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  1. When bad teams play on prime time something about it feels relaxing to me. Maybe the lack of media attention, maybe that the game doesn’t matter, maybe that I might not see these teams again in that season. For some reason I have no more interest in good teams than bad teams this season.
  2. He has been historically bad. An elite receiving duo and elite running game has meant that his numbers have merely been below average, but any halfway decent backup should have great numbers on that offense.
  3. He’s trash and hasn’t been good since like 2015. Every time he was out in Pittsburgh they ran fine without him. He was a good receiving back behind a great line with a good QB and since then he’s lost at least one step.
  4. If Rodgers is at his peak it’s him. Rodgers from the last five seasons is below Wilson however.
  5. What if Dalton ends up with a passer rating near the league lead and averages around 250 yards per game?
  6. Am I losing it or did that play take nowhere near 10 seconds?
  7. If the Vikings didn’t fail on 4th, the ending would not be this interesting.
  8. Zimmer made the right decision, their mistake was not sneaking it.
  9. If the Vikings get a first down they can kneel it. It is a no brainer. A QB sneak has an 85% chance of working and even if it doesn’t, they have to go 95 yards.
  10. You never sit out or gamble on yourself for contract negotiations. If you are offered generational wealth to play a game for six months and work out at home the other six months, you take it.
  11. I’d have gone for 4th and 1. Sneak it.
  12. Their biggest advantage is that nobody takes them seriously. Everyone just assumes that because they are a 6-10 caliber team they will give up when they fall behind.
  13. Dementia got Tom before loss of arm strength.
  14. At least Trubisky can run.
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