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  1. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Another roster article prior to OTAs. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/5/21/18634047/what-we-know-and-dont-know-about-the-chiefs-90-man-roster-ahead-of-otas There are more questions than answers. Of the 22 starting positions, about 15 are locked in. The remaining starting positions and rotation depth is very undecided. J
  2. Free Agency

    He has not been since about 2016. The number of defensive snaps has been very high, so a more rotational approach may yield better results. Still, at that price he would have to be very good in limited play. J
  3. Free Agency

    It's a small thing but we just signed John Phillips-TE. He isn't much of a pass receiver but he blocks well. J
  4. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    Of course, it's not certain. Nothing in the NFL is certain, but Hitchens looked like he was playing out of position last year. In a 4-3 needs less athleticism and more diagnostics. He also has a DC that will put him in situations that draw on his strengths not his lacks. IMO he will be better once the new system settles in. J
  5. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    I disagree with this. Likely he's instantly the starting WLB. The best LB is Hitchens returning to his natural position at MLB. While it will take some time to gel, this is 2/3 of a solid LB group. Now we need to find a SLB J
  6. Chiefs acquire LB Darron Lee

    Absolutely. The cost is minimal and the Contract is mostly paid already. As a bonus, he can actually play football He is likely the new starting WLB. Coverage is DJ grade and the run defense is better than advertised. The Jets drafted him too high and asked him to do things outside his skillset. Give him a good MLB (Hitchens' natural position) and he will patrol the whole field. This is the sort of thing that rebuilds whole teams. J
  7. Free Agency

    Lee is a nice pickup. As a first-round pick, he has been a disappointment but as cheap (next thing to free) depth he's outstanding. For us, he's a speed-and-coverage WLB, indeed the coverage aspect is premium grade. Pencil him as the starting WLB. Though he is undersized at 230 pounds, he has made strides against the run. He should be an every down LB, coming out only in short yardage. Much as I like Patrick Peterson, I think this is the sort of pickup Super Bowls are built on. J
  8. Free Agency

    For more in-depth, here is an article on FA signee CB Mark Fields. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/5/14/18622566/chiefs-lottery-tickets-cornerback-mark-fields Fields was a four-year player at Clemson, yet only started six games in that time. However, his lack of playing time definitely wasn’t due to ability. Fields showcases some serious quickness, and the long speed (4.37 40-yard dash) to carry vertical routes. His quickness was evident right off the bat in the national championship game. Coming in off the bench for an injured Trayvon Mullen, Alabama went right at Fields with a bigger tight end. Stout, in his typically thorough fashion, explains that Clemson relies heavily on pattern-match zone, which Spagnuolo also uses. He also expalins that footwork and attitude issues kept him from being a starter at Clemson. Here is the conclusion Fields exhibits the football acumen, speed and experience in coverage schemes that the Chiefs want to run. He’s got supremely high upside — higher than the Chiefs’ sixth-round pick, Fenton — and can contribute in year one as a gunner and a backup nickel cornerback. However, he’s got a couple parts of his game as a cornerback that raised eyebrows for teams. On top of that, he has some warranted off-field concerns that prevented teams from wanting to make a major investment to try to unlock his high potential. This is a very low-risk, potentially high-reward move — and arguably my favorite addition of the 2019 draft class. J
  9. Free Agency

    Something new on Golditch. He was one of the lesser injured victims in the famous Colorado theater shooting. It should also be noted that his history is similar to Andrew Wylie's--small school, PS for multiple teams. Wylie was our top rookie last season. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/5/14/18623056/new-chiefs-offensive-lineman-zack-golditch-was-part-of-story-you-may-already-know Here is an article on five rookies to watch in camp. Juan Thornhill Nick Allegretti Mecole Hardman Khalen Saunders Jack Fox A couple are no-brainers--Thornhill and Hardman. Not far behind are Saunders and Allegretti. The interesting one is Fox, a punter. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/5/14/18623281/five-chiefs-rookies-who-could-push-for-starting-jobs-in-2019 J
  10. Draft Grades and Reactions

    One of the attractions of Thornhill is that he is a CB who converted to S. He can be a CB-syle nickel with run support. J
  11. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    I agree with most of these. One proviso is that the number of speed players is also dictated by the team's commitment to special teams. I also agree that TK and Speaks will not likely both make the roster. The exception is if one can stay at LB. I expect that both will have bulked up since Spagnuolo was announced, so I don't expect it. LB is wide openHitchens is the MIke til further notice, but the rest is a grab-bag. They could go an extra player to get all the sub packages covered. These guys will also have to perform on ST. One of the UDFA is Gary Johnson. He's a speed LB with size, out of UT. Look to the practice squad from last season. We have only seen a few of Veach's big deals but he seems very good at the overlooked ones. Kahlil McKenzie may be ready to be the IOL backup for example. They may see help for Kelce on the roster. One thing I have gathered that was missed in draft day coverage is that Thompson profiles as an excellent receiver out of the backfield. That's the big weakness in Williams' game. Since DarT is good between the tackles, he has possibilities as a blitz burner. We will see how his blocking works out. So far, Fenton is the hardest to get a handle on. J
  12. Gunther Cunningham passed away

    Saw this. He went by Gunny, like a Marine Sgt. He was a great ST coach under Shottenheimer but unsuited to be HC. J
  13. Free Agency

    Golditch is a second year player with marginal talent at OG. He played two games as a rookie and was obtained off waivers. He's a bit undersized but apparently fairly athletic and played several positions in college. The team may see him as a play anywhere backup, a possible C conversion, or just a camp body. J
  14. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Hitchens is a much better LB in the 4-3. The run defense can be built around him at MLB. Other than DoD, I am not sure any other carryover LB make the team. Even with TK and Speaks, we probably will not keep both. On the flip side, I want to see what Gary Johnson has for us. He looks the part of a fast WLB. but he's very raw. I have a feeling we will have multiple UDFA make the roaster as depth. J
  15. 2019 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    Here is another one. It's not particularly insightful, but it does sacrifice some potential starters to salary cap issues, which is going to happen. The question is, which ones? https://lastwordonprofootball.com/2019/05/11/kansas-city-chiefs-roster-projection-1-0/ J