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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    This would be a difficult decision. Depends if Murray was picked by Zona or this is a trade up for Murray... Here's my positioning and I kept Fanspeak's numbering for reference. 1 EDGE NICK BOSA - OHIO STATE 2 DL QUINNEN WILLIAMS - ALABAMA 3 EDGE JOSH ALLEN - KENTUCKY That's my first tier. If those guy's are gone then probably trade with Green Bay. If Murray is gone to Zona and Allen is there then probably trade with the Giants. Bosa or Williams are there I make the pick. UNLESS Giants offer 6/17 or their 2020 1st, with us keeping 24 then I'd consider it. Chances are I'm taking Bosa no matter what but I'll listen til we have 1 minute on the clock. 5 LB DEVIN WHITE - LSU 4 ED OLIVER - HOUSTON Well @6 were getting one of these guys but if Murray's in Zona we have a shot at choosing from two of them. 1)Murray 2)Bosa 3)Williams 4)QB to NYG 5) White 6) Allen or Oliver and I'd take Allen. If Jets take Oliver over Williams then TB might go Williams and that gives us White. Actually now that I'm typing it, I'm going Giants because of getting an impactful defender. Here was my next list to round out a top 12.. . 8 CB GREEDY WILLIAMS - LSU 9 OT JONAH WILLIAMS - ALABAMA 10 WR D.K. METCALF - MISSISSIPPI 12 EDGE CLELIN FERRELL - CLEMSON 15 TE T.J. HOCKENSON - IOWA 16 EDGE MONTEZ SWEAT - MISSISSIPPI STATE 20 EDGE RASHAN GARY - MICHIGAN Green Bay would also be tempting because we'd get one of these guys above at 12 and have #30 With 2 QB's probably being selected in the top 12 picks 3 of these guys would AT LEAST be there and we could trade up to 11 for 27&35 Bengals and get 2 out of 4 on this list AT LEAST... Would still have 24&30 So... 6)DE Allen or DT Oliver plus 27/35 OR 11)DE Ferrell 12)TE Hockenson plus 24/30 Which helps the team more IMO... I change my mind TRADE WITH GREEN BAY!!! So now the Giants MUST offer me more. Might need to swap our 4th for their 3rd...Or maybe 4 for 6 and their 2020 1st...MUAHAHAHAAA EDIT: We need this draft to be over. Late night OCD is making me more NUTZZZ than I already was. ARGH!!!
  2. We might actually be able to draft them all with a trade down or two. LOL

    Raiders 24 or 27 it is then. Fant 27/35 is OK but Irv Smith I'd wait til the 3rd and being we don't have a 3rd I'd just wait til our 4th and see who's there. Hock would be my #1 choice and Fant wouldn't suck but too many TE's in this draft so some talent will fall and I'd contemplate 2 if the value was there later...EDIT: Not at 24 and 27 for those two. LOL PS I think all 3 teams in front of the Raiders are sending smoke screens hoping the Raiders give more than fair value. Hopefully they stand pat and keep those picks or get more trading down. Gruden love Murray, Zona is a lock for Murray. Maybe we trade up to 2/3 for Bosa and all of a sudden Bosa has always been #1 on Zona's board. Tomorrow it will be 'Q' then Oliver and Allen/White right up until the draft begins...
  4. Random Raider Stuff

    I like Parker and Miller both bulking up. It doesn't go with the athletic ZBS which is why I thought they were drafted. Brown is HUGE and I thought I saw we had the biggest oline by average. Houston only 6'2 300lbs or so but the other guys...Wow! Reminds me of Veldheer pic his last season with us where they made him green 'Hulk' LOL
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    Cooper open Dak throws him the ball...Chemistry. There was a time when Carr would chuck it up knowing Cooper would get it but not since his first two seasons. Hoping Cooper breaks the bank and Dak asks for 30 mil per...Dallas defense for sale...
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    AAAHHHH 100% in the same boat. Keep thinking he's out for revenge for being traded. YIKES!!!
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    And that is the surprise...Oakland's time has expired, Tampa Bay is on the clock. 10 seconds later pick, New York Giants are on the clock, 10 seconds later pick, Gruden was on the phone with the Giants to make a trade for 6 and 17 for #4 but was gushing over how much he loved both QB's time expired and TB was on the phone with Giants saying make your pick we got White. Jacksonville sees the confusion and sends pick in before Gruden hangs up and steals Q who we wanted. Detroit runs up and selects Oliver who was on our card but were a split second behind. Buffalo sends their card up and we see Elway calling Gruden to delay him another few seconds as they run up their card. In less than 2 minutes picks 3-10 are made but we got skipped. We pick before the Bengals because they didn't expect the rest of the QB's to be there and we select Jacobs and say he was the guy we wanted all along. Later that night Gruden is found in an alley with a note saying 'scout this' SURPRISE!!!
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    Bosa, Allen, Q that's my top 3. If Gruden really wants Murray I'm totally against it but hope we don't trade up for him. Top 3 gone and Gruden loves Carr and no trade down...I'm good with LB White. Trade down and I hope we get some serious value. I'd jump on Sweat late 1st, esp if we didn't get Bosa or Allen @4. Can't wait til we know who's on the team. I'm not comfortable because of what went down with Mack and could see Carr being shown the door. I don't like this feeling at all. Keep Carr get 2020 picks if not 'in love' with Carr and get a QB who's not under 6'0 and could play baseball. ARGH!!!
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    Yeah I'd love a Safety but 35 has other needs to fill. Thornhill, Adderly would be great but too many bodies there now for me to think it's happening. I do think 35 is a great place to select a DB but...If we trade down and get late 2nd early 3rd that would be a great spot for one.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    Yeahhhh I'd say whatever they wanted to hear so....Yeahhhhh not buying it. If Zona doesn't take him and then we pass, teams might have him fall out of the first because of that being a possibility, which means he probably would choose baseball because the money is better without the hits. Basically a self fulfilling prophecy. More money means football. 1 team passes, another team passes and other teams think 'somebody knows something' and they pass being he wasn't on their board because they thought he'd be gone. Then in the 2nd round a team gets him but the $$$ isn't as good as baseballs and he doesn't give it 100% of his focus because he knows he can just play baseball and team is left with a learning experience. Murray wouldn't even be on my board because of it even being a possibility. A different position than QB and it's ok. Bo, Prime did both at a high level but QB?!? Had Elway not been traded the Colts were sunk...No wasted picks.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    4) DE Bosa 24) LB White 27) CB Greedy 35) DT Lawrence Bosa 'could' slip with SF drama or an overvaluation of QB's going 1/2/3 White would need some serious Foster/Tunsil drama to come out this weekend. Maybe pics of him shooting the Easter Bunny?!? Greedy shouldn't be there but could be. Tackling 'business decisions' could make it happen but I doubt it. Lawrence wouldn't be there in any other draft but it's so deep and NT undervalued to 3 tech. I really liked Polite before the draft and now don't want him til late 2nd early 3rd. Has the skill but not the passion/head in the game. He was just talented and needs to want to do even more work and that scares me off til late 2nd early 3rd.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    I think the 3 are gone and we select Murray. I'd rather have White than Murray and then he plays baseball and we wasted #4 pick and....I need to stop ARGH!!!
  13. Around The League V.2

    I disagree 100% and would gladly pay more for Mack. his character and work habits were worth 5 mil per easily especially moving to SIN CITY... HOWEVER that was last year and until time travel is more easily available (Endgame) I'll have to focus on what can be done now. If we're trying to win THIS SEASON then giving up 27 and 35 for Clark and 21 is my final offer. They can 'say' they got a first just like we said we got two firsts. It's not 100 accurate but whatever. 4/24/27/35 = 3770 4/21/24/ = 3340 That values Clark at 430 #47 Paying Wilson means Clark is gone because it costs more for an edge than their LB Wagner. Seattle would be smart to move on that now as a holdout will reduce value. I could also see us offering Bears 2020 1st so Gruden can say we traded Mack and 2020 2nd for 2019 1st, Clark and 2020 3rd while saving 3-5 million per season. That could change the perspective of the Mack trade but we still threw away last season with that move and that can never be 'paid in full' PS this is playing hardball and knowing cap is difficult for most teams right now. Seattle franchised him but could have gotten nothing. So at least they are getting something for him in this case. The Bears pick is only if they can wait a season to get something like we did with Mack.
  14. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Watching NFLN replay of the 2014 draft is making me wonder if Mayock would have let Mack get out of the building. Thought he should have been #1 and is talked about at every pick. Wish Gruden replaced Reggie last season if he knew he wanted Mayock to begin with. I'm a big fan of RM but not a fan of last seasons dysfunction. I still don't think 'the team' is in place as I expect Jon is waiting for the axe in Washington to get his Oline and OC coaches. (Bill C. and Jay)
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    I like the first one but if it's for a QB then value to us is at a premium. It's 200 point difference so 1.5 makes a 300 point need IMO.So with that in mind, I'd do... 4-(1800) + 35-(550) = 2350 6-(1600) + 17- (950) = 2550 which is that 200 point difference but no premium so 95 (120) and we good White is probably gone at 5 and that is why we get the premium...I'd like another trade down if so. Maybe 13/48 Miami or Wash 15/46 or either teams 1st this year and 2020. 13or15/17/24/27/35/48or46 prefer 20201st with rookie QB then 95/106/5/7/7... PROFIT...