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  1. Chiefs breakout candidates

    Making strides. This will be his first season as a true WR, so there is still a lot to learn. Note that he will not be the lead WR. Either Robinson of Conley get that distinction. You may still see him in the backfield (three rushing TD in '16), but he will see a great deal less time on ST. J
  2. Alex Smiths future

    I don't buy all this. Alex Smith has real value as a rental and as a back up. This is his "Show me the money" season. He has been a competent game manager and suddenly he has a raft of speed at WR--for the first time in a long career. We will see if he can jack the asking up some more. In any event, a 2nd round pick is a lowball.
  3. D.J. Alexander Traded for Kevin Pierre-Louis

    Seattle is stacked at WOLB, which is what KPL had to be in a 4-3. He's reported to be an outstanding cover man for a LB. That could make him a viable sub-package guy. In any event, he's no worse at ILB that DJA turned out to be. J
  4. Chiefs breakout candidates

    I think the whole WR corps is going to break out. Hill we know about, but he is reportedly making strides as a route runner. On the other side and the slot there seem to be three names, Conley, Robinson, and S Jones. All are 6'1" or taller and fast. Others have flashed but not shown consistency--Chris Jones, LDT, Dee Ford. J