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  1. Flowers would be a worse guard than tackle. Flowers is still good in the run game at tackle. We just never run enough to show off. Darkwa got his ritual 1 carry for 10+ yards then barely saw another carry. Thats a huge problem. Pugh+Flowers deuce blocks have been good and effective ever since the 2 started playing next to each other. Its a shame we will never see the results from that because Jerry and Hart cant backside block and our TEs can't block at all. Richburg is fantastic in pass pro, good enough in the run game. I wish we could clone Pugh 3 times so he could play LT, LG, RG, and RT at the same time.
  2. Solari needs to be fired. The technique of every OL is abysmal and that falls on him. Sullivan needs to be handed the diner menu. He's called plays before and he knows Eli better than Mcadoo does. There needs to be a shakeup there. Lastly, you have to shuffle the OL. Normally, I'd never call for that but we are already shuffling because of Hart being injured. Move Pugh to LT, plug Jones in at LG, and move Flowers over to RT. If he sucks there as well, which he might, bench him for Wheeler. If you're not going to help your LT in pass protection with chips from a TE or RB after he has shown for 3 years now he cannot handle speed rushers, then you need to bench him. Its that simple. The solution isn't to keep letting him get beat and let Eli get hit. That's the definition of insanity. Speaking of Eli, he needs to get a lot better. He was off target, his internal clock wasn't functioning, and he was unaware of his surroundings. Having an older QB that is relatively immobile is fine as long as his pocket presence and mental game is still there. Not only does Eli seem to stop diagnosing the field once the ball is snapped, but his arm is erratic now too. It looks like it is shot. Anyone else notice this offense isnt even close to looking like the one Mcadoo had us running when he was OC? What happened to Eli getting rid of the ball in 2 seconds almost every play, lessening the negative impact of bad pass blocking tackles and getting the ball into the hands of talented receivers? What happened to that offense that got Mcadoo his job?
  3. Do the Giants Make the Playoffs?

    Please no. I'd rather them go 0-16. The offense is broken. The defense held Dallas and the Lions to under 20 offensive points. They are still good. The offense isn't something that is just gonna turn around though. Need major changes, some that can't be addressed in season. No, we definitely aren't a playoff team. If we somehow do make the playoffs, it is because the rest of the division sucks.
  4. 8 straight with less than 20 points. And 13 points scored in first 2 games is the lowest total for a giants team since 1947. If there aren't any changes, Eli will literally die next week.
  5. Looking forward to Mcadoo talk about reviewing the tape, defending the OL, and not taking any blame.
  6. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Geno Smith is the next man up and honestly he would be doing a better job right now. Lack of athleticism and diminishing arm is killing us.
  7. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Negative for Giants fans: 10 point deficit to the Giants is like a 40 point deficit to any other team.
  8. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Why even run a play? Stupid.
  9. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Im not even arguing that you're wrong. Of all the problems with the Giants offense, that's what is concering you? A hindsight draft pick like that? Where the player we picked has been playing well? Its ridiculous.
  10. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    He fits right in, honestly. The rest of the players don't look like they know the offense either.
  11. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Lol. This is the hill you want to be remembered dying on, really? Drafting the 2nd best WR in the class instead of the 1st?
  12. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Lol Flowers gets beat because he doesn't know what to do with his hands again then his guy gets the sack without even touching Eli. The two stooges.
  13. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    He still doesn't know the offense.
  14. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    The Eagles are going to murder Eli next week. Between this offensive line and Eli not throwing the ball, he won't see his 204th consecutive start
  15. Monday Night Football - NY Giants v Detroit

    Throw the gd ball. Again, Eli sucks.