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  1. Solid. I think there’s something to be done at Corner, Njoku is talented but hasn’t thrived in Cleveland in a system similar to ours that puts more emphasis on Tight Ends. Would Williams want to switch to RG, that has to be considered. Moving Fant back to RT is counterintuitive IMO.
  2. Man if they dont stop dropping him back into the EZ lol.
  3. Arizona deserves this especially on Martin Luther King Jr. Day since they were the last state to you know recognize this amazing holiday.
  4. To be fair Moss netted Coles who was good, Abraham netted Mangold who was great, Vilma didn't fit and we replaced him with Harris. The other 3 well yeah brutal.
  5. That's what I'm saying but it doesnt have to be a Chase or a Diggs or any of that for him to be successful, we just cant go years without adding anything like we did before which I dont think Joe will do, he's shown that so far.
  6. Yeah that's not my point, the point is its not a copy and paste approach to continue to see a team do something and think hmm if we just do that we'll be like them. First it was lets be the Patriots then the Seahawks, then the Chiefs then the Bills and now the Bengals but what's hilarious is they all did different things than each other have become good to great teams but the one common denominator among them all is they got the QB they needed. It still takes the players to actually execute and be successful, remember when it was just get Darnold weapons and he'll be successful? Look at that n
  7. Davis Is Davis? Come on Bobby lol. If we credited a 4th round pick as a weapon you’d lose your mind. Singletaey, Moss, Breida whoever they put back there you would want upgrades from them. But they’re weapons for some reason because they aren’t Jets.
  8. So he gets one year and is considered depth. Not exactly an ideal player development plan.
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