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  1. NFL Play-Off Machine

    They beat the Chargers. Win at home against a mediocre Miami team and they win the division. J
  2. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    Wow. Suddenly we are playing like September again. Let's hope it keeps rolling. I want to face Pittsburgh again, which will likely be in the Championship game if at all. J
  3. Awards

    Kareem Hunt blows by Joe Delaney to set a new rookie RB standard with 1197 yards. The team record is 1789 by Larry Johnson. Hunt also sets a new rookie record with 1641 yards from scrimmage, beating Abner Haynes 1451. He is now top 20 in history, ahead of Adrian Peterson, LT, Hershel Walker and Earl Campbell. His current pace will land him #7, ahead of Marshal Faulk and Clinton Portis. The team record is 2287 by Priest Holmes. Only Priest, Larry Johnson and JC are ahead of Hunt. With 9 combined TD he is top five among Chiefs rookies. The team record is 12, co-held by Tyreek Hill last season. Alex Smith pads personal bests with 3738 yards and 25 TD. Smith has a chance of taking the team record of 30 TD held by HoF Len Dawson. J
  4. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    So, we beat them anyway. Their ST are possibly the worst in the NFL. Gordon, Hunter and Allen are not the match for Hunt, Kelce, and Hill. No trio is. If nothing else, our defense is used to seeing top 10 QB. J
  5. Football is not a contact sport. It's a collision sport. -Vince Lombardi J
  6. NFL Play-Off Machine

    Yeah. I guess I am. Pity Denver. J
  7. Awards

    Not a lot going on during the slide. However, against Oakland Alex Smith has new or tied personal bests: Passing yards - 3507 vs 3502 (2016) Yards per attempt - 8.0, also in 2012 TD passes - 23, also in 2012 J
  8. NFL Play-Off Machine

    I've been messing with it for a while. It keeps coming up Baltimore. If we win against the Chargers and Dolphins, we clinch the division. Week 17 against Denver doesn't matter. J
  9. Raiders v Chiefs

    I finally come home to something like good news. Marcus Peters was a disciplinary red flag before we drafted him. I don't know why everyone is so surprised. Is there any chance we can get back in gear for the playoffs? At least this week is doable. Do it. J
  10. PM2 or Slot Machine Smith

    He shouldn't make a change. Major changes after the season, yes. Not during. J
  11. Ried hands off to Nagy

    Something needs to be done. J
  12. PM2 or Slot Machine Smith

    There is no question now as to who the QB should be--Alex Smith. End of story. J
  13. Chiefs Vs Bills

    Forget FatDrac. Each of the next five games is doable. Do it. J
  14. Chiefs sign Darrell Revis

    I think you mean flack. One writer watched all his tape, every snap. This is his summary: Of course, it’s impossible to say where this goes. It could be much ado about nothing. But here’s what I know: in the games I reviewed in 2016, Revis definitely didn’t stink and could be very fairly described as a “decent” corner. And decent, compared to what we’ve seen as of late, would be a welcome relief. I understand that Jets fans think differently, because they expected a shutdown CB. What they got was a step short of good. Decent-to-Good has it's place. How many teams would contemplate violent crime for a decent-to-good QB? The Chiefs have a cover guy. A competent guy opposite would be a very nice thing at this point. J
  15. Chiefs sign Darrell Revis

    That has yet to be shown. What we do know is that he can no longer be the island. J