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  1. Bears for years have looked like a QB away from really making a run for a trophy. Cowboys are 'America's Team' and it's true that being the starting QB for the Cowboys gives you clot in retirement. Raiders in Vegas?!? The amount of people who would want a piece of him would be off the charts Hollywood style. Even Gruden's EGO wouldn't be a problem because king in Vegas will feel a lot better than king of Seattle. Saints are contenders and had a good D. Brees not a tall guy so the Oline is use to opening windows accordingly. He'd be a great fit there too. If I had to choos
  2. At least 4 FA Safeties and 8 in the Draft makes me want 1 of each. I'm not moving on from Abram, but I'm heating that seat up for sure this off-season.
  3. That's always been Gruden. Offense opened up when we traded Gruden to Tampa Bay. Then Gruden shut it down in the Super Bowl with a stellar Defense.
  4. Will be interesting to see who we add before the draft. I expect vets to fill like: FS Williams as the big ticket. DE Ingram as the mid price vet pass rusher DT Short as the vet who's been injured but once showed 'something' which is what Gruden is knon for... If those positions are filled I'd expect LB Parsons in the draft even though LB isn't a huge need. He'd be a leader from a large program known for LB's and Mike is all about big programs.
  5. For me that's perfection right up to the Draft. Love the Tackle, especially with how FA played out. Also gives some flexibility with Miller's contract IMO. Sign now or get 5th year option and replaced by CD. A pass rusher is a need as is Saftey but don't know those two but will look up now. So much depth at S...
  6. To end the bad karma 'pass rushers are hard to find' curse. I'd pay that and picks. LOL Bring Mack back!!!
  7. G


    I played CB and hated the Guards pulling on sweeps. Learned to take their knees out jumping at their outside leg so hopefully the RB thought I had containment but really I was just about to have a pissed off big ugly laying on top of me. LOL
  8. I think because he is our QB and a RAIDER so he has many of our support because of that. Pryor SUCKED and he had many of us supporting him too. Russell is the only QB I think the whole fanbase was wanting out by the end of his time here because he was/is a loser in life and sucked as an NFL QB. Carr is a 'losing' record QB but isn't a loser person or suck on the field. If he's off the team I will wish him well except for when it's at our advantage for him to not do well. Against us or a game we need his team to lose. So he IS the Raiders starting QB and will have MY SUPPORT until that changes.
  9. I'm a huge fan of Carr but the other day (Fanspeak) Wilson from BYU was there at #17 and I took him. I'd be cool drafting Carr's replacement with how high QB contracts have gone the past few years. If we got an offer for Carr that gave us great value then make the trade but I wouldn't mind seeing how Carr plays with a talented rookie licking his chops behind him. I'd be open to trading Wilson and resigning Carr to a monster contract if he responded at an elite level.
  10. Oh I can assure you....We've been a dumpster fire for decades with some good times sprinkled in. 2016 and Gannon playoffs. I liked Hoss seasons too but we were close to burning stench then too. LOL
  11. G


    I'm just glad we paid him when we did. I don't think I'm paying him again because a TE doesn't need that many targets and he will get PAID because of those targets. If he completes his TE game with breaking tackles and becoming an excellent blocking TE then I'd consider keeping him but he's really just a mismatch huge WR and there are many 'TE's' like that. I liked Andrews a few years back for that role and you just have to pay them before breaking out like we did with Waller. TE's like RB's are replaceable.
  12. Thank you for an excellent eval. I understand why others would take a top CB with #17. If the players is BPA beyond what's left on the board, I wouldn't be upset but I think a trade down would be available. I don't have a problem with our young CB's and remember Pittsburg having meh CB's but a ferocious pass rush that made their defense work well. I think it was 'Cough' long ago that sold me on not needing a #1 CB stud and it makes sense to have good players instead of a star that QB's just look the other way from and ends up costing 20 million next contract. That article makes me hope Amik ha
  13. Many times I just go to the last page of these kind of threads the past year because to add to your post...I REMEMBER how bad we've been at QB for many decades. If it was 'easy' to get a franchise QB all the other teams would have done it too. I think our early success has us looking through a winning franchise and not the complete mess of an organization that we really are. Al won with castaways. Later he had to overpay because of his controlling ways. At least Mark doesn't try to meddle but he gave the HC (Gruden) too much to lure him out of the booth after a decade out of the coaching ranks
  14. Been watching that drama and thinking...Would I even want him on the team...NO! He'd be a mess in a city like Vegas
  15. Draft has around that same number of quality Safeties in first 3 rounds. Would rather sign FS Hooker and draft one in the 2nd/3rd and let the best man win. If both can ball then Abram will see he better step up. Was just saying something similar. Personally I'd like FS Hooker 1 yr/ 3 mil prove it deal before the draft and get the rookie S in 2nd/3rd. If Hooker is stellar and healthy sign him and Abram has a hot seat with a rookie waiting for him to miss time. I want a vet pass rusher and DT with Hooker. Draft BPA hopefully LB Parsons would fall to us. Then S in 2nd unless
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