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  1. Durant really is OG only, but he looks like he's ready to play. J
  2. Carman has to be a G. We already have three startable OG. I'm up for some new blood, but not here. Maybe round #4. J
  3. This is a long winded way of saying, I don't trust the medics to get it right. We already know he can practice and we have a chance to test for lingering issues. As to contributing, given his experience level, that would be an issue regardless of the injury. Discount his status whatever the docs think is appropriate and trust your evals. J
  4. You're right. I was thinking of a different T from the SEC, Terrace Marshall. Even that's not a great comparison. Robinson is why we need a bigger WR. He was the team's downfield blocker. That said, we can get the guy from UCF in the 4th or 5th. Then there's TJ Vasher, from Mahomes alma mater--Texas Tech, though some don't consider him draftable. J
  5. I agree that there are no suitable WR for this pick. There is a spread of WR in the 75-100 range and we pick three times. We might get two then. I like Wallace for our system, but he's a project. Collins is a poor man's Kadarius Toney. Do we want that? I think Amon-Ra St Brown is overrated, literally because of his catchy name. J
  6. Another new list. This one is Drafttek 31: R1 P31 WR Rashod Bateman - Minnesota 63: R2 P31 OT Walker Little - Stanford 94: R3 P30 LB Cameron McGrone - Michigan 136: R4 P31 C Quinn Meinerz - UW-Whitewater 144: R4 P39 S Caden Sterns - Texas 176: R5 P31 WR Nico Collins - Michigan 180: R5 P35 TE Noah Gray - Duke
  7. Niang was not just an injury risk, he was still injured on draft day. Indeed, he was not ready by training camp. It looks like Schwartz likely will be. So, Niang and Schwartz for the real team. J
  8. We are now 3rd up. I am good with Redunz, McGrone, Warner, Eichenburg as the stack. Warner not so much. Some Comments for round #3: At this point, Shaun Wade is an option. I would be OK with Yeboah instead of Jordan, even in round #2 If we don't take either Radunz or Eichenburg, we will not be getting a starter from this draft. Time to ease off. Quinn Meinerz is clear down at #368. Don't forget him. WR Smith-Marsette is a good one
  9. He's at #63 because he's damaged goods. Otherwise he would likely be top 20. It's fine to be cautious, but this is one of the best talents in the draft. He has ideal size and length, excellent balance and mobility, good athleticism and excels at pass protection. Without the injury and time off, he in the Slater, Darrishaw, Mayfield tier, and a clear level above Eichenburg, Cosmi and Radunz. J
  10. Then pass on Sorensen for now. Is this as low as it will ever go? Regardless, run support/ST oriented S will be available with our 5th round picks. J
  11. Completely agree about the secondary. That's why Sneed was such a big deal. We have a CB1 and we got him on day #3. Plus we have Keyes, who is a more typical day #3 CB. With Humphrey gone, chances of a good OT are better. Still, we have 19 picks to go. J
  12. I'm fine with Basham. There is no such thing as too many pass rushers. At #63, look for the best C, OT, WR and LB. Any of Cosmi, Little, Radunz at OT. Moore and Moore at WR, Browning McGrone. First choice--Creed humphrey. I understand filling up the 90, but why three DT? Getting Sorensen back will plug a small hole, but we need to draft someone of his type--run support/ST oriented. J
  13. Toney over Moore. RM is more elusive, but he may have trouble staying healthy. I'm OK with OT, though we can wait. McGrone over Bolton Edge players in the order listed. Like the idea of Jordan but we have three picks in round #3 for a developmental TE. Basham, Humphrey, Toney. one of them ought to be there.
  14. Little would be a good option at #63. The injury is over two years ago, and he has not added any mileage. That said, he's basically Niang II. J
  15. I agree about Basham, but Jones is good too. He gets knocked because he is strictly a 4-3 DE, but we don't mind. Little and Cosmi at #63 perhaps. Too rich here. Carman, not even then. Likewise Myers. Moses is a 2 down LB. This is much too high. Bolton would make sense, except he plays the same position Gay does. Don't like Wade for a while. He's a SS/ST guy, which we need, but this is much too rich. Holland is a better version of the same thing. Those three round #3 picks are looking nice.
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