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  1. Funniest thing about all this is Ozzie is still in the building every day... And although he doesn’t make the “final” decisions anymore..... He definitely has a lot of input... EDC hasn’t been perfect but he doesn’t let mistakes linger as long as Ozzie neither... As great as Ozzie was he tended to give players waaaayyy to long a chance in too many cases toward the end... no way frank walker and Corey Ivy should have made so many rosters lol... respectfully
  2. Funny this is it’s an article on NFL.com with chiefs Coaches complaining about CEHs goal line running ability... Probably a direct response to the success JKD had in that regard lol... it’s a two team race and due to previous success KC has the right to feel confident as u should... We got the same opponent y’all had last week this week.... readdress these messages boards Monday afternoon
  3. I understand ur a Colts fan but Bob Sanders was over Deion Sanders Ed Reed Reggie White Ray Lewis and Troy Polamalu... Bro that is the most homer pick I’ve ever seen lol.... and where is Patrick Willis... bob Sanders was a very good player but I’m sorry he isn’t a better safety than Ed Reed or Troy polamalu... he not even better than Brian Dawkins to be real...
  4. All I know is... if John Harbaugh or Mike Tomlin got fired they wouldn’t be on the street long enough to discuss the fact they got fired...
  5. I dont have any proof of this but I believe Decosta took the lead on the 2018 draft and allowed Ozzie to take credit... if nothing else he was behind drafting Lamar... There is no way I’d ok u trading my second round pick In my first official draft as Gm unless I was completely on board with the selection... to be honest I think it goes back even further than that... the whole idea of doubling down in the early rounds with the same position Over the most recent drafts appear much different than the normal routine of drafting under Ozzie... And while some have worked and some haven’t it seems clear our draft strategy currently shows a pattern that looks more DeCosta than Ozzie
  6. Yes we struggled with deep passes outside the hashes but we also only had one real option when it pertained to that type of pass play and he (Hollywood) was playing hurt... I’m not saying Lamar couldn’t have made some better throws in certain instances but the overall criticism of his play by people is crazy to me... he certainly had some passes that could have been thrown better but the guy was arguably the leagues best passer last year with a second year TE and an injured rookie as his leading targets... On a side... DeCosta has taken this roster from average talent/fringe playoff competitor to arguably best roster in the entire league/super bowl favorites in two seasons... Very impressed with his work so far
  7. I’m very pleased with what we accomplished overall... early in the process I figured we would double up on inside line backer and to be honest I don’t think we could have done any better than we did positionally given what was on the board when we selected... I love the jk dobbins pick... he reminds me of a younger version of Mark Ingram... Harrison and Queen should both see plenty of snaps and hopefully be full time starters by seasons end... Duvernay is cool and I like his tape but it appears we expect Boykin to develop and hopefully he will because at this point I don’t see any other receivers out there
  8. Bruh at this point we got to sign AB... him Hollywood and Lamar with the TEs and the run game with our defense could be the best team ever... not to mention what we could add in the draft... bruh that would be outrageously hard to beat... Honestly I’d be disappointed if we didn’t sign him at this point
  9. Clowney not worth 20 mil/per to me either.. As far as rescinding the tag I’d have to see whether or not it would allow us a company pick next year... if so then maybe if not I don’t see it happening
  10. All I know is... if Judon wants 20 mil per season we might as well trade him now... sign clay and see what we can get In the draft in the first 3 rounds
  11. Players played bad true but the coaching staff straight choked... Seems like the OC and DC was more interested in interviews than this game... Our WR core trash except Hollywood but it never got exploited til last night... we been aggressive all year it finally came back to bite us as well... we totally abandoned the run on 1st down dropped passes had errant throws and turned the ball over.... I honestly didn’t recognize our play calling last night... It was like we decided to just give Lamar the ball and pray he could save us... Last night he couldn’t... But hey he’s just 23 years old if he improves from years 2 to year 3 as much as year 1 to 2 it’s gon be tough on the league... cause even playing like trash he threw for 365 and ran for 143... one thing for sure he’s gonna be extremely motivated this summer... the whole team will
  12. During the last 12 weeks of the NFL season Baltimore ranks 1st defensively in both yards (268.9) and points (15.2) per game... All while having wins over 5 playoff teams and 7 total teams with a winning record during the time we faced them... I don’t know about the rest of the forum but the personnel changes made to our defensive roster post week 4 seems to directly Correlate to our team going from the 29th ranked defense to the top defense over the final 3/4th of the season... With 6 of those games on the road and the other 6 at home it would appear that location nor competition has made much of a difference as to how this team has executed defensively... And to that point I say this... Our offense has made the headlines and this has been pegged as an offensive matchup... but the fact of the matter (IMO) is that our defense is going to be the unit that shows the world why this Ravens team has the chance to be an all time great team and is also why the Titans and some on this forum will quickly come to realize there are levels to NFL playoff teams...
  13. I love these kinda posts because the reality is going into the season no one except ravens fans expected us to even be here... Our offense finished 1st in ppg and rushing... Second in overall yards per game... Defense finished 4th overall in yards and 3rd in ppg allowed... In DVOA our team was the 7th highest rated team in NFL history... so excuse us for feeling disrespected by so many people picking us to lose at home with multiple weeks to prepare for the 9-7 titans with Ryan Tannehill and the NFL’s 21st ranked defense... Now... we all know the phrase “Any Given Sunday”... but IMO this is literally the worse matchup in the world for Tennessee.. we literally have the same gameplan offensively with better overall talent... Ball control play action offense with run heavy concepts that eventually wears a team down... Physical offensive line with an accurate QB that has no issue pushing the ball down the field... But the major difference is while Tennessee will be trying to establish their offense against a top 5 NFL defense... the Ravens will be trying to establish theirs against one in the bottom third of the league... But like that great commentator at that big sports television station always says... “This is why they play the game”... See y’all boys at the Bank... #BigTruss...
  14. Terrell Owens probably the most disrespected player in NFL history... there is no logical way in the history of the world u can justify 10 receivers over him nor can u justify him not being a first ballot hall of famer... The NFL is a joke when it comes to the favoritism they show to certain players historically... 10 receivers better than TO... that’s just ridiculous... throw away the whole list
  15. Good thing u don’t actually have to play in the game... y’all defense look better against trash offenses lol... y’all ain’t played nobody... but it’s cool this one won’t be in arrowhead... be careful what u wish for my boy
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