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  1. A first round pick who’s been extended so he can become a true franchise QB making that play isn’t the same as an undrafted rookie In this situation lol why even bring that up to stir anything up? Especially knowing how easily triggered people get here lol I get your point but that’s not the same. And Goff has literally made that throw many times this year. Sometimes to Dlineman.
  2. Need the defense to play like that all day to have a chance. Hate Wolford having to start at the 5. Excited to see what happens
  3. I don’t really understand this whole feud lol it truly feels like it’s simply that everyone knows Goff had a good first quarter and then definitely regressed and turnovers haunted him. I don’t think anyone denies that. He needs to clearly step his game up to the next level and me more consistent through the year (especially in the second half). if he does we will win way more often than not.. regardless of play calls or whatever the other argument might be. It seems like the other half of that argument is people knowing there are other issues and are bothered when blame is put 100% on Goff (wh
  4. I guess I get why it’s being talked about but I don’t get why people are putting so much into Goff depending on how Walford does today. Unless Walford looks LEGIT and goes for 350 4 touchdowns no turnovers then I don’t see why it’s even important. Walford playing well means we have a solid backup. That’s literally it. I don’t see anyone saying anything about Goff if Walford sucks. He’s an undrafted rookie starting in a pretty big DIVISION game. I don’t really see anyone saying much about Goff if he does well either. Not like Goff doesn’t usually have a decent day against them. i per
  5. Kirk is on the Covid list for the Cards. Even Romo is missing the game lol
  6. The energy around the team really doesn’t seem bad at all right now. They got hit harder this week than any other and even lost it’s QB. One thing that’s never mentioned much is how young the team is. I believe they’re currently the youngest as of this week and have been top 3 youngest all year. I’m excited for Sunday. I think our staff is at the top when it comes to finding these gems in the draft and on waivers. I trust we’ll see something solid this weekend and surprise many people.
  7. Brockers on the Covid list... lmao what a time of year to start falling apart.
  8. Kupp is officially out. Hope he gets well soon. That probably puts him in danger of missing the first round of playoffs too no? I feel like many players have missed 2 games.
  9. Well this doesn’t seem likely now. Seems like he’s probably playing. Would have loved the back up vs backup game
  10. The worst timing ever for things to start falling apart. I also heard Akers is likely to tough it out. Kinda of crazy considering it’s a high ankle. We are lucky Kyler is likely out
  11. Cooper Kupp placed on the COVID list. Gonna be without Goff Akers Henderson and Kupp
  12. I had no idea that Kyler might not be playing lol could be back up vs back up.
  13. I feel like the staff and FO has done a great job in finding talent Regardless if it’s through trade, waivers, undrafted, late rounds, etc. I trust whoever they put in. They’ve earned that imo.
  14. Ahh ok. I agree I think then. There’s probably 2-3 games that come to mind where Goff didn’t play great but not bad and can honestly say those games were a team loss. I’m not sure I agree too much on the cards game though. I think he did average and won, which strengthens my point that we only need average play. Our defense balled out that game after the first long touchdown and special teams even tried ruining that one for us. I still have faith in Goff.. I even said yesterday to a buddy that the broken finger and him popping it back in was the beginning of a great story haha I probably won’t
  15. That’s fair and I respect your opinion. But Goff hasn’t been under pressure for half his drop backs in the last two months and yet he has 17 turnovers this year. That’s insane. After Miami everyone said (including me) that he’d fix it and be back to the Goff we saw early on.. but he’s turned it over like 8-9 times since the bye week now. He’s very lucky it’s not more too. I feel like I’m always the villain in here but i truly can’t understand how excuses keep coming up for him. And this is coming from someone that truly likes him. At some point, in my opinion, he needs to overcome some adversi
  16. That’s why I keep saying that even though on occasion the playcalls are questionable and the special teams has been terrible and two or three games this year the line has been non existent or had a horrible half.. but Goff has been even more consistent at being a problem. He’s by far the most inconsistent part of the team. Like you said, he deserves a large portion of the blame. The problem comes with Goff because we can still lose by fixing the other problems. We can’t win if Goff doesn’t fix his.
  17. Hahaha first time all year I’m scared before a game. Anything actually confirmed about Goff being out? I think the rams definitely lose without him.. even though he hasn’t helped much lately I can’t imagine Walford does. Unless he’s our next Kurt lmao praying for the packers to win
  18. But the thing is.. we don’t need an elite QB. We need an average guy who takes care of the ball. That’s literally all we need to win a Super Bowl or at least be legit contenders. I don’t think that’s that crazy to ask for from a first overall pick who’s been extended. Yes bad offensive performances can derail any QB in any given day.. but Goff hasn’t showed up in so long regardless of how the rest of the offense does. Am I losing it or am I speaking facts here?
  19. I agree.. but how come EVERY time there’s pressure our franchise QB can’t pull through? Teams don’t respect Goff and they blitz and send pressure and do whatever because they know he can’t handle it. I get it.. pressure affects all quarterbacks. It’s tough to be good with someone in your face. But you have to over come that on occasion. He was pressured but also had so many chances to spark this team in the last 2 months or so. All I see right now is a guy who’s not confident, puts the best defense in the league in terrible spots, and takes points off the board AT MINIMUM once a game. Russ was
  20. Think it’s at the same time as us now. Once again the team comes up short. It’s a shame. Another terrible turnover. Really feels like it’s a guarantee every game. Not sure what to say or think about this team anymore. If I say Goff is the problem y’all get upset even though he’s still the most inconsistent part of this entire team excluding special teams. Still waiting for a QB to put the team on his back. If I’m being honest I think the problem is so obvious that Goff is now trying to do too much to prove people wrong. He’s just digging himself in a bigger hole. He even said he tr
  21. If this year has taught me anything.. it’s that no game is guaranteed in the NFL lol that said I wasn’t aware of that and chances are pretty likely that the Bucs win. I think playing Seattle in LA would be fun. Imagine beating them 3 times in a year.......
  22. Yeah I’m not a fan of not winning out to play the East. At this point we’ve shown we can’t play against bad teams so bring on any other team lmao Just posted it in the nfc west chat but the Niners just killed us a bit once again. With the win to the cards we still haven’t clinched a spot. Obviously winning out would make that irrelevant though
  23. Seahawks - 10-4 Rams - 9-5 Cards - 8-7 49ers - 6-9 Well the niners just found a way to kill us again lol If the cards had won it would have clinched us a spot in the playoffs. Now we either beat Seattle or need a bears loss. Obviously need to beat Seattle to stay in the division hunt.
  24. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy game. I have a feeling it’s going to be a wild one. I’d love to see a blowout by half time like the game a few years ago lol not gonna happen but man it would be nice.
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