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  1. I would not call it proof, but that is what the Chiefs side is saying. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2021/4/26/22403492/how-the-chiefs-and-ravens-came-to-agree-on-the-orlando-brown-trade J
  2. Future picks are evaluated a round lower per year and in the middle of the round. On that list, a 2022 first round pick is worth the same as round 2, pick 17, ie 410 points. Don't say no one care about trade charts, because GMs use them all the time. They are very useful when neither team is leveraged about a deal and it's simply a matter of determining a fair price. Take, for example, the Orlando Brown trade. The Chiefs felt their first round pick was too much to ask and the Ravens thought their second was not enough. So they negotiated a value between 10 and 15 picks into the 2nd
  3. From the flagship, ten quick hits on the six draft picks. https://www.chiefs.com/news/10-quick-facts-about-the-chiefs-2021-draft-class-upon-further-review We are now #11 or better in GFW's annual list, our best performance yet.
  4. They may be looking at multiple FA. All three are at crowded positions, so easy to drop. J
  5. That's purely by book value of the trades, book meaning a trade chart like the one below. The Eagles gave up 70 points over book and the Bears gave up 69 over book.
  6. Eric Fisher signed with Indianapolis. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/colts_to_sign_pro_bowl_lt_eric_fisher_to_one_year_94_million_deal/s1_14819_34868105
  7. He signed a one day contract for the purpose of announcing his retirement. He's proof that effort matters, even at the highest levels. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/tamba_hali_signs_one_day_contract_to_retire_a_chief/s1_16631_34867664
  8. We are into the genuinely helpful drafts. No one gets worse on draft day, but everyone from #14 on got significantly better. FWIW this is about where I would have put the Chiefs, unless you count a a year of Orlando Brown as part of their haul. J
  9. ESPN did an article recapping the whole rebuild process. There is not a lot for people who follow closely, but it's a solid summary. https://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/316037/kansas-city-chiefs-offensive-line-rebuild-was-a-long-time-in-the-making
  10. If you mean hand in the dirt blocking, I can agree with this. If you mean blocking in motion or from the backfield, then no. He's a good lead blocker and he should be good at picking up the blitz. I suspect Gray will line up a lot of places--tight, split, slot, FB, H--and often go in motion from wherever that is. This will cause matchup problems for the coverage and put him in position for the running game blocks or to chip in pass pro. They did some of this with Kelce last year, so it's only expanding on a theme.
  11. It figures that GFW would be overly harsh on his favorite team. The big knock is that they did not trade up for a player the Broncos passed on. If that's your worst, then it was a good draft. J
  12. If Rodgers gets traded, it will seriously downgrade some of the games. In fact, the NFL removed Rodgers vs. Mahomes from their promo. https://larrybrownsports.com/football/nfl-removes-rodgers-vs-mahomes-schedule-promo/578634
  13. No one gets worse through the draft, so getting only a little better is bad. J
  14. Chiefs 58. Nick Bolton, LB Missouri - B+ 63. Creed Humphrey, C Oklahoma - A- 144. Joshua Kaindoh, DE Florida State - B 162. Noah Gray, TE Duke - A- 181. Cornell Powell, WR Clemson - A 226. Trey Smith, G Tennessee - A+ Bolton - He may or may not be a top-5 off-ball LB. Part of that depends on position definitions. However, he appears to be generally regarded as #50-ish. So he's a solid value and fills a need. It will be nice having a card carrying tough guy in the front seven. Humprey - I like him a lot. He's a C, so we will not ask for a lot of mobility and he's st
  15. Wire has put our a depth chart based on the 90 man roster. There are some players in the wrong que, but it covers everyone. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/lists/kansas-city-chiefs-updated-2021-depth-chart-projection-90-man-offseason-roster-draft-picks-udfas/ Offense Pos. First Second Third Fourth QB Patrick Mahomes Chad Henne Jordan Ta’amu Shane Buechele, Anthony Gordon RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire Darrel Williams Jerick McKinnon, D
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