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  1. Chiefs DT Chris Jones Gets Contract Extension

    If there actually is football this year, I don't see how the Chiefs don't repeat. Stability and familiarity is going to be the most important factor for all teams going into this year.
  2. Eagles sign OT Jason Peters (One year, up to $6 M)

    From what I gather, they are bringing him in to play guard. Has he ever played guard before? He was showing his age a bit last year at LT.
  3. Greatest Hitters in NFL History

    The obvious answers are all defensive players, but I like thinking of this from the other way- offensive players who absolutely laid people out. I'm not talking about guys who ran hard or were hard to tackle, but guys that made contact with defenders, while the ball was in their hands, and knocked them to the ground. Obvious names that come to mind are Brandon Jacobs, Christian Okoye, and Earl Campbell.
  4. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    More like UDFA than the supplemental draft. Each team gets a set pool of money that they can spend however they want on however many incoming rookies they want. If they want to try to spend the entire pool on the consensus top rookie, go for it. If you'd rather try and sign a ton of 5th round-tier players instead, go nuts. Rookies would get the offers and get to choose to go where they want. Obviously the money plays a big part, but the situation of the team would as well. Maybe there is a huge opportunity, as a standout WR, to go to a WR needy team that has a great QB situation, even if the money is less. Or maybe you are a more developmental QB and you realize sitting behind an established starter is better for your long term career. Maybe it is the opposite- you are viewed as a developmental QB, but disagree and get the chance to sign with a team with a good chance to start week 1. Or maybe you're a DE from Georgia who hates the cold, so you stay away from teams in the Northeast. Or maybe you're a RB who knows they have a short shelf life and are generally disrespected, so you chase the money. The choice is up to the player and his circle. The point of it is to give players more freedom by treating the NFL more like the 'business' they always claim to be. Accountants don't get drafted to banks. Computer scientists don't get drafted to defense contractors. I think a signing day like event would be awesome. Incoming rookies could spend a week or so receiving offers, then all on one day, make a decision and hold a small press conference announcing their decision. NFLN and ESPN could cut between these different press conferences for the top guys making their decisions and analyze the fits. I seriously doubt COVID will lead to this, and there's a solid chance it never happens, but I think it'd be better for the league and the players. Maybe a top prospect somewhere down the line causes an even messier Elway/Eli situation and we get this in the CBA at some point.
  5. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    That's a good point. Another way to do it would be a silent, behind closed door bidding for everyone, but have the top guys hold their own events similar to a high school signing day to announce where they are going. I could see that being super entertaining as well.
  6. DT Leonard Williams to receive Franchise Tag

    Fine with me. If he balls out, great. If not, cut ties.
  7. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    Both my post and the article mention rookie caps on contracts in this hypothetical scenario. If there are so many ways to manipulate the cap, won't every team use some sort of manipulation, maintaining a level playing field? How would the top teams sign all of the power houses for top rookie deals under the proposed scenario outlined in the article? If top rookies want to go play for Belichick for way less than they are worth, they have that option. But I can guarantee you those players will be far and in between.
  8. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    That was my first reaction as well, honestly. I read a really insightful article after about getting rid of the NBA and NFL drafts and it makes a ton of sense. I can't seem to find the exact article, but if I find it, I'll post it. The gist of it is that 1 the draft doesn't lead to parity anyway 2 teams still have to all play with the same cap space, so restrictions on signing all the 'good' players already exists and 3 it leads to more labor freedom for players, which is a good thing for the overall product and the players themselves. It also 'incentivizes' good management, as players won't want to sign with teams that are managed poorly or treat players poorly. If you're for a meritocracy, where all teams strive to be good, not make profits, and the best managed/coached teams rise to the top consistently, you should be for getting rid of the draft. The draft is really fun to analyze and talk about, but I would argue that the free agency mad dash we've been getting the past few years is just as exciting. Imagine waiting on baited breath for Schefter to announce where Trevor Lawrence is going to be signing. EDIT: Found the article- https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/how_the_nfl_could_someday_replace_the_draft/s1_13132_26368547 The labor freedom is good enough reason only for me to support this, but this guy lays out a really detailed plan that doesn't seem to have any drawbacks, besides losing the 'spectacle' of the draft and Mel Kiper losing his job. He goes really into the economics of it, which I know some people really need to sway them on matters like this.
  9. Covid-19 and it’s impact on the 2020 season

    Will never happen, but it would be really cool if they finally use this opportunity to get rid of the draft. Have every draft eligible prospect enter into a free agent pool, I would assume using the rookie wage scale numbers as a cap of sorts, and let teams go wild.
  10. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    My fiancee would never go for it. She wants a big party of a wedding, and I do too, so it is something we are going to go through with.
  11. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    We are having a small ceremony this year with only about 25 people just to officially get married, then next year we are going to have our reception with all of our family and friends at the venue we originally booked at. We already paid for most of the entire thing. For one, I don't want to throw away all that money. Two, we still want to have a huge rager of a party with the ~130 people we invited, which we can't do due to covid.
  12. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Had to make the tough decision to postpone my wedding, originally scheduled for September. We are going to have a small outdoor ceremony at her parent's house on our original date. The new date will end up being a year from the original. Sucks, but it is what it is. New Jersey is doing relatively well, but with family and friends coming from some hotspot states, and no end in sight, we think it is better to be safe than sorry.
  13. Best 2nd Year WR

    I'd rank them this way going forward: 1. AJ Brown 2. DK Metcalf 3. Terry McLaurin 4. Darius Slayton 5. Marquise Brown 6. Deebo Samuel
  14. Fallout TV Series Being Developed by Amazon

    Imagine having access to the Fallout IP and making a show/movie about the Enclave storyline rather than Super Mutants and Master. That'd be like having the Warcraft IP and making a movie/show about the First War rather than any of the actual cool storylines in that series. Just take the some of the exact dialogue and script, and the entire story, of Fallout 1 with a huge budget and you have a real chance at a great show.
  15. Preseason Cut in half

    I blame Justis's twitter.