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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    It's obvious what we need to do... We make teams start moving by PUBLICLY announcing our offers to Miami and Detroit two weeks BEFORE the Draft... 12/19/91 is 2,211 points So #3 Detroit is 2200 points. Miami's #5 and #39 is 2210 points. First one who takes it gets the deal! If we get #3 people will think it's Tua and jump to #2 which gives us DE Young. We could probably trade down a pick or two for a team dying for Young. So Cinci Burrow, LAC trades up to #2 to keep Tua away from us then Washington, Giants and Miami might all be willing to 'deal' and the Giants/ Miami have excellent 2nd round picks and Washington would have to give up 2021 1st. If we take young it's better than Chassion and we trade up for WR if 1st round WR's aren't productive enough for some here. If it's #5 We get Okudah or Simmons maybe Tua but I'd expect a team to trade ahead of us for him. Best thing about making the offer public and to two teams is it sends a signal we want somebody bad and are being active. If neither team takes our offer it makes other teams feel we didn't want a WR at 12 and maybe all 3 are there. Either way we don't lose. Win/Win/Win IMO
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Like Allen last year.
  3. Raiders sign Damarious Randall

    Being competitive and hating to lose is not 'character' and besides Ritchie and Burfict made the team without killing anyone...
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Don't want OBJ even for free. Well maybe for a 3rd LOL HELL NO!!!
  5. I like it. Moving up to 50 I'm either going for a S that's falling or a 2nd WR with speed. 75/80 are nice spots but trading down and still getting one of the top 3 WR's is EXCELLENT...I'd be happy with this haul 100% especially adding both CB's
  6. The Times Are Changing

    It's like the promotion nobody wants. LOL Congrats and the Zoo is yours.
  7. FA 2020

    Hence 'Had he played at a Pro Bowl level last year'... He was better at LG and was almost at that level but we got KO (who I wouldn't touch as I think he's toxic/cancer) but who knows... EDIT: Humble...You can see I'm basically agreeing with you right? (didn't want to clutter with pages of back and forth. LOL
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Wouldn't touch a light weight pass rusher until the 3rd. I'm so glad Mayock is our GM as many of you are reminding me of AL. LOL Draft that 'potential' YIKES!!! It's like when I throw some scratch on the ground for the chickens. Crack attack. LOL EDIT: It's obvious we're all losing our marbles being couped up inside. LOL
  9. FA 2020

    There has been a few Fanspeaks where a top 4 T fell to 19 and the value was too good for me to pass up. It was a Offensive top heavy draft, but I felt comfortable giving a rookie Gabe's spot and or backing up Miller. Brown is great and gets cheaper next year so Miller would need to show serious improvement to keep the rookie at bay. 5th year option and trading him would also be a possibility. The Tackles are too good and if somehow one slips to 12 we might get a good offer for trading down. So many options and flexibility especially if we get a vet CB before the draft. I would have just 'liked' the comment but I keep running out. LOL
  10. Raiders sign S Damarious Randall

    Getting Randall and either another vet CB or RB for the same price of Eli?!? I like dem apples. Plus no toxic momma it's a win/win
  11. FA 2020

    Had he played at a Pro Bowl level last year I'd be down with keeping him at his current price. I think he has trade value and with our depth I'd be down with getting that cap space back for other 'cheap' FA's. Even if he's not traded, I want a IOL between 3rd and 5th round picks. If offered a 3rd he's gone ASAP but having him on draft day we might be able to package him on moves in either direction so I wouldn't mind waiting. He's good and I think just playing hurt and his price is good for a G hungry team but our bellies are full and need to think about getting some young guys in there to replace the older ones in a few years. Cable did well with the guys we've got when Gabe was out so continuity on the line is pretty solid. If we got a G/C in 3rd and a G/T fell to the 5th I'd be down with double dipping OL but it really depends who else is on the board...
  12. Seahawks sign DE Benson Mayowa

    Goes back to Oakland goes back to Seattle. Guy likes going to places he knows.
  13. Blaine Gabbert to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    I didn't even know he was still playing. LOL
  14. Chiefs Restructure Sammy Watkins

    KC and Watkins must have looked at the Raiders CB's and thought cha CHING!!! LOL Now we need to draft 2 CB's for Sin City. KC making a push before paying the man. I think it's a good move for both player and team. WR market dried up like a prune and this gives him a good chunk of money in uncertain times. Gives the team some cap space with lots of name FA's still out there. I'd assume KC is SB favs because of not only being good but being stable with so many players switching teams/systems. Well as a Raider fan I hope Pat get 50 million per.