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  1. At times, All that kind of felt like a joke to me lol aside from that initial comment about being fired on his day off he just kept pinning comments about staying and leaving. Then spoke to some fans who plead for him to stay and got off after a raiders fan said to go to Vegas and pair up with mayock who also went to Boston college. Then said “y’all are going to get me In trouble” and ended it. Would love if it was all a joke and he signed with us again. Feels too unprofessional of him if he’s gone.
  2. Am I mistaken here or did Atlanta not have a historically bad defense for a good portion of last season?
  3. Just annoying at this point. Can’t hang on to anything and have any kind of consistency. How do these contracts work for coaches? They all one year deals? Good for him and congrats to him but it doesn’t even feel like this should be allowed. Does every single good team just cycle through coaches every single year? I’m not annoyed at all.
  4. Looks like Staley is getting a second interview with the Chargers. Come on man give us a damn break.
  5. What a shame this Defense goes out like this.
  6. Goff has played really well today. Defense needs another stop here and get this guy another chance
  7. Feel for the defense. Played great all year but played their worst game of the season. They simply didn’t show up. Reminded me of the Bills game with no tackling for the first half. Not even the second half defense showed up this time though and has been a guarantee all year. Goff playing really well too.. it’s unfortunate.
  8. Defense not at their best but the Packers have had good play calling. Just took them forever for a drive that started at mid field. Also not playing terrible. If the offense doesn’t do anything here though it’s over.
  9. When have they played poorly? Damn this is crazy to see coming from any rams fans. After everything this defense has done they get killed for having two bad drives lol this feels like the bills game. Need to hold the packers down As much as possible and then be that second half shut down team we have been all year.
  10. What a crap end to a great drive. Need a stop here. Can’t keep chasing the packers
  11. Seriously what the hell did I just see lol PLEASE be a Goff game 👀
  12. Bummer Kupp is out. Dude can’t stay healthy for a full year. Who’s starting for Edwards and how do we feel about it?
  13. Anyone know what’s going on with Kupp? If it’s a knee bruise then why is he game time decision? He was limping a lot going into the stadium
  14. Yup.. I’ve never wanted to hang 50 on a team SO bad lol
  15. I’ve never seen so many people predict a team to be blown out in the playoffs lol according to the world, the Rams have absolutely no chance. Am I too biased to see that? I don’t think I’ve ever wanted the Rams offense to explode for 50 so badly. Would be so satisfying after hearing so much trash talked about them.
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