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  1. Home Improvement/Remodel Thread

    Both of you guys sound like you got somewhat similar setups as me. I don't have a swale between me and my easterly neighbor, and he's too close for any of the water to escape naturally. Since my yard is mostly clay and the power and gas lines there I'm seriously considering a trench drain and going along the driveway and out to the street with it. Also adding more clay around my house. It couldn't hurt but I don't know how much it will help because I don't know how much of the drainage would be that close to the surface.
  2. Most dominant player you've seen in a steeler uniform?

    casey hampton Brown/ woodson/ Troy/ Harrison/ Ward Ben/Lake/Dawson/Faneca/deCastro/Greene/Lloyd/Aaron Smith/ L. bell
  3. even munchak is tired of this

    Too much of an "individual" culture has been established in Pittsburgh. It's been worsened by personalities and the supposed "leaders." It looks like a soap opera, clownshow circus from the outside. Really 1st world problems, but's it's a big 1st world problem imo. These things tend to Start and stop, at the top. Art 2, Colbert and Tomlin and the "elite $$$ players" need to wake the f up and figure this crap out. Circuses aren't very good at hoisting lombardi's...talent alone won't do it.
  4. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    It probably wouldn't be wrong to think they both register on the DIVA/CLOWN METER. smdh
  5. GDT: New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

    no way we win this game unless they jam that ish in the middle...absolutely no defense will work playing that passively.
  6. BBellicheat and Donte Hightower. The answer? You kinda don't, you just put a big dude in front of them and prevent them from running unimpeded seam routes.
  7. ben saves tomlin

    Butler is the one that needs a hero. No lead is safe with that gutless defense.
  8. Are the Steelers done?

    Good Response. I think that's pretty close, for this season. The Steelers could get some pixie dust on offense...but that defense cant get us through the playoffs. Now if they would learn to chuck tight ends, like New England is doing with Kelce....Nah, they won't do that.
  9. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    victory, in spite of ourselves!
  10. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    Butler should be fired after we win this
  11. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

  12. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    let them score the td
  13. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    joke d
  14. WEEK 6 - GDT Steelers @ Bengals

    burns neutered or doesnt have what it takes? IDK