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  1. I'm good with Rich as the HC but can also see where Cough is coming from. If players feel the same way then our new DC would have been the best option because of being new and doing well with improving the D. It's why I'd just keep him as DC and not HC. Cable and Olsen are hell no to HC. I heard good things about Rich when we brought him over from the Cowboys so he wasn't a total unknown =just out of sight, out of mind and overseeing the big picture as a ST coach allows the OC/DC to focus on their duties. I think we improve, especially if Mayock gets a pair and tries to trade for oline and Ce
  2. I've only blocked a few and it's not one's I disagree with. It's broken records that keep skipping back to the same annoying point on the record. I usually unIggy when things are good because Winning cures everything even OCD. lol
  3. Carr will retire before being traded. So when rebuilding factor that in. We are going to trade picks to fix the Oline now and go all in with our chips. It's VEGAS BABY!!!This team will win a playoff game this season. We probably keep everyone in place but maybe upgrade OC. Carr doesn't have a leader above him now so he will become the leader we always wanted and we all will be laffing at the rebuild talk. Rich B. will be HC in 2022 and Mayock the GM. If we don't improve then it all comes down.
  4. 365 pages. See you all in 2 months right before Christmas. 😁 Maybe another 200 pages by then. At least page 500 at this rate. Hellllloooo ECHOOOO
  5. Newsom just tightened up more mandates because many are not complying. SF/LA indoor access. If vaccinated can get covid and spread it then it's discrimination not 'health' For every action there is a reaction. So always choices.
  6. 'guy?!? 'GUY?!?' Oh you're right. I am a guy. lol
  7. Mandates in California are forcing it. Also restricting access. So more choices will be made.
  8. You found me. lol Glad to stir some humor up. I'll go back to the cave now. lol
  9. No that's not what I said. Strange you would think that. I reread it to see if I wrote it too confusing because I don't reread before posting many times. I've known many people with covid and 1 died (my cousin) but he was in his 80's and it was right around a year ago so either right before or right after EUA. Most had no side effects and the bad ones were 102 fever for days and loss of taste. She's in her 50's and still has immunity 18 months later as she's a massage therapist in Vegas and is exposed all the time at work. No vax and no covid but it's probably because she had severe sympt
  10. That's a HUGE problem and why many won't trust and never will.
  11. Brother just sick but gf fine. No hospital but Dad's wife's friend is. I didn't ask about his health because they were pretty shook. Before vaccines I knew quite a few who had it and only knew because their jobs tested. Thought one firefighter had a false positive because he was negative a few days later. I took time off work because I was exposed but was negative. His gf and her kids all tested positive so it wasn't false and none of them had any symptoms like the 80% of people who had little to no symptoms before vaccines. I'm not against the vaccines. I call them shots that shou
  12. Math does compute and it's more than that. This is just recent stuff. I think I mentioned my vaxxed brother getting it and spreading it to his vaxxed gf two months ago. I'm just one person and I'm not here to troll so I'll leave you alone and won't respond unless responded to. Or commented about I will respond. I'm DONE with being quiet as many others are. Going to be an interesting end of 2021. Don't think it gets better in 2022. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  13. Well they are true and reliable and they can be known and proven to be true by knowing them. Definitions are lovely. YOU don't TRUST the 'source' and that's YOUR issue just as others don't trust other sources. Yet that ALSO seems to be your issue. Telling others what to do. Probably why you are a 'mod' but no need to make this a personal attack. Just an interesting fact. EDIT: This IS covid discussion correct? Or is the only posts allowed ones that you agree with or that fit a narrative you prefer? THAT IS the problem. Not allowing open and honest discussion and just labeling all info a
  14. Team Thanos here. 😃 Best way to handle climate change is with a 'snap' lol Oh I'm going to LOVE HELL. lol
  15. Edited some facts for you. 😃 What YOU ALL FAIL to understand is that some people were willing to wait and see the real world evidence and you weren't. All good as we ALL make choices. Once made you can't change your mind. So hurry up and wait. Just because my friends jump off the bridge doesn't mean I have to. I see you in the water and you seem to enjoy it down there. Peer pressure doesn't work on some and has the opposite effect. Going to be an interesting end of the year.
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