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  1. So much of the Chiefs offense is Mahomes buying time until someone gets open. Not to discredit Reid or anything.
  2. He hasn’t flashed this season but he’s solid. A good presence and works hard. Good insurance for Vea.
  3. Alright fellas, I got an early day tomorrow. Remember we love the Jets but they dont love us. Have a great night.
  4. I love how our defense gives up 21 points and then start celebrating.
  5. Which means it isn't Bell its the system or better yet Mahomes and the fact that the defense has to respect his abilities as a thrower.
  6. I just realized we gotta see Belichick twice this season.
  7. We'll see. People thought Shady McCoy would look good too and De'Anthony Thomas with his explosiveness. Bell lost a step clearly. I do think he'll have an impact on delayed routes in the passing game but as a running, I dont see it. Maybe light boxes will help him.
  8. There was a commercial for the Jets fan Hall of Fame. If you get in I'm telling Woody all the bad things you said about the team. Just a joke btw.
  9. Jets fan hall of fame LMAO, I'm snitching on any of you who get voted in. Ima be like Woody look at what Bobby said about you.
  10. I'm serious lol. Now I agree he wasn't the issue but he wasn't exactly playing well either.
  11. Nate Burleson is right, players have no pride.
  12. The team should be defected and we should birth a new franchise.
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