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  1. If we are being honest, there’s been many times that Goff seems to not be listening to someone showing him something on the sideline. I’ve seen it many times. I don’t know how important that is because I don’t entirely know what’s going on at that moment but it’s not a good look. Not sure if it’s something to be upset about as it’s a short clip and he could have easily been looking away to watch the game or something. I’m sure they’ve showed many times that he was looking too through out the year.
  2. Held to 3 again but damn it’s crazy that the one team the defense couldn’t stop was the Jets. Darnold is throwing perfect passes. All day.
  3. Also, put money down when it was 20-3 for the comeback
  4. Almost lost my mind when I saw the flag on the Higbee play 😂😂😂
  5. That TDs on Goff..... lol jk. Calm down. this is bad
  6. Cool you clearly didn’t read what I said. IM NOT SAYING ITS ON GOFF. Literally said it there. You know.. for Goff not being a guy that has lived up to his contract, I don’t get how people still get upset for Goff being criticized. Anyway.. many things have gone wrong. Blocking, Goff, run game, penalties, special teams.. blah blah.. what I said was that Goff always gets absorbed into the bad play when the team isn’t playing too well or bad. For the amount he makes, isn’t it fair to say that Goff should at least on occasion be able to lift a team up and spark them when things don’t go well for o
  7. Do I dare call a rams TD before half? I’m calling it. Come on. Do something.
  8. I get that sometimes teams don’t play great.. but why does one of the highest paid QBs in the league always have to be part of the problem. Like I don’t ever remember thinking “man these guys are letting Goff down” lol he always gets absorbed into the problems instead of putting a team on his back and sparking something. This isn’t me bashing Goff or saying this game is on him so far but .. it sure would be nice to see for once.
  9. Had Kupp wide open next to him for an easy 8-10 yards. I don’t care how long a team has been off.. there’s no excuse for this.
  10. You know.. there’s always a chance this happens. I made a big mistake in thinking this offense had what it takes to look good for 4 quarters against a really bad team lol and I can’t even be surprised because it’s what they do more often than not.
  11. Yikes. Offense needs to wake up. Too late in the year to start like this. This team should be in playoff mode by now.
  12. Man I hate the playoff system the NFL has. It rarely ever feels like the top seeds are worth fighting for. Kind of a shame
  13. The Rams are a Fraud? Or the Packers? I can’t see either being true. Green Bay is driven by the offense and they ARE a good offense. Their defense is pretty bad but can make some plays.. they’re a dangerous team. The Rams I won’t even get into lol if you’re saying the rams are a fraud then I don’t get why you even watch the games. Just pick a new team if that’s the case lol no where near a fraud.
  14. No I agree. It’s awesome that we are doing that well. But it’s frustrating when you’re trying to be a consistent team on a year to year basis. I know they don’t stay for years and years but we can’t keep anyone for more than 1. I’ve never seen that. Also just like (example) a QB might struggle changing coordinators every year because they’re on bad teams, it can’t be easy to change coordinators on good teams either. It seems like every year we get stripped. Maybe it’s the way of the NFL and I just never noticed because the rams have been garbage for 14 years Straight prior to Mcvay, but this s
  15. This is a topic that annoys the hell out of me. I understand that they love to get coaches opportunities in the league but it’s so frustrated that the Rams have to go and find new coordinators every single year. It shouldn’t be allowed. So next year the defense won’t be the same and they’ll need to learn an entire new scheme. Again, I love that Mcvay is the kind of guy that wants his staff to succeed but it’s getting insane. I personally think there’s a 100% chance we have a new DC next year.
  16. Darrell Henderson actually has a cannon lol He did the show “underrated” to boost his rating in madden (since Rams players are all criminally underrated) and got a small boost. He showed off his arm for sure though. I’m curious who has the stronger arm between him and Akers who played QB. We’re bound to see a RB throw the ball eventually aren’t we?? Lol
  17. Or maybe he wants to get 5 years of experience as a DC in LA before even thinking about leaving.... 😔
  18. When do we think Brandon Staley will be gone? Something I hate is that we can sign these great coordinators but they’re always gone after a year. It’s crazy, we used to be so bad that we’d lose our coordinators every year and now it’s because we’re so good lol At this rate I won’t be shocked if he’s gone after this season though. Would love if he could stick around for 2-3 years and see what this defense truly could be.
  19. Maybe it’s because of Mcvay and his history with Washington but Everette reminds me a lot of Jordan Reed. A healthier one. Reed has better hands imo but other than that I personally think that’s a close comp
  20. I do agree, but they aren’t a Team to take lightly. Obviously half the team opted out before the season and I think what they’ve done with what they have is REALLY impressive. I don’t think anyone on here is thinking we just beat a playoff team or a contender.. but it was a game we should have dominated and did. Rams fans deserved a little extra celebration for this one after not beating them since 01. They tend to play well against good teams and play bad vs bad teams this year. BB can still make teams look foolish and simply out coach them. We didn’t beat the chiefs.. but we did what we had
  21. So is any conversation about which LA football team being THE LA team over? Lol haven’t heard it in a while but it’s just crazy that the pats beat them by 45 and then we beat the pats by 21. Apparently only the second time that it’s ever happened. I think it’s fair to say (a compromise almost) that as long as Goff doesn’t have those BAD games.. that there’s a pretty solid chance we win any game. We don’t need a HOF QB.. we need a guy that has an average game. A turnover here and there even is fine. But these games with 3-4 need to be eliminated. Seems like those are the only type o
  22. Yes!! We’re passing!! That was fun to watch lol didn’t expect it at all thought that drive was over once he got sacked
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