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  1. Lamar Jackson

    Players played bad true but the coaching staff straight choked... Seems like the OC and DC was more interested in interviews than this game... Our WR core trash except Hollywood but it never got exploited til last night... we been aggressive all year it finally came back to bite us as well... we totally abandoned the run on 1st down dropped passes had errant throws and turned the ball over.... I honestly didn’t recognize our play calling last night... It was like we decided to just give Lamar the ball and pray he could save us... Last night he couldn’t... But hey he’s just 23 years old if he improves from years 2 to year 3 as much as year 1 to 2 it’s gon be tough on the league... cause even playing like trash he threw for 365 and ran for 143... one thing for sure he’s gonna be extremely motivated this summer... the whole team will
  2. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    During the last 12 weeks of the NFL season Baltimore ranks 1st defensively in both yards (268.9) and points (15.2) per game... All while having wins over 5 playoff teams and 7 total teams with a winning record during the time we faced them... I don’t know about the rest of the forum but the personnel changes made to our defensive roster post week 4 seems to directly Correlate to our team going from the 29th ranked defense to the top defense over the final 3/4th of the season... With 6 of those games on the road and the other 6 at home it would appear that location nor competition has made much of a difference as to how this team has executed defensively... And to that point I say this... Our offense has made the headlines and this has been pegged as an offensive matchup... but the fact of the matter (IMO) is that our defense is going to be the unit that shows the world why this Ravens team has the chance to be an all time great team and is also why the Titans and some on this forum will quickly come to realize there are levels to NFL playoff teams...
  3. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    I love these kinda posts because the reality is going into the season no one except ravens fans expected us to even be here... Our offense finished 1st in ppg and rushing... Second in overall yards per game... Defense finished 4th overall in yards and 3rd in ppg allowed... In DVOA our team was the 7th highest rated team in NFL history... so excuse us for feeling disrespected by so many people picking us to lose at home with multiple weeks to prepare for the 9-7 titans with Ryan Tannehill and the NFL’s 21st ranked defense... Now... we all know the phrase “Any Given Sunday”... but IMO this is literally the worse matchup in the world for Tennessee.. we literally have the same gameplan offensively with better overall talent... Ball control play action offense with run heavy concepts that eventually wears a team down... Physical offensive line with an accurate QB that has no issue pushing the ball down the field... But the major difference is while Tennessee will be trying to establish their offense against a top 5 NFL defense... the Ravens will be trying to establish theirs against one in the bottom third of the league... But like that great commentator at that big sports television station always says... “This is why they play the game”... See y’all boys at the Bank... #BigTruss...
  4. NFL 100 team

    Terrell Owens probably the most disrespected player in NFL history... there is no logical way in the history of the world u can justify 10 receivers over him nor can u justify him not being a first ballot hall of famer... The NFL is a joke when it comes to the favoritism they show to certain players historically... 10 receivers better than TO... that’s just ridiculous... throw away the whole list
  5. Mahomes or Jackson

    Good thing u don’t actually have to play in the game... y’all defense look better against trash offenses lol... y’all ain’t played nobody... but it’s cool this one won’t be in arrowhead... be careful what u wish for my boy
  6. Mahomes or Jackson

    Tyreek Hill missed the game very true but so did half the current Ravens defensive starters be it due to injury (Jimmy Smith) or not yet Being on the team (Marcus Peters, Josh Bynes etc,) now I give credit where credit is due but let’s not pretend Lamar and this Ravens squad hasn’t improved immensely since that game... Either way it looks like a good probability we will be seeing y’all soon... This time at the Bank for all the AFC Marbles
  7. Mahomes or Jackson

    Exactly but what makes it even worse is all of the Patrick Mahomes games are starts while 9 of the Lamar Jackson game aren’t lol... not to mention when mahomes came into his second season with the starting nod it was year two In his system... Lamar had an OC change and had to learn a whole new system coming into this season... I’m talking terminology and all... I can’t knock anyone for preferring Mahomes... he is the truth And is also responsible for 2 of lamars 3 regular season losses... but this stat comp is bogus as it gets
  8. Mahomes or Jackson

    Just the fact that this is even up for debate is gratifying given how far Lamar has come and how many detractors he had coming into thIs season and the draft last year... National Media is literally questioning whether he is having the greatest single season ever for a QB in NFL history... AT 22 years old... Look I’m a Ravens fan so who I’m going with goes without saying... I just feel like the upside for Jackson is superior to that of mahomes... The results from the work on his throwing in one offseason has surpassed anything thought to be possible for him to be able to reach over his entire career... Now imagine him with another offseason of growth or the ravens getting him a bonafide number 1 receiver like say a AJ Green this offseason to go along with a finally fully healthy Hollywood brown... People fail to mention how going into this season it was said we had the worse receiving corps in all of football... While no disrespect to Mahomes... the overall talent on the chiefs offense has been viewed as far superior to that of the ravens... Lamar has put up these numbers with cast away slot receivers an injured rookie and an second year pass catching TE... Andrews is an excellent player but he is no Travis Kelce... and while Greg Roman is a very good coordinator... he ain’t no Andy Reid... And before we talk about the run game or O-line never forget when Lamar took over in week 11 last year we had the 31st rushing attack with 4 of 5 O-line starters in place...
  9. Notable Stats and Observations

    Exactly lol... we would have killed for a Sanu or Edelman or Harry on that squad lol... Beady just washed up.... lol.... finally... still don’t mean they can’t pull off a miracle I mean they’re obviously still cheating sooooooo.... yeah... anything’s possible
  10. Who are the top ten QBs right now?

    But that’s the thing he really Doesn’t have the worse receiving core in the league lol... He just is a average to below average QB at this point in his career... i mean he’s old as dirt it happens... he still has it mentally but physically it’s over for him... Sanu and Edelman (Individually) are both starters on 90% of NFL rosters and Harry is a first round rookie and was considered top 3 receiver in this class... Brady has had worst receiving cores and found success... he just isn’t what he used to be...
  11. Notable Stats and Observations

    I mean have u seen some of the ravens receiving cores over the years... Tom Brady is just not as good as he used to be... this Isn’t even the worse receiving core he himself has had...
  12. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread (final)

    Marcus Peters should get some love... Since he joined the Ravens we have went from a below average defense to a top 5 d and he also has 3 pick sixes and a couple game sealing pass breakups one on fourth down in buffalo.. Don’t think he’ll win but impact wise he has to be up there
  13. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs; claimed by Chiefs

    I said that from the door... I knew he would never clear waivers... if any Ravens fan thought otherwise they were thinking with their heart not their brain... It was 3 others teams that was gonna grab him had y’all not lol...
  14. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs; claimed by Chiefs

    Yeah but the money don’t mean much to him... he has had 4-5 nfl contracts... he may show up but it’s just as likely he doesn’t... learning a new defense living in a hotel for a month or so being away from his family as a 37 year old man... he may not think it’s worth it... but we will see
  15. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs; claimed by Chiefs

    It will be interesting to see if he shows up... I personally don’t think he will buy time will tell...