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  1. One thing I noticed is he’s usually late on the short throws/check downs because he’s waiting to see what breaks deep. Some QBs see short first and then work up the field, Zach is the opposite. The shorter passes are often last in the progression but guys like Brady as so good pre-snap/post snap they kinda know what’s coming and just take the underneath stuff until those backers get in conflict.
  2. There’s always part of the fan base that wants players they didn’t want to fail. Only to be able to yell I told you so, for whatever reason. Same fans who were crying for Darnold the first 3 weeks and now they’ve gone silent about him.
  3. He settled down in the 2nd half, it was progress. Just still inconsistent as hell right now.
  4. Great patience by the kid, there was a lot of congestion in the middle of the field.
  5. I like the balanced attack right now. Defense has no idea what’s coming.
  6. Huh? Literally fell in his pocket.
  7. Some toughness there on that run. That was our best drive of the game out of halftime at that.
  8. Good drive, Griffin has to finish that.
  9. Okay Zach, let’s get something going please.
  10. I mean he’s gotta play to prove that. We’re a 2 win team, he’s a rookie. He’s bad atm but the only way to get better is to play.
  11. Zach pick incoming. This is who we are.
  12. On the bright side the draft position is improving. I’m getting drunk, only way to make it through this.
  13. See this is what I hate. You bring A gap heat to force a quick throw but the DBs are playing 15 yards off the line.
  14. Relax lol. James Morgan is back.
  15. Not impressed by the defense. The Texans suck.
  16. Defense playing more inspired against other bums.
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