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  1. Is there a comic connection between the F4 and the quantum realm?
  2. Got my first bar muscle up the other day 😎 Next stop is entering the 1000 pounds club. I'm only about 70 lbs away right now, and I think I can get much heavier on my bench (which I haven't done at all in 2 years now) and I think I can improve my back squat pretty substantially as well (currently at a 1RM of 315 and that went up pretty easily when I did that a few months ago).
  3. Ragnarok rules. All non-Russo-brothers-directed-but-still-directed-by-good-directors Marvel movies fall into the trap of being a good movie in parts, then having to inevitably switch into a classic Marvel fight/action sequence and MCU appropriate ending that may or may not fit. Ragnarok blended Waititi's style and humor with the broader MCU perfectly.
  4. Anyone else do any beer homebrewing? I just start 2 weeks ago. Made my first kit about 2 weeks ago and just transferred the beer to bottles. In 2 weeks, I'll be able to see how I did. Not very confident about that batch, but we'll see. I went to a homebrew store, got some new tools and better ingredients, and brewed another batch last night. Much more confident about this one. It should start fermenting right now, and in 4 weeks we'll get to see how that one turned out. The first batch was a Cascade and Columbus Everyday IPA. This 2nd batch I made is a Citra and Azacca IPA.
  5. I guess OL play isn't something a lot of people follow. Moton is a pretty damn good T who would have broken the bank had he hit the open market next year. That 2017 draft was a good one for the Panthers. McCaffrey, Curtis Samuel, and Moton. They also drafted The Buttkicker, but obviously he didn't stick around there.
  6. Sterling Shepard, unfortunately. If I remember correctly, his cap hit is large next year and as much as fans love him and how solid of a slot WR he is, he's had injury history and we drafted his eventual replacement in the first this year.
  7. I have to go back and watch the Hulk. I remember liking it when it came out and I saw it in theaters. I've still never seen Dark World and I don't think I will.
  8. Ramsey, Alexander, Howard, Gilmore, Bradberry.
  9. Turns out that this is a lie. This man had 23 sacks in a single season and I knew him first for his ribs.
  10. Unbelievable. He AVERAGED 19.25 sacks a year for 6 straight years. In JJ Watt's dominant 4 year stretch where he won DPOY 3 out of the 4 years, he averaged 17.25. Just unbelievable. This stuff is awesome. I've literally never heard of Al Baker before today, but he holds the record for most sacks in a season and is actually just outside the top-20 in sacks for a career. Without those 'unofficial' numbers, he's down at 108.
  11. Wide Right, Manning to Manningham, The Helmet Catch, Burress Alone Touchdown, and the last one is a tough call, but I'll go with Mark Ingram's 3rd and 13 conversion.
  12. It is just as good as season 1. I've watched it about 3 times all the way through already.
  13. Unlike Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki is actively messing with the MCU as a whole. People were upset there wasn't some big bad reveal in the other 2 shows, but it made no sense to do so. In Loki, it makes a ton of sense.
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