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  1. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Hey Frankie look at biotech. I've been playing quite a few the past 2 months. BHC/TEVA have done the best for me. BHC usually retraces but you can see what it did and it use to follow within 4 bucks of TEVA on a parlay trade. Not anymore. LOL Just today to bio's got well over 100% premium on buyouts. Biotech might get beaten back down with election talking points so be nimble and quick but something to pay attention to. =)
  2. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Dak was 'a winner' but isn't lately so on par with Carr. Darnold I haven't seen enough Lamar I'd ride for his 5th year option and maybe franchise him once but the beating he'll take will be worse than Cam. I'd win but be looking to replace or trade for a ransom.
  3. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I remember and it's why I've got Carr's back. I remember a lot of horrible QB play... Mack was a perfect example of Gruden losing the locker room last year...If these are high character guys the locker room will hold but have rumblings in dark corners.
  4. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    100% agree and why I wanted him running fast paced/no huddle. Rip it or RIP...We still ran the ball as if Jacobs was in there. Edit: Damn, a lot of pages since this morning. LOL
  5. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Gotta leave one job and go to the other so I'll have to take your word on that but I thought they were talking 'system' with Pat. I include contracts and if Dak gets paid before Pat I'd be scared to have Pat just because he could cost Carr and Mack combined. LOL Not quite but...close enough
  6. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Nobody has said that. Go back and read the last 100 pages. He has the potential but we all admit he's shell shocked since his injuries. I'll guarantee Darnold and especially Tannenhill will have slumps and the fanbase will complain about them too. Drew Lock is already being elevated to Manning status in here next to Carr. LOL He was projected to be Carr yet hallelujah Jesus is here for the Rockies and we'll never beat Lock, Pat and whoever replaces Rivers cause WE SUCK!!! LOL Come on man...Some of us are here defending Carr because he IS our QB and until otherwise we WILL point out positives. It's funny because I go negative easily but I seem to be opposite guy because I get stronger and more focused when things aren't going well. Most need things to be working well and then they can 'feel' it but lose it quickly once a challenge arises. I'm a bit off and I know that but yikes!!! EDIT: If we draft a QB they will also have my support but so will DC and competition will be good.
  7. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Carr 6 years GP CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG SACK FUM RTG 16 348 599 58.1 3,270 5.5 21 12 77 24 4 76.6 16 350 573 61.1 3,987 7.0 32 13 68 31 6 91.1 15 357 560 63.8 3,937 7.0 28 6 75 16 2 96.7 15 323 515 62.7 3,496 6.8 22 13 87 20 4 86.4 16 381 553 68.9 4,049 7.3 19 10 66 51 11 93.9 13 284 401 70.8 3,106 7.7 18 8 65 20 1 100.0 91 2043 3201 63.8 21,845 6.8 140 62 87 162 28 90.2 Smith 13 years GP CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG SACK FUM RTG 9 84 165 50.9 875 5.3 1 11 47 29 9 40.8 16 257 442 58.1 2,890 6.5 16 16 75 35 6 74.8 7 94 193 48.7 914 4.7 2 4 45 17 6 57.2 11 225 372 60.5 2,350 6.3 18 12 73 22 3 81.5 11 204 342 59.6 2,370 6.9 14 10 62 25 4 82.1 16 273 445 61.3 3,144 7.1 17 5 56 44 5 90.7 10 153 218 70.2 1,737 8.0 13 5 55 24 3 104.1 15 308 508 60.6 3,313 6.5 23 7 71 39 4 89.1 15 303 464 65.3 3,265 7.0 18 6 70 45 3 93.4 16 307 470 65.3 3,486 7.4 20 7 80 45 2 95.4 15 328 489 67.1 3,502 7.2 15 8 80 28 5 91.2 15 341 505 67.5 4,042 8.0 26 5 79 35 1 104.7 10 205 328 62.5 2,180 6.6 10 5 52 22 3 85.7 166 3082 4941 62.4 34,068 6.9 193 101 80 410 54 87.3 Smiths best year the first 6 is Carr's worst. Carr is better than Smith according to STATISTICS and younger on a better trajectory but facts suck but not as much as Raider fans who turn on their players while they are still on the team. Yes DC needs to do better but he's not as bad as many make him out to be and he'll probably do better away from this team/fanbase. Fickle little *******
  8. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I'd add in Gross-Matos to that list.
  9. Around The League V.2

    YIKES!!! On the first sentence...LOL It's why I'd be cool with DT and DE with our two firsts even though I want a WR there. If Brown and one of the 3 DE's were there and our picks were back to back, I'd wait til the 3rd for a WR to stack the dline for the coming years. DE, DT in 1st then WR/LB/LB/WR in 3rd and 4th. Would love a G and or RB but when Brown falls in Fanspeak I've taken him over Simmions when I went WR or DE. I still want to win out and don't care where those picks are at because I think we will easily get at least 3 starters out of those 6 picks but probably more. We need depth and this draft will fill that need.
  10. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...From Yahoo on Celadon BK to announce this week..."ACT Research said America's $800 billion trucking market has been in a recession since early 2019. Freight volumes have declined for 11 straight months. Manufacturing, which tracks the trucking industry, has contracted for four straight months." Luckily the Raiders stadium isn't the only thing under construction in Vegas. The roads are ALWAYS being worked on the past decade. LOL My cousin was a crane operator there in 2008 and owned 3 houses outright because all he did was work and he said one day all work stopped mid way and took a while to come back. One thing that will get finished in 2020 was under construction in 2009 but has changed hands and is targeting the Chinese on the north end of the strip Resorts World and the Drew should also be finished in 2020. So should have another decent year even if there is a recession... There is good news on growth though... https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/casinos-gaming/6-major-projects-could-reshape-las-vegas-strip-skyline-by-2020-video-1309703/
  11. Pick is in, #106 - DE Maxx Crosby

    Name will give it to Bosa if it's close...Maxx needs to pass him by quite a bit but damn had Bosa slipped to us and had we still drafted Crosby...Can't wait to see what an offseason of bulking does to Mad Maxx
  12. Raiders-Titans GDT

    Carr gets 3 TD's and we get a FG for 24 Titan's 3 FG's but an early safety turns this thread into a hate Carr fest before the TD's and a lovefest again LOL 24-11 Raiders
  13. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Yeah I focused on what fit into my schedule and was a little bit fun. Something that allowed me to not fight traffic much and still do my daily routine. It's all about the 'fit' so you don't feel you're taking away from your life and knowing it's a 2nd job so you can walk if necessary. Best thing is the new job really needed people and appreciates me even though they know it'll be hard to keep me long term. Temps cost more than training someone new every few months. Now before a crash is the best time as companies need people and will know your value before cuts are necessary. Good luck in your search. =)
  14. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Got to buy it first. =) Right now I stay in my ex's comped hotel rooms. Agree 100% about get liquid and be smart. I had that 100 Disney pass when I lived in SD and LA. Was great in LA as I'd go down for a few hours mid day and go through exit as a single rider. LOL I've put off the pain many times before and the next 6 months is all about fixing years of enjoyment (debt) and working 2nd job (investing and options in recession causes cuts) Then see where we are and reassess at that time. I'm single w/no kids so it's easy for me to just put dating/extras on hold for a bit. When I was younger I doubt I'd look as far forward as I do now. If Vegas falls through Thailand for retirement is always an option. 'Stay thirsty my friends' =)
  15. Around The League V.2

    Don't want OBJ but why not.Every year give up a 3rd and have it not work out. INSANITY!!! LOL Of course I'd welcome him but...the drama...LOL Making me rather have Cooper back with all these diva WR's. Big difference between confidence and cockiness. Haven't heard a positive thing about OBJ in over a year. Thought he must be on IR...Oh wait it's the Browns 'dream team' YIKES!!! I'd rather draft two WR's in the 1st AND two in the 3rd before giving up a pick for another diva...