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  1. For those who don't read the Packer reddit page, a poster there ("Rholled") has been using PFF scores to compile a weekly performance metric calculated relative to all qualifying players at each position. Check it out. Performance Tiers
  2. He's done that plenty. Part of the problem is that his primary deep threat is the anti-Allen Robinson when it comes to contested balls. Perfect example vs. DET this year. MVS running a route up the sideline with a CB (Melifonwu) on his hip, who never turned for the ball. Rodgers gives MVS a chance and the pass hits the CB in the head. MVS never even tried to make a play, he just kept running, never elevated and watched the ball bounce off the defender 1 foot from his chest. Robinson makes that catch 80% of the time. MVS never even attempted that catch. It's been the same story with M
  3. A context-less critique. On play 1, Smith filled the appropriate gap and adequately took on the OG at the point. He and Clark encouraged the RB to chose a different gap. Sure he got pushed back and the RB might've had success had he run at him, but it's not some striking negative play. On play 2, his "jitteryness" is a reaction to WR Byrd coming across the formation as a potential ball carrier. Smith responds by easily moving across the TE's face and was clean enough to make a tackle. If Lowry hadn't gotten walked across the formation by Peters, leaving a massive hole, Smith would'v
  4. That was cryptic. He also said explicitly that he "has a lot of trust in him", "respects the way he goes about his business" and that he's "a Pro's Pro". Maybe the sit down was Patrick venting about riding the bench behind a shaky rookie and Rodgers not going to bat for him. Why else would there be a sit-down with a guy who's not even in the lineup? Newman, in what might be record-setting, is on pace to give up 11 sacks. That's red alert. When everyone is healthy, Runyan likely flops to RG permanently, but with Patrick now subbing for the injured Myers, it looks like Newman will b
  5. So, the team is going to squat on a superstar for two years via the franchise tag ($19m in '22), expect him to play for ~75% of what he'd earn on the open market, with no bonus money, running out the clock on his prime and seriously decreasing the value of his last long-term deal, while he risks major injury which could drastically reduce or even completely eliminate that final long-term deal and Adams will just happily play along? That's realistic?
  6. Davonte isn't playing a down on the franchise tag. He's in a different league than Robinson. He's earned the super-mega-deal and isn't going to risk anything until he gets it. Nor should he. Both he and Rodgers can pick their teams next year. If they don't agree to extend Rodgers, he's gone via trade. Adams has Rodgers' back. He isn't staying in GB if management won't do what it takes to work it out with Rodgers. GB can try to tag/trade, but Adams can preempt any trade offers from undesirable teams by indicating that he won't sign an extension. No team is giving up a premium pick and fra
  7. Everyone with the exception of Linsley sucked in pass pro vs. TB. Guess who had the lowest overall OL grade and the lowest Pass Block grade in that game. It wasn't Turner, Linsley, Wagner or Patrick. It was Elgton Jenkins. He was as over-matched as anyone. Newman can't anchor or move people in the run game. He's been a liability. Patrick has proven to be somewhat better than that. Shouldn't you play the best 5, even if one of them is only a half-notch better than the next guy?
  8. What does a player have to do to get benched around here? Royce Newman might have the teams least impressive tape thus far, maybe the least impressive tape of any IOL. Despite general competence, he's clearly not physical enough and is getting beat every which way because of it. The data are in. He needs a year. Patrick might have to play C this week, if not he should be playing RG. He shouldn't be riding the bench behind an obviously overmatched rookie, especially considering that it's likely only for a few weeks, until DB returns. Then Runyan likely flops to RG permanently with
  9. A sampling of ILB PFF grades through week 4: Devondre Campbell 82.2 Darius Leonard 72.2 Jaylon Smith 69.5 Bobby Wagner 69.1 Levonte Davis 65.2 Deonte Jones 60.5 Eric Kendricks 60.1 Fred Warner 57.5 Devin Bush 49.6 Roquan Smith 46.9 Devin White 43.4 Smith is a competent starter at a bargain price. Whatever his faults, he's surely the most athletic ILB to set foot in GB in the modern era. He made more eye-opening physical plays in '20 than some long-tenured GB LB's made in their whole careers. Looks like a plus move by Gute.
  10. Since the TEN game last year, I've been expecting to see MLF try to run Dillon down some teams throat again. Aside from the advantages of putting that type of attack on tape for upcoming opponents, it stands a reasonable chance of being successful. I don't see too many defenses that could stand up to a heavy dose of a guy like Dillon mixed with a bunch of Rodgers on well-set-up PA. It's the gameplan I'd fear most as a defensive coordinator. MLF seems to disagree. Since the TEN game, Dillon has averaged less than 4 carries/game and GB hasn't come close to the 60/40 run/pass ratio they had in hi
  11. You watched the game. Which plays did Rodgers give up on in order to avoid unnecessary hits? Who were the open receivers he passed on in his alleged act(s) of self-preservation? If you can't definitively answer those questions, then maybe it is something you should argue with.
  12. Reed flexed right at and right over the defender. Textbook taunt. They're all the correct call except the TB one, the Texan one was borderline because he managed to partially turn away from the defender, but the intent was definitely there. There's nothing awful about penalizing a bunch of childish anti-sportsmanship out of the game. Long overdue.
  13. Here's a nice video breakdown from Alex Rollins on how the offensive problems in Week 1 were mostly on LaFluer being outcoached. Saints vs. Packers
  14. What, is September throw objectivity out the window month? This post is limp anti-Rodgers garbage. Late on the crosser to Jones? You mean the completed pass that only wasn't a first down because Jones couldn't break a tackle? There was little wrong with the execution. Rodgers let Jones create separation then delivered a well-placed ball to the sideline. Jones had 5 yards of cushion and couldn't do anything with it. Regardless of when the ball was delivered, it was going to come down to Jones vs. KAlexander in the vicinity of the sticks. The outcome would've been similar. As for the Tonyan
  15. Kelly can't pass protect. You don't get better by getting worse at RT. Just got done grading Newman. He yielded two pressures in 35 pass attempts, was responsible for no bad runs and had no obvious missed assignments. Could you highlight the plays, besides the two pressures, where Newman failed to perform adequately? I didn't see a single one. He wasn't dominant, but calling him "lost" means you haven't looked at his tape.
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