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  1. That's little Landon Dickerson there next to the GOAT. He got drafted by the Eagles.
  2. Ojulari's 'injury' concerns are interesting, because nothing happened to him in college. You can absolutely expect the same player he was in college to start out this year and his career. The problems stem from an ACL injury in high school that may be 'degenerative' down the line. He doesn't need to do any sort of rehab or anything like that. My wife works in healthcare and told me that some doctors will flag anyone who has ever had an ACL injury with a "degenerative knee condition". It is definitely not a death sentence, and it could be nothing. Worst case from this is his knee starts t
  3. If I could give this more than 1 football, I would.
  4. This sounds very good. Well done Walz and Minnesota as a whole for distributing/getting vaccines. NJ should be close behind on this. Last I checked, we were at 54% total, not just adult, population having at least 1 shot.
  5. Dave Gettleman's plan all along was personally showing you up.
  6. Grades are based on 3 points: position of need addressed, value, and I like the player personally. Trades will be factored in to the pick grade. A= position of need, I like the player personally, and it was great value (picked considerably behind his consensus board value and/or a trade gained value). B= 2/3 points met. Value will be considered average if picked within the same general range of the consensus ranking. C= 1/3 points met. Value will be considered bad if picked well before consensus ranking. F= 0/3 points met. +/- grades assigned if there are extra factors
  7. Aaron Robinson is a player, both he and Richie Grant. I went back and watched some 2020 UCF defensive games (could only get broadcast angle unfortunately) and ARob is a hell of player. He played man like 90% of the time, and almost exclusively was out of the slot. I only counted a few snaps where UCF was in zone or they sent him on a blitz. He matched beautifully. His hips are extremely fluid. Hes also a hell of a tackler. Its obvious to see why the Giants like him. I'd put our secondary up there with any other secondary in the league, no question.
  8. I'm going to spoil it for you and tell you that it is every team except the Texans.
  9. I wouldn't be worried about the system for Wilson. They can always dumb it down for a new QB if really needed. I'd be worried about him adjusting to the speed of the NFL and an actual pass rush if he starts week 1. That said, that Jets QB situation is pretty awful, so he will almost surely start week 1. I think Lawrence starts immediately, Lance doesn't start until Jimmy G inevitable gets hurt, Fields starts mid-season, and Mac gets 1 or 2 starts in the middle of the season before they switch back to Cam.
  10. My favorite from this year has been Racey McMath. That name sounds like a late 90s children's learning video game character from a CD-ROM. "Hi, its me, Racey McMath! To defeat the evil villain, we are going to have to do our times tables, and fast!"
  11. One of my favorite parts of the draft every year is getting video or audio of the phone calls the teams make to the players when they are selected. I want to see good ones you've seen from this year. Here are two that I heard that I loved:
  12. We need an APB on Dave Gettleman. Obviously he has been kidnapped.
  13. I actually like the Texans draft more than the Rams draft.
  14. I'm sold on Gates. I think he is a solid, versatile, scrappy OL who can play any spot along the line. I'm totally comfortable with him at C, or really anywhere. I'm a big fan. He only got better as the season went along, and it was his first season playing center at any level. He's our modern day David Diehl.
  15. Can never have enough pass rushers and corners. We drafted 2 of each. Love it. I agree, I liked at least 3 RBs more than Brightwell- Pooka, Herbert, and that Buffalo kid. Any more you can give us on Williams? Like Brightwell, I know nothing about him.
  16. We guessed it, and we were right. He would not have gotten past 25.
  17. Brandon Weeden of CBs? I dont know anything about either of these 6th round picks, but whatever. I guess Trey Smith medically did not check out.
  18. Love this pick. Smith is immediately a contributor as a rotational pass rusher, but he needs to get stronger to be more than that. His ceiling is sky high though. He dominated at UNI, and had a great senior bowl week.
  19. Actually, my mistake. Thats not even his bad film. I watched his game against A&M first, and THAT was horrendous. Ernest Jones loves getting blocked by tight ends, being tentative against the run, and being lost in zone coverage.
  20. That's great. I'm just saying what I saw, which was putrid. When I brought back up the video, YouTube let me know where I stopped watching last time. I had to turn it off at about 5 and a half minutes in. He just got abused. He must have some good tape somewhere, but I didn't see it. And this game tape made me not even want to look for it.
  21. Ernest Jones in the 3rd is the worst pick in the draft so far. I was curious about some late round/third day LB prospects a few weeks ago, so I watched Jones. Had to turn his tape off. He did everything wrong and made no plays in the game I watched. Horrendous. He wouldn't be a draftable prospect to me. That CB the Cowboys took who wasn't even on the top-300 consensus board is a better pick to me than Ernest Jones, and he's got no athleticism.
  22. Love both those guys. Chance they are still there in round 4!
  23. You can never have enough corners. Robinson is fast and tough. He also excels in man coverage. Graham's defense is gonna be unrecognizable this year. We ran like no man coverage last year. We are going to run mostly man this year. We now have 7 guys who can cover.
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