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  1. Ultimate Specialty Players 2018

    Tykeek Hill is the closest to a return genius and they are taking him out of that part of the game. It shows how much down and distance matters. That said, return men often make good gunners on coverage teams. You will see that combination more often. J
  2. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Here is the update on the safeties. http://www.chiefs.com/news/article-2/Chiefs-Offseason-Workouts-Preview-Checking-Out-the-Safeties/1f2d3fde-deb4-4a35-9e8d-8ed3ddb5f09c Unlike CB, there is no major turnover in personnel. Instead, Sorensen and Murray are returning rotation players. With Ron Parker gone, there are shoes to fill but these two are up to it, plus they signed veteran Robert Golden. Youth is in rookie Armani Watts and 2nd year Leon McQay. Same song, different season. It might be easy to ignore that unit, now that Eric Berry is back on the field. Whatever the other safety does (safeties do), Berry fills in the gaps. He's good that way. He's the natural leader of the secondary that will take pressure off Kendall Fuller and whomever is playing the other side. He shores up the sketchy run defense. He makes a decent defense into an outstanding defense. It's kind of nice they finally sent him some help, in the form of Dorian o'Daniel. J
  3. This is nice.

    I am not a fan of PFF. I think their analytics is second rate and over-hyped. That said, some analysis is usually better than none, so it is worth at least looking. In this case, PFF said something nice. The Chiefs lead the league (tied) in player on the 25 under 25 list. Since these are players that are already performing, but still have growth potential. It's a good list to be on. The flagship did a write up on the Chiefs players involved. The players themselves should be no surprise--Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, Chris Jones. The article argues that newly arrived CB Kendall Fuller should have made the list. http://www.chiefs.com/news/article-2/Chiefs-Tied-for-Most-Players-on-PFF’s-“Top-25-Under-25”-List-/5eceb9b2-4a76-49b1-bf07-532d24585d30
  4. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    I agree. He was not a Combine invite, but was evidently on a lot of team's deep list. They are listing him as six feet, but the college listed him at 5'10. Either way he's skinny and Tyreek Hill fast. J
  5. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Healthy or not, DJ is 35. All the football smarts you want, but the mileage adds up. J
  6. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    The flagship is doing position breakdowns. So far we have LB and CB. http://www.chiefs.com/news/article-2/Chiefs-Offseason-Workouts-Preview-Checking-Out-the-Linebackers/4bda3e62-826a-4d4f-b706-32da9d7db83c http://www.chiefs.com/news/article-2/Chiefs-Offseason-Workouts-Preview-Checking-Out-the-Cornerbacks/32a7f847-c993-4f83-8109-aa73cd792cff LB is pretty locked for the base four--Houston, Ragland, Hitchens, Ford--except not. Ford has not been healthy except for a short span of year two. Tanoh Kpassagnon and Breeland Speaks have something to say. Neither projects as a great pass rusher, but both should be stout at the point of attack. Backing up Ragland and Hitchens is 2nd-year Ukeme Eligwe and 3rd-year Terrance Smith. For a completely different look, there is Dorian o'Daniel. Just looking at the tools on hand, the Chiefs plan to redesign how the middle of the defense plays. As a group the LB are bigger, much more physical and project as much better against the run, but after Houston and Ford QB pressure is iffy. Also, the base defense was on less than 40% of the snaps. How with the nickel, rush and the short yardage packages look? Where will Do'D play and how much? CB is different in that no one is back. In terms of snaps played, four of the top five are gone (to much celebration in the case of Philip Gaines). Marcus Peters could be one of the most dominant players in the NFL, but he was prone to taking games off. Replacing him at CB1 will be Kendall Fuller, which makes sense. While not the ballhawk Peters is, Fuller is an exceptional coverage CB. Opposite Fuller is an open question, but the name in pencil is David Amerson, late of the Raiders. In Oakland's 2015 defensive turnaround, Amerson was a key link. In 2016 his numbers were off and 9 games of 2017 were lost to injury. Now in his 7th year, he is the senior CB. after those two, returning Steve Nelson, two more players coming off injury, Keith Reaser and Will Redmond, and draftee Tremon Smith. Once again, the rookie is a completely different look. There are conflicting numbers on his height, ranging from just short of 5'10" to 6'. There is no conflict about the raw speed--legit sub-4.4--or the ballhawk attitude. There are major changes in personnel makeup throughout the defense. A significant rethinking of how to utilize the players is also indicted. Time will tell, but new stars are almost certain. J
  7. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    Sorry. Just looking ahead. Watt has played eight games in the last two years combined. If you are thinking 2-3 down the road, JJ should not be counted upon. J
  8. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Buccaneers/Patriots Up)

    Year after year the Patriots find value where other teams are not looking. Wynn is a case in point. Many see him as a tweener with no position. The Pats probably see him as covering two potential holes. Also, more than most teams, they will draft a player for a role. So, they might take a LB in the 5th round who might only play 15 snaps, but excels in a small role. If Michel had a clean bill of health, he would have rated a mid first-round pick. The Pats got him at the end of the round because he is basically a rental. He should be a stud for 2-3 years. That does not make him a bad value. IMO the Ravens rate top 10, comparable to the Bears. In particular, I do not see how anyone can fault them for landing Lamar Jackson so cheaply. With 4 QB gone by pick #10, the shock is that the Raven did not pull the trigger at #25. #32 is classic Ozzie perfect timing. Leave that aside, the rest of the haul rocks as well. Hurst and Andrews, Averett and Elliot, Scott and Lasley, Orlando Brown, Senat and Bozemn. Over and over, two or three shots at a weak spot in the depth chart. Half these guys won't see 2020. The other half will mostly see starting snaps. Even if you think Jackson is a reach, he's a cheap one. The rest of this is ore for the smelter. Surely at least a B+ J
  9. Post-Draft Roster Moves

    I wonder who thinks Nacho is not a fit for Tampa 2. The DT have to penetrate, with Warren Sapp being the role model. He's a better fit in T2 than in our base defense. J
  10. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    One thing needs to be fixed. Teams like the Bucs get credit for trading away QB selections, but the reverse is not true. The Jets and Bills took hits for trading to get their QB. The Chiefs and Texans took massive hits in two straight years, because they spent what it takes to get a franchise QB, meaning a future 1st. Seriously, how can you not give the Texans top grades for their first round pick. Despite JJ Watt retiring, the Texans might make the playoffs, largely because of back to back dreadful drafts. J
  11. 2018 KC Chiefs Skeleton Depth Chart

    This I agree with. He'll be a LB with a lot of coverage responsibilities. The term Dimebacker is descriptive. He lacks size, but he has great range and is a hell of a blitzer by reputation. J
  12. Random Observations about the Roster

    A project. Round six is a clue. They had two round seven picks they might have used, but there was other interest. Given a full training camp we will know a lot more, but they are talking him up--a lot. J
  13. Random Observations about the Roster

    No, you didn't. Cracking the roster is one thing. Being in a unit rotation is another. Reading between the lines, you seem to think Dieter might be another Wilson and Sterns might be Sorenson, but you don't actually say it.. J
  14. Random Observations about the Roster

    The key point is usually because the players on PS are usually niche fillers and deep depth. That is not how they view McKenzie. J
  15. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    I am surprised you left Cleveland out of the top 10, just based on the number of starters they drafted. By my count, not including Mayfield, there are a couple of plug and play starters and a couple more by end of rookie season. There's not a player on the list that does not have a good chance of playing at least suiting in 2020. Then again, the Giants draft is usually top 5 or so. J