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  1. That's all I ever see from him unless it's quoted. ðŸĪ“ Sorry HB I don't have a problem with you as a person just sometimes the bickering with others gets broken record feeling and right now I'm just not wanting that. I'll unblock everyone for playoffs because we should all be happy. LOL 😁
  2. Shhhhhhh we like Carr being 'disrespected' it PISSES HIM OFF!!! Ssshhhhhhh No Pro Bowl so Super Bowl MVP will just have to do. Be very very quiet....hahahahahahaha
  3. Because we can. Last year our run game with Jacobs was an excellent surprise. This year the other teams know it's coming and can't stop it at all. Even with back up OL Carr is trusting so he's sticking it out longer and making plays. This season has been about getting monkey's off our backs. Our weapons have gotten injured and we still produce. This is a TEAM and it has many things to be improved upon, but when firing on all cylinders we can keep pace with anybody. Next season it's going to be interesting to see if we try and add difference makers or more cogs to strengthen overall depth and competition. I'd like difference makers but I expect cogs to keep us rolling. Minimal drop off in play if someone goes down instead of a stud who can be taken out by scheme. Damn, I think I just made an argument to keep PG?!? LOL NNNooooo
  4. G

    Raiders Defense

    I say we see what Rod has ASAP. I'm Wade Phillips guy and bringing back Mack with Wade would be my ideal situation. Williams I'd like but with Gruden?!? Really need to see Rod in charge this year IMO.
  5. I see PG not making it long and Rod getting the most out of these two with a playoff push. Rod had Dallas D stout with a bunch of no name guys. Need the ability to 'mix it up' which is NOT PG's style. Takk at DE when Ferrell slides inside and Vic at SAM coming in hard and Crosby dropping into coverage. Mix it UP!!!
  6. G

    FA 2020

    Takk and Vic?!? Well I like some competition at the pass rush position so ðŸĨģ Vic played some Sam I thought with the Falcons. Blitz options on a system that rarely uses them. However if PG doesn't get some push I could see Rod getting the job ASAP. Then they can say system/talent but I don't care as long as it gets RESULTS/WINS!!!
  7. His hairline looking like horns. LOL Carr will keep improving with protection and not 'thinking' like Musk's implant. NM156 is shown....
  8. As one of Carr's 'supporters' the whole time I'm willing to give Frankie some leeway. About 6'3 to 6'4 of leeway but. LOL It IS annoying as this isn't a 'Carr' thread but all of them got hijacked back then too. Carr has always had it in him but the injuries and having his best friend traded right before the season started really messed with his psyche. Trading Mack 100% WAS A MISTAKE for the 'team' and what it did overall. We'd still have Jacobs because we wouldn't have picked #4 overall had Mack been paid and on the team. I'd trade for him next year and I'd bet a good chuck of change we'd be in the Super Bowl if that happened. Reunited and it feels so gooooodddd.... LOL Hopefully with a different D cord/system but I'd bet money the other players would feel the love with mr Mack on board.
  9. There were 3 WR's to fit a 'Ruggs' role... Ruggs top 3 WR with Lamb and Jeudy. People varied order but few didn't think he was top 3. A few did but Aiyuk was usually 2nd tier except for a few posters. Hamler is the other 'type' to fill that role. Ruggs was rumored to 49ers and I doubt they pass as they took Aiyuk who I thought was 2nd round with Hamler. Aiyuk 35 rec, 446 yds 3 TD 12.7 avg and he complements Deebo well. However most thought SF needed WR badly so of course the rookie is featured. Ruggs 14 rec, 256yds, 1 TD 18.3 avg not the main weapon on a run heavy team. ALL GOOD!!! Hamler 25 rec, 275 yds, 1 TD 11 avg on a team with Ruggs college teammate Jeudy. So Aiyuk looks the best but probably doesn't get 35 with us. Ruggs avg with us is STELLAR!!! opens everyone else when on the field. Hamler would have been cheaper but we would have reached or missed him most likely. I was all for Ruggs and trading up for Lamb which would have been AWESOME but very happy getting Edwards in the 3rd to fill that role when healthy. Ruggs is a weapon to be feared and gets that respect even without targets. Edwards will be a Jeffery/Robinson type WR. So I'm good with how it went down. Arnette I thought was a total reach but he holds his own and is great as a #2. As a #1 he'd look like a project but Mullen isn't letting that go and Arnette has the fire to compete so were covered at CB. Amik is learning but also has too much dog fight in him. We need a bad arse FS (FA) to allow Abram to be the enforcer like Troy was for Pitt. Let him 'feel' the game and the more he's given the more bang over bust he becomes IMO. Glad we got something for the project WR/RB. REALLY HAPPY we saw that quickly and moved Bowden. Muse we will see but most thought 5th rounder. Simpson has seen too much action because of injuries but is solid. So I'm happy overall. I feel the secondary is solid if we get a FA/FS who can cover our 'rover/missle Abram's mistakes. Add a pass rush and I think we are a top 10-15 D.
  10. Good: We can beat KC. It wasn't a fluke. Bad: Our D needs to be better to advance. Ugly: Me being happy even with a loss. I feel were on the right track and hopefully next season some coaching/systems/players are upgraded on D
  11. I actually had to get iggy with those two again. Even though I enjoy some bits of what they say, there is too much other 'stuff' for me to want to read anymore. Funny thing is I forgot and when HB posted a new topic I was wondering why it was blank and others were commenting on stuff I couldn't see. ðŸĪŠ Sucks but I'm just happier and it makes catching up on missed posts much easier. LOL Soooo glad I've never done Twitter. All I hear is bad things about that media.
  12. Good: The WIN... Bad: We looked to be playing down to the competition. UGLY: Tackling and thinking we can play that bad against another team.
  13. Littleton to weak-side next year and get a solid Sam. Really depends on who's the D-cord but being behind Donald helped A LOT and now it's bend don't break and no big plays/mistakes. Littleton hinted early on about 'coaching' so he's doing his job within the 'system' and I'm offically on the 3T bandwagon but would rather get a proven player than draft a guy to 'develop.' A Defense's #1 job is to stop the run so Hankins gets my vote for another contract. 5-6 million for a NT is better than the 10 million some got the past few years. A late 3rd or 4th round draft pick to develop and back him up would also be wise. We're good at MLB and CB but a ball hawking FS to pair with the 'Punisher' would be excellent. In a crazy 2020 season I'm happy with what I've seen for progress and the team can beat anybody and be beat by anybody, so coaching need to tighten up and make us control games for 60 minutes. Hopefully next year the stadium will have people inside and a winning record and playoffs from this year to enjoy. Just need the players to be really careful on the off time and be hungry to win now and party later once the season is done.
  14. I don't think Ruggs is 100% healthy. Pokes a hole in his leg before season and gets banged up when we did put the focus on him. Availability is the #1 ability and he makes a HUGE difference just being available. Long season and he will add size/strength each season. Maybe Gruden is thinking playoffs and making sure we have him for that. A few more touches to keep reminding other teams would be good, but don't need to 'feature' him as long as were winning.
  15. Bought some Bullseye BBQ sauce today to enjoy my crow on that myself. Felt he mismanaged the talent we had his first year but really the guy has had moments the past two seasons where we looked absolutely DOMINANT. Not every game but he's got his guys ready to play and with the back ups playing way better than expected.
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