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  1. Just got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine 5 hours ago. Still feeling fine, I think. Starting to get a slight headache, but at this point it is almost impossible to tell if it is because of the vaccine or just because I'm a human lol. Also, don't want to get too into this conversation, but man was the process of actually getting the shot so incredibly easy. No copay, no funky insurance stuff, nothing. Walk in, show your ID, get a shot, make sure you are fine, then leave. There should be a system where we can do that for everything medical related for everyone.
  2. Advanced analytics are for nerds. Wins and championships are ultimately the only stats that matter.
  3. Yeah, do not buy any stock in the idea that the Niners do not know who they want. At this point, they know exactly who they want. They probably actually want Lawrence or Wilson, but they are expecting those 2 guys to be gone and are extremely comfortable with whoever their 3rd QB is. Right now, I think that is Fields. This sort of thing happens almost every year, where the choice based just on tape from months ago is talked out of for whatever reason. Fields was the #2 2021 QB for a long time, even going back to the end of the college season. I think he is the guy at 3.
  4. Do you think Rodgers is petty enough that he would have held back in 2020 had the Packers not drafted Love, or any other first round QB? I find that hard to believe.
  5. Some of these scouts are crazy. I've heard more than a few times in the past week that Sewell is projected at G. Stupid.
  6. Who the hell has Christian Darrisaw as the 7th OT?
  7. I think the discrepancy in stats is too much for him to be compared to Ward. Ward played for 2 more seasons than Edelman, but has almost double his yards (6800 vs 12000) and more than double his touchdowns (36 vs 85). Deion Branch really is the best comparison for Edelman. Branch: 11 seasons, 518 receptions, 6644 yards, 39 touchdowns. Postseason: 17 games, 64 receptions, 948 yards, 4 touchdowns. 2x SB, 1x SB MVP Edelman: 12 seasons, 620 receptions, 6822 yards, 36 touchdowns. Postseason: 19 games, 118 receptions, 1442 yards, 5 touchdowns. 3x SB, 1x SB MVP
  8. I really shouldn't be surprised that someone is trying to compare Edelman's HOF case to Eli's. They aren't remotely comparable. Edelman has had basically the same exact career as Deion Branch. Does Deion Branch belong in the HOF? Edelman was an awesome slot receiver in an era that will be remembered for awesome slot receivers. Tough, gritty, quick guys that you always had to account for. He just also happened to play with Tom Brady and for Bill Belichick and has a bunch of rings because of it. He absolutely does not belong in the HOF.
  9. That is very interesting. Both vaccinations, she went through what I've been calling a "COVID speed run". She had just about every symptom she had when she had COVID, but they all came and went over the period of just a few hours. She's got a higher pain tolerance than me, so I know she wasn't exaggerating.
  10. As long as Pitts doesn't get to Dallas at 10, we're good.
  11. Yeah Rousseau is going to be a top of the 2nd guy for sure.
  12. I have my first shot scheduled for Thursday. My wife already had both doses, and both kind of kicked her butt. She was a symptomatic COVID case back in December though, so we were expecting that. We are pretty confident I somehow never got it, even from her, so I'm hoping these shots are easy. I plan on going into work for a relatively full day immediately after getting my shot; I'm hoping I really don't regret that decision.
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