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  1. All good points. When you're wright you're wright.
  2. I imagine we'll dip our toes back into the water as this next week wanes on and guarantees start to become pretty minimal. We still need a few pieces, but at this point we're bargain shopping. If the price becomes right on a saftey like Eric Reid or Vaccaro I'd be stoked. I also wouldnt mind bringing Mike Wallace back for a second tour in MN, he can still take the top off a defense from time to time and Cousins has the arm to take advantage. Who would the best OL targets remaining be?
  3. After all the talk of DeFlip really valuing athleticism at the QB spot, I thought the Cousins signing was a little surprising. I went and found some high lights, and for a guy who isn't known as a runner, he's got some wheels! I imagine we'll have a bit of zone read in the book next season. This play stood out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tIpNihsAII
  4. I hope all of them play well. Unlikely (very) but the ideal situation for me would be Teddy v. Case and Kirk v. Sam in the AFC/NFC Championship games and then a Vikings win over Denver in ATL! Of course that would be followed by us winning 7 of the next 10 and Teddy squeezing in the other three for the Jets (but never against us, my heart can take that). Case and Sam can each get one two, maybe its a 12 year plan...now I'm just rambling.
  5. Agreed. Frankly I hope they truly have decided they like 3 or 4 of them and are actively playing them against eachother.
  6. http://www.startribune.com/does-it-sound-like-mike-zimmer-wants-teddy-bridgewater-as-his-qb/475563113/ I think its important not to read into Zim's comments too far as he goes to great lengths to point out pros and cons of all the inhouse candidates, and he doesn't completely dismiss the notion of bringing in someone from outside either. That said, the most telling comment to me was what he said about not wanting to over pay at any one position and how he doesn't want to lose our identity as a defensive team by putting our selves in a position in which we would be unable to retain all our key guys. We've been fortunate to have a coaching staff that has existed in harmony with the GM for the last several years - my question is this - could the QB decision create a rift if Spielman goes against the wishes of Zim? It strikes me that the most successful teams - Pat's and Steeler's - put a premium on continuity and being on the same page. Although Spielman has final say, wouldn't he be unwise to sign Cousins if he cant get a great deal if only because of all the ways it could fracture the relationship with Zimmer and upset the locker room? Seems the Teddy (or Case) are the only options that wouldn't create some undesirable conflict.
  7. To those implying that Teddy's stats are indicative of below average performance, context is important... Teddy played behind an awful line, his WR's weren't much to brag about, and as a rookie he didnt even play the full season - extrapolaiting his average, he would have thrown 3 more TD's, which is the same as Wentz as a rookie and two less than Tom Brady in his first year as a starter. In his second year, AP was back fresh off the suspension and lead the league in rushing. The offense wasn't built around the passing game at all, and that deflates a QB's stats too. Keep Teddy and draft Lamar Jackson as insurance - I'm all in on that.
  8. Reports of Brady taking less money do exist, even in the absence of an "actual" offer of greater than his current pay. http://www.businessinsider.com/tom-brady-less-money-contract-2013-2 Frankly your premise is flawed. Just because he didn't actually get an offer greater than what he accepted doesn't mean that the Patriots aren't getting a discount. Brady is well aware of the fact that he could earn more either on the open market or likely from the Patriots if he were to demand it. As was pointed out earlier, not everyone values the next dollar the same way. For Brady, a notoriously competitive dude who values winning over everything, he realizes that by leaving some on the table he has a better chance to win. And the suger momma bread winner of a wife that he's got helps too. Maybe Kirk is the same, but given how he played his hand in Washington, he has shown no similar inclination.
  9. Its a fair point that the only known health issue is his eyes I suppose, but he did have 8 surgeries. 8 surgeries is almost always a significant issue, whether on one body part or several.
  10. How long is Zim going to coach? Love the guy and I want him to stay as long as he loves it, but it is pragmatic to recognize that he is 61 already. Given that he has already experienced some health issues, he may have already had preliminary long term discussions with upper management. I am confident that we aren't making any contingency plans official, but I see it as likely that Slick Rick could also be lining up in-house candidates that could succeed Zim should he decide to drop the mic and walk away after we win the dance down in Hotlanta next year!
  11. I'm excited about this hire. The eagles offense was potent this year, we are in a position to emulate their success with a lot of talent on the roster right now. Need to figure out a QB and the line needs to take the next step and we will be rock solid on both sides of the ball. Those who know about Todd Downing, whats the scoop - why do you like him, or not? I have seen his name thrown around but I don't know the deal. Seems QB coach is likely to be a need here in a couple days. Also, why don't teams just go out and hire a guy from one of the elite QB schools like this: http://www.whitfieldathletix.com/
  12. I need a little heart button like on facebook. The regular football "like" isn't enough to convey how this mock makes me feel.
  13. If the Vike's decide he is their dude and want to lock him up before free agency starts I think that is the kind of deal it will take - something where Teddy gets paid like a starter (albeit low level, still needs to show he can ball again), but for the team there is an out without giant injury protections. I also think that for Teddy it makes sense to sign a 2 year deal instead of something longer; maybe a $28 million dollar deal with $12 guaranteed in year one and essentially a $16 million dollar team option in year two. If he is well and truly back, he'll be in line for that mega bucks deal that a starting QB in their mid/late 20's gets, and he will deserve every penny. I'll caveat this by saying that if Teddy hits the open market, he may actually make less than it would take for the Vike's to just stake a claim and lock him up with a deal. FWIW, Zug thinks Teddy is our dude! I hope he is right. https://www.1500espn.com/vikings-2/2018/01/zulgad-vikings-likely-put-trust-teddy/
  14. Really this is how I view it as well. Watch the tape, Keenum got lucky a lot this year. In the long run it isn't sustainable. Our WR's bailed him out a couple times a game on throws that should have been incomplete at best and picks at worst. I just don't see him replicating last year if we bring him back - I'd much rather roll the dice on Teddy and or Sam staying healthy, they both just have higher upside. Sometimes your best isn't good enough, and I'm think that is Keenum in a nut shell. Another great nugget from the article - "Zimmer said Tuesday that there were “24 of these similar types of injuries through all sports,” and “half of them never came back.” He went on to explain that the earliest anyone had come back before Bridgewater was 24 months. “For him to even get to that point where he was and be able to come out and practice and compete in a game was a true credit to him,” Zimmer said." Based on the fact that it was aggressive to even be out there practicing and playing this year, it would stand to reason that he will be even healthier next season. As Teddy likes to say, he's a SAVAGE - he is going to lab up all off-season and be the best version of him self that he can be. I want that to be here.
  15. This is one reason I am slowly solidifying my position in the Teddy camp. I view him + a rookie as taking two shots. Assuming docs are confident in Teddy's health, he COULD still be worth the first round pick we spent on him. Given that he might not ever live up to what we'd hoped, we take another shot at the end of round one this year (Lamar Jackson is my dude - and the Louisville QB connection would be neat!) and hope that we are in the position of having TWO legit QB's again and one that can be traded in a couple of years. If Teddy doesn't succeed, at least we have another round to put int he cannon and fire.
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