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  1. Trent was the one guy I thought would sit the season out because of his size making Covid a bigger threat to him. Maybe he's being a little extra careful or a germaphobe. Could be lots of things but if not healthy I wouldn't keep him next year.
  2. Raiders win... Raiders run the ball a lot and feed old man Witten but only kick FG's Our boring bend don't break D luls Brees into two pick 6's that win us the game. After the game we rip on Carr for so many short passes to a slow TE. We rip Gruden for conservative play calling and forcing it to old man Witten. We rip into Mayock because our D bored the MNF announcers to sleep and expect more with all the draft capital and FA's thrown at the D. We all praise Jacobs and wish we'd get a back up RB to take 5 carries away from him per game. We rip Ferrell because he is a #4 pick. WE praise Abram for his aggressiveness even though it got a 15 yard flag that woke Brees from his nap. We attack Morrow and Harris for being sub par and accidentally being in the right place to make the pick 6's. Damn...I don't even need to watch the game now. LOL
  3. What is depreciating?!? The fanbase here. We're so hypercritical of everything in a season we are lucky to be even having!!! We are attacking each other for k-rap that was last season and beyond. STFU!!! This is a discussion board, not your Fing therapist couch where you dump all your garbage from whatever 'drama' were all going through in 2020. just STFU!!! Enjoy something for God's sake. We got a WIN!!! You'd think we'd have a day of enjoyment but NOOOOO... Last season this team and our young players were hot and cold. Did we have a normal off season?!? Did we have a pre-season?!? Did we not have what many who watched (other than us) say it was the BEST game to watch as far as an entertaining football game?!? I keep hearing that from the TV people and WE WON THAT GAME!!! Yet here we are broken clocks chirping those 2 times a day when we are right and you are wrong. We're all broken so were all right and wrong but we can't seem to STFU about it!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! LOL I think we all see what this team can and could be. We could have put the foot down and made a statement and that would probably have us all still drunk/high off of whatever endorphins cocktail one desires or naturally occurs in the noggin. We WILL have games where we play better. Our young players will show more growth and regression as THEY ARE YOUNG! We are moving in the right direction even with all the mistakes with FA/draft/etc...We will have injuries and we probably won't have a full season because people will get sick and optics could also play a role as could anything else we've seen in 2020. With that said...I don't want any of you to STFU, I enjoy yelling STFU and laffing at what losing does to a fanbase like ours. I APPRECIATE we have football this season. I appreciate we have a team that could compete if things work out right. I appreciate you all for your passion for a team/sport that we all love. I'll still complain this season and I'ma natural mismatcher so I'll probably argue the other side of something just to get a point across. However/'but' I will also remember to APPRECIATE things because it just makes me feel grateful and enjoy life a little bit more rather than some of the many, many not so positive/productive things that I'd like to do when I go to dark places. Nothing wrong with dark places but know it's not a good place to stay. OK my rant is done, who would like the couch now? 🤪
  4. NO! Saw him pregame on TV with his teammate going over things and he was the only player bouncing his head with his headphones on listening to who knows what but he wasn't listening to Baker. Don't want him on this team even if cut. PASS!!! I'd give a 3rd for Robinson and that's too much without a contract extension but he might want to hit the market and push his numbers up.
  5. Robin Williams as Popeye...Looks like he used Nair instead of shampoo as a prank.
  6. Charles Woodson got burned his first half of his rookie season if I recall. Then never again. LOL
  7. Seeing his belly I was thinking Deuce needs to get Pops on a cardio routine. LOL I understand being a fat cat when you're making 10 million a year but you want to live long enough to spoil your grandchildren with that cash. Good: Winning the game. Having a LOT to work on for next week. We can see the Offense can have many ways to beat opponents. Bad: Letting them come back. Blown big play loses momo. Injuries already. UGLY: Nothing too ugly being it was first game with no preseason and we got the win. I think we were out coached and won because the young coach overthought and used his best player as a decoy.
  8. Special Teams has been scarring me all day...HOLD THE WIN!!!
  9. Take time and got the TD. OK Take time off clock and get that TD. Up to the D now...
  10. Bend don't BREAK!!! . Come on guys!!!
  11. Time to not get conservative. Keep the pressure on with a TD on Offense. Win the game don't play not to not lose the game!
  12. Fumbling has always been an issue for him so hopefully he keeps it tucked as a back up or he won't get opportunities.
  13. Cleaner game flag wise than I would have thought with no preseason...Don't need preseason at all. 🥳
  14. In 3 quarters, Teddy has had some bad passes that would have some fans here calling for Carr to be benched. LOL Mo Hurst SACK!!!
  15. In the first series I saw Abram flying up to hit the RB and thought he'd get flagged because it's today's NFL. He wasn't late but he had some serious intent. LOL
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