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  1. Around The League V.2

    If they were going to change the name it should have happened long ago. I don't find it offensive (Seneca Iroquois heritage but not enough to matter, just enough to be proud of) so I don't think they should change it but I like the 'Warriors' idea or just go with 'Hogs' as a reference to the past Oline name and the amount of 'pork' politicians stuff into everything.
  2. I'd welcome him back if the opportunity comes a knocking.
  3. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I remember the Fins making us wear our black jerseys on a hot day and we barely lost. It worked for them that day.
  4. Around The League V.2

    BB has a way of making things work. Pats could easily have a better record and be in the playoffs than Brady on the Bucs. I think both teams will make it but wouldn’t put it past BB to alternate QB’s to use more of the playbook as Cam gets in synch. Also think Harry will improve as Brady never clicked with high WR draft picks. Cam will feed those who help him get paid. Brady only cared about winning Super Bowls and it worked. Would be entertaining if they faced each other in the SB. The media hype lol
  5. Las Vegas Stadium News

    There a toy and my friend who bought one for is daughter in HS is always playing with it. Likes to look around the shop and see what he caould print. LOL
  6. Around The League V.2

    No hate from me. I feel similar yet differently. Pro Sports are a form of entertainment now. The draft was such a great event because it took our minds off of the virus for a little bit. I’ve had to work through all of this and was so happy when Vegas opened and allowed me to blow off steam. Virus, protests turning to riots and looting, recession/depression really did a number on my mental health. Yet I still worked and almost didn’t get my vacation because it was hard to get coverage. That trip recharged me and until Newsom doubled down on face covers and now Nevada is following suit I’m right back into the mental madness. I hate being forced to do something so it brings out my rebellious side. So I wouldn’t force any player to play. You just won’t be paid and can collect unemployment. Your contract is for you to play and you can choose not to. However understand that you are an entertainer and that the country and world NEEDS a distraction from everything. The NFL and players are LUCKY they passed a new deal because if no season and TV contracts coming up you can bet there will be language protecting the networks. In the coming years job security might move up on people’s list of things that are important to them. If players don’t play because of health conditions it shouldn’t affect them when trying to get their next contract but you better believe it will for those others. I’m good with players kneeling but if it hits my bottom line believe me that it will affect their next contract. This is a business and business was good even though the product wasn’t as good. Hello Thursday night football every week. So being in the Entertainment Business I’d sit down with some core players and air that all out. Listen to their concerns and explain that if owners don’t make money then it will trickle down to the players in time. They all make an insane amount of money and Serious risk has always been a part of football. The modern gladiator in team form. So make a choice and know there will be consequences either way. If I was an owner I’d offer to take a knee and have a moment of silence before the game. Tell tv to televise it and Announce over the loudspeaker before the silence that it’s about being there for one another. Shows you care about issues more than movements/groups etc...Then have the anthem so those who want to stand and salute hand on heart can honor that. Sounds like a win/win to me but I’m just a guy on his couch and probably overpaid for that. Lol
  7. BB drafts for need but also role players who are versatile. Bowden and Muse fit that narrative. Ruggs and Arnette were needs and 1st rounders are usually starters but adding Prince means that will have to be earned. Edwards was a position of need but really just too much value to pass up. Amik the same and could have been said at our 91 pick and I would have been good with that. To trade down and still get him was a steal IMO. So double dipped needs and added some role players with upside really is a good Draft. Arnette at the time had a bad taste due to thinking of quitting on team, slow 40 and projected slot CB but since then more info has made me feel better about the pick. I liked other CB’s better but that’s because I’m a couch GM.
  8. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Looking at who is under contract for the next two years or longer and current level of play I say DT, FS and OLB are needed. DT were good this season but Collins and Hankins aren’t signed past this season and Hall/Hurst haven’t broken out yet. FS Randall 1 year and Joyner at slot likely cut for cap/better player. OLB Muse is an unknown so might not be as much of a need if we see something but if no full season then I’d call it a need. i agree with some C/G depth in rounds 3-4 as it’s good to develop early in case of injury. I think FA fills FS and LB with a solid run stuffing DT and draft a pass rushing DT late 1st or early 2nd on a trade down.
  9. Hall of Fame Game Canceled

    No people will still buy beer pizza chips to watch at home. No sports and kiss non chain pizza goodbye.
  10. Player Appreciation Thread

    Watching the Miller highlights made me appreciate the fireplug Incognito.
  11. LOL He does look liked an Ewok. LOL
  12. Las Vegas Stadium News

    117 one day I was there and the asphalt in front of the gym was soft. Done EDC past 7 Summers and liked they moved it from June to May. Postponed to October but I doubt it happens. I'll plan a trip around then when Raiders are playing at home just in case something can happen.
  13. My first thought was WOW with that many having it the other half must be immune because you can't have that many infected and the other half having nada. It's just not statistically possible as most would have it unless they are immune...However digging deeper seeing 2 out of 500?!? WTF?!? Very different story and then the total number since it began half of them are employees and the other half people they probably came in contact with. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Don't shame me for living my life and you can choose not to. I'm on board with NFL not having fans but maybe allow family just like they were in little league.
  14. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Went to Oakland airport the other day and was thinking that even though I wanted them to stay in Oakland I am happy they left and think it adds another attraction to Vegas. With being there recently (Vegas) and being back in the Northbay I really don't like it here as I once did. Was looking at moving there before and became hesitant once tourism left the area. A watch and see but I can't help but feel that like the Raiders a few years ago, I've got one foot out the door too.