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  1. All Time QB - Peyton RB - Payton WR - Rice, Owens TE - Gronk, Sharpe
  2. These are mine. Whats your 20? NO ORDER QB Lawrence - Jags Lance - 49ers RB Sermon - 49ers Harris - Steelers WR/TE Chase - Bengals Pitts - Falcons Waddle - Dolphins Schwartz - Browns Moore - Cardinals Tremble - Panthers Davidson - Vikings OL Davis - Vikings Randunz - Titans Cleveland - Ravens LB Koramoah - Browns Davis - Football DB Samuel - Chargers Surtain - Broncos Hufanga - 49ers Lecounte - Browns honorable mention to undrafted Jar
  3. Wrong forum
  4. Whether the fumble is lost or not is more or less pure luck
  5. 2008 Warner had 10 more fumbles than Peyton. 2009 Brees had 8 more fumbles than Peyton But i guess fumbles don't count
  6. Between all the pro leagues and college it probably happens hundreds of times every year. Its not an especially dangerous tackle, the rule only exist because 1 superstar got injured
  7. Name 5 players not named Terrell Owens in the history of football(college, CFL, NFL or Arena) significantly injured from horse collar tackles
  8. The whole horse collar rule should go away. It was stupid rule that o ly exist because 1 superstar got injured. If Roy Williams had injured Todd pinkston not TO the rule would not exist
  9. Its tough to differentiate between Mack, TJ Watt, Jordan, Jones, Clark, and Garrett. Not including Miller since he's injured.
  10. I was talking the team stats with/without. No Tampa 2 safety ever has big individual stats, Lynch, Mike Brown are the same.
  11. Reggie White is amazing but he doesnt have a case vs LT. In 50 fewer games LT had 56 forced fumbles. Compared to 32 from Reggie White. Also as great as LT was as a pass rusher he's 2x as good vs the Run. By far the best run defender in the history of the NFL. His ability to chase down backs from the backside was unstoppable
  12. His impact was enormous. I guess if you weren't a Colts fan you wouldn't understand how he completely transformed our defense because even the stats as amazing as they are don't do it justice.
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