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  1. Good luck this year fellas! I'm just not gonna be able to swing it this year. Haven't had near the time to keep up with the draft like years past. Definitely going to pop in and check out the moves. With Scot McLoughan in Cleveland, I'm expecting big things.
  2. Glad to see y'all got Gettleman. Thought he got a raw deal in Carolina. I don't agree with all of the moves that he made, but I do agree with the lion's share of them. Richardson is like, "hmm...I'm gonna sell the team soon, better fire the GM." Pretty awesome.
  3. Mike's @ing the Panthers fans to lure us into talking about our despair. I won't bite! It wasn't grounding! He dropped the pick! FEAWSIUERDEATZBTEZ ZDGRNBHH
  4. I think back on the Getts firing and it stings here and there. I think Getts had a good thing going. That said, I wholeheartedly applaud the things that Hurney has done since he's been in as interim GM. I think that I would have extended Norwell over Turner, if possible, but who knows if it was apples to apples. I like Norwell's stability and the fact that I can't remember him ever having occurred with a notable injury. That said, I love Trai and would like to keep both if possible. Trai's also got the versatility to play OT if needed. The Benjamin move was shocking, but it didn't p
  5. I think that Bucky Hodges would be a stretch at this point. As a Virginia Tech fan, he was mostly a Funchess. Played spread out more often than not, at least when he was making plays. He's got a lot of ability as a receiver, but I sincerely doubt that he could ever be an every down TE (not that I think that's what you're saying.) He needs to bulk up/toughen up as a blocker and I wonder what that kind of change would do to him as an explosive receiver. I'd love to see Bucky succeed, but to this point, I think it's pretty apparent that Hodges, Isaiah Ford, and Jerod Evans all ******* themselves
  6. I'd like to see at least 4 scores that the offense earns, as in, drives that don't start within their 40 yard line. And by scores I just mean offensive drives that end in points. The offense is honestly a little worrisome with how they've played, but I really think a lot of it falls on the line not gelling (at least not yet.) We really need this to be a "get right" game. I say...27-17 Carolina.
  7. well, guys, the drama's over. also, does rap sheet think it's "butler", or did he misspell Butker's name? Kinda hoped the Butker would win out, obviously that wasn't happening after week 1. I just get queasy when I see Gano line up for a kick anymore.
  8. Yeah, Cam's rust was real. He looks to have settled in, though. Stewart looks like the better back out there. Not that CMC looks bad by any stretch, but Stewart is really hitting it well between the tackles. Loving some of Shulda's creativity with the two, which is something I'm a litte shocked to say. Not a whole lot to complain about, honestly. Good way to start the season. Lets keep them to 3pts the rest of the way.
  9. hai guis what's going on in this thred also, post 69 for the new forum, nice
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