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  1. You know it's true. Daniel Jones is not good, the Giants are probably not good, yet they've inexplicably owned your team in recent history, especially the last 2 years.
  2. It kills me to say it, but everything Dan Orlovsky has said leading up to this game about the Giants is correct. The offense is the worst in the NFL scheme wise. Week 1 showed the exact same as last year. Daniel Jones will probably never be more than an average QB. That said, the Giants will still probably win because the only team they know how to beat is the WFT.
  3. The reason I find it hard to believe that this will be a Force Awakens scenario is because Lana and her sister haven't created any media when they didn't have anything new to say. Not to say everything they've done has been on The Matrix level, a lot of it is really quite bad, but it was always intentional. Just recreating the original Matrix would go against everything she/they've shown so far.
  4. Down to only 45 pounds away from the 1000 pound club, and that is with my close grip bench total. I may be able to get that in on just my back squat. I feel like I have a decent amount extra I can give there.
  5. This may explain, but still doesn't really excuse, Andrew Thomas's performance in the last preseason game: https://www.nj.com/giants/2021/09/how-giants-andrew-thomas-a-musician-learned-to-tune-out-the-noise-with-some-help-from-jay-z.html Apparently he toughed it out through some serious dehydration issues. Good on him though to make excuses for himself in the postgame presser. Tough kid.
  6. Going to preface this by saying this is not directed at you necessarily, just something I thought about after seeing the term 'massive worker shortage'. 1. There isn't really a massive worker shortage. There are a lot of businesses and companies, most of them that involve dealing directly with the public, not willing to pay enough for people to work for them. People aren't risking getting COVID, on top of a crappy job, for $8 an hour. So the problem isn't 'there aren't enough workers to continue to run my company', it is 'the job openings for my business aren't attractive enough to be abl
  7. Brady is going to die on the field of old age like 40 years from now. He is truly unbelievable. I think the biggest surprise for me out of this game was how well the Dallas OL performed overall in pass protection against that mammoth front 7; of course Vea and JPP and Barrett are going to win a few reps, but the Dallas OL won way more than I thought they would. Also, the Dallas defense wasn't great obviously, but they looked much better than last year. I may have to eat my words on Trevon Diggs. He was god awful the first half of his rookie year, but really seems to have turned a cor
  8. Have the ChargIRs had any significant injuries yet? Did they finally pass the curse on to another team?
  9. Favorite Team: Giants Week 1 pick: 49ers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  10. Oh wow I just realized Dark Souls and The Matrix are essentially the same story.
  11. Similar to the The Many Saints of Newark, I'm banking on marketing picking and choosing specific scenes to show in trailers that aren't fully indicative of the direction of the movie while having faith in the movie's creator to actually deliver. But yes, this movie needs to do something new because, like Star Wars, it was so revolutionary that it has been adapted to death since it came out and any kind of 'remake' will feel bland and like we've seen it a million times before.
  12. I went and saw it last night. I thought it was ok. Personally, I wanted more cool martial arts fighting and less magic/sorcery/saving the world. Objectively, the acting wasn't very good (except for Tony Leung and Ben Kingsley) and the humor fell almost entirely flat outside of Ben Kingsley. Watching Ben Kingsley on the same screen as all the actors was like when you watch one of those low budget foreign films that has a bunch of locals and Eric Bana in it or something and you can't help but notice the difference in acting skill level. Last thing was that Tony Leung's character should have been
  13. If we're talking about the WFT name change, I really think they should use this opportunity to lean into DC instead of Washington. DC Red Wolves, DC Brigade, whatever. Give the people of DC, which there are a lot of and they're proud of where they live, something a little extra to cheer for.
  14. Engram won't play and Adoree is questionable (but leaning towards playing). The rest are playing and should be at, or very close to, full speed for Sunday.
  15. Even though Solder is starting, don't be surprised to see Peart get a few series of playing time at RT. These kids can't get better without reps.
  16. I know they just claimed Moreland, but the Texans CB depth wasn't very good to begin with right? They've got to be at least super shallow there now. I don't even know who their starters are.
  17. The Liberty kid, Matt Corrall, Desmond Ridder. Those are the guys.
  18. Oh yeah absolutely. We plan on facetiming him at some point. The other silver lining is that this is our postponed reception; we were legally married during a backyard ceremony a year ago with only immediate family and the bridal party, and he was there for that. So he'll be missing the party.
  19. Thanks guys. I really haven't been able to be truly sad by it myself yet; way too busy with work and ironing out last minute details and trying to console my wife over it lol. It won't hit me until he isn't there.
  20. My little brother, who started high school a few days ago, got COVID and won't be able to make my wedding on Saturday. We're upset about it obviously, and he is distraught. They wear masks all day in school, except for lunch. No doubt that is where he got it from. Thankfully our parents are vaccinated and they are fine, but it really sucks. Opening up schools for these kids, most of which haven't gotten vaccinated yet, was a really stupid idea. Especially when the blueprint for online learning was established already.
  21. The score will be something like 10-7, and it is hard to say which way it goes. Honestly, it comes down to which offense makes the most mistakes/which defense forces the most mistakes. Teddy B is a little more careful with the ball than DJ, but does not have the big play ability that DJ has. There is one way I see the Giants winning this game, and it isn't some sort of secret recipe, it is actually what they want to do regardless of opponent: run the ball. The OL can run block. We've got a few solid RBs now, especially with Saquon back. DJ is healthy and can run. It neutralizes their pas
  22. As a Giants fan, that is sadly not an option. Good news I will be properly toasted which should dull the pain a bit. Not fully anticipating a loss, but win or lose, it won't look good.
  23. Can anyone explain to me what Goedert has ever done to deserve the kind of money Andrews just secured?
  24. Give me the under in the DEN-NYG game all day. That game might end 10-7.
  25. For week 1, I'm starting Solder over Peart at RT, even though he's been away from football for a year. He can help mitigate at least a little bit of the damage Miller and Chubb can cause. I'm keeping the rest of the OL the same, and I'm starting Peart week 3 at RT. Consistency is key for an OL. We already shuffle enough already; we need these guys to grow together. Of the OL on our active roster, 2 are 26 or older. Billy Price is 26 and Nate Solder is 30-something. Everyone else is 25 or younger. That is an insanely young group. They need game experience.
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