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  1. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Top QBs are underpaid still TBH and the rapid increase in QB pay reflects that. It’s kind of insane that signing one elite defensive lineman and one good defensive lineman combined costs as much as paying the top QB. Or that the top receivers and offensive tackles make half of what top QBs do. If you signed three All Star OL or DB it would cost more than an elite QB when virtually everyone would take the QB.
  2. Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

    I’d enjoy the drama in such a trade. Maybe him and Ciara could go to New York together. She would get all kinds of public venues and they could be reunited with Golden Tate.
  3. Pick one; Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson

    Jones. 96 yards per game vs 86, much longer career when it’s over, helped spearhead an elite offense.
  4. It was a good trade for NY, whether Eli sucks or not.
  5. Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hofer; change my mind

    It doesn’t have anything to do with drama. It’s because the media loved Johnson and pitied Detroit so they spent the first five years of his career waiting for him to break out so they could declare him the best. The same reason why Johnson could get All Pro selection while being 9th in the league in receiving or make the Pro Bowl while being 9th in his conference in receiving or why it’s been largely forgotten that Johnson wasn’t elite until a three year stretch between 11-13. So now anyone with a memory is stuck listening to people who think Johnson walked into the league and established himself as the best receiver at the start of his career and must have dominated like no one else has. We also must all forget that Stafford did better without him and he never led an elite passing game or offense.
  6. Rodgers is immoral and McCarthy incompetent, already knew this, but good read.
  7. Who wins the NFCN 2019

    I don’t think any vaguely rational person would view a guard entering his second season and Allen Robinson being a second year removed from an ACL injury as a sign that an offense is about to take off.
  8. Why does Brady keep playing and keep tempting fate?

    IDK, she looks kind of like a dude.
  9. Bears trade Jordan Howard to Eagles

    So, is this thread 7 pages and counting of Bears fans saying this is fine and everyone else saying they got robbed?
  10. So we give them a near 50/50 thing due to penalties. Just imagine the tictac PI or roughing penalties with the game on the line.
  11. Haloti Ngata retires

    Did this climb to the top punch his ticket?
  12. Dolphins release OG Josh Sitton

    Has he punched his ticket to canton?
  13. What coaches currently have trade value?

    A new knee for Gurely?
  14. Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets for real this time

    This is hilarious. I guess no established star should ever play on a contract year because of the small chance they get injured reducing their value, as opposed to sitting for a season which also reduces a players value but also prevents them from making any money that season, damages their endorsements, and creates the possibility of never making any money again if something happens in the offseason. Bell meanwhile is also now paying an extra 6% in income taxes and has functionally destroyed his relationship with a city that would probably have continued to patronize anything with his name for decades after he retired.
  15. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    If he didn’t miss five years of production to start his career he would be a first ballot HoFer.