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  1. What a drop off. He was fantastic last year.
  2. I knew my Most Valuable OL award I got in youth football would be useful someday.
  3. So who is playing RG on Thursday then?
  4. Both Fullers have been really good so far this year. Kyle also has the benefit of an insanely good rookie corner playing opposite him.
  5. I read someone else say the same thing, but it is really funny when you look at the Watchmen comic compared to the movie, then The Boys comic compared to the show. There's almost a total swap in there somewhere. Tonally and thematically, The Boys show is the Watchmen movie we should have gotten, had it been faithful to the source material.
  6. He got cleared to return, taken off IR, and returned to practice today. He's playing. Huuuuuge boost to this team. Say what you want about Shep, but when he plays, he gets open. EDIT: He might play. It's not confirmed, so I jumped the gun a bit.
  7. The next 4-5 weeks, where there will be a ton of inter-divisional NFC East games, will decide who wins the division. And it could be any of the 4 teams. Don't count any of them out.
  8. Flores was playing the long game. He was so coy about Tua even getting garbage time snaps, telling the press that their questions are what made him do it against the Jets. Now, 2 passes later, Tua gets his start. Fitz was definitely playing well, but if Tua is ready, then he needs to play. Simple as that.
  9. Nice of the Eagles to go down to their 2nd string offense and have Wentz play awfully to level the playing field for the Giants game Thursday night. Fantasy tip: pick up Boston Scott, just for this Thursday night game. He'll score at least 2 touchdowns against the Giants.
  10. What is the Eagles starting offense going to look like this week?
  11. Funnily enough, Ryan easily had his worst tackling game to date, but will still be remembered as an important part of the win due to the few flash plays he made. Goes to show how important flash plays actually are.
  12. A few other things I noticed about yesterday: -PFF had the OL surrendering only 5 pressures, but we only passed 20 times. 25% pressure rate is still not good. WFT does have a great front, and PFF is extremely liberal with assigning pressures (their criteria for a pressure is much more broad than any other advanced statkeeping source), so its not the worst thing to see a pressure rate around 1/4, but the OL isn't absolved yet. They didn't magically get a lot better overnight. It helped that Peart got a bit more than 50% of the LT snaps and played great. From the broadcast angle/eye test/what I remember, Hernandez also played really well yesterday, and Gates keeps improving. -A big talking point this year has been "pre-snap motion". I've seen a lot of people call for more pre-snap motion, because good offenses like the Chiefs do it a lot. Mind you, there is absolutely no direct link between having pre-snap motion and it leading to a good offense (tons of confounding variables), but the Giants did use a lot of pre-snap motion yesterday. I think I counter about 4 occasions where Dion Lewis was motioned out wide, then motioned back in to help Jones diagnose the coverage before the snap. Why this wasn't done more before, I dont know. It is the easiest way to help a young QB pre-snap. -Tae Crowder was a lot better this week than last week. He got washed out way too much last week. Again, circumstances help (he wasn't exposed as much because Washington didn't run very much), but he definitely played better. His speed is impressive. Martinez was playing hurt, so he was a half step slower than normal at times, so it really helped out that Crowder stepped up. -Love the willingness of the coaches to cycle through CBs until they found one who could play. Ryan Lewis isn't a world beater, but he's way better than Yiadom and Ballentine. His tip yesterday was a really athletic, impressive play. -Speaking of Lewis, if Gettleman stays, it might be because of the strength of this FA class. There is a legitimate case that all of our best players this year were brought in just this year as FAs: Bradberry, Martinez, Gano, Fackrell, and Logan Ryan. -Matt Peart.
  13. Giants may have found their LT... not in Andrew Thomas, but Matt Peart. Although Andrew Thomas also played well yesterday.
  14. Depends on the match ups and gameplan that week. This defense is truly multiple.
  15. Jones report this week- he played well. Biggest positive this week was his mobility. He runs the read option pretty well. He's fast. He's relatively elusive. Biggest negative was something we saw last year, which is slow processing speed. Biggest example today was the late pass out in the flat to Freeman in the 4th quarter. He stayed on his first read waaaaay too long. The result was a hospital pass to Freeman that was incomplete. He needs to stop trying to be a hero and trust his guys (as legitimately hard as that may be right now). Guys like Board, Mack, and Tate are just not going to get open for you. Dump that ball off or take off. He can do either.
  16. Jones played well. The interception was not an interception; it was close, but his elbow was clearly on the white. Still, that ball needs to be thrown as hard as possible to eliminate the possibility of an interception. Gritty win, honestly. Lawrence played hurt, Martinez played hurt, Slayton played hurt, Holmes got hurt and didn't come back, and we all saw what happened with CJ Board. Im glad we got a win because we needed one. We aren't going to beat out the Jets for the first overall pick, so Lawrence is out of play. We need to build a winning culture, and that is only created by winning games. The defense stepped up and won us this game. The personnel decisions today were super interesting. Board over Tate until he got hurt, Peart and Thomas sharing LT snaps, etc. Wonder what the reasons for those decisions were. Peart played better, btw. He's just a better tackle at this point.
  17. People are starting to take this lightly again, at least in New Jersey. We just hit 1000 new cases in a single day again for the first time since June. With the cold months coming, it is going to get worse. EDIT: 1000 new cases, not 1000 deaths.
  18. Kyle Allen is better than Alex Smith, so that's worse for us.
  19. Is this for this year so far or overall and considering a full body of work?
  20. One piece of good news- Giants waived Ratley and signed Austin Mack, UDFA WR out of Ohio State, to the 53. We need to see what some of these young WRs have to offer, and he is the best one we have. Ratley played 50% of snaps on Sunday with 0 catches. He's garbage. Let's see what the new guy has.
  21. Which is why I used words like 'stunning rebuke' and 'unexpected' dawg. As tight as he is/was with Stormfront, we could tell Homelander at least felt slightly off about Stormfront trying to indoctrinate his kid with ideas of white genocide. They were dropping hints at at least a remnant of his humanity remaining, and that Ryan could potentially be a canary like character for Homelander, like Hughie is for Butcher.
  22. Two possible results from this game, both equally likely: 1. The Giants straight up dominate the WFT 2. Daniel Jones has an absolutely horrific game and the talented WFT CBs intercept him multiple times. We go yet another game without a touchdown and lose.
  23. Another one. There's a theme here. We need to give Jones and Slayton more opportunities to make plays like they made on that one long completion.
  24. These route concepts are god awful.
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