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  1. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    If there is a run on RB, then something else has to slide. I will not be heartbroken if we go into the season with Williams, Thompson, Williams and and an UDFA. Go for the value. It always works best in the long haul. J
  2. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    I'm not a fan or either Biadasz or Malik Harrison. Biadasz is a squat power player suitable for a team like the Titans. We need more length and mobility, even if it comes with less power. Harrison is a younger version of Anthony Hitchens. He won't improve the defense's athleticism. OTOH Zack Moss is a great pick and why we should not be taking a RB at #32 or #63.
  3. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Using the Steve list. 32: CB JEFF GLADNEY TCU 63: DL JUSTIN MADUBUIKE TEXAS A&M 96: RB CLYDE EDWARDS-HELAIRE LSU 138: C KEITH ISMAEL SAN DIEGO STATE 177: G SOLOMON KINDLEY GEORGIA This did not go as expected. If the board had 2 QB in the top five picks at #32, we would have traded back. #63, #96 and #177 are insane value
  4. FA KC

    I think you underestimate what Robinson brought to the team. He was fourth in receptions and third on the team in TD. With Hardman maturing, that may slip a bit, but he's still a solid WR. Also, consider how much time has been lost to injuries. Hill was out when Robinson had a 6 reception, 172 yard, 2 TD game against the Raiders. This guy can start for half the league and would be WR1 for at least a couple. J
  5. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    He's not trading CJ, just trading back. J
  6. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Denver would not do that trade without at least our 4th in return. They probably would not do it then because were are in the same Division. If you want a fair trade, try #63 and #177 for #46 and #83. A fun one is #32 for #46, #95 and #178. That slightly favors the Broncos , but it gives us back-to-back picks in both the 3rd and 5th round. J
  7. FA KC

    I remember Carr from his time with the Chiefs. He was part of the great draft that also brought Dorsey, Albert, Flowers and JC. The point is 2008. In DB years, he's nearly as old as Tom Brady. J
  8. FA KC

    Brandon Carr, as in 5th round 2008 Brandon Carr. I ask to get a gauge on what you would expect from "solid production". J
  9. Very poor choice. None of the RB in this draft are worth the #32 pick to the team. Shady McCoy was not even active for the Super Bowl, yet the team came close to leading the game in rushing. RB might be on the gameplan, but it is not a priority. CB and DT are priorities. Re-signing Bashaud Breeland would calm the situation in the secondary and re-signing Chris Jones would settle the DL. However, neither has happened yet. Re-signing Chris Jones is unlikely prior to the draft. That would be the top priority for me. IOL and ILB are also needs for later picks. J
  10. FA KC

    The pace of the offseason is a lot slower than normal, for obvious reasons. THe draft next month is going to be interesting, since everything will be at arms length. J
  11. FA KC

    No big loss. Typical Alabama defender, very good in a closely defined role. Niemann is more valuable and he was UDFA. J
  12. An extra body is not exactly what we want. I said before that drafting Nacho again (6th round pick) is what we are looking for. That said, there are three candidates in the range around our first pick. It's worth looking at very closely. J
  13. Fanspeak OTC - 2020

    Matt Miller list 32: LB KENNETH MURRAY OKLAHOMA 63: DL NEVILLE GALLIMORE OKLAHOMA 96: S ASHTYN DAVIS CALIFORNIA 138: C NICK HARRIS WASHINGTON 177: G SHANE LEMIEUX OREGON I didn't mean to take the only good players on Oklahoma's defense, but Madubuike and Blacklock were gone. J
  14. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    And Chris Jones. All the computer wants are the picks involved, J
  15. We are not well stocked at DT. Nnadi, Pennel, Saunders are all pluggers. We need what Jones brings, penetration. Again, Speaks could be that guy but he isn't proven yet. J