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  1. Akers is out for the game. Last time he didn’t have much of an impact. On the flip side, last time Carson and Hyde both didn’t play.. they will this time. Even after the Jets loss I felt good about this game. However I’m slowly starting to have some doubt. Regardless of how well the Rams have looked at times, there’s no denying that every other game or two they have a bad offensive performance. There’s no way to know which team will show up. This is a game where Goff needs to perform. He’s turned it over 8 times since the bye week and that’s after the Miami game. In fact, the LA Ram
  2. Not sure where to put this because it’s about the Seattle game.. but is anyone else curious about how Staley will do game plan wise this week? I know we played the niners twice but I honestly would rather throw out anything that happens against them 😂 but just seeing what he does differently now that he’s played them once.
  3. I know it’s being talked about and I’ve brought it up too.. it’s too many to quote lol but I am definitely one of the people here who likes Goff and truly wants him to be successful because I’ve seen what he can do when he’s on one. I’m critical of him for sure.. but I will always praise him after even mediocre games.. especially because normally it’s all we need. However I am definitely in the crowd that doesn’t believe in him as a leader. I can still be convinced and obviously he has a lot of maturing to do.. but he clearly isn’t the hype man type. He’s quiet.. which is fine. How
  4. Lol Darnold really did make some great plays. Receivers actually caught the ball too. Definitely a Jets team that decided to play for once 😂 either way I do agree. Not that the defense doesn’t deserve to be allowed a bad game.. but why this one haha I was happy with Goff in the second half. Aside from the pick and the other almost pick that was identical I didn’t mind Goff. He had 2-3 other throws that weren’t great but nothing that should normally lose a game. Living in jersey sucks right now lol
  5. Agreed lol all of our losses except the niners (cause they have our number) are total head scratchers that we know we are the better team. Even with some issues we aren’t losing those games by much. I’m also confident going forward. If they start clicking and can keep momentum I truly think we match up well against ANYONE. Just have to play 4 quarters
  6. Lmao people just have bigger issues in life and it’s a reflection of that when they hash out like tools. idk what else to say 😂
  7. Yeah I feel you. Thanks for understanding I’m not being a troll lmao I totally see your view on it. There’s many things that happen to go wrong. I do agree that this team seemed to be sleep walking until they realized it’s about to be over if they don’t wake up. It was hard to watch. It seems the rams take two steps forward and then restart every two games. That’s driving the fans insane I think lol my frustration with the $$$ is simply that I’m desperate to see Jared make that cap hit worth it instead of being a potential future issue. That’s about it. I still have hope though. I have a feeli
  8. Oh word cause the rams destroyed a super bowl winning Broncos team when the rams were the doormat of the nfl..(Jets now). Shut up and get out of here. You’re clearly a troll that knows absolutely nothing about football aside what you learned on madden. Can’t believe you’re bragging about losing by 40 Lmaoooooooo idiot.
  9. I never would have talked trash after winning one game back 10 years ago lmao just shows what kind of dude this guy would be if they were even average. Fans like this suck.
  10. Lol bro you’re a fool if you really think that I have this big thing against Goff. Pay attention to what I say. I absolutely love Goff when he’s playing even decent because that’s all we need. Right now you’re just showing that you’re too sensitive and soft to handle any criticism on Goff. Sure it’s how the QBs get paid. I get that. He was showing promise and got paid. He got paid more than the last guy who was paid because that’s how it works.. but if you were trusted enough to currently be paid that much then you must perform. How many of those guys you listed will get big contracts after th
  11. He was extended for a reason. Period. It’s crazy. If you’re at a job and get a raise, will you do worse? Or do better for more money? If a below average QB doesn’t do anything and stays below average.. he will not get that same money. He will not be the highest paid at signing. If you want to ignore everything I said because I said that a guy should keep performing well or better because he got extended to do JUST THAT.. then I will never argue with you again. Talk about everything else I said. When Goff got paid, they expected this really young guy who showed he can really be great at times.
  12. I definitely disagree here. A coach can prepare a team and game plan and do whatever before a game. A coach can not.. and SHOULD not need to make players who are being paid to play the game WANT to play. A coach can not and should not have to motivate a team so much to want to play and win. Mcvay said all week they aren’t over looking them. He said all week that he knows they’re tough. He knows that upsets happen.. what can he do or say to a team to make them wake up wanting to fight?? Thats about heart and pride. You have captains for a reason. McVay isn’t always great but he did enough to wi
  13. Cool see you in the playoffs 💀
  14. I definitely agree. It happens. Rams fans are very familiar with being that very same Jets team we just played. The upsets on way better teams just happened once or twice a year around 07. Those years were brutal. The frustration comes now because we’ve all been waiting for that big game by the offense and then being able to keep that momentum. It just never happens. Once the rams offense has a good game it’s only a matter of time before they go back to having games like these.. or worse. I wouldn’t care that we lost to the Jets because of what you said above. It happens. But they ke
  15. Yes.. it was. Especially considering he had someone wide open three yards away. It was a terrible interception man. He almost did it twice. He was lucky the second one wasn’t picked off and actually fell in Everettes hands. You take everything I say and you apply it to the whole season. Yes obviously lucky interception happen. In fact Goff has had probably 4-5 really unlucky picks this year. It happens to everyone. I never said every pick he throws is his fault. But he more often than not has thrown terrible picks. He’s thrown like 3 to D lineman! Let’s not even talk about his fumbles.
  16. But that’s the thing. It’s always “they traveled too much” or “they just had a bad game” or whatever it might be. WE NEED TO STOP HIDING FROM THE TRUTH. This team has proved to do well in 4 years.. yes.. but they’ve proved to be very inconsistent and have played horrible WAY more often than they should for a “super bowl contender”. The Jets showed up. Yes.. we as rams fans know that this happens. We’ve beaten great teams like Denver and NO while barely winning any other games. But it doesn’t make it ok this time around because they’ve been too inconsistent this year. There is a probl
  17. Considering where people had us ranked yeah sure. This defense 100% has carried this team. One of the very few times they can’t though they lose because the offense is garbage every other Sunday
  18. If we don’t beat Seattle we don’t even get home field lol all because of a loss to the Jets. Only the rams. In some way.. they will never stop being those sorry a** rams
  19. Team is trash. Mcvay has nothing to do with the fact that players didn’t execute all day. Flags on big plays. Punt blocked. No blocking. A terrible interception by Goff. Mcvay did bad with a 4th and 4 deep ball. Not sure what they thought there. Such a joke. The Jets lmfao
  20. Even at his best he’s tackled by the punter 😭 good return though.
  21. We will take a 3 n out plus a big return! Time to win
  22. That was massive. If they don’t get the first it’s down to kicking 3, getting a 3 and out, and hoping for a minimum of 3 again to tie it. Not sure if I trust special teams enough for that
  23. A long Goff touchdown would be so satisfying right now. They got this. Anything that scores is great but I want to see Goff light it up he just got way too confident In that lob that almost got picked lol man.. that would have been a killer
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