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  1. Is Matt Ryan a HOFer? If not how close is he?

    He hasn’t done enough to get in, but has done enough that he could get in with a strong enough finish to his career. Another MVP, a SB win, or absurd longevity would do it. Five more typical seasons with a few playoff trips and a deep playoff run would make it close.
  2. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Wilson will be destroyed by an injury but comeback as Mecha-Russell, with superior arm strength, mobility, less stress from aging, and reduced to 5’6”.
  3. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Lamar Jackson 30 interceptions 30 fumbles sacked 68 times, Ravens 0-16.
  4. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Almost every year at least one team expected to be good or better collapses and ends up awful. Who do you think it will be this year?
  5. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    If you include passing, Newton goes down. Posting a passer rating that’s around the league average in a league filled with rookies, backups, and busts does not help your team win.
  6. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    How funny would it be if he shows up to training camp weighing 250 pounds and just doesn’t care anymore?
  7. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    How could this be a mistake? Risk losing a significant amount of money in hopes you will make 500 million instead of 450? He could easily get hurt, lose his motivation, or turn out to be more dependent on his surroundings than people imagine. When you are offered 400 million dollars to play a game, you take it.
  8. Who was the second best team in 2018-19?

    The Rams has the best record of the three teams and also beat them head to head.
  9. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Imagine this headline even two years ago.
  10. Pass Coverage or Pass Rush?

    If my coaching staff is dumb or average probably a great pass rush because they will win their individual matchups and dominant. If my coaching staff is smart, they might be able to get better results with elite coverage and finding ways to confuse the offense. One of the best things about a pass rush is that it doesn’t require much sophistication if you have a couple dominant players. Of course, if your great pass rushers are dominant all around they will do more against the run and make themselves the obvious choice.
  11. What makes Prime Barry Sanders better than Prime Jim Brown?

    Brown never had a rival at any point in his career. He is the best ever at the position.
  12. 2012 49ers vs 2019 49ers

    2012 was more talented, but less consistent. I think 2019 win.
  13. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    So literally everyone at every game will get infected by one person? Lol
  14. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    Lol The virus kills maybe 1 in 250 infected and 90% of them are old. I already had the virus in my household.
  15. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    As long as old people don’t go it doesn’t matter much.