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  1. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    My big board as of right now for the Giants, factoring in positions: 1. Kyler Murray 2. Quinnen Williams 3. Nick Bosa 4. Josh Allen 5. Dwayne Haskins 6. Devin White 7. Brian Burns 8. Montez Sweat 9. Jonah Williams 10. Ed Oliver 11. Cody Ford 12. Clelin Ferrell 13. Christian Wilkins Then it gets hazy for me. Getting any combination of those 2 guys would be amazing at 6 and 17. I'm lower than most on DK Metcalf, AJ Brown, Parris Campbell (really any of the 'first round graded' WRs), Rashan Gary, Greedy Williams, and Deandre Baker (really any of the 'first round graded' CBs). I haven't watched a lot of well regarded OL guys like Andre Dillard and Jawaan Taylor, so I can't form a personal opinion on them. Looking at this board, trading a 2nd for Rosen then drafting Brian Burns and Jonah Williams at 6 and 17 would be a tremendous first 2 rounds. I like Haskins more than Rosen, but I think the difference in them is potentially small enough to warrant getting the lesser QB for much better value. EDIT: I also really like Devin Bush. Definitely not at 6, but at 17. He is the 1 guy in this draft who is perfect to play $LB in Bettcher's defense at a high level.

    Maybe people are just now realizing he is probably the best player in the class.
  3. Washington Free Agency 2019

    To all Washington fans here: look, I understand the temptation to put even a small sliver of hope in Flowers because of his age, size, and potential. Don't. The guy hasn't figured it out and has no desire to figure it out. His technique is absolute garbage and has not improved since he's entered the league. As for this transition to guard, this is a topic Giants fans have been talking about for years. There is no reason to believe it will work out at all. For a much more technical explanation as to why, besides his Ricky Bobby style hand usage, read what Duke Manyweather said about this exact topic a few years ago: https://insidefootball.com/what-to-do-with-new-york-giants-left-tackle-ereck-flowers/

    Yup. The whole FO was out in full force: Gettleman, 2 Maras, and their top scout Chris Pettit, who was the guy Saquon shook hands with immediately after his 40 at the combine last year. I think this squashes the pretty unsubstantiated rumor from Diana Russini that the Giants "weren't interested and weren't doing their homework" on Haskins. I would assume this puts him back in play at 6 from an outsider, mock draft maker perspective.

    What are the early rumors so far of the Jets and 49ers interest in trading down?
  6. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    Scarnecchia is a literal miracle maker and one of the few actually good OL coaches in the league. I don't think even he could save Flowers.
  7. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    He's had 3 different OL coaches and hasn't improved under a single one. He is beyond saving. Footwork is the least of his problems. He has never fixed his tendencies of ducking his head, sticking his arms out, and grabbing in pass protection. He has no desire to get better. He is surviving solely off his top-10 draft status.
  8. Redskins sign OT Erick Flowers (1 year, $4M)

    Oh boy. This was brought up dozens of times by dozens of Giants fans as a way to potentially 'fix' Flowers. It will not work. Ignore the fact that Flowers struggled with the transition from left to right tackle with a full offseason to work, the guy has ZERO punch. Find me a guard, not a successful guard but any guard, who has zero punch.
  9. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I think the irreplaceable label will be determined to be right or not if he continues to be dominant on his new team. It doesnt matter what we do. But if that's the case, then the trade will have been worth it and Gettleman would have been right for making it. We wouldn't have replaced OBJ, but turned him into assets for other positions.
  10. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Do you agree he is better in coverage than Landon? He had a similar 2nd year break out that Landon had and he's going to be in an even better defense for his skillset this year.
  11. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    He's a generational talent. I thought we were in good hands when Gettleman said "you don't give up on talent", but apparently we have different definitions of "give up". Since when do we attribute wins/losses to WRs? Fact is we would absolutely have a worse record over the games Odell played in if we did not have him. He singlehandedly won us a few games in 2016- Ravens and Cowboys games come to mind. He's a gamechanger and the best WR in the league when healthy IMO. He's absolutely a huge loss. The one and only thing we have to fall back on here is we've got probably the best RB in the NFL on the roster who can also score from anywhere on the field at any time. That helps alleviate the loss a lot.

    Ok, I see what you mean now. I still think that probably isn't the case. @PossibleCabbage is probably right. We know that happens all the time.
  13. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Nick Turchyn did a full breakdown of Peppers on his twitter. Take a look at it.

    Purposefully amplifying a minor medical condition your client has as an agent does not seem like a very good move, and I seriously doubt that is the case.

    Link? I follow the Giants extensively and everyone who had a clue kind of knew they were going to take Barkley for a while. Kim Jones was all over it for months. Gettleman in a pre-draft press conference dropped hints that "you really need to like a QB to take him. You can't take one just to take one" and "he already had in mind a gold jacket guy" and he raved about Saquon.