk. I know I'll be watching the game for sure though.
  3. It's all good. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. My prediction of we win was right, but I didn't call that we'd win by 2 Touchdowns. Even though we aren't in the playoffs I didn't except us to be with a QB we signed off the street in July, that and we would have been better if less people didn't sit out the season or get injured. Wild card weekend next week.
  4. This thread is for all the other games that isn't the patriots game. As its the last week of the season every game is on Sunday. Sunday Early:CBS(Steelers vs Browns, Dolphins vs Bills, Ravens vs Bengals), Fox(Cowboys vs Giants, Falcons vs Bucs, Vikings vs Lions) Sunday Late:CBS(Cardinals vs Rams, Titans vs Texans, Jags vs Colts, Raiders vs Broncos) Fox(Packers vs Bears, Seahawks vs 9ers, Saints vs Panthers, Chargers vs Chiefs) Sunday Night:Washington vs Eagles. Any games interest you this week?
  5. I didn't see a topic for it so I figured I'd make the thread if @Deadpulse doesn't mind. This week Sam and the Jets come to our house. Who ya got and by how many? I'm gonna go with we win but its within 3 points.
  6. dang it rivers, you had one job. I wanted to see the steelers drop another game.
  7. Well the Bucs are in the playoffs. Do we route for tom to win it all?
  8. This week we start the other games thread with the vikings going down to the saints place. Who ya got? Saturday early:Bucs vs Lions Saturday late:49ers vs Cardinals Saturday Night:Dolphins vs Raiders Sunday Early:Colts vs Steelers, Browns vs Jets, Bears vs Jags, Falcons vs Chiefs, Giants vs Ravens, Bengals vs Texans Sunday Late:Panthers vs Washington, Broncos vs Chargers, Rams vs Seahawks, Eagles vs Cowboys Sunday Night:Titans vs Packers Monday Night: Bills vs Us. Looks like a few interesting match ups this week. Will the steelers continue to lose? Merry
  9. This week we start in LA, as the Chargers vs Raiders. Who ya got? Saturday Late:Bills vs Broncos Saturday Night:Panthers vs Packers Sunday Early:9ers vs Cowboys, Texans vs Colts, Jags vs Ravens, Lions vs Titans, Bucs vs Falcons, Seahawks vs Washington, Bears vs Vikings Sunday Late:Chiefs vs Saints, Jets vs Rams, Eagles vs Cardinals Sunday Night:Browns vs Giants Monday Night:Steelers vs Bengals Any match ups you guys are excited to see? Chiefs vs Saints should be a good game.
  10. This week we are the Thursday night game. Sunday Early:Chiefs vs Dolphins, Texans vs Bears, Broncos vs Panthers, Titans vs Jags, Vikings vs Bucs, Cardinals vs Giants, Cowboys vs Bengals Sunday Late:Colts vs Raiders, Jets vs Seahawks, Saints vs Eagles, Packers vs Lions, Washington vs 49ers, Falcons vs Chargers Sunday Night:Steelers vs Bills Monday Night:Ravens vs Browns Which games are you gonna watch? Or is our game on Thursday enough football for you this week? Lots of good looking games this week. Chiefs vs Dolphins, a struggling Vikings vs a struggling bucs, Colts v
  11. I agree. They looked vulnerable against several teams this year. They nearly lost to the Garret Gilbert lead Cowboys, their third string QB after Dak and Dalton went down.
  12. This week was suppose to start with Cowboys at Ravens on Thursday Night, but that's now our Tuesday night game. We also have 2 Monday games. Covid scheduling be weird like that. Sunday Early:Browns vs Titans, Colts vs Texans, Bengals vs Dolphins, Raiders vs Jets, Jags vs Vikings, Saints vs Falcons, Lions vs Bears Sunday Late:Eagles vs Packers, Our game, Giants vs Seahawks, Rams vs Cardinals Sunday Night: Broncos vs Chiefs Monday Night: Washington vs Steelers (early), Bills vs 49ers Tuesday Night: Cowboys vs Ravens. Which games are you guys looking forward to watch
  13. Watching the eagles vs hawks game. I still wish we had drafted Godert. I knew he was gonna be good in the NFL cause I watched him at SDSU. I know I'm biased.
  14. Good game gentlemen. I forgot put in a prediction. That's alright though.
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