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  1. Yup.. I’ve never wanted to hang 50 on a team SO bad lol
  2. I’ve never seen so many people predict a team to be blown out in the playoffs lol according to the world, the Rams have absolutely no chance. Am I too biased to see that? I don’t think I’ve ever wanted the Rams offense to explode for 50 so badly. Would be so satisfying after hearing so much trash talked about them.
  3. Looks like the Lions want Dan Campbell for their head coaching spot. Good news for The Rams since some of us thought Staley would be heading there
  4. Same here man... as soon as I heard the Saleh news last night it was my first thought. Now that coaches are actually starting to be hired there’s less and less names to choose from. Staley could easily be on the Lions radar. Hopefully! But I doubt it. It just makes sense that they’d lean towards Staley now that coaches are being hired. I could see Pederson in Detroit as well to work with Stafford but I have a weird feeling about Staley being a popular name right now.
  5. Wonder if Holmes will have any pull on who the Lions hire for coach. I assume he’d be very interested in Staley no?
  6. So I’m not misunderstanding this? We just got two more 3rd round comp picks?? I couldn’t have misunderstood 5 different sources right? Lmao
  7. I can agree on pretty much all of that. Last time around was a fun game as well. Bit unfortunate for you guys with that fumble at the end but hey.. that’s football haha I think I speak for all (or most) Rams fans when I say that our safeties have been pretty lights out. John Johnson leads the defense and has been unbelievable all year. Got some all pro votes. Next to him is Jordan Fuller who is a rookie and going to be an absolute star. A lot of really good depth there too. It’s safe to say the Rams have a knack for drafting great safeties in later rounds. Hope someone here backs me up so
  8. Just reading what you said in this it felt like I was reading about the Rams. The offenses really are similar imo.. even with the few differences in some plays and players. The rams definitely tend to do REALLY well when the offense controls the LOS. They can do anything, even if Goff is having an off day because the Defense usually gives them time to get rolling. However, I guess most teams will probably find a lot of success if they can control the LOS and keep their QB clean. This has been a matchup I’ve wanted to see all year. Really hope it’s a good one.
  9. Almost exactly the same thought I posted not long ago. Really looking forward to this one as well. Honestly, I do wish Goff was at 100% (obviously) because this is the matchup I’ve wanted to see all year. It definitely seems like mostly everyone is basically guaranteeing a pretty convincing packer win. I’ve thought all year that the teams match up pretty well in favor of the Rams. In my opinion, if this defense is truly what we all here think it is, it comes down to the Rams offense not having a meltdown for 2-3 quarters.. which happens a bit too often. I 100% understand why most people expect
  10. Totally respect your opinion but I’m actually a bit surprised to see there are so many people not too high on him. He’s been hurt the last few seasons and has missed games but IMO has proven to be an elite receiver.. especially when it comes to being a route runner and even more so with that release. He does have an occasional drop but I think he’s deadly because him and Rodgers seem to be on the same page so often. It’s like they can read each others minds mid play. Crazy teams know it’s going to him and still can’t stop it. All that said, I guess I can at least understand why people arent
  11. Lol seriously take them apart!! Though I imagine they’ll do well at replacing them.. still a chance they regress 😭😂 that team is going To be good for a while imo
  12. I don’t expect Adam’s to blow up but I expect some catches against Jalen and expect a few more away from Jalen. He’s too good of a route runner and his release is second to none.. he’s been unbelievable all year and imo would be disrespectful to say he can be shut down. Slowed down I can agree with.. he’s going to have probably around 15 targets. I’m honestly more worried about tackling Aaron Jones and aj Dillon in the cold. The rams defense does tackles well and has in all but 1 game I think.. but I hope they are ready to show up in the toughest and coldest game yet
  13. Yeah I Definitely didn’t expect it lol safe to say he isn’t a fan
  14. Definitely hope so. And hmm I really didn’t see any stats on the screens/runs on 3rd to back up what I said but I’ll have to look. It really felt like we saw them way fewer times on 3rd down and a bit more on 2nd. Again, Maybe I’m wrong here I’ll have to check.. but it seemed we were more aggressive on anything 3rd and 7-12. I agree, I think the right decision was made as well. Honestly after seeing the ball slip out of his hand early on it made me think he could have hurt the team in a big way if he couldn’t hold up and said he could. Having 3 guys active should have been the
  15. Oh man. Though I like the fact that Mcvay took a lot of time and had a lot of conversations with Jared.. I’m not a fan of the whole having a clash over the last few years. Maybe I shouldn’t read into it but I’ve had a feeling since the season started that Mcvay hasn’t trusted Goff. Then you see the screens and runs on 3rd down all day.. aren’t his yards per attempt crazy low too? Then Wolford gets the start and all that stops happening. It does feel like something is a bit off in that area. However.. I hope I’m insanely wrong and just reading too much into it. Goff is here no matter what for a
  16. I would really like to start a topic about this I but don’t feel like making a new thread so here’s my question… where does the 2020 Los Angeles Rams defense rank in the last 20 years? Some of the first teams that come to mind are Seattle’s 2013 Super Bowl defense, Denvers 2015 Super Bowl defense, and the ravens 2000 defense since we are going back 20 years I was doing some stat checking against that Seattle defense in 2013 and the Rams allowed 300 more yards passing but allowed to hundred yards less rushing. The Seahawks also had 28 interceptions compared to the Rams
  17. For me personally, I think it makes sense to wait one more year to hire Staley. The dude has been moving up the ranks and it’s his first season as a DC. I’d love to see how he adjusts next year when other teams have a full year of film on him. That said, everyone is desperate for the next young Mcvay.. and he’s it. I really hope he has one more year with the rams. Imagine these players having two years of experience with that defense!?
  18. Yeah this game is over Unless Wolford comes back. Wow.
  19. Ima just bringing this back throughout the playoffs I think lol
  20. I truly hope Donald can shut up the “he hasn’t done anything in playoffs” people.
  21. I don’t have the best feeling about this game with Goff out. I really thought Goff would play.
  22. I forgot first round picks even existed at this point lol been so long.
  23. Yeah This whole Goff topic has become such a cancer here lol I don’t trust Goff right now. He has yet to prove to me that I should trust him. He has played some GREAT games, He has made some GREAT plays, and He has also won some BIG games. However he has proven that he will also fall off a cliff in any given game and sometimes for a stretch of games. Its usually in the later part of the season too. The 17 turnovers is concerning to me, especially since ever since the Miami game he has 13. In the first half of the season he definitely bad more than a couple that were unfortunate/unlucky p
  24. Looking forward to it as well. I don’t think this team is as beat up as people are saying. Aside from Goff being hurt I think the rams are actually in a pretty good spot at the moment. I think Goff will get the start this weekend. Just a feeling though. This game will come down to the turnover battle. Hopefully the rams defense can somehow stop/slow down Russ and DK for a third time and then hopefully play smart on offense. This entire playoff run comes down to the offense. No one doubts the defense.
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