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  1. It's a real shame what happened to him. A lot of people forget that he was in the same rookie kicker class as Justin Tucker and Greg Zuerlein and was better than both of them his rookie year.
  2. Not a bad idea. Maybe instead of emailing their public, corporate email, I'll DM Sam, the founder, on Instagram or something. He's pretty active there and seems like a really nice guy, and he started as a homebrewer as well.
  3. For a (supposed) 5 gallon batch, I used 5 pounds of pure pureed pumpkin, about 10oz of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. I opted to forgo the vanilla; personally, it is always overwhelming. It was an amber ale base with some really beautiful, dark caramel malt. Imagine a Pumpkin Pie Fat Tire. EDIT: This was the recipe, if anyone is curious. https://beerandbrewing.com/perfect-pumpkin-ale-recipe/ There is another link with that same recipe that goes more into detail about how to do certain things and why certain ingredients were chosen. I can't find that one right now though.
  4. @MKnight82 You still brewing? My ESB clone was a hit. I got to give some to my uncle who helped me brew it this past weekend and everyone who tried it liked it. I've got pumpkin beer in bottles right now, but I've only got 21. This is going to be rationed for sure. I've got about 20 other people who want to try it, so 1 bottle each. Two weeks from bottling is 10/30, one day before Halloween, so the timing seems to be right on. Hopefully they are carbonated by then. My next brew is going to be in about 2 weeks. One of my favorite beers of all-time is Dogfish Head's Pennsylvania Tuxedo
  5. Haason Reddick and Brian Burns might both break the sack record next week.
  6. So when the Colts are not making the playoffs and they have to bench Wentz to not hand over a first round pick to the Eagles, they are going to start Sam Ehlinger?
  7. Derrick Henry needs to be viewed as even more special than he is because of the trends and recent history of the league. Not only is he the only one doing what multiple RBs were supposed to be doing (guys like Leonard Fournette, Saquon Barkley, Zeke Elliott), but he's doing it at a body composition that is absolutely freakish, and more importantly, at a time when RBs should not be doing it at all (it being taking over and winning games as a RB on a consistent basis). We haven't seen this level of domination since AD, and I don't think I've ever seen this level of sustained dominance in my
  8. No to both of those guys. I am not sold on Kellen Moore. He benefits a ton from Dak being his QB. Joe Brady is going to be a HC next year, it is just a matter of whether it is in the NFL or at LSU. Hell, give me Don Martindale. We interviewed him last year. The guy has got a forward thinking mind and consistently does more with less than any other DC in the league. The Ravens entire secondary is hurt and their LBs are god awful and he's fielding, yet again, a top unit.
  9. You're right; we don't deserve Saquon either, and we didn't deserve OBJ before him. But don't worry, the football gods rectified that by injuring the hell out of them. Toney was literally on the field for 5 passing snaps yesterday. One of them was a sack. In the other 4, he had 3 catches for 36 yards with a 17 yard long play. The only reason Judge and Garrett are playing him is because everyone else is/was hurt. We should do the football world a favor and trade both he and Saquon to the 49ers for nothing so we can watch some awesome players not get limited by an awful scheme.
  10. The trailer gave me major Zodiac/Se7en vibes. I'm excited to watch this.
  11. 1. We've been the worst team in football for 5 years, so it literally cannot get worse. 2. Kadarius Toney looks fun, but he's hurt 3. Andrew Thomas looked really good until he got hurt 4. Maybe Daniel Jones is an OK quarterback? 5. We have a ton of picks next year (for a probably crappy GM to squander)
  12. Reminds me of the 2017 Rams game. They didn't drop a 50 burger on us, but they might as well have.
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