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  1. I totally forgot that Ashawn Robinson had a chance to play.. im guessing he didn't? I feel like id have definitely noticed lol
  2. This division is mind blowingly good. Cards have a bye week next week and while the rams are taking on the dolphins at 1:00Est, the 49ers and Seahawks will be playing at 4:25Est
  3. Not too Much to be upset about. I do think there were some bone headed play Calls by Mcvay tonight but he called a pretty good game overall. Surprised to see Akers yet again get so few touches but malcom and Henderson ran great. It was also nice to see some players step up on defense while Donald is getting so many pressures and double teams. Jalen imo hasn’t been too great but I hope he can rebound. He was lucky a few times tonight. The injury to Burgess was gruesome. It’s safe to say he’s out for the year. Maybe if the price is right they can bring in Harrison Smith since he will be cheap and Minnesota will pay half his salary. And then as for Hekker.... best punter of all time.
  4. Yeah I totally understand it. Like I said, with the way the defense was playing, it felt like there was no threat. Against a higher powered offense though, it would make me nervous to stop passing with 13min to go
  5. Really felt like this game was a blow out. Took their foot off the gas. Not hard for a defense to force 3 and outs when they know you’re done passing with 13:00 left in the game. Defense played well, and so did Hekker. Only two touchdowns allowed by the defense in the second half all year. Pretty impressive considering the bears got inside the 10 twice tonight in the second half. Aside from quitting on offense in the 4th we dominated a 5-1 team.
  6. This game did not feel as close as it was. Felt like it was 40-3. Mcvay REALLY took his foot off the gas with 13:00 to go in the 4th. I wasn’t a fan of that but I guess when your defense is playing like it did.. you can.
  7. Thought the same but they kept the cameras on mcvay and Staley the entire time. I’m guessing if he was hurt they’d have stopped the game though
  8. Great job by hill there. Rapp also with staying alert
  9. Great drive.. defense needs to keep this up so we can pour it on. Soon enough the bears will need to start passing every play
  10. Like I said... 5 wide vs Mack is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.
  11. feels like we’re up by 14-20 points right now. Mcvay and his third down play calling continues to struggle. That and these five receiver sets against Mack might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Also On that last drive, if I’m not mistaken, looked like Goff hit his hand. He then went on to miss a few in a row pretty badly. Really curious about that. Aside from all that.. we’re running well and defense is playing great. Bears were lucky to get that false start on 4th
  12. Cards beat Seattle! Though it gives Arizona a 2-0 divisional record, it gives the hawks their first loss to keep the race closer.
  13. Considering that the point of a football game is to score more points than the other team.. yes.. I think its a good thing we scored 20 and they scored 17...
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