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  1. I was talking the team stats with/without. No Tampa 2 safety ever has big individual stats, Lynch, Mike Brown are the same.
  2. Reggie White is amazing but he doesnt have a case vs LT. In 50 fewer games LT had 56 forced fumbles. Compared to 32 from Reggie White. Also as great as LT was as a pass rusher he's 2x as good vs the Run. By far the best run defender in the history of the NFL. His ability to chase down backs from the backside was unstoppable
  3. His impact was enormous. I guess if you weren't a Colts fan you wouldn't understand how he completely transformed our defense because even the stats as amazing as they are don't do it justice.
  4. Because LT is 2 tiers above. Your list looks good. Willis and Urlacher above above Kuechly, Lambert or Seau is questionable though.
  5. You missed the whole point. The Patriots D was great before Gilmore. Also in spite of the ppg the D was horrible his first year on the Patriots.
  6. As far as EDGE I think he's equal with Dent, Harrison and Taylor and above the Miller, Ware Strahan, Greene, Freeny etc tier
  7. Top 20 prime yes. His only 2 healthy seasons 2005: 1st team All Pro #2 ranked scoring D 14-2 2007: DPOY 1st team All pro #1 ranked scoring D 13-3 Overall from 2004-2008 in the 52 games he started the Colts had a 41-11 record and gave up an average 17.5 per game. 2004-2008 without him they gave up an average of 21.3 and had a 27-10 record
  8. Rank them on a scale Madden scale of 100-1. 100 being a top 3 player in NFL History(any position) and 1 being a guy cut on the first day of minicamps 100: Lawrence Taylor 98: Roonie Lott, Kenny Easley, Bruce Smith, Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, Bob Sanders, Darrelle Revis 97: Derrick Brooks, Deion Sanders, Jack Lambert, Troy Polamalu, Rod Woodson, Reggie White, Ed Reed, Chris Doleman 96: Luke Kuechly, Ray Lewis, James Harrison, John Randle, Warren Sapp, Jason Taylor, Junior Seau, Mike Singletary, Derrick Thomas
  9. I dont necessarily disagree with anything you said but Casey and Ryan are both still better players than Clowney
  10. Clowney doesn't come close to making up for either Casey or Ryan let alone both
  11. LT>everyone but I think Chris Doleman is right there with White and Smith
  12. Logan Ryan, Brian Kelly and Ike Taylor. Also Marlin Jackson he had a very short career but he was the 4th best players on those Colts defenses after Bob, Freeny and Mathis
  13. Smith over Sanders is a joke. Longevity is irrelevant its an all star team. In his 2 seasons Sanders was a 1st team All Pro and defensive player of the year. Bob Sanders is proven one of the most impactful football players ever. Smith never even made 2nd team all pro. If anything Sanders is neck and neck with Brooks B.Smith and Donald as the best player
  14. Its only 1990-present. But With Donald and Bruce Smith, Reggie White would be redundant anyway just like JJ Watt. John Randle is redundant for the Tampa 2 team Regardless of probowls I think there is definitely a gap between Barber/Tillman and Newman/Talib the question is is it a bigger gap than the pass rushers?
  15. I would rank Berry higher just for firing Kitchens
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