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  1. Training Camp 2018

    Can the public watch? I'm not too far from Napa...
  2. Cowboys DE Randy Gregory Reinstated

    As soon as I read 'Cowboys' I assumed it would say that. LOL Happy for him to get yet another chance. I wanted my Raiders to draft him, so glad he's been the Cowboys 'steal' and not ours. LOL Honestly he's why I'm cautious to get excited about Arden Key. Similar body types and off field issues.
  3. We've improved in talent and coaching. Would love to add DT Hankins, LB Bowman and CB Cro or Breeland. It's cheap contract time and somebody will get them cheap. Depth to keep them rested but reality is we won't be signing anybody noteworthy. Indy has too much cash to get them all which makes me wonder WTF with Hankins...
  4. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    My 53 QB: Carr, Manuel RB: Lynch, Martin, Richard, Washington FB: K Smith WR: Cooper, Bryant, Switzer, WR: Nelson, Roberts TE: Cook, L Smith, Carrier OT: Penn, Miller, Parker, Giacomini OG: KO, Jackson, Sharpe C: Hudson, Feliciano DE/Edge: Mack, Edwards, Tank, Key, Rucker, DT: Ellis, Hall, Vanderdoes , Hurst OLB: Irvin, Whitehead, Morrow, Lamur, Wilber, MLB: DJ, Lee CB: Melvin, Worley , CB: Conely, Nelson, Wright S: Joseph, Obi, Gilchrist, Nelson (but could be Luani) K/P/LS: Pineiro/Townsend , DePaola Suspended: Alexander, Kirkland will be on the 53 until Alexander is back but the 'cut' will depend on rookies and Giaconini's play. If 'G' never sees field because rooks are looking good then he's the cut and either keep Kirkland or S Luani and cut G and K.
  5. Oakland has gotten better. Coaching: Gruden is better than JDR who I was willing to ride with to Vegas if not for a 'splash' coaching hire like Gruden. Offense: Depth on the Oline and more speed at WR. Health of the QB is most important. Defense: Coaching, all new CB's and some youth on the Dline. LB depth and just more talent overall on D. KC has gotten worse on D. Peters gone and the pass rush not what it use to be. Offense will struggle with a young QB and be streaky. Once Pat puts it all together it will be deadly IMO. Denver D got Chubb but didn't improve. I feel it's living off it's SB rep but not even close to what it once was. A new QB who seems like an older version of what they replaced in Trevor. Oline needs help and running game not what it once was as a 'system' LA (I wanted to write SD and don't think they have a homefield advantage vs anyone) Lost their TE, Rivers aging but the D has improved and will be the threat behind KC. I just honestly see us as the best team in the division overall. We improved in all phases while our rivals got worse. KC needs a season or two because of Pat's development. LA is a wildcard that usually disappoints their fans so maybe they go the opposite this season. (LOL) Denver is the worst team but could surprise if Case is as good as he was in Minny last year. In Oakland our biggest concern is our OC and OL coaches...Chucky is there to oversee it all so we should be solid, esp. if that fire still burns as hot as it did before...
  6. As a Raider fan I'd rather have our CB's cover OBJ than Hill. Hill ALWAYS finds our DB's weaknesses. You can easily get into OBJ's head and have him shut himself down. Hill is an explosion about to happen at any moment on any play. OBJ is better but Hill is a better fit esp with a TE like Kelce over the middle and Watkins who IMO is a poor man's OBJ with an injury history. NYG's need OBJ's 'fire' to Eli's 'ice' (boring) personalities. Both should stay where they are but if I was the Giant's and offered 2 #1's for him I'd trade him because of contract and possible future drama...Eli's ice won't be around much longer. Barkley will/should be the face of the franchise.
  7. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    No new 'news' is good news IMO
  8. 2018 Expansion Draft - Raiders

    LOLOLOLOL No I was saying he wasn't worth it. Capitalism was knowing what to pay him the first time and knowing he was replacable...That's a market and I think a lot of players will look good with Carr's quick release and our interior line. If you look at my past posts I'm the guy who's been willing to trade Mack so...Keep it up ButtercuP
  9. Random Raider Stuff

    I'll be at the season opener. Guy at the gym got an extra ticket and said I gotta go. LOL I work weekends so Monday night it is.
  10. 2018 Expansion Draft - Raiders

    Penn: Last season his holdout pissed me off and I wasn't willing to resign him. Roberts: Too many players at the position I'd rather keep. Calhoun: Won't make the cut and if he doesn't qualify. DT Hester now that we've got our rookies. QB Cook: Doubt he beats Manuel so let him go. Any of the CB's not named Conley who were on the team last season. LOL
  11. Random Raider Stuff

    Ruybin, Rucker, I didn't know those guys were still in the league...I liked them at one time. More Vet depth. Getting worried about Mack and Donald pushing contracts into QB level stratsophere.
  12. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    I've liked what I've read about Nelson helping out the other WR's with an overall understanding of the game. Hoping last season was a lack of QB chemistry and another season to heal from injury. It's nice to have talent to debate about. Now time to argue why Switzer will get more yards than all of them combined!!! BEGIN!!! LOL
  13. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    I don't see where I said you have no clue. I just think you have a preference for taller WR's that's all. We all know that. LOL Cooper is a very good WR but hasn't lived up to his full potiential, we all agree on that. Not trying to change anyones mind as I know that's not really possible. Just having some fun when tossing back a few drinks yesterday.
  14. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Yes because he's been injured a lot but still makes it onto the field even if not 80% Who should I compare Cooper to? Bryant? He BLOWS MB out of the water. If MB is a #1 then it's because Jordy and Cooper are injured...