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  1. Suck for Luck turns into Never without Trevor... He's been so beat up and was so good when healthy at a young age. The NFL will miss him
  2. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    And the torch will melt the throne...AB is a distraction but will produce on the field once it counts. It’s about him and he will make sure he’s getting attention by producing. DC is the perfect QB for him because Derek is so nice and quick to pause all when we’ll and take responsibility when things aren’t well. AB “throw me the damn ball” Gruden grimaces and raises an eyebrow while DC says “ok” and throws AB the ball. Perfect relationship lol
  3. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Depending on where it was, the break in could be a good legal defense. I think he gets 2 games of ASAP or 4 later in the season or next. Pats are a machine and he’ll be missed but the machine rolls on.
  4. Cowboys extend LB Jaylon Smith

    Great for all involved. Also let’s big price tag players know we will move forward with or without you. Zeke I’d replace and let him sit. If Bell sucks or gets injured this season, no one will want an unused Zeke next year. Smith slipping to the 2nd got him paid early and probably balances out over finishing contract and getting 5th year option. Either way this looks good for both sides and showing commitment. Dak and Zeke will be hard pressed to not look bad as Zeke is under contract and Dak could be franchised twice for 30 per avg.
  5. Trent Williams vows not to play for the Skins

    Trent for AB. Let the brothers work it out. LOL
  6. SEA rookie WR DK Metcalf gets knee scope

    Slipped to the late 2nd round because a lack of production because of past injuries. Wish my Raiders would have picked him up. He'll be fine and has a great opportunity there in Seattle.
  7. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Being around your team mates I think is needed for those who are suspended. Just don't let them play in the games that count. Practice, pre-season gets you in football shape. Then with that support reevaluate and allow him to play. Doubt that's a big thing for either side discussing the CBA but if they actually cared about the players as people it would be addressed. I'm fine with him being back but don't think the time suspended was enough being he struck out long ago. (3 strikes plus) DH23 is spot on. I worked a little with these populations (Addicts and mental health) and I'm NOT a 12 stepper at all. I'm not former addict but met many counselors who were addicts themselves and the way they talked it's no wonder so many don't get better. With drugs I worked with youths 13-17 and I was shocked how much they liked and respected me. They asked how was I able to experiment in my youth and not become addicted. It's because I love having control over my life. I wouldn't want anyone or anything having control over me. Now we can make choices of allowing control for relations (partners/friendships/career) as that's a part of living a more fulfilling life. Compromise, consequence, action/reaction, understanding and learning patience and discipline. I'm still working on these myself but make improvements. However I'm not working at a specific job because I lost my patience (different field from the ones mentioned above) but it was a good job with people who just didn't get it. So I can't go back to that specific employer. Josh is lucky that his name adds value to his potential employer still. It also comes as society is shifting is legal stance on some specific substances. This makes the NFL look good if Josh turns it around and if he doesn't they gave him yet another opportunity when they don't have to. Josh would bring minimal money but GREAT PR to the league and that's why it's a shorter suspension IMO. The sooner he's back the longer the good PR will be. If he fails to stay clean then the PR dies down until he asks for another chance. Great PR is worth more than gold and the NFL needs so feel good PR to counter the not so good PR. Hopefully Josh stays clean. Gets some money for the next few seasons and tucks it away to secure a good future for himself. Demons don't always go away but a secure future will help to battle them on a rainy day. He will be fun to watch as he's very talented. Josh or no Josh won't affect Brady much. The guy will feed you if you're there and giving him what he wants (your all) Gronk will probably come back for the playoffs and we can all curse them after winning another SB. The Pats are a machine with a system in place for a long time that just replaces the parts while 1/3 on the teams restart with new coaches every season and expect to have continuity and topple the machine?!? That's the problem and why they keep winning and we keep whining...
  8. Former bears RB Cedric benson passes away

    I remember him. Way too young. RIP and condolences to his family.
  9. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    KEeping it simple... 53 man roster 3 special teams (K/P/LS) 50 left 11starters on offense and defense each position has a backup 11/4 = 44. (6 left) back up FB is a extra RB and might only need 9 online instead of a backup for each. (7 left) 2 QB’s/9 OL/4 RB/4 WR/2TE 4DT/4DE/6LB/4CB/4S So those 7 openings fill in where you want more depth and ST assistance. An extra QB is only needed if injuries occur and only a few games will be missed. TE/WR and probably RB all could use an extra pick, especially if they offer ST value. So 4 left. DL/LB and CB or nickel/dime back means 1 left. ST is usually used for that, but a young player who wouldn’t make it to ps is a wise investment that might not dress The Who season but is there for the future. Rush would fit this as Hankins and Jelly would be good enough if no injuries and Jelly’s contract would make trading cutting him next season a better option and gives Rush a season behind Hankins. Hurst and Hall are young and still developing 3T so I expect them to make it. The question would be does Westbrook beat out Mayowa for the extra DL spot because of versatility?!? Also would Joyner be a S or CB?I’ve got him as S but expect him to play every where as a Swiss Army knife.
  10. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    My Raider fan base loves living in the past glory and thinking everything is about us or making it about us. Like I just did in a Dak thread. Lol wilson is better and more proven than Dak. Cousins contract is when next man up got out of hand and out of control. So if Dak gets between 28-35 so 31.5 that makes sense and probably will happen. (32) but 40 is no good for any team/QB. If it happens then draft a QB every other year to replace any vet after two seasons. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Derek is costing about 22 mil for the next 4 seasons and many fans felt he is overpaid and need to be traded. Many thought we’d be lucky to get an early 2nd. In the current chaos of qb pay he’s a bargain. Lol PS I think it’s the agents getting into the qb’s ear. Also think there is an agent or two in this form. Lol
  12. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Would rather pay Zeke and Cooper under 30 combined (if possible) than Dak 30+ but that's me. This is getting out of hand quickly. I blame the Skins with Cousins and Minny putting the cherry on top. It EXPLODED after that and makes me wish we paid Kalil Mack. Word of advice...Extend your players before they've got you in a corner. KC needs to draft Pat's replacement because he'll break the bank if they wait.
  13. Training Camp 2019

    It's so nice to have enough competition to have us discussing how many we'd keep at a position and who'd we let walk and probably make another team. So use to the scrub days when our cuts left the NFL. Next season lets have this discussion with our DE's
  14. Raiders waive Punter Johnny Townsend

    This is how I feel. Thought Gruden might keep him because it might look bad to cut so quickly but it needed to be done. Townsend is young and can get better with this or tuck his tail and run. Even if he balls out after this I'm happy he was cut. He was so bad we could have cut him mid season last year.
  15. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    They could have went after Ritchie hard but didn't. Confront Burfict about his reputation and the difference in AB since getting clocked by him. Yeah sore subjects that I'd expect to not be addressed and would be a distraction if so. I'm sure the Raiders and NFL sat down with HBO and had a friendly discussion of what access would be allowed after if things aren't honored.