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  1. NFCW is 7-1 after 2 weeks. That’s insane. Is this the best division ever?
  2. Lost a little over here too. Easily had that -3.5 lol but agreed, That punt miscue was bad. Johnny needs to see that. Stafford to Kupp is amazing. Can’t wait to see how that The Rams defense did a bit more bending than usual today. They can’t afford to play sloppy next week vs Tampa.
  3. That’s game. Jalen seals it. Sad day for -3.5 bettors but 2-0!!
  4. Not a fan of that end around. Needed a TD there on that drive. Sony looks good. Wentz out for the game.
  5. Sheesh When Donald tackled Wentz his leg looked bad
  6. Couldn’t have gone much better. Defense needs to start finishing plays here.
  7. Starting to have a bad feeling. Wentz is always the luckiest player alive when he plays LA. It’s insane.
  8. Stafford and that thumb again. Really hope it’s alright and not an issue all year
  9. Why can’t AD wrap up this year? What is going on.
  10. WOW!!! STEP THE HELL UP DEFENSE!!!!! That was insane!!
  11. Agreed he SHOULD. Let’s see if he steps up from last week. I feel good about this game and think the defense really shows up. I’m most nervous about the rams oline today.
  12. Eric Fisher will start for the Colts today. I didn’t think he’d be ready yet but let’s see what happens.
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