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  1. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    Final injury report. Chiefs: Chris Jones, Matt Moore and LeSean McCoy all returned to practice for the Chiefs on Friday. All three players were listed as limited in practice, as was TE Travis Kelce. Jones was a limited participant after having not participated in practice since Jan. 10. Andy Reid still wasn’t ready to commit to Jones playing against the Titans on Sunday. Reid wants to see how Jones feels on Saturday and ahead of the game. Jones said that he’s currently considered day-to-day, which would stand to reason given his questionable designation. Titans: Everyone besides CB Logan Ryan received a questionable designation from the Titans. All players listed as questionable were also listed as limited participants in Friday’s practice. In all likelihood, the majority of these players will go on Sunday. The one I am watching closely is RT Jack Conklin who was a late addition to the injury report on Thursday with an ankle injury. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/17/final-injury-report-for-kansas-city-chiefs-vs-tennessee-titans-afc-championship-game/ J
  2. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    That's fundamental. Turnover differential is worth considering. For the season, the Chiefs were 7th at +8, while the Titans were 9th at +6. That said we were better to finish the season. We were +5 through 11, three of them in game #11. We were +3 in five games after the break and +1 last week. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/team-stats?season=2019&week=100&category=TURNOVERS J
  3. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    I mentioned that our ST were much better than Tennessee. Here is an article. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/1/17/21070072/why-special-teams-could-make-all-the-difference-in-sundays-afc-championship J
  4. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    There are a bunch of mid-ranked OT. If that is what we are looking to get, trading back 10-15 slots would be perfect. It's also where the TEs start showing up. By the chart, trading back from #32 to #45 would be worth a late 3rd round pick or a 2021 2nd. The Patriots did this for years. J
  5. 2020 Mock Drafts - Way too early, but let's go!

    I agree. They sorted a lot of the issue with the LB during the second half. It won't be Hali, Johnson and Houston, but they get by OK. Likewise, Reiter has come on at C. This is a good draft for CB, so I would take one in the 1st if available. A ready to play OG or an eventual replacements for Schwartz and Kelce would be nice. Like most years, I think trading down is a good plan. J
  6. Post Divisional 4 Rounder with Comp Picks

    Kansas City 30. Jeff Gladney [ CB ] TCU 62. Malik Harrison [ LB ] Ohio State 94. Eno Benjamin [ RB ] Arizona State 133. Lloyd Cushenberry III [ IOL ] LSU I am not thrilled, but the pick logic is sound. Albert Okwuegbunam, TE - Missouri has declared for the draft. He could go as high as mid second round. I would consider him at #62 and not miss him at #94. LB was the source of many issues with the defense, but many of them have been smoothed out. A LB is definitely in the mix, but not a priority. If you assign one. make it a value pick. 3rd/4th round is about right for a RB. I personally would lean to Kindley #94 and Akeem Davis-Gaither #133. You could go IOL at any point in the whole draft. That said, I do not think the team considers C to be a problem slot. Anyone they get needs to be very athletic. J
  7. Exactly. Thornhill's missing the whole off-season and being less than 100% in camp will matter. That said, he can still do the mental part of the game, which will be important. I am old enough to remember Deron Cherry. The guy lived in the film room. J
  8. We can always go FA or UDFA looking for talent. It isn't luck so much as putting in the time end effort for a low priority position. J
  9. Colquitt has been an institution for 15 years , but he will be 39 years old before camp starts. His range is not what it once was and he is not pinning teams back as often. It's not an urgent thing, but our next punter needs to be on the agenda. J
  10. The number I saw was also eight to nine months, so maybe. Thornhill should be fully up to speed by late October. Watts is not a bad playmaker, but he's physically limited and takes a lot of chances. Fuller is the one to play more centerfield. J
  11. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft

    Not for the Chiefs. Go with CB or OL if there are no trades. J
  12. Who had the best Draft of the Teens?

    It was, however, the best by any team 2000-2009. The 2012 Seattle draft is a good candidate. Saying there are two HoF players is a bit much, but the haul of five long term players is excellent. J
  13. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft

    And they are ahead of the RB. My point exactly. J
  14. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

    Something is really wrong when the 3rd CB off the board is at #51. With a deep RB class, I suspect several potential 1st round picks slide to the 2nd round and CB is one position that will push them. For the Chiefs, there is a raft of OL talent on the board. RB can wait. J
  15. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft

    29. Kansas City Chiefs - Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson. Too early for Etienne. It's a deep class and not a need. TE is more pressing since Kelce is 30 years old. I don't see a CB I love here, but Baidasz makes excellent sense. J