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  1. I agree. The thing that makes me nervous is a team like the rams (when they hired Mcvay) will see he’s a genius and young and could literally be the defensive Version. Teams are desperate to have the next young golden boy. However, one thing that makes me feel better is that he’s a defensive mind and teams like the jags, Jets, chargers, all have young or are about have very young QBs and most would want them with an offensive mind. I think. What do I know lol
  2. Chargers, Jets, and Jags have all requested to interview Staley so far. I’m guessing there will be more.
  3. There’s a decent chance Jamal Adam’s misses this game. Pete Carroll is “noncommittal” on his status. Didn’t even know anything happened. If it’s nothing crazy there’s no way he misses a playoff game. That would be a big blow for that defense. Doesn’t matter what your opinion is about his play (people seem to be divided on him for some reason), hes definitely a guy that energized that defense in the later half of the season
  4. That’s what I was thinking. I’m just going off of a report saying basically itll be tough after just 12 days. From Rappaport: “On the #Rams & QB Jared Goff: While no one has ruled Goff out for Saturday vs. the #Seahawks, it’s expected to be challenging for him to play. He was able to throw Sunday, which is good. But 12 days after thumb surgery, in the cold, it'll be difficult. Could be more John Wolford.” we shall see indeed
  5. Apparently it’s going to be tough for Goff to play this weekend. I think we will be with Wolford.
  6. True. Though for a bit I was surprised to see Mcvay get away from the run and trust Wolford so much when the run wasnt clicking. Maybe I’m just used to the rams having bad coaches that are crazy conservative with backups or inexperienced QBs lol Mcvay knew what Wolford can do and trusted he gets it done when his number is called. Props to Mcvay for always trusting the players he puts out there.
  7. I’m not about this whole Goff vs Wolford thing but one thing I will say that I thought was at least a little concerning is how Mcvay seemed to be a bit more aggressive. Even on 3rd and longs we didn’t run screens. I think we did once. They actually called plays to get passed the first lol it was weird. Maybe I’m just over thinking it but that’s got me a little concerned. I trust Mcvay plays to their strengths
  8. Brockers will be back. I think we will have Kiser back unless he had a setback in the last day or two. I could be wrong about that though. Just kind of going off of the fact that he was activated off of IR. Did Lewis play? Forgot what his deal was
  9. Sloman just made a game winner after hitting the upright haha good for him. really happy with this team’s performance today. Defense knew they’d be relied on and showed they can once again be trusted. We know how good they are. Still underrated imo. Special teams finally had a good game. Probably the best day of the year outside of Hekker vs Da bears. On offense it seemed like they were actually awake most of the game. Wolford definitely had a big energy around him. I wish he could have thrown for a touchdown but regardless I was genuinely happy for the guy when I saw
  10. Was just coming to say this. He never attacks the ball. He’s massive and never high points it. He always waits for it to drop it. Can’t wait till he’s out. Doesn’t want it enough
  11. I feel like he’s walked back and forth all game. Safe to say he won’t be running around if he does. I’m not too worried. I think lol
  12. It’s hard to explain because most flags offset no matter what but the Weird part just because of the severity of each. A tug on a jersey shouldn’t offset a helmet to helmet. I’d rather 0 yards but make it a first at the foul spot or where the play started. these false starts are annoying. The second we step foot inside the 20 they start jumping
  13. Crazy a personal foul offsets a hold. Don’t like that at all. Offense needs to score just one touchdown and this game is likely over
  14. Man this run game is STRUGGLING
  15. I know it’s tough now but you can’t just give up on it. Need to get that going. DW we're trading for Julio this off-season. This defense needed to win this game and they literally have so far. Unbelievable. They are the best defense or one of the best I’ve seen in quite a while. Hope we keep some big pieces and run it back next year.
  16. Why are we going 5 wide so damn often. Can we please run the ball.
  17. I also can’t believe we haven’t thrown screens on third and long. I thought it would be screen city
  18. Wolford seems like he doesn’t panic at all under pressure. Dude doesn’t care if he gets popped or not lol
  19. Can we give this a damn rest for one game. Goff isn’t playing. Leave it alone people. Damn this forum makes it hard to enjoy games lol
  20. That first false start on the back to back calls was 100% on the Dline and THEN Van jumped.
  21. I get what you’re saying for sure. But it’s tough to compare Goff in year 5-6 and a first ever start from an undrafted guy. I like him a lot so far. Seemed like he needed to settle in for sure
  22. At least we won some games with case lol
  23. I wasn’t a fan of going 5 wide on his first pass lmao but I agree I hope he’s mentally tough enough to forget that
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