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  1. Rams will be without Whit at LT and Blythe at Center
  2. There’s no excuses for a bad performance tonight. Not traveling, not not having a bad day, nothing. This is the biggest game on the schedule so far and great teams need to show up for big games. I truly think we find out if the Rams are a wild card team or a great Super bowl contender
  3. Im not necessarily upset about games being 70 now. I know we were lucky to have them at 60 for so long, I just dont think EA even deserves to set that game to 70. Not only has it been the worst madden in ages, but its been full of updates (which with my bad internet anything small can take a long time), full of server issues, and they have literally given the game out for free to thousands of people. They even had it free for quite a while.. but now going to charge 70 dollars for a broken game. Thats kind of where my beef is. After having 18 straight maddens, I think Madden 22 will be the last chance before I just stop buying them (im a franchise player).
  4. Wasn’t supposed to be. I know it’s the new standard but madden wasn’t supposed to be 70 until next year. The problem however is that they’re robbing people by claiming they’re doing these new things and are selling a great game, when In reality they’re selling the most garbage football game that they’ve sold in the last 20 years for 70 bucks. Not to rant lol but the main answer is in the first sentence.
  5. Madden 21 officially going to be sold at 70 bucks for next gen lmao crazy. They released a game and have updated it every couple days because it’s so bad.. and then charge even more for the same exact game now. I think it’s insane that it’s a simulation game and the new play off system was JUST put it. And these updates are bad too lol They made a bunch of “franchise updates” but really just made abilities able to be edited and put team names and years on player cards. Buying this game has been the worse thing I’ve spent on in years.
  6. Just from listening to some talk around this game, Rams fans seem to be the only ones not confident about this game lol
  7. They travel to Philly, host the giants, host the Jets, travel to Washington, host the rams, then at niners. Definitely easy but hopefully they drop the one to us and maybe Philly or something. If we lose to the bucs we need to win out imo. Arizona moving to 3-0 in the division could have been bad too though. Going to be a wild ending to this division.
  8. Still a lot of time left in this one but the Seahawks are looking like the better team tonight. It’ll be tough but man.. Imagine winning out the rest of the division games. I don’t think it’s crazy to think but it’ll be really tough.
  9. I have absolutely no idea what to say about this game lol I feel like both teams here can look one way and then a complete different way the next week. If both teams show up to play good football, it’s going to be a great game. I don’t really know what to expect. I really hope our defense keeps the momentum rolling this week. Both teams will try to get the run game going so stopping Jones and Fournette is one of the biggest keys. I’m almost expecting teams to start having a separate game plan against the rams defense for the first and second half of games. I know offenses need to change it up a little between halves anyway but I mean a completely different game plan. Whit being out will be a huge test to this offense. Jared Goff needs to stay upright to win this game and he needs to deliver when his number is called. This is easily the biggest challenge so far this year and a game that can either make or break Goff for many people. If he’s a bright spot on Monday then I see the mood around Goff being much more positive. If he has a bad performance it’s going to be brutal lol That said if the rams can get the run game going I don’t see a reason for him to struggle. I almost wish we’d struggle to run and have him light it up. That’d be glorious to watch lol if I’m not mistaken, the bucs are doing new things to see how to improve performance on late games. Seems like they have a tough time adjusting after waiting around all day. Apparently they’re having a practice Sunday night at the same time the Monday night game will start to see if it helps them the next day
  10. Wow, as much as it sucks that anyone tested positive, the rams are very fortunate it was 3 practice squad players.
  11. A Rams player has tested positive for Covid. Not sure who but they self quarantined immediately and all activities will take place remotely Wednesday. Hope they weren’t around anyone else. I knew that tweet I read yesterday about the rams being one of only a few teams that haven’t had a case since the season started would jinx it lol
  12. If it wasn’t for the student discount I’d be paying that for sure too. And hey give the Jets their credit.. they scored on a hook n ladder play so Johnny didn’t have the only good play lmao Also got to meet Stedman Bailey in the parking lot while leaving the stadium so that was cool. That giants game was definitely a good turn out. And speaking of Hekker, I got to meet him a few times. The one time was before that giants game. I was at the end zone seats and he ran over to say hi. All 3 times he ran over while he was warming up. The one time he pulled up a table and stood on it to take a pic. Imagine if he fell or something and I was the reason 😂 i do miss games in st.Louis but only because it was never packed and you could stand outside after the game and meet just about every player. Was lucky to meet Chris long, Donald, Quinn. JL, welker, gurley, tavon, saffold, and some more. Now it’s impossible after a game in LA I assume.
  13. Agreed. GZ had an off year, but didn’t the whole team?? I don’t get why he gets treated differently for being a kicker. He’s bounced back this year just like everyone else on our team. If he didn’t want to stay, that’s one thing. I’d even understand if we didn’t have enough money to pay a kicker a decent amount. But if we let him walk just because he had ONE off year, then I’m a little upset. As is Mcvay I bet
  14. Same here, I try to go to as many as I can at MetLife, never Philly though. I’ve gone to a few games in DC as well. It’s really not that bad. About a 5 hour drive for me. When the rams were in St. Louis I went to a few as well. Were you at MetLife when we beat the Jets 9-7 or something like that? Lol I was also at the 51-17 giants game. i got rid of direct tv this year as well, but Sunday ticket offers a non direct tv package for people that live in apartments or are students. I used a friends college ID and got my Sunday ticket for 100 dollars lol I’ll probably just keep doing that unless someone’s buys them out. I definitely don’t want direct tv That’s pretty cool, didn’t know they even had apps like that
  15. No way what part? I’m up north In Sussex county. I’ve looked around too and have found nothing. The only time I get to sit with rams fans is when they’re playing at MetLife or when the draft is in New York.. which was sadly moved. Yeah pretty much the same situation. I was lucky that Sunday ticket came out with a student discount for 100 dollars for the year so I’ve been able to catch all the games. And yeah I can’t imagine the rams are too popular there lmao
  16. Yeah honestly I think I just want to hear some good football talk about the rams for once. I live in jersey so there isn’t much coverage on them here lol I always look forward to the week after a win as they tend to be talked about more. Agreed, while they definitely won’t hesitate to criticize the Rams they definitely are big fans of the team. My favorite on the show is probably Kyle though. He tells it as it is, and while at times I do think he likes to play the bad guy he’s a brilliant person to listen to.
  17. Wow I don’t know how I never noticed that. Guys like Whit, woods, and Kupp are great and it’s easy to forget that they weren’t first rounders. Granted we haven’t had a first round picks in 75 years but we do a great job of finding talent on the second day
  18. Yeah i saw those. First take did a decent job this week with it, but it’s a first. For them it’s also been about the opposite team losing rather than the rams winning. Shannon sharpe (who is the only guy who’s opinion I respect out of all those dumb shows because he speaks with facts and real knowledge of the game) seems to like the rams a bit for sure. But he calls it as it is more than anyone imo. Didn’t hear what he said this week. And then Skip saying AD isn’t a top 25 player immediately discredits anything else he has to say about anything. But still, it’s not often the rams are talked about at all. The majority of the talk this week is about Russ. Even after the game on ESPN. They forget to mention that it’s no coincidence.. he’s been harassed by the rams so often. GMFB is the only place that actually does things right and not for ratings by getting a rise out of people. Just seems like no one actually watches these games. apparently Darius Williams second interception was thrown right to him and he just say and waited for it.. no credit to him on that. It’s always Russ threw a terrible ball lol
  19. Our entire Special teams unit needs to be worked on outside of Hecker. Seemed every kick off was close to being a score for Seattle. Had a punt returned last game. Can’t make extra points. We can’t stop catching punts inside the 5. This entire unit went from one of the best ever to a below average and shaky unit that’s going to cost us a game eventually
  20. Man.. seems every game that the rams win they never get talked about. I definitely like listening to some things to see what they have to say but even after this huge dominant win, it’s all about how Russ is making mistakes. We beat the bears and it was about Foles. We beat Philly and it was about Wentz. We beat Washington and it was alex smith (which I get). Literally every game. The rams dominated in 2/3 phases yesterday with special teams going to Seattle, and yet it’s not about how great the defense has played. To everyone saying “they beat the nfc East and no one else” like the dude nick wright said but today only talked about Russ and having no run game. Crazy.
  21. Sounds like Forbath is done. Mcvay said "Have to continue to figure out this kicking situation and thats something we will address after this". Could be because of the injury to his foot but I assume he's done.
  22. My goodness this defense could be legendary if they can find a MLB gem in the draft or FA.
  23. And Seattle plays Arizona on Thursday. If the hawks win that and the rams can win next week the rams take first place. Big game vs Tampa
  24. I can’t even be upset that we aren’t scoring.. offense is chewing up so much time. Was happy to see that 3rd down and long pass down field. Catch should have been made, although a tough one
  25. Yeah once I posted it I realized what you meant lol that 3rd and 10 was was a little heart breaking. Russ will make his plays though.. kind of inevitable. We just need to keep making more of them on defense.
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