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  1. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    For me, the Browns easily. Giants could be up there, especially if Daniel Jones pans out. Saquon Barkley, Jabrill Peppers, Will Hernandez, Lorenzo Carter, BJ Hill, Evan Engram, Aldrick Rosas are all non-rookies, all under 26 years old. More potential than proven talent, and it isn't up there with those top groups, but I think it is worth mentioning.
  2. Gerald McCoy to sign with Carolina Panthers

    The Panthers have a better chance of making the playoffs than any team he was connected to besides the Patriots. This is a great signing for the Panthers; their defense should be really good.
  3. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    Saquon Barkley MVP
  4. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    If I ever drive half a day to get to Cleveland, Ohio, kill me.
  5. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    Jabrill Peppers and Sterling Shepard.
  6. How are your rookies looking?

    DeAndre Baker was the best looking rookie by far at rookie mini camp. He's the favorite to start alongside Jackrabbit. He looks great. Surprisingly, the 2nd best looking rookie has been LB Ryan Connelly. Bettcher has broken his own rule and shown practice tape of Connelly to the LB room at OTAs to show what a textbook rep looks like. He may take over BJ Goodson's starting role.
  7. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Eh, he got shot in the ***. As far as getting shot goes, that's probably the best place.
  8. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Count me as a guy who really likes Ballentine. Crazy athletic, limited football experience, but good production at a small school. He offers an intriguing skillset in that he is remarkably good at blocking field goals coming off the edge. It's rare to see someone do that at all, and I believe he did it multiple times in college. I think he also may make the switch to FS, which I think he could be successful playing. It's easier to rewire a young player's brain to play a different position when they haven't been playing for very long.
  9. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    Ryan Connelly is a much better pick than you think while Slayton is much worse. Connelly is surprisingly quick and great at sniffing out plays. I think he is instantly a great ST with the potential to be a very good backup ILB-average starting ILB, which is a good pick in the 4th. Slayton can't catch a cold; classic projection pick in that you hope he can fix that issue and pair it with his physical skills. The 7th round guys weren't bad picks either. Slayton was a multiple year starter at Syracuse and had motor/motivation issues. Seems like a guy that a scout or two is betting on. He'll get stashed on the practice squad with the potential to be rotational piece. Big George, to me, is a project that has starting guard potential. It all depends on how well he takes to coaching, but I know of some people who were actually high on him. Watch him in the Miss St game. He throws Montez Sweat to the ground on a few snaps. Yeah he loses a few snaps, but that's why he went in the 7th. He's got potential. I do agree though that Deandre Baker was our best pick overall while Julian Love was our best value selection. Between Baker, Love, and Beal, I think we've got a really solid CB group for a while.
  10. Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

    As far as value, the Daniel Jones pick get an F, maybe a D if you are feeling generous accounting for QB positional importance, but I really liked the rest of the draft. C-/D+
  11. So this was just an honest mistake due to a lack of awareness of how time works. It happens to the best of us.
  12. Biggest head scratching picks

    Sure dude.
  13. Biggest head scratching picks

    Yup, for not being the most player friendly GM and letting fan favorites walk. Extremely similar reasons as to why John Dorsey was fired. Is John Dorsey inept?
  14. Chao is a hack. Literally, he is a hack doctor and has been fired multiple times. I don't believe anything he says.
  15. It's insane how minimally invasive these arthroscopic surgeries are now. This doesn't sound serious, and the report makes that clear, so I'm not worried. We can't afford to lose him.