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  1. We just had to take a couple days to prove we are still a second class organization.
  2. Typically they prefer both. I know with Quinnen we had a similar issue with his pay out. I think Zach will now pay Utah taxes on his bonus salary instead of New Jersey.
  3. In the short time yes it doesn’t matter. We just gotta get him in camp now. Just long term though this is something we cannot continue to go through with our draft picks. 2nd time in 4 years this has happened.
  4. Remember when this coaching staff was just going to fix everything. Still need talent lol Get Wilson in the building
  5. It does matter. Let’s say we never did this as a team and then Joe comes in and demands it. Now our team is without their QB to start camp. But because it’s clearly something that precedes him we have to hope it’s an issue that the organization rids itself of going forward no matter the regime in charge of football operations.
  6. We did it 3 years ago with Sam under a different regime. I don’t think Douglas or Saleh have anything to do with this.
  7. I understand that and looking at the details I can understand you coming to that opinion. We can also look at the original attempt to blackmail him, him and his team not handling this quietly. I mean he had enough money to make this go away without it lingering this long. Recounts from other witnesses. But again I don’t know for sure, I just don’t think it’s safe to jump to any conclusions. As for it being 22, even if it were just 1 that’s more than enough for him to deserve punishment.
  8. I’ve taken sports out of it. Imagine yourself being on the wrong end of civil suits from potential consensual sexual acts. You’re innocent but people don’t care because where there’s smoke there’s fire. People will say are 22 women lying and then I think to myself well why not if they have something to gain from it. We’ve all seen worse in this world, nothing really surprises me anymore. And until we get some valid proof of anything it’s best we stop assuming and trying to label Watson a rapist or shame these women.
  9. I’m pushing him hard? He called me morally bankrupt lol. You can be in the camp of where there’s smoke, there’s fire but you also believe in innocent until proven guilty. But either way none of us know enough to call anyone a rapist or morally bankrupt because we don’t agree.
  10. Camp doesn’t start until #2 hits the field.
  11. I mean I understand the offset language aspect to an extent though I’m one to throw out precedents when it comes to premium positions/players. The payout issue, which I figured was also part of it, is just ridiculous though. You gotta pay him it eventually. Just pay the kid so he can get to camp.
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