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  1. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I call the Jets again btw. I gotta fix this mess we have.
  2. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Leo would probably be a pro Bowl player in the 4-3. Getting him 1v1 against Guards would help our interior Rush immensely.
  3. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Last time the Wide Receiver class was Deep we ended up with Stewart and Hansen the time before we grabbed Saunders and Evans I can’t believe we draft so poorly.
  4. Todd Bowles

    Similar to keeping Rex and settling for Idzik. What coach, quality coach that wants Macc drafting players for him.
  5. Todd Bowles

    Macc sucks at drafting. Please get rid of him.
  6. Todd Bowles

    Could be reminiscent of McVay hiring Philips in LA. While I’m not opposed to it and loved what LaFluer just did to New England I’m just not 100% all in on the hot coordinator stuff.
  7. Todd Bowles

    But isn’t that where you want us to be? We can grab the hot coordinator and catch a quick spark that fades away or we can try to light a fire under this organization that lasts forever.
  8. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I gotta wait until we see who’s drafting our players and coaching the team to decide who makes the most sense. However this entire off-season outside of finding the right GM/Coaching Staff is all about the Offensive Line and Pass Rush.
  9. Todd Bowles

    Facts. The hot coordinator is a recipe for disaster. We need our Belichick or at least our Tomlin. As much flake as he gets the Steeers are consistently in the mix of going to the AFCCG and SB. Whos that guy? I’m not sure but he’s out there and I hope we identify him.
  10. Todd Bowles

    Crazy ain’t it. We need a great coaching staff and front office. Just for once I’d love a 5 year run of that.
  11. Todd Bowles

    Exactly. The sign of a good coaching staff is losing them to better opportunities. So while a lot may want an offensive minded coach I want a guy who can build an Elite staff that can coach up our players, scheme great offense and defense and adjust to our opponents. Not just Matt LaFluer cause he’s young and coaches offense.
  12. Todd Bowles

    Guys aren’t realizing that our coach and next leaders has to know how to build a great staff. That’s been a huge problem. I mean think about it, how many position coaches have we had poached from us in the past 15 years? I understand wanting an offensive minded guy but at the same time we need a leader who can identify great coaches to run our units and develop our players.
  13. Todd Bowles

    I hope we lose out. I want the #1 Pick, 100M and a potential Franchise QB. We’d be top GM and Head Coaching candidates #1 option unlike many years.
  14. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Cause Jets
  15. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    I think Macc is more of the problem even though Bowles is clearly bad. Bowles has loyalty issues coaching wise IMO. But then again we have a ton of personnel I do not think is suited for his system. But then again great coaches adjust. Macc outside of the first round has missed on every single pick so far outside of what 3 maybe 4(Maye, McGuire, Edwards/Jenkins)