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  1. GFW stated that a Chiefs team with Hill for most of the season is a SB contender. So, I will take it as a 10-6 write up. There are still a couple of points to make. Sutton's defense was notoriously difficult to pick up. Chris Jones was a great fit, but Anthony Hitchens was not. The coverage scheme was man heavy and the LB received no run support from the secondary. With players like Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry it worked. Without them it got passive. Last season the talent was better than the results. The upshot is that Spagnuolo's much simpler system could be much more effective, at least initially. The other area is interior OL. Cam Erving may to be moving to swing OT. Kahlil McKenzie seems to be pushing him out of the LG slot. The team's best OL may be RG Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff. He was on IR the second half of last season. Even with a new C, the blocking should be improved. The real question is who backs up TE. Travis Kelce is Travis Kelce, but there is no TE2 yet. J
  2. Free Agency

    I thought I just said that. Any more detail would be appreciated.
  3. Free Agency

    Speaks and Kpassagnon are enigmas. TK seems to be considered a jack of all trades. Speaks is more a traditional rush DE. There are a lot of bodies to sort through but the DL rotation could be very good. LB is a bigger question. Ragland seems to be the 1st down and short yardage guy. Hitchens is the Will and Wilson is the Sam at least from the start. Where do Lee and Do'D fit in? J
  4. Team Needs

    TE2 IOL SLB Nickel DB Defensive reps There are so many changes on defense it's hard to know where to start. The OL is healthy and set at three spots. LOG and C are the questions, and depth of course. Always depth. But the biggest need is a backup and running mate for Kelce. J
  5. 2019 Preseason

    The baseball All Star game is always a sign that spring training camp is near. Some questions I want answered: Who plays where at LB? Will they be any good? Mini-camp and OTA had Ragland at MLB, Hitchens at WLB and Damien Wilson at SLB. Who plays in the Nickel? I am guessing Ragland comes out. Wilson too, with Lee coming in? Who is the first off the secondary bench? How good will the pass rush be with Houston, Ford and their 28.5 sacks gone. That number was more than the Chiefs allowed. How will the restructured secondary do with the new coverage scheme? Will Fuller be better with fewer man-coverage responsibilities? Who is CB2? Who is TE2? Seriously, is he on the roster yet? Will the OL take a step forward? Fisher is finally a stud LT, Schwatrz is still very good at RT, LDT may be our best lineman. Who plays the other two slots and how well? Is the the year of the new P? Will ST rise to historic heights? There is a freaking raft of talent. J
  6. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Evidently, Hill was smart enough to retain a good investigator and document everything. He had a lot of information to present to the NFL. J
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Agreed. Knowing that a conversation is being recorded makes a big difference--both ways.
  8. 2019 Defense

    The first year from the 2nd time with the Giants would do. There is a consensus that the Chiefs had better defensive personnel than results. That bodes well for this year, even with Ford and Houston gone. There are three legitimate stars to build around and pretty decent depth. While the 2018 D gave up a lot of yards, it also generated a lot of turnovers. There is talent to make a good defense. Spagnuolo's biggest knock has been that his defenses were too simple, hence predictable. That will be an advantage in the near term. One other thing. Look at the teams Spagnuolo has worked with. He has never had a good offense applying pressure before.
  9. The 2019-2020 Season

    If he's in camp, that will be a big lift even if he does get a suspension. There are rumors that even a short suspension may not happen, but one to four games can be managed.
  10. 2019 Defense

    Here's an interesting article on CBs Kendall Fuller and Charvarius Ward. The gist is that Fuller should be better in the new system while Ward may struggle. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2019/7/5/20683367/two-chiefs-cornerbacks-in-need-of-expectation-adjustments The new scheme should be a bit easier on the CBs but demand more from the safeties. It's no coincidence that one of the big FA pickups is Tyrann Mathieu and one of the top draft picks is Juan Thornhill, both smart, multi-talented safeties. It's a pity Eric Berry is gone. He would be perfect for this system. As it is, I think Thornhill is a Pro Bowler by his third season.
  11. 2019 Defense

    We can say with assurance that it will be different.
  12. 2019 Defense

    Here is a name that has been under the radar--Alex Okafor. If the name rings something of a bell, it might be his distant cousins Ekema and Jahlil Okafor of the NBA. Alex is not that tall,but he is rangy and a pass rush specialist. He seems to have put himself in the running for DE opposite Frank Clark. In any event, DC Spagnuolo has some nice things to say. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/29/kansas-city-chiefs-dc-steve-spagnuolo-says-de-alex-okafor-has-been-a-real-good-surprise/
  13. The Franchise - Episode 4 is up! - July 10

    You never saw John Hanna in the day. His thighs were bigger than his wife's bust.
  14. NFL Fantasy Football, "facts" including the Chiefs

    You know time spent managing investments is more profitable, right? J
  15. Hill under investigation for Battery

    It looks as if Tyreek and his people were able to document--per Nate Taylor "massive amounts of evidence"--that he was not in any way responsible for the child's broken arm. He may still face a suspension but it is literally for talking inappropriately, ie the threatening statements in the recording. If so, he can be in camp and may sit out four games or less. The team is exploring contract talks. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/details_emerge_on_tyreek_hills_meeting_with_nfl/s1_14819_29412599 https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/chiefs_could_reportedly_re_open_contract_extension_talks_with_tyreek_hill/s1_127_29414417 It looks like he will play this year.