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  1. They’ve been to the same number of Super Bowls in 15 years as Chicago, Arizona, Green Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and LA, and have been to fewer than New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. Their post season accomplishments are only slightly above average with a first ballot HoF QB and head coach often regarded as one of the best.
  2. The 2019 49ers were a better regular season team and more dominant in their conferences playoffs. But that doesn’t mean the Buccaneers won’t give the Chiefs a better game in the Super Bowl.
  3. We used to debate this, but I haven’t seen a thread on it in a few years. Now that it’s done, who had a better career?
  4. They have basically only been to the same number of Super Bowls as the league average during the Brees/Payton years and arguably don’t make it without “sweep the leg”ging Favre. Who is more to blame for only making and winning one Super Bowl, and only having three deep playoff runs in 15 years?
  5. Yeah. He just completely faded at age 32 in a way I don’t know that I have ever seen.
  6. If we include the playoff games this is close, otherwise Jackson.
  7. The Texans going from being a contender both of the previous two seasons with a consensus franchise QB to 2-14 and picking first overall in 2013 ranks up there. That was one of the more random collapses I remember.
  8. The Texans have made the playoffs 6/10 season and had a winning team 7/10 seasons.
  9. They have one bad season and he’s done? Just one season without the best receiver in football and a productive running game. Do the Texans get credit for giving him elite play makers at receiver and a strong running game his first three years? If he leaves, does he ask to leave after his first disappointing season on his new team?
  10. Does it make sense to you? I hear about QBs being allowed this kind of influence every year now. Should teams consult them in the process? Or other players?
  11. Slightly overrated. Not consistently healthy, doesn’t post elite numbers (not once in 12 years), consistently loses, never won a playoff game. He gets called clutch for having big fourth quarters against bad teams that he didn’t do much against for three quarters.
  12. This is one of the worst games I have ever watched.
  13. Every team has plenty of guys who had a few great seasons, or had HoF guys who played for them for a season or two, or who excelled in a certain area. How many HoF and hall of very good players would people actually associate with the team?
  14. Brady, Brees, Rivers, Ben, Smith, and Rodgers are the options. For me 1: Rivers 2: Smith 3: Brady 4: Ben 5: Brees 6: Rodgers
  15. I think the Bears are a little better. But I’m not sure whether I would want to host the Bears this week or travel to Washington. Remove the Saints and Buccaneers from the equation.
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