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  1. I understand being worried about Tutu and his weight.. but damn.. give him a chance. Even if he doesn’t pan out, they aren’t going to hit on EVERY SINGLE PICK EVERY SINGLE YEAR lmao y’all are ridiculous. Feels like if all of you were in charge, we wouldn’t have missed on a pick in years 😂. Ive been wanting to talk some football with all of you and simply can’t because it’s just crying about firing Snead and giving up on next season because of ONE pick lol sneads contracts are another thing.. but it is what it is. I wouldn’t trade him for any other GM right now. We will be in contention for any
  2. Ahh i see. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. not too familiar with him so I’ll have to do some homework. Think he has a chance to stick around? I feel like getting players off of waivers is rare for this team.
  3. Well at least we got a lineman out of it lol
  4. What’s up with the international player pathway program? I guess a dude named Max Pircher who is an OL will be joining the rams. Cards ,niners ,and hawks have one player as well. Anyone know anything about it?
  5. Any chance all these receivers means they definitely aren’t re signing Kupp and woods when their time comes? I feel like they just thought about the future most of this draft lol I’m also very happy with how they drafted defensively.
  6. Y’all are brutal 😂😂😂 every year we cry and then look like idiots after. In my opinion, they brought in Raheem and let him choose a few guys he wants so Mcvay can get to work on a whole offense for stafford. He isn’t worried about defense. All of us as fans can agree they needed help at center.. but they clearly don’t think so. I refuse to believe this team would blatantly ignore a weak spot so badly without upgrading it. Look at backer last year. They weren’t the best for sure.. but they did what they had to do more often than not and got it done well enough to keep us ranked at #1. There’s a
  7. Agreed with this. 6’5 with a blazing 40 could be a matchup nightmare at TE.
  8. I guess they weren’t joking about liking who we have in house
  9. Big day 3 so far imo
  10. Same here if they don’t go with OL
  11. Was just about to ask if there’s any OLINE y’all like in this round. I think they definitely go with line with this first pick
  12. So we have one pick left tonight and got two more for tomorrow.
  13. I’m going to hold off on any judgement until I see the draft as a whole. I don’t hate the pick. I feel like they’d have gone with Eskridge if Seattle didn’t grab him. I’ve learned to shut up about rams drafts because they prove me wrong too often. In excited to see what they do the rest of the night. Cheer up fellas damn 😂
  14. It’s crazy how used to not having a 1st rounder I am 😂 I don’t even care either and won’t care if we never see one again as long as they keep bringing in studs like Jalen and Stafford
  15. I too was thinking 3, a player, and maybe a 2 or future pick. They have Jordan Love, can draft Pitts or even trade back a few spots with a team that wants lance, Jones, or fields and load up EVEN MORE and still have their 29th for a receiver or whoever.
  16. I will be so salty if Rodgers is traded lol as much as I love the fact that we have Stafford now I obviously Am taking Rodgers over him.
  17. Had a dream last night we traded for Julio and then woke up to the news that they’re getting offers lol Even if they were all in and wanted him, other teams can easily outbid us imo. I truly can’t see it happening but hey.. Snead has traded for him once already and has connections in ATL.
  18. Like I said before, AD has never been In trouble and unless he was protecting someone or himself, he would be in trouble. Glad it was exactly that. He deserved benefit of the doubt and most of us have it to him (not that he needs it from us lol). The guy Barely drinks and breathes football. That’s why I found it hard to believe that he didn’t put his career first in this situation.. even if he WAS out at 3-4 am. Nothing wrong with that. Glad this is over..
  19. Ahhhh I see. I definitely agree. It’s very hard to be the bigger person when you are in the right. Especially a guy like AD who knows he’s a big star. He needs to be smarter and unless it came down to defending himself/someone else I’d say he blew this one. Even if it WAS deserved. I won’t lie I’m a little surprised it’s AD lol didn’t think he was much of a drinker. he also isn’t very intimidating in person. If the other dude didn’t know who he was, he was definitely in for a bit of a surprise lol
  20. Anyone hear anything about Whitworth wanting to switch to guard so that the Rams could trade for Trent Williams or sign him in FA?
  21. Dont really get why waiting for more information is a bad thing. We don’t know what happened. Aaron Donald never has his name in the news and has never been in any trouble. I think he deserves benefit of the doubt. That said, he was on the south side of Pittsburg and it was very late.. Tons of bars and tons of things like this happen all the time there. I find it hard to believe AD just decked someone for no reason but who knows. Hope it was nothing more than someone knowing who AD was and was trying to make some money. Wouldn’t surprise me. But if AD did F up.. then he F’d up and he
  22. Was thinking something similar. I’m not a fan of labeling people negatively after having a down year. The year before he had 88 catches for almost 1k. That’s nothing insane but I’d even take that if that’s what our “risk” is for. The eagles were an absolute dumpster fire last season and it happened to be a bad year for him. I’d give the dude one more year before saying he is washed. Could just need some warm LA weather lol
  23. I was thinking something similar honestly, however the one reason I don’t think it will happen is because whoever we draft will probably play about the same amount of time as Van did last year. I think if anyone is moved, it’ll be next year.
  24. Agreed lol not a fan of it but it’s not going to change the game in any way. Going to be weird to see.
  25. Looks like we might see Jalen and many others in a New Jersey number. The Nfl seems to be passing a new rule that allows different numbers at different positions QB- 1-19 RB-WR-TE - 1-49 80-89 Oline- 50-79 DB- 1-49 LB- 1-59 90-99 D Lineman- 50-79 90-99
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