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  1. This seems contentious. Some think he already gets in. Some thinks he needs to do something great. Some probably think just a little more accumulation will push him in. Some might say just having decent success on a new team so the Chargers can be blamed for previous short comings.
  2. Bears release WR Taylor Gabriel and CB Prince Amukamara

    Is this a sign towards them rebuilding, towards these two just not being seen as worth their non guaranteed money, or hard to say?
  3. Is Big Ben done?

    He’s done and so is Brady.
  4. Redskins exercise 2020 option on RB Adrian Peterson

    And if it wasn’t for the help of a needle he would have never run for 2000 yards and would have retired after 2016 instead of revitalizing his career in his mid 30s.
  5. AB apology tour

    People change.
  6. Mahomes vs Wilson

    Who is better.
  7. Who’s going to be the new Peyton/Brady?

    How many Manning/Brady’s have there been? I remember reading an article years ago that compared Luckman/Baugh to it. How many times do we get comparable GOAT candidates who play each other every year? It sounds like something that might happen only a few times a century.
  8. Hoyer and Fitzpatrick had decent numbers and winning records. O’Brien isn’t capable of making them accurate, giving them arm strength or mobility, or making Fitzpatrick a good decision maker. He can’t actually make them look good.
  9. O'Brien has winning seasons with Hoyer, Fitzpatrick, and Osweiler. What’s this about not being able to hide a QB?
  10. The first three years of the decade really were weird with 10-6, 9-7, and 10-6 teams winning the SB. For a few years after that it seemed like the only thing people talked about was getting hot in time for the playoffs. I’m kind of glad that it went back to the best regular season teams winning the SB after that.
  11. Mahomes would have had the Bears 19-0 in 2018 and a serious contender this year. Mahomes would probably just post numbers similar to what he posted in KC in Houston, as they have a similar amount of supporting talent.
  12. Reading the NFL News section article made me think about him. He was dumped twice for QBs with more physical talent than him, working out for one team and not the other. What if either team kept him? First scenario: If San Francisco gave him his job back in 2012 after injury, how do you think he would have done going forward? Second scenario: If Kansas City doesn’t draft Mahomes and uses those picks to try and upgrade elsewhere, how does Smith do from 17-19? IMO, the 2012 49ers would have lost to the Falcons in the NFCCG. The 2013 49ers would have won their division at 13-3 and lost in the SB to the Broncos. They make the playoffs barely in 2014, and the NFL diverges too much to be recognizable after that. In the second scenario, if the Chiefs invested their Mahomes picks on offense, Smith is slightly better statistically in 2017 and also starts the last game of the season, resulting in Smith winning MVP. In 2018 and 2019 they win 10 games instead of 12 and get eliminated from the playoffs before the AFCCG both years. Smith still has elite statistical seasons and “Smith HoF??” threads start to become as controversial as “Rivers HoF??” threads.
  13. Alex Smith talks his injury

    Smith had terrible luck insofar as he was booted from two different teams after his best season with them. He was on his way to making the playoffs as a game manager in Washington until the leg injury. An underrated QB. Was top ten for a bit.
  14. Does Andy Reid retire?

    I’m sorry if pointing out that weighing 300+ pounds in your sixties and working constantly is bad for your health offended you.
  15. Does Andy Reid retire?

    Because at his age, size, and jobs hours he could die any day.