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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I'm torn between Q and Allen. If Bosa is gone and it's between Allen and Q Williams my gut says go with the best now at the highest level which is Q. Allen has potiential and is more suited to what we need which is an outside pass rusher. I'm sure the combine will solidify it more but I just think the De's will not drop to our later picks but DT's will. EDIT So what order would you want and why?
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Bosa, Q and Allen are gone then I can handle Greedy.
  3. State of our team

    I agree almost 100% with this. I have a higher opinion of Carr but I would consider if the trade was too good not to. Full rebuild if so. Draft 2 WR's, TE, RB especially if we trade down. If Carr's traded then I want to stockpile picks/players til QB is found. Agree with Oline and could see Jackson back at LG as mentioned in another post. DL/LB/CB 100% On saftey I had to look up Nasir Adderly. I'd say 3rd round pick but the little searching I did he's being talked in the 1st so good early call on someone who will probably rise leading into the draft.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Who said 'elite' I didn't, you did. He is a #1 WR. Randy Moss is one of the few WR's who looked elite out the gate.Julio was #2 to White. Brown was signed because Sanders and Wallace were ahead of him until Brown actually was the man. Calvin Johnson elite by 2nd season but as you said in another post about WR's being force fed the ball. CJ left and the team/QB/Offense got better. A team doesn't need an elite WR, especially as they approach 20 mil per. A 'team' needs multiple targets that complement eachother and open up opportunities for others to get targets. Look at Dallas in it's JJ SB's. A solid D but a QB who gets the balls to his weapons. WR Irvin the go to WR who crosses the middle. Harper the speedster and jump ball target. Novack to slow TE who gets into the open zones and knows what his QB wants. Emitt Smith a RB who has patience and waits for his blockers to engage instead of using spped to the hole before it opens. Catches swing passes and is a great saftey valve. Moose the hammer for the running game who can dive through the line and find the open spaces for a catch or two to keep a defender eyeing him. I see Cooper like a quiet/less EGO driven Irvin. He's #1the go to guy who defenses pay extra attention to. Now there's also slots so if all are getting the ball and all cost 20 mil then the team lets players go. We were right to trade Cooper as we were right to draft him. Cooper is incosistent and if he fixes that he will go from #1 to elite. Besides an injury ends a season when you don't have pieces to hold it together while a player heals. Green Bay's SB with Favre was a bunch of guys who had injuries and overcame not having an elite WR. They had an elite QB who got his weapons the ball even if they just got on the team. Media is entertainment. 'If it bleeds it leads' and the Raiders are gushing, hemmoraging if you will. So naturally the sharks go into a feeding frenzy and just bite whats there. Were an easy target and will continue to be until we win a playoff game. I was shocked when I saw somebody pick us as on the rise but said not til Vegas because of home uncertainty being difficult for a grown man to want to put his family through unless there are serious benefits. (pay or long term contract) Then they just move their family to Vegas now and just rent whereever they play during the season. Hopefully we get a servicable veteran WR and draft 2 in the draft to be mentored by the vet. I'd even draft 3 if somebody slipped to the 5th because of 'issues' Go young/hungry and cheap as only one of them will get an extension. Also need a TE in the 3rd or 4th and a RB and a pass rusher and... LOL EDIT: Trade was good for both teams and we got good value and weren't going to pay him. Mack is a different story but I understand the narrative above as it's all about the big picture. We didn't get two 1st cause our 2nd is forgotten too often value wise. CJ Anderson I didn't even know was on the team so it must have been so brief that he didn't show enough while here. No loss there
  5. Around The League V.2

    I think Dallas made the playoffs because of Cooper. They were HORRIBLE before he was on the team. Worse than us. Cooper gave them a threat even if inconsistent. It attracted attention which helps their running game witch is their bread and butter. That keeps the Defense fresh and they were better until yesterday. He was worth their 1st because he game the franchise and the fans hope. He was worth our 1st because he produced the best out of the 1st round WR's in that draft and our young QB needed a weapon. Only Big Cat was on the same level and he was tempting but I thought he had a rumored back issue which is why he wasn't #1 overall. We made the right pick at the time and Cooper IS a #1 WR. Carr and him didn't have chemistry for whatever reason but Amari's first seasons stack up well with the greats (he was injuered and still played) so it's really just your hateraid of Amari and not the player himself. NO WR, NONE, EVER, is worth what they currently are being paid. QB's now making 30 mil really pisses me off. All the rule changes and the overseas games just has thinned out what was once a quality product. AT LEAST they let the players celebrate but NFL football is becoming entertainment more than sport. The good news is there are some big tall WR's in this draft and hopefully we'll get one or two of them.
  6. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    DE Preston Smith OLB Anthony Barr S George Iloka Would love S Collins and or HaHa but trying to keep money reasonable hence Iloka Draft DE, WR, RB and BPA. Double dip WR would be good.
  7. We'll ship out Carr for 3 first round picks but that team will go from worst to first and win the Super Bowl all 3 years we have picks for because Chucky will wait til AFTER the draft to make the trade. ARGH!!!!!
  8. A good short CB covered (sorry shadowed) a great WR only two inches taller than him. Instead of covering a really good WR who is 4 inches taller than him and much younger?!? Dude was given his best assignment to suit his lack of height. He was paid more than I'd give him for an aging, undersized vet. 1 year 3 million if he's lucky to get an offer after all this. I don't want him on my team. Too much off field attention and why it's just getting easier to pass on talented drama. Will be interesting to see FA with this Saftey class.Some will be desired and some might have to wait a long time again. As a Raider fan we'll probably need 1 or 2 so it'll be interesting to see who goes where. With no home next season, I could see us picking up the leftovers after draft cuts.
  9. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    That's why Carr will be so interesting. Gruden wanted a proven QB and got it, but will a team offer enough picks that he lets us tank another season to go after a rookie QB this or next year? If it's not broke, don't fix it and focus on what needs to be fixed. Your situation sounds like an interesting tight rope walk of when to help and when to step back. I get offered promotions to management but I've done the numbers and the next level up makes less than me because of OT and double time that I get. Once salary it... well it's different. The last two who got promoted above me have went back or are about to go back. Gotta make sure the ladder goes up and be what one really wants. Much respect for those who focus on family. I've got friends who work more to get away from their family. Glad I'm not in that situation.
  10. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    I agree and Nate B. is showing this skill and it's why his TV presence is expanding. MM has it and it's subtle. It's harder to manage peers because EGO gets in the way. He knows when to speak and when to listen. It is a skill that many don't have and are horrible managers. My boss tells me to do something and I know it's a choice to keep things as they are or when to 'rock the boat' I had a boss like that and she lost 75% of her staff and she lost her job and will probably never be hired to manage again. She lacked the skill and took things personally so she was the 'control freak' and it didn't work. I'm a control freak normally but when I've managed people I follow the guidelines from books by Bristol, Carnege and Hill. On the articulate subject, I didn't notice it with RM. However I do know we ALL are judged on our appearence. When I had a shaved head I had faicial hair I had a kid run up to me at the park and spit on my foot as he said something in Spanish. My first thought was WTF but when I got to the bathroom I saw my reflection in the mirror and I think he thought I was a 'skinhead' When I go hiking if I waer a hat backwards I get less smiles and hi's from passer by's compared to hair down hiking. So we ALL are judged off how we look and come across. Reggie trading down for Hayden and getting less value is why Zona gave us peanuts to trade up for Rosen. Once teams know you will accept less, they offer less. Gruden has shown the NFL all is for sale so who knows what happens with Carr.
  11. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Housh giving proper props to McKenzie. A franchine QB and Pass Rusher with a Pro Bowl WR. I wanted WR Watkins to fall but Mack was better. Cooper is a better WR than Watkins overall because of availbility. Carr was passed to the 2nd round. Texans would have taken him if they hadn't taken his brother previously.McKenzie didn't leave us in cap hell. He got us out of it. Paying two players over 20 million would have been cap hell later but 13-14 mil on 5th year should have been the route and traded next season BEFORE the draft. McKenzie I'm sure will get blamed for that but we all know he's not the 100,000,000.00 man. I do like this hire as it allows MM to get his feet wet and if he leaves it's because we're successful. Win/win IMO
  12. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Mayock works as nobody can keep Gruden in check. Just gotta hope it all works out this decade.
  13. Well it sucks to be right but this season is a perfect example of what happens when you mess with team chemistry. Here's what I said in the locked Mack traded thread. "Mack and Carr were the two guys who changed the culture around here. They are the TWO WHO DESERVE to get PAID! Yes I've been willing to trade Mack because I understand the business side of it, but I DO think this will take us out of the playoff race this season. Players will be pissed and it WILL be in the back of their minds. Chucky WILL cut someone to make a point mid-season (probably Irvin) if he feels he's being betrayed." Looking back we can see that the trade really affected the vets. We lost Mack right before our opener and we still had the Rams at halftime. Each fall apart in the 4th game after that sucked the rest of the joy out of the game for the players.Before Cooper was traded explayer who knew him were even pointing it out. You can see as the young players got more time the desire to win comes back and some vets know they'll probably be here so it's time to compete. We aren't as bad as ur record talent wise but that's what happens when you destroy chemistry and it's taken most of the season to start to get that chemistry back. It's not here yet because we still wonder what Gruden might do with Carr. We should be better next season but I honestly don't think free agents will sign with us until last second or if we overpay long term deals.We really have too much 'drama' until we are in Vegas. I'm there now and it was great to see the stadium as I drove by yesterday. Our future is bright but next season I still see as a struggle because of uncertainty. I hope I'm wrong and I would like to win the last game being we aren't picking top 2. Maybe it'll be a blessing in disguise and rival/beat the Dline talent of the 2011 draft. Win or lose in the future, I'd say the NFL will never forget what happened with us this season. Lessons learned and hopefully not repeated. Roughest season for me as a fan personally but at least I got to see a game and cheer when hope was at it's highest. Just WIN Chucky...
  14. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Clowney will pass Mack (contract #'s) because of 'what he could be' not what he is. Looking at the top 100 contracts I think I'm dreaming to get a pass rusher under 15.
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    If it's 15 mil for a guy who's never gotten double digit sacks, I'll pass. 10-12 range would be what I expect but who knows. Mack and Donald got so high maybe teams just chase the market up even worse. (Clowney) If that's the case then draft 2 DE's this year. If Bosa isn't there then trading down and getting 2nd/3rd's would fill a lot of holes with young/inexpensive talent. I'd also double dip WR. Luckily Dline and Recievers looks deep if many juniors declare.