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  1. That would not be nearly as funny.
  2. It's going to be very funny when Reich hires Pederson to replace Sirianni.
  3. Also, and this needs to be said, this hiring is obviously all about Wentz. Wentz essentially made this hire, as I have no doubts that Lurie and Roseman purposefully hired this guy because he was one of a few (or maybe the only one) who made it clear he would keep and try to fix Wentz. He's also another guy they can bully into making the position coaching and coorindator hires they want.
  4. Queue the Snoop Dogg 'Who!?' gif. Kind of funny that they hired a Reich protege when they could have just had Reich himself.
  5. That's because it isn't the hall of stats. Besides ignoring the entirely different eras in which these players played, we are also not including the individual awards and records these players achieved during their careers. Marino blows Rivers out of the water in both of those categories. Good stats and pro bowls doesn't make a QB a HOFer in this era.
  6. I don't think good regular season passing stats in this era is enough to get into the Hall of Fame. The strongest argument Rivers has is his iron man streak as well, which is very impressive. That's still not enough in my opinion though. If he had any sort of postseason success, it'd be tough for me to argue against him getting in.
  7. If Rivers and Eli stayed with the teams that drafted them, Eli and the Chargers would have 1 super bowl and Rivers and the Giants would have 0.
  8. This guy loves being at jobs for only 1 year. What a shame Kyle Flood just got hired as the Texas OC. He'd be a fantastic OL coach. And he's local!
  9. Good. I don't have to see his goofy face complaining to refs in the 4th quarter anymore.
  10. Tough guy, but he was obviously not 100%. Gonna be a rough offseason for him with this, Brees retiring, and the FO fueling trade speculation with comments like they made recently.
  11. Why would they go and do something stupid like that?
  12. Probably the most underrated interior DL in the NFL. Vea is a freak, and would be a huge addition for the Bucs to make a push. Would be a fun battle to watch too between him and that really strong GB interior OL.
  13. What a year for Travis Kelce. He recently won a Super Bowl, got paid, set a bunch of tight end receiving records, died in a moon simulation experiment in the Arizona desert, and won Walter Payton Man of the Year.
  14. Yeah I agree. This whole conversation has the same feel to me that the Russell Wilson potential trade rumors had a while ago. The Texans will find a way to appease Watson and keep him here, because they have to.
  15. With him going to the Senior Bowl now, no. Smith is going to get taken at 3 by Miami, provided they don't trade for Watson. The Dolphins coaches are coaching in the Senior Bowl. Doesn't really matter though, because there are maybe 10 WRs with WR1 potential in this draft. I think we can even get one in round 2.
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