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  1. They should. Theyve got Garapollo in the wings and they were close in a lot of games before they beat us. We just need to not win more than 1 more game and we should be locked in for a top 3 pick
  2. Week 11 GDT

    The Chiefs almost looked worse than we have all season, which is really, really hard to do.
  3. Give me a loss and another Engram touchdown.
  4. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    He's cut from the same cloth as OBJ in terms of competitiveness. Whoever feels like they can harness that is going to get the best QB in the draft.
  5. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    Baker Mayfield is Russell Wilson. I want him.
  6. Early talk on the Giants offseason

    I plan on watching more film of him and analyzing his play and how it has changed, but the most obvious change that everyone can see on Sundays is how different his set is. He's almost never in a 3 point stance, is angled outward more than he was before, and leaves a large gap between him and whoever is playing LG. The advantage of this is it helps him neutralize his biggest weakness, speed rushers, by giving him a head start to the corner they want to turn up at. In recent weeks, you probably noticed Flowers running a lot of edge rushers out of the play by beating them to the corner then running them behind Eli out of the play. It also helps in distinguishing stunts, which funnily enough John Jerry has been terrible at, but has been better since he's changed to the left side, playing next to Flowers who leaves that huge gap in the line. This results in less pressures on Eli. The no sack mark is also indicative of how fast Eli has been getting the ball out of his hands, which at this point I believe ranks 3rd fastest. The disadvantages are that any inside move on a run play will blow the whole thing up. If he can find a happy medium, or get comfortable enough that he can get a bit closer to the LG and be a little less angled and still get to his spot in pass protection, the run blocking will pick up. Another thing to consider is PFF's run blocking metric is garbage. I think Flowers has been slightly above average overall this year among LTs (top 16), which is I think where PFF ranks him, but his run blocking is not as bad as they say just like his pass protection is not as good as they say. They don't account for time to release for the QB. That was a jumbled mess of my observations so far on Flowers, but in this lost season where I have nothing else to do but look forward to the offseason, I'll do a more in depth analysis of Flowers at some point.
  7. 2018 Head Coaching Candidates

    He had an interview for HC last offseason. Personally I don't see him as a HC yet, but I live in the Philly media market and there is a lot of talk of him being a hot commodity this offseason with the Eagles even potentially dumping their current OC and promoting DeFilippo to try and keep him. There's no denying what he did with Wentz is impressive.
  8. You want Reese to stay on and expect him to trade down. Which one is it?
  9. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    I think you're dead on with that last sentiment. We'll get a real feel for how good these upper tier teams are in the coming weeks. One last note on the Saints- their OL is fantastic this year. Their investments have finally paid off. Then you've got an impressive 1-2 punch at RB that makes them look even better. Saints are definitely the real deal
  10. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    If they are, it isn't by much. Those are all obviously inferior teams that should get beat by teams like the Saints and Eagles. It shouldn't count for much either way. Also, CAR does not belong in that list you put them in. They are head and shoulders above WAS, ARI, LAC, and DEN.
  11. 2018 Head Coaching Candidates

    John DeFilippo will be a head coach next year, possibly of the Giants
  12. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    If you want to get into that line of thinking, who have the Eagles beat? Their one quality win is against the Panthers.
  13. Are the Saints the Best Team in Football?

    Not the best, but I think they are the hottest. They're winning with good defense and a strong OL and run game, which is a far cry from the previous few years. Props to Sean Payton
  14. Giants about to Kiffin Mcadoo. Im all about it. Last week was embarrassing. This is beyond embarrassing.
  15. 3 starting linebackers are out. Pretty crazy. Vernon and Pugh are back though, which helps.