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  1. We are officially screwed. Mel Kuiper has the same first two picks I do, did, Jayson Oweh and Walker Little. If Mel says it, it must be wrong. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/lists/kansas-city-chiefs-2021-mock-draft-espn-mel-kiper-penn-state-jayson-oweh-stanford-walker-little/
  2. Not much of an update for the D. One suggestion is that Turk Wharton is potentially a candidate for DE. He has the build for it. With TK gone, there are a lot of snaps available. Also, Chris Jones has spent time at DE. Obviously, Mike Danna is going to get some, but that does not come close to covering all the snaps. Aside from a few specialty situations for Taco, those snaps go to someone new or to a DT. LB is even more up in the air. Only Hitchens is currently under contract from the top four of last season. Willie Gay, Do'D and PS players are the only others under contract.
  3. There is no point if drafting an OG early unless it's AVT sliding to them. OG is already a log jam, but C not so much. There are many candidates at OG--returning starters Laurant Duverney-Tardiff (opt out in 2020), Nick Allegretti, Thuney, Kyle Long, Yasir Durant. At C Austin Blythe, backed up by Allegretti, with PS player Darryl Williams as deep depth. RT has Lucas Niang (also opt out) and Mike Remmers, plus both Thuney and Long have experience at RT. LT is the question. Perhaps Niang has worked into it during his opt-out year, since he does have a professional coach. Remmers was p
  4. The team lost a starting DE, Tanoh Kpassagnon, so Edge is a top priority. Either Rousseau or Oweh work here. Why Leatherwood over Radunz or Mayfield? If you are going this way, just give them Creed Humphrey at #31. The team signed a veteran C and has options behind him, notably Allegretti. Walker Little makes sense at this point. Rousseau and Little would be a successful two rounds.
  5. You're kidding, right? There is a need at DE. Trading up to draft Kwity Paye makes a ton of sense. Gregory Rousseau makes sense. There is a need at OT. Though no immediate starters are available, Mayfield would work. Davis essentially duplicates Willie Gay, last year's 2nd round pick. Why duplicate that? If it was J O-K, then at least you could argue good value, but not here. J
  6. That's reasonable, although AVT and one of the name WR also make sense for the Chargers. Then it's a matter of which OT they like. Teven Jenkins has been getting some traction as a ready to play RT. Or someone ahead of them lets Slater slip through. #19 is an easy trade--a simple 2 for 1--with a good chance of either an good OL or a good DE slipping down.
  7. Off by a mid day #2 pick is a lot. It's also sort of cheating to use future first round picks in a mock. Future day #3 picks is cool, just to clean things up. A reasonable trade is our 1st and 2nd for Washington's 1st. That's off by a couple of points, but close enough. It would be the sort of trade you could make in advance. Washington is #19 and I recently saw Darrisaw go at #21. If he gets past the Cardinals at #16, he could drop a few. Here's one from the newest Kingdom KonnectN list: 31: R1 P31 EDGE Jayson Oweh - Penn St.
  8. The trade is no good. #12 values at 1200 and you are offering only a bit over 1000. You could trade to #16 with that offer. The rest is not bad. J
  9. There are going to startup issues regardless who they select. You are correct that Little will have some spin up issues. However, he did a 5.26 second 40 and a sub-5 second shuttle, results below, and he is known to be training with a position coach. The issue is primarily getting him in football shape and back in the groove. Little is a cut or two above talentwise, so I am calling him a day one starter if he's in shape to play at all. https://247sports.com/college/stanford/Article/Stanford-Football-Pro-Day-Live-Updates-2021-Simi-Fehoko-Walker-Little-Davis-Mills-Paulson-Adebo-Drew-D
  10. Now that FA has lost some steam, a recap is in order. We re-signed Mike Remmer and signed three FA, Joe Thuney, Kyle Long and Austin Blythe. It's unclear where they will play, because all are position flexible. Throw in LDT and Lucas Niang who opted out last season. It will be a very new look, possibly with only Remmers carrying over from the end of last season. We had two signings relevant to TE. Blake Bell re-signed after a year away. Michael Burton signed at FB. At WR, we had the very important re-signing of Demarcus Robinson. While not a household name, Robinson had the th
  11. Has anyone heard of DraftPlex? Their list. I note that Jenkins is quietly climbing the consensus rakings, while Mayfield, Cosmi, Radunz and Eichenberg as slipping. 31: R1 P31 OT Teven Jenkins - Oklahoma State 63: R2 P31 DL Gregory Rousseau - Miami 94: R3 P30 DL Dayo Odeyingbo - Vanderbilt 136: R4 P31 LB Chazz Surratt - North Carolina 144: R4 P39 WR Tamorrion Terry - Florida State 175: R5 P31 S Caden Sterns - Texas 181: R5 P37 C Drake Jackson - Kentucky
  12. From the lack of activity, I suspect the team has a player targeted for the 5th OL position. Given their draft position, it's unlikely that they expect an immediate LT starter, but three or more players may be day one starters at RT. The exception would be Walker Little if they deem him ready. J
  13. I agree that OB might not be worth the money, and the money may not be there in the first place.
  14. Weight usually offsets the advantage, which is why Kmet was so impressive, but Vasher is skinny. Route running is a completely separate issue. In this vein, the team has been retooling an UDFA TE for two years now. His name is Jody Fortson from Valdosta St. He was 6'6", 230# two years ago, but there are no workout numbers available. Last training camp he looked good, but did not make the roster. Along with half a dozen other futures contract players, he is why I think the Chiefs are not planning on a premium pick at WR. Exactly. 37" is a checkmark, neither good nor bad. The rest
  15. Again, no. You seem to be under the impression that it is harder for tall players to do well in the vertical jump. It isn't. In fact height is an advantage in this drill. 37" is a bit above average, but not much. It's not bad, but it's also not particularly good. J
  16. As Samsel pointed out, most of the OL is on one year contracts, even LDT. Exceptions are the rookie contracts and Thuney. A year from now we could be looking at Thuney, Niang, Allegretti, Durant, maybe PTW as the only returning OL players. J
  17. Not good means not an asset. It does not mean bad, or even mediocre. In this case 36" is probably the line. 35.5" or less gets a caution flag. 37" is a bit better than average, but not a lot better. Look up combine stats from previous years. In 2020, 37 inch vertical was not in the top 40. Peoples-Jones was best at 44.5", Ruggs was 42". Aiyuck was 40". Our own L'Jarius Sneed was 41". 40" roughly equates to 4.4 seconds in the 40, with 14 players vs 12. That's why I set it as the standard of excellence. 46 players did 37" or better, 30 more did 36" or 36.5". Restricted to WR, in 2020 37" w
  18. No, it's not, especially at WR. 40" would be excellent. This is acceptable to decent, but not a plus. If he were a 6'6", 245# LB it would be different. J
  19. I hear you, which is one reason I think the team is positioning to sift UDFA for their WR, again. Still, with three picks in the 5th and 6th rounds, we could snag one late. J
  20. Fairly nice Bateman - solid value, but the team seems to be positioning for another year of no premium round WR Little - If the medical is good, absolutely Roche - I'd like to see Edge earlier, but the field was picked at #31 and LT is a long term priority. Vincent - I am not sold here. They have Ward, Sneed, Baker, and Fenton. TE/FB is an issue after Kelce. This is where I would be looking WR and T Terry is there. Derrick Barnes is another option. Stevens - Good. Sorensen is on a one year deal. Yeboah - Good, since they passed on McKitty. Dalman - Me
  21. I just did a mock where Radunz fell to us in the 4th. This si an article on where the other division teams are prior to the draft. https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/checking_in_on_the_chiefs_afc_west_rivals_before_the_nfl_draft/s1_16631_34580735 J
  22. Fair enough. As Tyreek has shown, not all criminal issues are legitimate but ambiguity is never good.
  23. This list is from Deep Fried Draft. Without further comment 31: R1 P31 EDGE Jayson Oweh - Penn State 63: R2 P31 LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah - Notre Dame 94: R3 P30 S Hamsah Nasirildeen - Florida State 136: R4 P31 WR Nico Collins - Michigan 144: R4 P39 WR Josh Imatorbhebhe - Illinois 175: R5 P31 OT Jaylon Moore - Western Michigan 181: R5 P37 OT Jalen Mayfield - Michigan Different list. Radunz is the faller here. Remember when Terrace Marshall was the Holy Grail? 31: R1 P31 EDGE Gregory Rousseau - Miami 63: R2 P31 WR Terrace Marshall Jr. - LSU
  24. I saw a list today that has Jalen Mayfield out of the draftable range, #292. He was out of shape and had a bad showing at his pro day, but let's reign it in a bit. Remember when Dallas got La'el Collins as UDFA? Don't be like that. J
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