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  1. Offseason Thread

    Idk if you guys have seen this yet but I love how Tom is on there 3 times. So many haters.
  2. Offseason Thread

    Oh yeah, all the salt.
  3. Offseason Thread

    You and me both Tom. https://twitter.com/TomBrady/status/1220738067889369094?s=20
  4. WC: Titans at Pats

    Halftime down by 1, we got this guys. Gotta Believe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izfy0BuqRG0&t=0s
  5. WC: Titans at Pats

    My buddies team is the titans. That said, I want us to win. Pats by 14. Let's F-ing GO!
  6. Week 16: the AFC East Title Game

    I totally agree. If Burkhead didn't fumble and if Sanu had thrown that block on 4th down, that game would have been lop sided in our favor. Good game all round. Only a few mistakes that Bill can show them in the film room to work on.
  7. This week we start in Tampa as they face off against Houston. Then it our game. Followed by the Rams visiting 49ers to finish up our Saturday games. Who ya got? All three games slated for today should be good.
  8. The Other Games Thread Week #15

    Wait what? Cause Dak didn't say he deferred, the rams get the ball to start the game and get it at half time?
  9. This week starts on Thursday Night with the Jets coming to the Ravens house. Sunday early games: Texans at Titans, Denver at Chiefs, Dolphins at Giants, Our game, Bears at Packers, Eagles at Redskins, SeaHawks at Panthers, Bucs at Lions Sunday late games: Vikings at Chargers, Jaguars at Raiders, Browns at Cardinals, Rams at Cowboys, Falcons at 49ers. Sunday Night Football: Bills at Steelers Monday Night Football: Colts at Saints Will tonight's game be a one sided affair? Probably. Which games interest you and who ya got? Jets upset
  10. The Other Games Thread Week #14

    Giants vs eagles overtime was not something I was expecting since giants had such a big lead
  11. The Other Games Thread Week #14

    Hmm, true I'd rather be the second seed then a wildcard.
  12. The Other Games Thread Week #14

    That was a touchdown fest out in new Orleans today. Also c'mon bills
  13. GDT - Week 14. Operation Rebound.

    I'm hoping we get harry more involved
  14. The Other Games Thread Week #14

    This about sums up the cowboys under Jason Garret.