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  1. Mahomes Contract Considerations

    It's, "He beat me, straight up. Pay him. Pay that man his money."
  2. Chris Jones Declaring A Potential Holdout

    His position is less clear than that. He should sign the tag and play this year like it was his last year in KC, because it probably is. J
  3. 2K20: The Schedule

    Plus, they are almost sure to still be healthy. J
  4. 2K20: The Schedule

    From a Pride article on PFF's roster quality rankings. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/6/25/21303418/pro-football-focus-rank-chiefs-in-top-five-but-not-first-in-2020-roster-breakdown-nfl The top five teams: (1) Ravens, (2) Saints, (3) 49ers, (4) CHIEFS, (5) Bucs. We play #1 and #2 but we also get a couple of doormats. The AFC West rankings: (4) CHIEFS, (14) Broncos, (16) Chargers, (25) Raiders The Chiefs’ 2018 non-division opponents: (23) Texans, (1) Ravens, (18) Patriots, (7) Bills, (28) Jets, (29) Panthers, (5) Bucs, (30) Dolphins, (2) Saints, (20) Falcons J
  5. 2K20: The Schedule

    Here is an article breaking down the defenses we will be playing. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/24/kansas-city-chiefs-2020-opponent-defensive-rankings/ The defensive schedule is a tougher, compared to last year. We start with the Texans, who have a middling defense, which PM II carved like the Christmas turkey in the playoffs. We also have Miami, which is weak, NYJ, Atlanta, Carolina and two games against Las Vegas. However, there are two games against Denver, two more against an improving LAC, Baltimore, New England, New Orleans and Buffalo. It's not a death march, but it will likely be top half of the league. J
  6. 2K20: The Schedule

    1 VS HOUSTONTEXANS (0-0) Thu, 9/108:20p ET (NBC) Arrowhead Stadium 2 AT LOS ANGELESCHARGERS (0-0) Sun, 9/204:25p ET (CBS) SoFi Stadium 3 AT BALTIMORERAVENS (0-0) Mon, 9/288:15p ET (ESPN) M&T Bank Stadium 4 VS NEW ENGLANDPATRIOTS (0-0) Sun, 10/44:25p ET (CBS) Arrowhead Stadium 5 VS LAS VEGASRAIDERS (0-0) Sun, 10/111:00p ET (CBS) Arrowhead Stadium 6 AT BUFFALOBILLS (0-0) Thu, 10/158:20p ET (FOX, NFLN) New Era Field 7 AT DENVERBRONCOS (0-0) Sun, 10/254:25p ET (CBS) Empower Field at Mile High 8 VS NEW YORKJETS (0-0) Sun, 11/11:00p ET (CBS) Arrowhead Stadium 9 VS CAROLINAPANTHERS (0-0) Sun, 11/81:00p ET (FOX) Arrowhead Stadium 10 BYE 11 AT LAS VEGASRAIDERS (0-0) Sun, 11/228:20p ET (NBC) Allegiant Stadium 12 AT TAMPA BAYBUCCANEERS (0-0) Sun, 11/294:25p ET (CBS) Raymond James Stadium 13 VS DENVERBRONCOS (0-0) Sun, 12/68:20p ET (NBC) Arrowhead Stadium 14 AT MIAMIDOLPHINS (0-0) Sun, 12/131:00p ET (CBS) Hard Rock Stadium 15 AT NEW ORLEANSSAINTS (0-0) Sun, 12/204:25p ET (CBS) Mercedes-Benz Superdome 16 VS ATLANTAFALCONS (0-0) Sun, 12/271:00p ET (FOX) Arrowhead Stadium 17 VS LOS ANGELESCHARGERS (0-0) Sun, 1/31:00p ET (CBS) Arrowhead Stadium
  7. Here is an article on our UDFA, Rodney Clemons. I vaguely knew about him from when he played high school ball not far from here. As a four year starter, even in a second tier conference, there good reason to think he can play at this level. That said, he is not fast--4.71 in the 40--which is likely why he went undrafted. The other side of that is that he does not look slow in action. Special Teams should be a natural. He has two blocked kicks on his record. In any event, I think there is a very good chance RC makes the team out of camp. He has the instincts and the size to play the Sorensen role effectively, including ST. Sorensen is now 30 and plays every ST snap in addition to regular defense. We need the depth. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/20/southern-methodist-db-rodney-clemons-fit-with-kansas-city-chiefs/ J
  8. Cap numbers

    This article lays it out for the top 10 on the roster. Interesting how many are not named Patrick.;) Of course, this is also before new contracts for Chris Jones and PM II are negotiated. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/gallery/kansas-city-chiefs-10-biggest-salary-cap-hits-in-2020/ J
  9. Summer of Spags

    This is a series of articles at Arrowhead Pride, examining the Spagnuolo approach to defense. Below are the latest and the page will all the links. The new one is interesting, because it deals with the DL and how we might use our wealth of warm bodies. Feel free to comment on previous articles and the new ones as they emerge. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/5/26/21269916/chiefs-could-use-new-defensive-wrinkle-2020-nfl-steve-spagnuolo-brendan-daly-amoeba-fronts https://www.arrowheadpride.com/summer-of-spags/archives/1
  10. The 90 Man Roster

    I forgot about the NFI path. Regardless, it's a quibble. We had Henne on the 53 only hours, so that is possible if need be. However it's done, the effect is a redshirt and we would not have to waive him. J
  11. The 90 Man Roster

    Is that the new rule? If so, quote it or link to it.
  12. The 90 Man Roster

    Yes, him. There is a serious numbers crunch on the DL and it is not all at DE. I am not saying KS is bound for the street, but I am saying he has things to prove if he wants to make the roster. Some others--Breeland Speaks comes to mind--have more to prove. That said, Speaks is above Saunders on the depth chart above. J
  13. I'll buy Mathieu, Thornhill, and Sorenson. Watts has to win a position and I do not consider him a favorite. He is not a top ST player and had very few game snaps in the late going and post season, even with Thornhill out. I mentioned Clemons, who is a natural cover safety. Both of the drafted DB, Sneed and Keyes, have the size to play safety, part time at least. Sneed was even listed as a safety in the NFL.com draft guide. J
  14. That tweet is the last update I have seen on Thornhill. It has been almost a full month. One name to consider is Rodney Clemons. He signed as an UDFA out of SMU. He played considerable CB, so the ball skills should be first rate. The combine numbers are just decent, which fits with an undrafted player. A four year starter and team captain, he has all the intangibles. Obviously, it's a long road, but there is a role available. We are working Sorensen full time on both regular defense and ST. At this point in his career, it would best if he could concentrate on one or the other. It's interesting that Sneed played safety in college, but is considered pure CB for the NFL. With the way Spags plays hybrid positions, Sneed may also get some of the safety workload. J
  15. The 90 Man Roster

    I agree with Darryl Williams nudging out Allegretti. Lucas Naing will not get cut, but I would also not put him on the 53. Redshirt him, ie IL for however long the minimum runs. That makes a slot available. Among the many CB, don't sleep on Javaris Davis. Some other players on the bubble--Watts, Saunders, both Harris, Hamilton. Do'D is solely a ST ace. I don't think he's on the bubble so much as the roster is stacked and he may get squeezed out. One other thing. Consider leaving out Bashaud Breeland, because of the suspension. J