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  1. How hot is Jack's seat going forward?

    What coach wants to take over as a team is transitioning over a few years to another location. Like it or not I think JDR is in place until Vegas so...
  2. My first thought was the ball was released so 'late hit'. After watching it several times, I can't call it that now. I think had the player been anyone with a 'history' (my Raider's Irvin) old LB Romonawski, S Harrison, then flag thrown. Barr might be playing intensely but this is an intense game and why it's loved. A-Rod has been known to play out a play longer and Barr could be thinking go full speed because if he fakes the throw and I pull up it's be another 'miracle' play. I can see why both sides of fanbases can see the play as I've personally seen it both ways. Great player and this should speed up contract extension.
  3. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Looked better this game than the last 2. Improving but Carr needs to get his touch back. Lynch had bullets fired at him. Hopefully we'll beat KC with neither team getting much rest.
  4. Changes? 1/4 of the season completed

    Agree with stay the course. I think the success of the first two games got us so high we lost sight of a few things. Carr is coming back from a serious leg injury and he was known to be a bit excited to start games just like Favre did. I'm sure that 3rd game had him worrying about getting hurt and what happens when you worry about things? they usually appear like looking at the rock instead of the path while riding the bike. DOHHH... I understand keeping oline together due to chemistry and a lack of practice together. Penn hurt the chemistry by missing time and got a new contract extension. I was against that and was willing to move on, so if their play doesn't improve. I'm willing to trade our guards. I know I said stay the course but if they have value and if we're out of playoff hunt, then I'm working on getting younger and less expensive and possibly improving our Defense with trading for players. Lots of teams may be interested in one of our guards. Richard and Washington are scat backs and need some time behind the finesse line. If we pound Lynch into no holes he'll be injured in six weeks. We are a pass first team that tried to switch to pound the rock because Lynch was trucking guys those first two games. That is not who we are but we might have to be the next few weeks until Carr comes back. Feed Cooper so much it makes or breaks him. I think he'll be fine but let him know we aren't shying away even if he's in a rut. Force feed him as he seems like the type to rise above. High character nice guy who's probably not as desired by a Raider fanbase who'd probably prefer OBJ and his antics. Give me Cooper ESPECIALLY with moving to Vegas. Our coaches are fine. Dowling will learn from his mistakes. 2 games of love and praise followed by two games of blah. Maybe the fanbase is the problem? We really have high expectations and I'm glad we do! Sick and tired of KNOWING we were going to have a bad season before it even began. Even if we miss the playoffs, NO TEAM will want to face us if they need the win to get in. Yep, it's the fanbase. Rabid dogs biting everything in site. We've got a great future, geez we have a future. Don't remind me of the Russell days of despair. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! PS I'm just as bad as you all so I'm looking in the mirror as I write this.
  5. Postgame: The Ugly, the Ugly, and the Ugly

    Better to get it handed to us now so we NEVER come out like that again!!! Congrats to Washington for beating us up. Carr looked out of synch and nobody looked as prepared as before. Learn from it and improve. lots of work all around and no excuses. The better team won tonight, but we're better than what we did tonight. Congrats skins...
  6. Game 3 GDT: SNF Raiders vs Skins

    So it's exactly OPPOSITE of what I said. The Offense won't be clicking. The WR's, TE's and RB's will struggle and CARR will have two picks. There now lets fix this after half.
  7. Game 3 GDT: SNF Raiders vs Skins

    I see the Offense clicking on all cylinders. One series the WR's next series the RB's next series the TE's. Keep it FRESH then it's halftime and they can't adjust because all three were effective. Chess match and we get 2 picks with Kurt/Kirk Cousins pressing to keep up with our O.
  8. Around the league v.1.0

    They look better than last year. We needed Obi to man Travis. Don't know who'd cover Hill. We don't match up well but we can score with anybody.
  9. GDT: Raiders vs Jets!

    "Hennessy to snap it. which sounds like a pretty good idea about now.' LOL He's ready for his drink. Was worried about Joseph. Defense looks like they're just pinning back their ears and going after it.
  10. Osemele took a good line and made it a top line. So much nasty now, so happy we overpaid for him.Was actually worth it.
  11. GDT: Raiders vs Jets!

    Refs gotta keep the Jets in it, but have a feeling we'll be on point coming out in 2nd half.
  12. GDT: Raiders vs Jets!

    Really liked Conley's mindset of get the team a turnover more than trying to catch it himself.
  13. Around the league v.1.0

    I knew I wanted RB Hunt in the 3rd but KC got him first. That guy is going to give us problems over the years.
  14. GDT: Raiders vs Jets!

    This is a game we should take care of business and erase any doubt... The Jets SUCK and will be top 5 pick in the draft. You don't lose games like this if you consider yourself a contender. It happens but you just don't do that. I expect this as a tune up game to fix issues from last week. Their Defense should wear down unless we go quick strike and score the first 3 plays of every series which the coaches would rein us back if we did. Special teams details are always important in games like these. Just want the WIN with no injuries to either team. Take care of business at home and off to DC for week 3.
  15. Penn extension coming soon

    Hope he stays healthy and play doesn't drop off. Good for continuity and developing young guys...