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  1. State of our team

    You will like the size of some of these guys who might come out more than their stats/highlights. Can't believe you think Hoss was a bust for us. We had garbage before him and garbage after until Gannon. Hoss made us competitive compared to Jay overthrow Shredder, Todd where's my drugs MoronOvich, Jeff Boi George let alone all the scrubs who've passed through before Carr. Brooks, Collins, Tui, etc...I can't believe how so many Raider fans have turned on Carr not remembering how bad our QB's have been for DECADES!!! Carr is shell shocked and an emotional guy. His 'beliefs' are not in your face Tebow style but I can see why some might be turned off by that. Personally I'd rather have to rebuild Carr's confidence in Vegas instead of giving a young kid millions in cash who might be good or not and might have off field issues in Sin City. Damn I did it again. Ranting anytime I think about this team and our direction. UGH!!!
  2. Bruce Irvin cut

    Irvin is a swiss army knife/jack of all trades but master of none. He's an above average player when surrounded by better players and he was Reggie's cheerleader for tweeting at FA's to come to Oakland. Why do you think Gruden recently said what a great player he is when he wasn't even playing. Gruden wants no bad blood as he knows Irvin will throw shade at the Raiders if he's in the mood. Won't stop FA's we overpay compared to other teams, but would keep the last second pick-ups like Hankins from playing here as stop gaps..... This is best for both team and player. We suck so he can't hurt us going to a rival or team we'd face in the playoffs. PLAYOFFS!!! This sends a message that pass rushers are hard to find and we're willing to sit and cut those who aren't 'IN' even if they were our best pass rusher. Moving him to DE was a mistake. Should have kept his weight under 250 and played him at SAM backer where we could use his abilities, but that would have been with Mack returning so...This season is an epic failure and the team doesn't look like the same team the first 3 weeks when we lead the Rams for 1st half and could have won the other games. We beat the Browns but that game the refs helped us more than we helped ourselves. We're lucky to have a win and might not get another one but vets who are gone next year might pull a few together to screw Gruden's draft position and to shine for their next team. 11 players with 2 or 3 who might be back is why we look like hot garbage. Locker room is lost and rebuild might not even be possible for another season with so much uncertainty with where we'll play next season. UGH!!!
  3. State of our team

    EDIT Frankie I went off a bit but what I wanted to ask you is what WR's would you want in the draft? Lots of big bodied WR's and ignore the rant below. I'm still pissed and expect to be for at least a decade. Who says we get Bosa? Maybe we win another game and someone drafts him ahead of us. Maybe Gruden goes QB #1 overall. Maybe he trades back to collect picks and they all bust. Maybe top players publically say that the Raiders look worse than 2004 Chargers and don't want to play one season and move again. Maybe top talent stay in school if we hold top pick. Bosa already declared but he pulls a Manning and our pick loses value. We didn't have to sign Mack. 5th year and two Franchise tags would have been cheaper and would have made us look bad for not paying our top talent but we look worse by not paying him and trading him away for peanuts. 2019 pick probably in the 20's our 2nd in 2020 is in the 30's and their 1st in in the 20's oh and their 3rd is close to 90's I have ZERO doubt that if Gruden could go back he would. He'd reach out to Mack, explain the 5th opt, franchise 2X plan if he doesn't want to sign the long term deal. If we didn't make the playoffs this year then we just trade Mack before 2019 draft so you KNOW what the value is at that moment in time. You compete the first season and give it your all. Or you get the team quitting on the coaches and them being more interested in staying healthy to make another team next season. The Oakland Raiders are a DUMPSTER FIRE sprinkled with feces and excrement. One man is to blame and that man is JON GRUDEN! He chose coaches and a system that didn't fit the team he had. Instead of him making coaching adjustments he forced the players to adjust. When Jon was HC before we had big piggies like RT Kennedy, RG Collins, C Robbins, G Middleton and only LT Sims/Stinchcomb were athletic ZBS types. Tyrone Wheatly was not a ZBS RB yet he did well as a retread with us. Jon Gruden has been given a 10 year 100 million contract and this TEAM is what he gives back to the world. He can't quit and give back the money because he'd be delt with mafia style. He's STUCK and we're stuck with him. I hope we lose every game and I hope he's so embarrassed that it humbles him to read a book on leadership and taking responsibility. Then he ACTS on what is in that book. He never should have left the booth because he was able to control those people but he's learning that grown alpha men don't have to put up with his BS. Players will shut it down and play elsewhere. Fans don't have to eat the plate of excrement that he's dishing out. He'll see the darkside of a fanbase that feels betrayed by the NFL, owner and 100 million dollar man. Once in Vegas he won't have to worry because half the stadium will be fans from the visiting team wanting to have a weekend in Vegas watching their team. A winning product will fix all that ails the Raiders but right now losing it all to hit rock bottom is needed to humble and put in cheack all those who lead us to where we are today. Too bad the Redskins are doing well because I'm sure Chucklehead wanted to get his brother here and Bill C. back in black. Nope we'll keep our puppet OC and Cable another season. Yippy Kai A
  4. The Ugly, The Ugly & The Ugly Vs SF

    Lev Bell because he's not under contract so it's not tampering. Would be great to lose those 1st round picks for tampering huh Chuckleshead. Bell will cost us less than Mack and allow us to get at least two more over priced over the hill slow as hell DB's like Nelson. Players coming to the Raiders (even rookies) should be putting no trade clauses in their contracts...
  5. State of our team

    Most on the team have given up. I still believe in Carr but I want him traded because we don't deserve to keep anybody pre-Gruden. Blow it all up. KABOOM!!!
  6. The Ugly, The Ugly & The Ugly Vs SF

    In the part of the interview with Howie Long he almost admitted that trading Mack had a stronger effect/consequence than he thought it would. He's not a leader and will get taken out by a fan or a minority owner or maybe the commish just straight up blasts him. Doubt he's our coach for long and another rebuild with anothers vision. Problem is with coaches getting whacked who wants to join us. LOL
  7. State of our team

    If we keep Carr I see this... OAKLAND RAIDERS 1: R1P1 EDGE NICK BOSA 2: R1P13 EDGE CLELIN FERRELL 3: R1P20 G MICHEAL DEITER 4: R2P1 WR J.J. ARCEGA-WHITESIDE 5: R3P1 RB BRYCE LOVE 6: R4P1 WR KELVIN HARMON Trade Carr and Herbert would be the 'sexy' get peeps excited pick and Lock the later 1st if Gruden prefers. AJ McCarron starts the season and explains why we traded a 5th for him. Deiter is insurance in case Miller or Parker can't be bookends and We'll trade or cut one of our Guards Doubled down on pass rushers with Key as a solid rotation if head on right after this season. I would have rathered we kept Mack on the 5th year and hoped he showed up by game time instead of gutting the team. Just think we'd be in the hunt instead of looking to 2020 to even compete. Will be interesting to see where the team plays next season and if anybody wants to come here with what looks like a complete rebuild. I feel sorry for the players and honestly think those who leave will excel. Sucks, sucks, SUCKS!!! EDIT: I was happy to get a 1st for Cooper if we're not keeping him. Hopefully we hit on next years draft because we really need to for 2020
  8. Wow that was easier than I thought. Was so pissed that sunday was easy to not watch. Black Sails felt more like the Raiders of old instead of watching old raiders. MNF was easy because I WAS STILL PISSED!!! TNF I thought would have gotten me and I thought about getting a pizza for nostalgia (LOL) but I just got drunk and mowed 5 acres with the drive mower. The field looks great even if the team doesn't. Lynch out with groin, Melvin calling out coaching decisions in the media and Irvin just being Irvin. Better get your popcorn ready because it's going to get worse IMO..
  9. Turned off the game at start of 4th quarter and won't be watch any NFL games til next weekend. NFL has gotten rid of double headers and watching these oversees games has pissed me off but now I'm done. I gave up eating pizza while watching games a few years ago and it's time to move on from watching games. I salute you with my middle finger and hope you blame it all on the kneeling. Instead of your incompetnce and greed. Hopefully the players union takes you out back to the woodshead just before TV contracts come up.
  10. State of our team

    Honestly if Gruden came out after this game and admitted he made a mistake trading Mack. Explaining the business side which we all understand and the saying he didn't realize how much it would destroy team chemistry and how loved Mack was on this team. It was my fault for not factoring that in as the game is as much mental as it is physical. I'd like to apologize to the players and the fans. I love this organization and felt we didn't get to finish something when I was traded away. I'm trying to build a championship team that will outlast my contract and have more touch decisions to make as I expect our future to have many great players that we won't be able to keep. It's MY FAULT and I accept responsibility and will turn this around. As a fan he'd get my respect. As a player he'd get my respect. All I've seen is his big payday and a lack of wanting to accept responsibility that comes with a contract like that.
  11. Get Carr out before he's killed EDIT Just forfit and leave London early. Should have not came back at halftime. LOL
  12. State of our team

    I disagree. Roster was beating the Rams first half then we got out coached. Trading Mack killed team chemistry. Carr's best friend is shipped off the team right before the opening game. Gruden is an IDIOT!!! Mark made his biggest mistake as an owner by buying into the hype of needing Gruden. Del Rio was good enough til Vegas but NOOOOO after a bad season can him and go with Chucky. What a nightmare and we all saw it with the coaches he hired on Offense. I'd rather we been a playoff chance with Mack than this rebuild ****e where I expect any moment for players to chase/tackle like a Pro Bowl game.I'd hate to be a player on this team with a contract beyond this season. I'd take less money to get away from the Raiders until they are in Vegas and have a team worth playing on. I need to just stop watching because it's pissing me off so much since the day Mack was traded. Hopefully by then end of the season I can leave not only the Raiders but the NFL as a fan.
  13. Painful to watch. Del Rio did more with less. This is EMBARRASSING and looks like many on the team gave up already. Carr looks scared and trying to stay healthy to be traded next season. Hiring Gruden has knocked us back. The question is can he put things back together after this mess his hiring created.
  14. Week 5 GDT: Raiders at Chargers

    Team that lost hope/chemistry when they traded away their best player. Lesson learned and every team will learn from our mistake.