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  1. Yeah but if Fields is good enough to get his new OC a head coaching job then you’ll likely have a couple successful seasons.
  2. If the Panthers cut Darnold…do you do it?
  3. People go outside on Saturday. They stay home on Sunday.
  4. I mean in terms of him knowing this is it rather than deciding after he gets eliminated.
  5. Giants getting Dorsey and keeping Graham makes this part of the off-season a home run IMO. Helluva foundation leadership wise. They just gotta find a Quarterback in the next 2 or 3 years.
  6. Nice duo for the Giants, best thing is these two will get time to build things up.
  7. But why would Boyd think the problem you brought up with Chase/Higgins wouldn't exist here. Wouldn't he actually desire a larger role?
  8. Guess what comes before experience, opportunity. You’ll never know how great someone is/can be without giving them a chance. Every successful person started out inexperienced, some grew to be great and others didn’t but each time a chance was provided.
  9. I think it’s more related to what you need from a guy picked top 3. We haven’t gotten a top 3 impact from him. He’s been good but not dominant and we need him to be dominant.
  10. Boyd comes here he has the same problem, kinda. Davis and Moore are our two guys at receiver. It’ll be difficult to move ahead of them.
  11. The USFL Panthers winning more games than the NFL Panthers while playing 7 less games. Book it.
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