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  1. Working on a write up as we speak, should have something posted later on tonight.
  2. Yup because case scenario who proves he's worth it, worst case we move on and have a team that's good/better and can bring in a veteran QB or draft one. Trading back from 2 adds more draft capital depending on the picks we receive.
  3. Darnold ran a version of this offense his rookie year, it also had us thinking Herndon was going to be TE1 of the future. I will give him another chance.
  4. Oh. I can’t see the Texans hiring Frazier but if they did I think McDermott promotes their secondary coach, he’s highly regarded there.
  5. Falcons were the only team that interviews him from what I recall and that’s only because he was their interim.
  6. He’s worked with a lot of coaches. Morris has the experience I think is better suited for the DC role we would need.
  7. With Smith getting the Falcons job that opens up Raheem Morris to be our DC.
  8. Those are mostly scraps and never really work out. The only thing that will speed up the learning process is them actually playing games and watching film. I'd rather Bless Austin get reps over Richard Sherman, give Huff and Zuniga reps over Solomon Thomas. On top of that Saleh has always done what he's done with the things given to him, I'm sure he has ideas for players he wants so Joe will do his best to give him those guys and he'll develop his scheme based around that.
  9. You and I are always on the same page.
  10. Not official until it’s announced so I’m just waiting on that but all signs point to it. I do think we actually have to hire Saleh then request permission. Shanahan could always promote him though I doubt it
  11. Thing is we have our own free agents(Maye and Poole) who play those spots and are better.
  12. 49ers free agent list isn't appealing to me at all honestly.
  13. Yeah Parsons flying around in the middle of the field would be fun to watch.
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