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  1. Raiders sign LB Emmanuel Lamur

    At least we're paying attention to a weakness. Depth yes but depth is always needed. would rather see a solid rotation of guys giving their all, than some 'name' who booms/busts for a big play here and there not really grinding it out.
  2. Cordarrelle Patterson Traded to Pats

    Well at least it saves us some cap and moves us into the 5th. I'm thinking a WR in 2nd-4th might be a good option too. Will miss the ST value CP brought.
  3. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    Beat me to it. LOL Doesn't have the same tone as EA though. LOL
  4. Raiders sign LB Kyle Wilber

    Good to see a focus on ST. Probably get some more guys with all the 6 rounders we've got.
  5. Colts release Hankins

    Wanted Hakins, want Suh, I want a lot of things. LOL
  6. Raiders sign S Marcus Gilchrist

    Hopefully, depth and a solid signing.
  7. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    A wash. Difference is Nelso has 13 mil coming where Crabs could be cut with no dead weight. A WR in round 3 works for me...
  8. Raiders sign LB Tahir Whitehead

    I remember some player saying their team needed 'DOGS' in FA and this guy was the dog he wanted. Hadn't heard much about him before that but I think a very good addition.
  9. Raiders Sign CB Rashaan Melvin

    Cheaper and better than Smith and Amerson. Also drafting a CB is a possibility but not a dire need. Great addition.
  10. Raiders sign Tank Carradine

    Also liked him coming out of college. I thought I read somewhere that the light was starting to come on for him. I can only hope so...
  11. Packers are cutting Jordy Nelson

    Was hoping Cobb gets cut and signed by Raiders. =(
  12. Dolphins expected to cut Suh

    As a Raider fan I'd be VERY INTERESTED in adding Suh. We need a disrupting DT so Mack can get more opportunities.
  13. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    A 'hole' needs to be filled and all the other teams can see the hole with cuts. If we cut Lynch now, then the RB we do want might get bid up or a team will leap frog us in the Draft thinking we might draft their RB. Jelly is a bit much but probably does fit into what others will be paid in his teir. I also would have preferred Shelton but he isn't much cheaper and only has one year left without 5 year option which would probably be 10 mill so Shelton for 2 years at almost the same price as Jelly for 3?!? OK I'm liking Jelly more now. LOL
  14. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    I was thinking D. Adams money...
  15. Around the league v.1.0

    Yeah we should jump on Robinson now and 5th year/franchise Cooper until no dead money on Robinson.