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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Need to add a C/G to develop behind Hudson with one of our 3rds.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Are you back with the team again as you're sounding very 'YES' man as of late. LOL Tom is that you?!? Cable worked for the team before too and broke down film.. Maybe 'Commit' left out the coaching details from the past... Bazinga...
  3. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    This should be entertaining to say the least. Looks like I'll be spending some time in Napa...
  4. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Carr is my QB for a few more years unless he regresses further than last season, which I don't see happening. I don't see more wins so next off-season will probably sound the same with rumors and such but he will have good stats and probably get sacked because Cable isn't what we need. I honestly think Jon is waiting for his brother and Bill C. Carr has 4 seasons under contract with base salary being under 20 mil for any team adding him. 20 mil is a HUGE BARGAIN with yet another QB (Wentz) getting PAID over 30 mil per. If I was a team that was a QB away and the Raiders have a shot at a rookie QB next season. I'd offer a 1st for Carr in a flash. Imagine if it's the Bears LOLOLOLOL
  5. Mayock is my 'hope' to Chucky's weaknesses. GREAT book and right next to my favorites by Hill, Bristol. I might seem 'negative' here but it's not how I live my life. Just 'displeased' with how things were handled and no need to 'sugar coat' to 'fit in.' For decades I always 'bought in' but last season changed me. I'm MUCH more critical than in the past with teams that I knew were really bad. I wanted Allen but Ferrell is a solid pick, especially after the season ended before the combine. I think he would have slipped in the draft for not running the 40 at the combine, but with no good trade down offers you get the guy who checks all the boxes. Ferrell checks all the boxes and fills a huge need. Also it was Mayock's first draft as a GM and boom/bust isn't as important when you're trying to put your mark on the brand. Sweat at 24 would have had me more pleased but Jacob's also was a need and if they were talking about trading up to get him, then I'm glad we waited and took him at 24. I still see pass rush as a major need, but hope the young guys develop fast and make management look brilliant. DT is solid and DE's just need to flash and give all our DB's some chances at turnovers.
  6. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    I'm not a big fan of 1st round Safeties unless they are outstanding. James was one I'd been willing to take. I liked Thornhill in this class the most. Glad Abram is starting. 1st rounders should always start or it's not much of a need. QB is the only exception as sometimes grooming is necessary but I'd still rather see my 1sts in the lineup on Sundays. EDIT: Our DB depth is excellent. 12 players that are either rookie first 4 rounds or had starts last season. S Abram, CB's Mullen, Johnson S Joseph, Harris, Riley, Richards, Joyner CB Conley, Worley, Lawson, Nelson Cut's will be interseting. PS Mack got held alot with us and probably in C town too. Sacks, FF, pressure, flags, attention, he effects the game. Maybe Key's pressures would have been sacks had Mack played on his 5th year with us...
  7. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    True but I keep talking... AND YOU KNOW THIS MAN!!!
  8. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    AMEN!!! I would like NOTHING BETTER than a HUGE bowl of crow and the rest of the posters saying 'SEE G now STFU' and me saying 'OK'
  9. Raiders sign OG Richie Incognito

    Osemele making a quality of life choice that will probably prolong his career. It was good to trade him to save cap and make a statement about performing up to pay. A move needed to be made for signing TB. Trent has two years before he finds out about that but next season is his big payday. 21 mil then more reasonable 13/15 numbers w/zero dead cap. Hopefully he's a wall that stonewalls the pass rush and pancakes on the run. Iggycog pay is the opposite of Browns so hopefully he's motivated but his weight loss/physical conditioning is applauded once on the team while KO's is frowned upon?!? Mirror mirror on the wall, no wonder other fans hate us all. LOL
  10. Your team's potential draft gem?

    Raiders UDFA FB Ingold. He will start at FB and be better than FA Smith we added last year.
  11. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    How many pro bowls did Penn have without Carr and his quick release? I didn't want the extension and wanted to trade up for Tunsil in the draft back then. He held out once we cut the RT Howard and RM caved in and extended. You're right that neither rookie should have been on the field. Gruden's call and after that call maybe, just maybe Miller should have been the RT with Penn coming back from injury and never playing RT. Gotta be pretty stupid to make decisions like that, but they know what they are doing...It showed last season...for ALL TO SEE. Trading Cooper 'at that point' was SMART. I'll give credit for getting good value for a guy who wasn't on the same page with Carr and especially when the season was LOST. Funny thing is the conversation wasn't about Coop but you're so easy to bait on him because White turned out so much better. Oh wait?!? I'm sure in Silver and Black he would have done much better because it's all about upside and not a solid producer. Wait what did we draft with our top picks this season...Oh solid, not upside. Those were different coaches but it's still fun. NE talent SUCKS and never had much it's all been Brady and his mastery of the system. Brady would have won less games because the hits Carr took would have snapped Brady. Irvin would have snapped and punched him out the first time Brady yelled at him to play harder. Agree letting Cook walk was smart. Old and was injury prone before his stint with us. Glad he walked but d's comments are understandable. However other weapons make TE less a need but as 'd' said injury to one of them and we're in bad shape. Our 'talent' last year basically gave up because they felt BETRAYED by leadership with the handling of Mack. So once the losing got too far they all quit in droves. They get paid either way, just like Gruden so writing was on the wall and they showed how bad it could get. We had a guy retire during season. Bills had that too and why would vets who want to win stick with a loser. Hence why NE has so many vets trying to get rings with them, but many of those guys don't 'fit' and quit before they ruin the image/rep/BRAND!!! Because few love the game as much as they love themselves which is human nature so understandable especially with social media. We should start a 'Wine and Cheese' t topic so my whinning and being cheesy doesn't derail and annoy the other posters.
  12. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    I forgot to add your boy Bryant. You know the guy you're going to give props to if Cooper had 'any' success. LOL Dallas seemed to have success with him and their scrubs...It's amazing what a WELL COACHED oline can do. Our Oline had 4 pro bowlers even if in decline. Miller gets LT because he's Gruden's 'guy' and Penn goes to an uncomfortable RT and gets hurt. Gee I wonder why. COACHING STUPIDITY!!! NOTHING NOTHING explains the drop off with our oline than coaching/system/scheme not 'talent' once that fall apart the rest of the offense falls apart. Hudson still here and a year older so possible dropoff but probably not Jackson still at RG where he hasn't been as good as he was at LG Brown (highest paid Olinemen EVER) and an improvement at RT over what we've had there in many MANY years. System/scheme/coaching might get him cut after two seasons being Cable has shown the ability to take pro bowlers and make them suck. A solid RT probably will get better though right?!? Pats offensive 'talent' is Brady and any little white dude at WR. Oline isn't talented but well COACHED. Gronk was the real deal but not last season. Cook looked better last season than Gronk but 'rep' always helps. So our talent was better than the Super Bowl champs...It's just Brady and BB are magical. We can only hope Carr and Gruden will be talked about that in the future but as of now COACHING and EGO are the Raiders limitations until further notice. I was going to say more talent than 1/4 on O but when thinking about it there were a lot of teams we had more talent than. Talent is NOT the problem it's LEADERSHIP our coaching and the EGO of Gruden. It's like he gets 'locked' into a belief and can't see the forest through the trees. I can see your 'view' and I just disagree... And know I'm right. Because I'm a know it all. You are one too it's why it's fun to disagree.
  13. Random Raider Stuff

    Gruden's vision AB 1,200-1500 Williams 1,000-1200 Jacobs & Richard 800-1200 All TE's combined 500-800 That's over 4,000 yards and Gruden probably wants to focus on the running game, like he did his first stint here. When he got traded Bill C. opened up the passing game and we went to the SB. There are only so many balls to go around and feeding AB helps both AB and Gruden's EGO's. Making Williams look good makes everybody look good and Williams fits in great with stars around him (less ego) Jacobs will be fed til he tires because of the length of the season. Richard will give maximum effort hoping to get paid next season elsewhere. Will probably take less and go Pats if Brady is still around. LOL
  14. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    No, I don't agree... Gruden got rid of a proven Oline coach (Tice) for Cable. TOTALLY DESTROYED what was already in place. Drafted athletic ZBS tackles but has everyone bulk up now realizing ZBS wasn't a good fit with our talent. Cook, Cooper even Nelson had a game showing he had something when made the focus but the Oline failure made it all go down. Carr looked like a chicken with his head cut off a lot behind that mess. Lynch looked good enough until we were losing bad and then he gets hurt. Richard was one of the few who didn't look like he gave up. That's more talent on offense than 1/3rd of the NFL Defense with Mack would have made everyone better. Irvin checked out early. Aging vets got reps over the younger guys early but did better once switching it the other way around. The funny thing about all of this is I said we should trade Mack MONTHS before we actually did. Everybody thought I was joking but it's all in the posts. I knew the contract would limit overall team talent depth. I'm just PISSED how it was handled and I was one of the guys who wanted Gruden back UNTIL I saw a 10 year contract. I KNEW that was a mistake instantly. We start winning I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to get some wing sauce for that crow, but I'm past blind faith, loyalty (after decades already)and they need to EARN it back with good moves. I'm seeing meh moves. Looked like a full rebuild but AB, Trent means the opposite. The draft was solid players with character but then Burfict and Iggycog says we want nasty for temp attitude. Mack didn't talk much but was one of the hardest workers and absolutely ZERO character concerns when moving to SIN CITY. I go there a LOT and everything in excess and easily available is too tempting for some guy. Glad OBJ isn't on the team or we'd get weekly tweets/snaps of all the excess that can be bought with all that money. It all comes down to Mark Davis. He stayed out of it til Gruden and now Gruden has too much juice to feed that EGO... PS I expect a recession so just think I'm all doom and gloom but I say expect the best and prepare for the worst. I expect 6-10 but could see 4-12 not be shocking.
  15. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    AB Got paid 'more' to become a 'Raider' we gave up high 3rd and 5th round picks. It's worth it but add the other Brown's contract and we've SIGNIFICANTLY spent more cap than Mack. Trent and Williams= more than Mack cap. Mack=PRO BOWLER recent DMVP. Trent a starter who's solid. Not a pro bowler but paid like he's the next Joe Thomas. Williams a solid #2 WR who picks up the slack when 1's go down. Jocobs?!? Are you kidding me?!? He'd been Grudens #1 pick if we still had Mack. No need to REACH on Ferrell but we'd be in the teens anyways and Jacobs would probably be there with the Cooper pick. BUT WAIT!!! If we were WINNING maybe Cooper is still on the team because 'maybe' we're in the playoff hunt. Carr plays better because his best friend doesn't get traded days before the season. Irvin actually cares and gets 7-8 sacks. Lot's of 'what if's' either direction but the Mack supporters are saying we had a knee jerk reaction once Donald signed his contract. Mack had same agent and the Raiders flinched... Mack has always done his best for us when he played so I'm glad it didn't get ugly but the aftermath created a dumpster fire that could of been handled better. HINDSIGHT fire RM and bring Mayock on day 1 and see how it plays out with Mack...