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  1. Eagles cut Kendricks

    As a Raider fan, we fans have talked about getting him after cuts for years...Yet he wasn't cut before.
  2. Grade the offseason?

    A- A bit high but I'll explain why... Coaching looks like an A+++ from a marketing perspective. The reality is a lot of coaches are 'iffy' with us as fans. The HC is the 'shield' but his fire alone this first season, should get the best out of our young stars. Free Agency is better now looking back at the whole. Besides the 'vet' overflow...CB's have been altered towards potential. LB's have vet experience, pass rush got a boost of youth. WR we inproved and got deeper, and Oline got some youth for the outside. Draft we got younger in trenches and one pick is possible steal of entire draft. An injured CB who became 'value' and just a solid draft overall because of the later picks value... So we look a lot better on paper in every aspect even heading into the last season. The question is, who are we and what will we do...
  3. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    My bad forgot to mention more off-season practices withand without contact. Allow the teams to best judge who should be in there and who's 'hurt or injured' For starters, preseason is barely a step above watching the probowl. Not needed...
  4. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    16 games, no preseason, no Thur games except for holiday tradition, extra wild cards, Focus on making a better quality product.
  5. Raiders Defense

    Mack needs coaching on how to get the refs to throw flags when he's being mauled!!! It has to be blatent (sp) to give Mack his due.
  6. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    As a fan, I'm all for giving all 3 and Colin vet min deals. As an owner of a franchise, I wouldn't touch them, except if I owned the Raiders. We are known to be the black sheep of the NFL. Al would be all over these guys to just get a deal and keep the middle finger up to anybody who cares. Always loved that about Al...
  7. Raiders Defense

    I rarely think Safties should be 1st round picks. I felt Fitzpatrick and James were worth it for different reasons. Fitz being a chess piece like Honey Badger but with more size. James for just being Sean Taylor like. In 2014 I was screaming from 10th on to trade up for Tunsil. Saftey is 2-3rd range in my book. So I think most are overdrafted, even Neal the other S from that class. Edit: I see Melifonwu as an Iloka type. Plays SS and FS and same size. Hurst will be our Atkins and best of all, no pac-man/Burfellinthedraftfict headcases. I really like how the D is shaping up. Young pass rushers who still need to develop, CB revamp, vet LB's to clean up any dline mistakes from the rooks.
  8. 10-6 wildcard and wins in the playoffs.
  9. I wanted this guy in the 2nd and thought Pats got a steal in the 3rd. Looks like I'm wrong.
  10. We all have an agenda my 6'3+ WR friend... SIZE MATTERS!!! Now Mathieu is undersized for his position. If the LT was 6'3 like Beachum then 7 million is what I'd expect him to get after being cut. Doggy was all over Wynn and honestly I might have liked that pick better over Miller as Wynn has had a great career and Miller just came on at the end. I'm also worried at 6'9 he's too tall and will have knee issues as most big men do at that height. Getting more value and then trading back up would have been better. I think you like the pick because it got us a 6'3+WR... In hindsight, I'm cool with how it all played out. Mostly because of the later picks as the first 3 had me banging my head instead of scratching it.
  11. We looked like the favorites to challenge the Pats in 2016 then Carr got hurt. I'm sure that injury lingered in his mind but we looked right on track the first 2 games... The Redskins punched us in the mouth so hard we didn't realize how soft we actually were. We were a choclate dipped icecream. A hard shell with soft creamy filling on the inside. A couple of hard nuts like Lynch and Osemele but not enough to flavor, just a hint of toughness. LOL Then Carr breaks his back...YIKES and misses ONE GAME!!! We had 'hope' until we lost the Dallas game. Carr was giving it all he had and lost the ball as he crosses the goalline. After two major injuries that I'm sure were in his mind in 2017 and you wonder what happened last season?!? A healthy Carr (hence two Tackles early) and the team is a playoff contender. Wish Mack would sign as I like having both leaders locked up for half of Chuck's reign. Contracts are getting WAY out of hand, first Cousins and now Ryans?!? Carr's contract is looking better every day so hopefully Mack's will get done soon before I'm seeing a non QB getting QB money... EDIT: I forgot to mention the coaching is better. Whitehead and Johnson will add more toughness. The interior pass rush got some youth and talent added. CB's don't worry me with Melvin, Conley, Worley, Wright, and Nelson. WR got a boost. Crabs and Nelson were a wash in my mind but adding Bryant and Switzer makes me more comfortable if Cooper goes down. TE and RB needs some young talent but were good for now if healthy. More Carr insurance with Miller and Parker, even if I didn't agree with the picks at the time. It does give us some needed depth that hopefully starts sooner than later.
  12. Raiders sign Derrick Johnson

    I like the signing. Size and coverage ability at a needed position. I feel really good the team in general and the depth. TE/RB could use some youth. Hopefully the coaching is better than expected with Cable/Olsen. Feeling good about having a playoff team but need to see how they come togetherunder Chucky.
  13. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    The Mad Stork Ted Hendricks but don't remember if it was 4-3 back then...
  14. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Was not happy with our first 3 picks but will warm up to the need to beef up the Carr insurance. Added pass rush from inside/out so that should help the DB's get picks. A 3rd on a WR for one year is WAY too much, especially one who could get suspended again for longer. I think his head is on straight after seeing JuJu drafted and make him expendable with a contract on the horizion. Hopefully he balls and we get a 3rd comp pick to wash it out. Overall I think it was a good draft, filling many needs except for RB. They must LOVE Martin. Both lines have depth, DB's have vets that hopefully have something left in the tank. I have doubts about our long-term outlook but think we can compete for the playoffs and anything less is UNEXCEPTABLE!!! Gruden talked about not cursing and all that from before but honestly 100,000,000.00 I want CHUCKY yelling, screaming, cursing and learing/grinning if were not. I'm worried he's like a vet FA who just cashed in and thinks the 'work' is over...I BETTER be wrong!!!
  15. At the time...Not knowing who would go where... Rnd 1 - # 15 S Derwin JamesRnd 2 - # 57 CB Isaiah OliverRnd 3 - # 65 (Actually thought Hurst from here on out but was cool with...) - # 79 (If not Traded and had gotten the earlier picks, I'd went Tackle and probably Orlando Brown) - # 87 Arden Key DE LSU (had we gotten S James but had we not the S Ronnie Harrison.)Rnd 4 - # 110 CB Anthony AverettRnd 5 - # 140 Maurice Hurst DT Michigan (SOOOO HAPPY when this pick was made. SOOO HAPPY!!!)Rnd 5 - # 173 Rnd 6 - # 216 Azeem Victor LB Washington (didn't see the pick but was happy as I wanted him to come out last year.)((Thought he'd be a 3rd last year)Rnd 7 - # 228 Now my total 'hindsight' knowing where everybody was picked mock. Or my All AL team (size matters)LOL =P Rnd 1 - # 15 LB Tremaine EdmundsRnd 2 - # 57 RB Derius GuiseRnd 3 - # 65 DE Sam Hubbard - # 79 T Orlando Brown - # 87 S Ronnie HarrisonRnd 4 - # 110 CB Anthony AverettRnd 5 - # 140 Maurice Hurst DT MichiganRnd 5 - # 173 WR EQUANIMEOUS ST. BROWNRnd 6 - # 216 Azeem Victor LB WashingtonRnd 7 - # 228 RB Bo Scarbrough Al usually doesn't like LB's that high but Edmunds size makes him a lock. Two RB's cause Scarbrough's size is the anti-smurf. LOL So much Bama late but so much talent on that team and yet they all played as a team.