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  1. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Carr looks shell shocked still. His injuries are 'in his head' and he's playing worried. Hope he gets past it next season. Still got a chance this year but not making the playoffs should get the team looking harder at themselves.
  2. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    As soon as I heard it I said please don't be Coop. It sounded PAINFUL!!!
  3. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    I think we win a nail biter like last time. KC is struggling and we're slowly improving. I'm thinking Melifonwu as a coverage LB or extra S to work on Kelce with the LB hitting him before rushing. Joseph covering Hunt and a double coverage on Hill. I'd put Conley on him but think he's still IR so Carrie with S help over the top. Bowman spying Smith and stopping the run. If we got Cooper I'd feel a lot better even if he doesn't catch a single pass as he does open things up for the rest and would have Peters on him which helps Crabs. Offense needs to stay unpredicitable and have long drives keeping our D fresh. We can win it but even if we lose we're still in it.
  4. I think Carr will be fine a year removed from injury. Looks a little shell shocked out there. Wondering if Cooper will be similar after concussion. Lots of drops all season long needs to be fixed ASAP.
  5. Week 13 GDT: G(eno)iants @ Raiders?

    We have better players and are healthier than the Giants. We should win even without our starting WR's.
  6. Downing to be fired by season's end?

    I'd bring McCoy in now as an assistant, just in case they fire Dowling before the end of the season. I might even tell Dowling he's back to QB coach and McCoy is OC if we struggle today. I like Dowling, but I expect scapegoats and feel mcCoy was a scapegoat and won't be available if we wait til next season. So bring him in now and let the coaches check their EGO's
  7. Coaching changes coming?

    I disagree with it too, because it's not like Mack to be like that. If he's changed due to other influences then I can move on with major compensation. All hypotheticals.
  8. Coaching changes coming?

    Del Rio isn't going anywhere even if the season goes down from here. Irvin needs to play better if he didn't want Norton fired. Mack has always been a team leader and will be fine. If he's really PO'd than I'd not resign and just trade him for some picks to rebuild the Defense.
  9. Week 11 GDT: Patriots vs Raiders

    Yep me too. Players not looking focused and on point... Coaching? maybe Distracted with Vegas, protests, not living up to expectations? maybe Someone has a team voodoo collection and is having fun pinning our guys at bad times? maybe Don't know what it is, but we are OFF. It's not too late but it's not looking good.
  10. Week 11 GDT: Patriots vs Raiders

    I'd rather get the experience to build upon next season. Draft picks are hit and miss where we'll be picking. Top 5 isn't even a lock for a baller.
  11. Week 11 GDT: Patriots vs Raiders

    Titans, Ravens, Bills are ahead of us for playoffs and KC is only 2 games up on us. It's not over but we look BLAH!!! I'd rather we squeek in (healthy) and then see what we can do rather than last season's limp in without our QB.
  12. Week 9 GDT: Raiders @ Dolphins

    Ugly win but I'll take it...
  13. NFL peaked and he'll be fired on the decline. Replaced by Condoleezza Rice...
  14. Could care less if he chooses to do what he wants to do. However there are rules if he wants to be an NFL player. I hope he can follow the rules and be an example to younger people. If he can't I still could care less. RESPECT is EARNED. He had my respect for just being a person, but lost it with BS talk. Actions speak louder than words. Be who you want to be JG. Hopefully we all can eat crow as he holds up Lombardi's and gets his jacket. That's on him and I washed my hands of it and thought he was already out of the NFL forever. So USE the public view of you to FUEL YOU to get the crow cooking. Good luck man...
  15. So my Raiders won't have to stop him tonight, but will have to when we face Philly...I'm cool with that, get win early and hope for later.