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  1. Oof. I dont know about that one.
  2. Fournette is really bad isn't he
  3. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Hall of Fame is not the Hall of Stats. To me, and a lot of other people/HoF voters, the Hall of Fame is for players you can't tell the story of the NFL without. Joe Namath finished with a .500 record, 1 super bowl win, and overall average stats. He got in because of his guarantee and its importance in NFL history. Eli definitely has solidified his place in NFL history. His resume has been stated here a million times, so I don't need to repeat it. Also, the bolded argument doesn't seem fair. You can't discount someone's biggest accomplishments then ask what have they done besides those things. Those are pretty big things and we obviously wouldn't be having the discussion if he didn't achieve those things.
  4. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    We had Davis Webb at that point, but yeah. I think the outrage was misinterpreted a bit- we weren't necessarily mad that Eli got benched, but that he got benched for Geno Smith, who Giants fans heard Jets fans complain about for years. We had a front row seat for how underwhelming Geno was.

    Week 3 pick: PHL I could take the Cowboys like everyone else, but that would be too easy.
  6. It’s times for Danny Dimes!

    Arians has come out and said what any sane coach would say and he is going to focus on stopping Saquon first and foremost. If I'm Shurmur, I'm coming out throwing and giving Jones the easiest transition he can have by basically stealing Cutcliffe's playbook and building off of it week by week. Jones should be taking about 90% of his snaps out of shotgun- he's more comfortable in it and sees the field better from it. We should have Saquon next to him about 80% of those snaps and have a run-pass option on every play. From there, start slinging. Those LBs have to respect the run and have to step up. Jones shouldn't have the ball in his hand longer than 3 seconds on any snap in the first quarter. Let him develop a rhythm and some confidence and keep the defense from pinning their ears back to keep him safe. Will any of that work? Who knows. But I think it would be a good transition for him from college for his first NFL start, may actually move the ball, and could be what we actually see from Shurmur on Sunday. I think we see a conservative but efficient statline from Jones on Sunday- about 65% completion, but a low YPA. I think it is definitely likely he throws his first touchdown this game, and I'd bet he is more likely to fumble than throw a pick.
  7. Daniel Jones named Starter

    Obviously this is Baker Mayfield himself trying to save face after his comments a few weeks ago. Nice try, Baker.
  8. Week 3 GDT: Giants vs. Buccaneers @ 4:05pm EST

    Honestly, it is only a matter of time. Week 2, Tae Davis and Antonio Hamilton were replaced by rookies Deandre Baker and Ryan Connelly. Soon, both Love and Ballentine may be getting snaps.
  9. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Joe Namath is 64-64-4 in his starts.
  10. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    He's a rookie QB starting his first game against a Todd Bowles defense. The Giants are 0-2 and 6.5 point underdogs. In what world would losing a game in these circumstances result in drama?
  11. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    David Roth rules and this is a great article on Eli https://deadspin.com/this-might-finally-be-it-for-eli-manning-1838193705/amp?rev=1568753562329&__twitter_impression=true
  12. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    He had essentially 4 years of NFL level coaching from David Cutcliffe at Duke. He's more ready than a lot of other rookie QBs who have started in recent years.
  13. Daniel Jones named Starter

    Look at the supporting cast Mayfield, Darnold, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and Josh Allen had in their first starts. Most worse, some way worse, none noticeably better than the Giants heading into week 3. Waiting for the perfect situation to do this isn't going to happen. It was time.
  14. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Guess he won't make it into the Hall of Efficiency Metrics then.
  15. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Not saying our offense will explode now, but there are obviously things Shurmur wants to do with his scheme that he couldn't do with Eli. Expect a lot more RPO and bootlegs. It may not be effective right out of the gate, but it should definitely be different.