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  1. 1. Zach Wilson 2. Youthful defense getting better each week, Carl Lawson returning will be huge 3. All those 2022 draft picks thanks Blitz Boy, Darnold and Herndon 4. No bad contracts 5. Can it really continue to be as bad as it’s been?
  2. “He’s not ready to play” Only way to get ready is to play. He’s a rookie, he’s gonna make mistakes. The problem is y’all set expectations way too high(like y’all do with everyone who comes here)
  3. They teach so well up there. They barely beat themselves with mental errors.
  4. Adams is trash now and he’s actually trying to play well and not mailing it in. He’s just bad now. Who was the best rookie from 2018 through week 6? Relax give all these kids 3 years. We are probably gonna have 2 top 10 picks and 4 in the top 40.
  5. Brandon Staley was my guy. Gase wasn’t the problem but he also wasn’t the solution. This organization hates us.
  6. Former Jet Brandon Shell helping that draft pick
  7. Pittsburgh finally covered the running back lol
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