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  1. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    I use to live in Colorado Springs and partied in Denver a lot. A club called 'The Church' because it was an old church. I think it's real name is 7 Candles because it had 7 different things going on. Best club I've been to except for Chilli Peppers in Ft. Lauderdale. Great vibe though the Vegas clubs are better eye candy. I'm in Nor Cal and the weather in Colorado Springs was way better than here. Sunny all the time. We played sand volleyball all the time at my apartment complex. Was out in shorts playing and went with a friend from the south side by the mountain to north east for lunch and it was snowing. LOL Summer rain for 1/2 hour or so almost daily. motorcycles just pulled under a bridge until it passed so it kept things green compared to mountain desert areas like Reno or Vegas. I met so many great people that were from other areas. Lots of military bases and people stayed after getting out. Still friends with quite a few but I met hundreds of people as I worked in the apartment complex gym. I'd see Donkey fans but lots of Cali, Texas and East Coasters too. I moved there the Summer of 1994 and 9 Cali/Texans a day were moving there back then so locals weren't as friendly because we drove up the prices. I'm sure it's morso now because 420 laws changing there before Cali did and home prices here have me looking at Vegas before the current bubble POPS... Boulder was cool when I'd visit a woman I was seeing there. Honestly I LOVED Colorado. San Diego was great too. Though LA (Hollywood esp.) reminds me of more 'hype' than substance. met lots of people there too, but I'd say acquaintances more than friends. Networking seemed to be the thing. Good luck in your move it's a great state and the people are probably more open minded now then when I was there.
  2. The Good, The Bad, The Defense vs. Rams

    UGLY: Defense Seeing the DB's makes me want Obi at CB. At least we can expect Him and Conley to improve but the guys there now are at their ability or on the decline. Run D?!? Tennessee will pound it down our throats...I'm willing to give up our 3rd for DT Richardson for a 1 year rental and get the comp pick. 3-4 with Pags isn't going to wait til next season. i like Norton but he needs more time/experience before next DC position. I'd rather demote than fire as I think his passion and ability to connect is valuable. We pay him if fired so why not keep him. Just have to pay Pags more for the promotion. The Defense can't get much worse so not worried about chemistry. Last year we'd get a stop here and there with a big play turnover but now it looks like any team will just dink and dunk right down the field and hope their D can keep us from TD's Bad: Did we win?!? I stopped watching at 10pm when the guy got injured. Good: Offense is top 5 if not #1 when healthy. Penn not needed to score TD's. Addition by subtraction and promotion. Todd looking good. I expected him to leave for OC job but luckily we gave him that chance and with Carr he'll be in HC conversations in 3 seasons. If we haven't gotten over the hump with JDR, Todd might find his HC job in Vegas...I like JDR but D cords becoming HC's are expected to have good D's...I wouldn't let Todd leave if Offense is firing on all cylinders and it looks like he'll be a HC elsewhere. The good about that is a manager should be proud that those below rise high. You don't want them to replace you but it shows you can get the right talent sometimes.
  3. Ranking the Raiders Roster on Importance #3

    Cooper is a STUD and without him the Offense will struggle more. GREAT route runner with size 6'1 and speed. KO then Hudson. Hudson was missed a few seasons ago but KO took us to another level especially with running the ball. I'd put Jackson ahead of Penn as I think his success is more from Carr than Penn's skills. Didn't notice him gone last night but I'd like to bring in a vet to compete. Albert, Clady even Oher if the price is right I'd take two...Penn isn't getting more money and is being fined. If he came back this week I'd be okay with waiving the fines, but if we sign another Tackle then fines stick and he can retire if he isn't happy. I'm wondering if his injury from last season is why he's pulling this because if he shows up and isn't good he knows his career is DONE!!! I'd pick a couple Defense players before I think Penn is important. Penn is NOT IMPORTANT he plays an important position but I'm ready to walk as I was last season but I will not cut him. He plays for us or retires!!! Shove it DP!!! No I'm not upset.
  4. I'm pretty sure if we cut him he's going back to KC and starting.
  5. Ranking the Raider Roster on Importance #2

    Mack Attack without a doubt.
  6. Ranking the Raider Roster on Importance #1

    We can win (playoffs) with no defense, but we can't win without Carr... QB IS the most important single position. Now a team full of Mack's and other studs on D and QB doesn't have to be good. Dilfer for Ravens and even the Tampa Bay guy was ok and having a good season when we got taken down. Even Manning was all head with noodle arm with Denver. Defense wins championships, not 1 MVP on D, but an MVP QB can ALWAYS keep you in a game. Balance is best and were working towards that. Top 5 offense if it all comes together will only need a D that's around 20 or so.
  7. The backup QB debate: Manuel vs Cook

    EJ and I don't think we keep 3 so Conner will be on another team.
  8. Ryan Kelly on crutches after Colts practice

    " the Colts will surprise people" I think last season surprised people. I expect the colts to be in the playoffs every season and I'm a Raider fan so no homer here.
  9. Half Empty and Half Full

    It's all about staying healthy... Del Rio took A LOT of chances last season that mostly paid off. He believed in the team and Carr's ability to pull it out at the end. Carr has probably improved and is motivated even with his payday in hand. Mack needs some help on D but he's a BEAST and will still get to get his. Cooper has probably improved. Crabs will not drop as many with Roberts healed and Patterson hoping to hit numbers making him a FA again Lynch in decline is better than Murray so if Beast Mode isn't in decline then...WHOAAAA Interior of Oline will all be Pro Bowlers this season. Penn will be back and young guys are getting needed reps. Newhouse will be as good as Howard was. Defense needs playmakers besides Mack. Edwards if healthy is disruptive. Eddie looks like a player to watch. Calhoun and Cowser showing improvement to rotate and rest players. Autry hoping for a McGee season and Jelly looking better than last season. Ward injured so we shall see. Our LB's are young and learning with Irvin as a swiss army knife and the old guy of the group. Secondary got younger but we have yet to see the top 2 on the field. borders looking like he'll make 53. Amerson watching Smith's situation should inspire Amerson to improve. Smith and Nelson looking like steps have been lost but hopefully they'll step up before cuts. Both shouldn't be here next season. Special Teams needs to find their guys, so this unit probably will not be as good.
  10. Uh oh... Drama regarding Lynch

    Colin looked to have given up on his team the season before. Lynch LOVES OAKLAND and the Raiders and won't give up on the team. Oakland LOVES Lynch and who he is. Honestly don't think it'll be a big deal at all, especially being he's only here a season or two at most. I'd rather have Colin as our back-up QB as I think he could win some games if Carr gets injured. EJ is a back-up and Conner looks like a 3rd stringer. I understand those who'll not support Lynch. When I was a kid, I chose to sit during the anthem at an A's game. my friend's dad who brought me picked me up by my shirt and made me stand. People fought for the freedom for me to choose to sit and the dad's right to say 'not on my watch' LOL So I respect both sides and know why I did what I did. Though I do 'test' things from time to time like face everyone in an elevator. LOL That's makes people NERVOUS even me inside as I did it. This will NOT affect the team on the field and we've already got distractions as SB talk, Vegas move etc...We good.
  11. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    The Good: Resting many of our starters. Bad: Knowing the season is over if Carr is out. Ugly: One HUGE cut day. You'll want to be in the top 50 on our current team as I think we will add 3 new guys after cuts. Overall, I enjoyed watching the guys who'll be fighting for roster spots. I think CB Borders looks better than Sean Smith at this time. Going to waste 9 mil on that guy by the looks of it. I wanted to cut him and go after Gilmore before the FA begun and it looks like just cutting him period would have been best. Hopefully he'll get benched and step it up as he's gone next season. PED's needed or a move to FS. Not good