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  1. It's as bad as they've looked since the last game against the Rams when they dropped a 50 burger on us.
  2. Seriously though, its time I find better things to do with my Sundays. Not just for this year, but for years going forward. We've sucked for a long time now, and I've been hoping for a turnaround for years now. It isn't coming. I'll take up a different hobby, or just work even more on Sundays than I am now, until the Giants can field an even somewhat competitive team. I won't lose any sleep missing even "decent" games until they get there. The Jets are going to fire Adam Gase, and he was 7-9 last year. What I would do for a goddamn 7 win season.
  3. You kidding me? This has been the shortest season yet as a Giants fan. I have Sundays free for the rest of the year! Great feeling.
  4. First season under Judge is different at least. I normally give up on the Giants in October. This year, I've already given up in September.
  5. I will say, having read compendium 1 of The Boys comic recently, they did the Love Sausage dirty. Hes the best character in the comics imo. He rules. The TV show interpretation is pretty funny though.
  6. I was almost hoping for some sort of stunning rebuke of Stormfront from Homelander in that last scene. Like he smashes her head and says something like "i may be a sociopath, but I'm not an effin nazi" or something like that. I'm definitely not disappointed in the actual result, but that would have been unexpected and cool to see. Great episode. What a good show. All episodes so far have been satisfying and cool on their own, and I keep wanting more. I'm all in.
  7. The Niners coming out of Sunday with a win (100% still possible, even likely) would be huge for the team in eventual playoff standing, as well as a huge positive indication of just how good their coaching staff is.
  8. I thought you were being sarcastic, but Shawn Ashmore actually does have an identical twin lol. In looking that up on wikipedia, I found out it was Shawn Ashmore in that episode, and they listed his character's name, which is actually a spoiler...
  9. Oh, one more thing: that was definitely Shawn Ashmore (aka Bobby Drake) who was on the phone with Stormfront right? He's gotta be an important character. Ashmore is a relatively famous actor; you wouldn't use him for all of 5 seconds and never see him again. Starlight is definitely going to go to that facility and find something there.
  10. The show made this pretty clear, between the flashback scene when she was Liberty and her comments towards A-Train. Obviously, this is all building towards a showdown between Homelander and Stormfront vs Maeve, Starlight, A-Train, and The Boys, right? I don't think most people even remember that scene; I certainly didn't until you mentioned it here. To me, that was more of a satire of the seemingly ubiquitous 'corporate/performative wokeness' that has absolutely no substance behind it. It was really nicely juxtaposed; I think right before and after that shot, you see Homelander calling all the shots for everything on the entire shoot and threatening that one woman who is supposed to be in charge. That also comes after a plot point of talking about diversity among The Seven. Also, the director gave the lines to A-Train and essentially admitted to having no involvement in the actual script as it came from someone way above him. It's not a movie they are shooting, it is propaganda paid for by Vought, who already own almost everything else. It's funny for sure, but it would be a lot funnier if it wasn't so on the nose.
  11. Not a good sign that 2 of our supposed franchise cornerstones and offensive playmakers are pretty consistently hurt.
  12. I'd hope so. They lost the strength of their team and their starting QB. Their OL did not look good against a poor Jets DL. They still won that game handily, but the Jets are awful. I'm hoping we can come away with a win against a good team's second string.
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