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  1. I think CJ has and continues to empower Douglas and Gase to do their jobs. Just as they would under any other power structure. The problem with bringing someone in now is you risk the Jacksonville fallout. Coughlin comes in after the established relationship with Caldwell and Marrone and things fell apart.
  2. All the brashness without the look at me.
  3. No they dont. San Francisco has the same power structure we do and they stayed the course even after drafting in the top 10 3 years out of their first 4 together and it worked out. Power structure means absolutely nothing if you have the wrong guys in the building. We have the right guys as far as I'm concerned and they want to work together. Why alienate them both by bringing in someone who isn't aligned with their vision?
  4. Thats not how it works. Douglas doesn't have the resume of any top tier GM's so we should just hand reigns over to him because you dont like Gase? Lol that's a great way to empower the people in the building.
  5. Lol why? Seems arbitrary. Belichick runs the show, Carroll runs the show, Reid runs the show, Douglas still runs the show here just means he cannot undermine Gase's coaching decisions and Gase cannot undermine Douglas's decisions in team building. The good thing is they both connect and aren't an arranged marriage like Idzik/Rex, Maccagnan/Bowles.
  6. Perriman, Mims, Crowder, Smith, Berrios, Herndon, Griffin and Bell is solid. At the end of the day its all about protection and Sam making good decisions.
  7. He doesn't fit the scheme and has a large cap hit, oh and he sucks. Respect him for playing hurt all these years but he's the epitome of why we haven't won since 2011.
  8. Thing is if Bell is having a good season likely means we are too. If he isn’t then we’ll probably being doing bad so he wouldn’t fetch much in return.
  9. Not hard at all. Imagine someone in the military on a tour for 2 years at a time. It’s just part of the process. Asking them to do this for half a year is a lot but under the circumstances it makes sense. NFL gave them the option to opt out as well. Health and safety would be the priority here.
  10. From what I recall Eagles had previously blocked Douglas from getting interviews around that same time. It was only after the draft that he became available. We were linked to Douglas instantly.
  11. Josh Allen will overthrow the receiver by 5 yards but Winters will cost them 10. Love it.
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