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  1. KC FA tracker

    I never liked Wilson's football IQ. Physically, he's got the whole toolbox, but he never really progressed. Good guy in a limited role. Not so good as a full timer. J
  2. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    Try this a few times. Mock Cleveland or Buffalo, since they have a lot of picks, and see what the algorithm gives us. For example, mocking Cleveland for three rounds: 54: LB MALIK JEFFERSON - TEXAS 78: G TOBY WEATHERSBY - LSU 86: DL KENDRICK NORTON - MIAMI Not too bad. J
  3. KC FA tracker

    He was original round tendered. Since he was UDFA there is no compensation, though the team did have right to match. As noted above, he was a small part in the rotation in Arizona. Here, he might be lead dog. Logan is currently a FA. It isn't like last year, where Logan was basically handed the job. On roster, Nacho and Jarvis Jenkins are the competition. Since Rakeem is more of a penetrator, that might be a workable pair at NT, with JJ backing up. Note: Williams is a local guy out of Grandview High School, by way of University of Northern Iowa. J
  4. AFC West FA

    Lobsterbush makes The Bowe Show seem tame. J
  5. Chiefs resignings?

    Some of us remember Wilson and Stenerud. J
  6. Chiefs resignings?

    I agree. He's near the end of his career. This way he likely finishes with us. At 35 he is the only Chief more than 31. J
  7. Just a bonus, he says. I am hoping he spends more time in coverage and less taking on blockers. That Ragland's job. J
  8. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Most likely. The line itself will be better. We have developed some depth, which is good. Still, it's important to realize how much a highly mobile QB chills a pass rush. J
  9. This is a guy that can start on a Super Bowl team. He brings the kind of speed and athleticism we used get from DJ. Between him and Ragland's physicality, we can lay the ILB problem to rest, finally. Of the front seven, I think five pieces are in place. Chris Jones, Anthony Bailey, Justin Houston, Ragland and Hitchens. Now we need the outside rush--I'm looking at you Dee Ford--a NT and depth. Maybe Kpassignon will step it up. All that said, this is a young defense, team for that matter. Bailey and Houston are both eight year guys. Berry and Zombo are nine. That's it. Dee Ford with five years is next. We will have some bumps, but this should be a much improved unit by midseason. J
  10. AFC West FA

    Nick Foles says, "Hi." J
  11. Tamba Hali Officially Released

    If this were the old site, I would need a new sig. J
  12. Ron Parker gone as well!

    He's not a lousy safety. What Parker is not is a primetime player like Eric Berry. As a 2nd or 3rd safety he would be fine. J
  13. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    It's a money thing. He will be getting a big raise after next season, for which we had no cap space. Also, the discipline problem is serious. J
  14. Ron Parker gone as well!

    And your point? To be clear, the team is aiming at playoff run in 2019, and following, because 2018 will be spent retooling. In other words, they may want to win immediately, but they are prepared for some big bumps along the way. J
  15. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    I think the difference was the absence of Berry. Ultimately all discipline is self discipline, but Berry was a great reminder. J