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  1. With the 31st pick the Kansas City Chiefs select Zaven Collins LB Tulsa @BucsDraftGeek47 OTC
  2. WAITING FOR @rackcsTO GET back to me on a trade
  3. Jenkins probably goes before Harris.
  4. Earliest I think is 24 to Pitt but they need an EDGE and lost some starters on the OL. Next is Buffalo at 30 then us at 34.
  5. The thing that began to intrigue me about Najee is that he could be the focal point of the offense while Wilson develops and adjusts, I’m compared it to Zeke and Dak in 2016.
  6. My favorite head coaching hire was Brandon Staley, I thought he was the best candidate on the market and he landed the best job on the market as well.
  7. Trust me it's my biggest issue when evaluating QBs but I know for sure that the mental aspect is what separates the good from great and great from Elite but it's impossible to quantify. The only way I think we'll ever see something close to it is the NFL creating their own pathway where high schoolers go right into pro coaching and develop under that tutelage and we see just how much they can grasp mentally outside of more simplified college schemes on both sides of the ball.
  8. I think the issue a lot of teams run into, and fans as well, when it comes to Quarterbacks is projecting upside. And I say that because they always use that in a physical sense. But the QB position is so much more mental than any other position in the league and projected that mental upside is where teams should be looking. I remember reading why McVay and Shanahan wanted to move on from Goff and Jimmy G and it’s because mentally they can’t do the things needed to elevate the team. Both coaches can pretty much walk any QB they have to a certain level of success but it will never pu
  9. Newton IMO might have had a case. OROY, League MVP and a SB trophy along with OPOY, 3 Pro Bowls and a 1st Team All-Pro. I've seen guys in with less but the QB position is tough.
  10. I can see that but I would assume just based on familiarity they're pretty much tapped into what we're doing at 2. That's what gave them to confidence to move to 3.
  11. Smokescreen from who? They have the draft in their hands. First 2 picks are already decided.
  12. Wilson did this same throw and did it better. No one thinks Fields sucks.
  13. It shouldn't but its just funny seeing the odds change and narratives shift. We're 2 weeks out, I cant see any team changing what they've decided to do at this point unless something huge happens. I do like Shanahan keeping this a secret though, at least it gives us something to speculate now that Lawrence and Wilson are locks.
  14. I forget which media head said if the Jets let a pro day convince them to pick a guy then that's the exact reason why they're the Jets but after Fields pro day the 49ers are allowed to be enamored with Fields and its okay. I absolutely love draft season. Agendas and bias run wild.
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