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  1. You think so? I saw it’ll be game time decision but I just can’t see him sitting this out. Not that I want him to be hurt by any means so this sounds selfish lol but For our sake I hope you’re right.
  2. I’m out of work a bit early because of all the snow that’s about to hit so my weekend has officially started and I’m officially nervous as helllllll 😂 Itll be the same as the other play off games. Stafford needs to be smart with the ball and keep doing his thing. I hope Akers has a monster game after those two fumbles last week. The biggest factor in this game will be who’s Dline will dominate more. Arguably the best 2 fronts in the league right now and I hope AD and the boys can really wreak havoc. I’m so damn tired of Jimmy G having terrible games and only showing up to play the
  3. Same here. I’m a big PSU fan and he wasn’t anything special in college but was a GREAT special teams player. He played many positions on both sides but was okay. It’s awesome to see him play well in the highest level.
  4. I’m in jersey and I’m very close to saying Eff it and booking a flight. If I can take off of work Monday I think I’ll be there
  5. Hey everyone, heck of a game. It really felt like it was going to get ugly until that fumble before half time. The rams did not fumble the ball much at all this year and it was mind blowing to see 4 in basically one half. I imagine losing this one at the end like you did hurts more than a blowout but at least your team showed some pride. Maybe for some it stings a little less since you won one last year haha I wouldn’t know anything about that though. Anyway, good game and good season
  6. I still can’t feel my whole body. What a roller coaster. I really started to lose hope after Lenny scored. Wow.
  7. I don’t get what I’ve done to deserve this
  8. Curious about these coming play calls. Mcvay tends to over think these situations.
  9. This is insane. The Bucs have done nothing to be in this game. LA is begging for suspense
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